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  1. Chris1996, 11.05.2012 #1

    Chris1996 Threadstarter Android-Experte

    GalaxyMOD 2.6

    Screenshots (From LPB version)
    (NOTE: Die hier gezeigten Screenshot stammen vom Stock Samsung ICS, es ist jeddoch möglich die Rom mit den Mods aus POST 2 zu verändern ;) )

    snap20120213_073536 (1).jpg snap20120213_073549 (1).jpg

    Screenshot_2012-02-13-07-30-01.jpg Screenshot_2012-02-13-07-29-48.jpg

    Screenshot_2012-02-13-07-30-08.jpg Screenshot_2012-02-13-07-30-25.jpg

    The cooks on this forum are fantastic and i have learnt a lot from them, but I prefer the Samsung ROM to stay as close to stock as possible.
    Ideally, the choice to theme the ROM, add AOSP apps or even remove ringtones should rest with the user and this preference changes from person to person.
    Also, excessive removal of system files whose functions are not fully understood can lead to further instability. Personally, i think its the most stable and battery efficient ICS ROM i have come across.

    It takes hours of effort to keep updating and maintaining the ROM and OTA packages with nothing much to look forward to at the end! If you really want to keep this thread updated and help me put in more effort, you can to me using the link in my signature. If you can't donate, then clicking the "Thanks button" would be nice too...

    Thanks to longtins!


    -Battery tweaks
    -Performance tweaks
    -Screen fixes
    -GPS quick-fix
    -Automatic EFS backup
    -Solution for empty My Apps in Market (Entirely the work of ken218)
    -OTA app for complete customization of the ROM through a built-in app (Credits to 89lucas89 and albsat for the idea)
    -Apex as default/backup launcher
    -Removed TouchWiz launcher (Through OTA app)
    -Removed all apps downloadable from the Market
    -Removed all hubs and Samsung Email (Through OTA app)
    -Remarkable Stability thanks to Samsung

    Download Links

    GalaxyMOD 2.6 [XWLPG]


    -downloadet die Rom
    -legt sie auf eure interne/externe SD
    -führt einen Fullwipe aus (empfohlen) (-> für die die nicht wissen wie man einen Fullwipe macht ->klick mich<-
    -Flasht die Rom im Recovery
    ->Reboot :thumbsup:

    Pls donate ->here
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  2. Chris1996, 11.05.2012 #2

    Chris1996 Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Login to OTA at GalaxyMOD OTA Package Management : Login
    Register for OTA at GalaxyMOD OTA Package Management : Register and leave a post on the thread for account activation.

    Also, please ensure that following before uploading a new package on OTA,

    •The package is self tested and compatible with the latest released version of GalaxyMOD ROM.
    •Due credits have been given to the original contributors of the package by mentioning them in the description section.
    •As far as possible I will respond to any help requests on the XDA ROM thread, by other users, regarding this package.

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  3. Gregor901, 11.05.2012 #3

    Gregor901 Android-Guru

    Also das Ganze ist hier etwas lieblos und unprofessionell gepostet. Weder erfährt man was über die Quellen, noch etwas über den/die Developer und den Sinn und Zweck dieser Sache.

    Meiner Meinung nach muss hier erstmal schwer nachgebessert werden!

    EDIT: Inzwischen großteils erfolgt. So ist es besser.....
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  4. FotoMichi, 11.05.2012 #4

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  5. Chris1996, 11.05.2012 #5

    Chris1996 Threadstarter Android-Experte

    sry aber ich arbeite dran ;)
  6. debaki, 23.05.2012 #6

    debaki Android-Lexikon


    nen mod sollte mal den threadtitel updaten. ^^
    +am rande erwähn+ :D
  7. Chris1996, 24.05.2012 #7

    Chris1996 Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Schlauer junge ;) wollt ich heute erledigen :D