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  1. fedepaol, 05.08.2010 #1

    fedepaol Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Sorry if I dont post in german, but I am italian and I don't know a single word of german. Anyway I was helped to localize my app in german too. Please find here the description.

    DroidAlone is an application that logs and forwards missed calls and
    sms to the owner of the phone by reporting caller's name and number by
    email to a given email address or by sms to a given phone number.
    It can be enabled and disabled remotely by sending it an sms.

    DroidAlone offers great value for professional who can't afford to
    forget their phone at home, but is useful to anybody who is afraid to
    loose calls.
    Email forwarding means there is no extra cost in case of unlimited
    data plan (or if the phone was left near a wifi network).
    Moreover, DroidAlone provides a configurable automatic "I'm away
    reply" function to notify the caller with a precompiled sms, and a
    remote contact number picking function through sms.

    Every single functionality can be activated or deactivated remotely
    sending sms containing commands, and a password is required to discard
    malicious people commands.

    More information can be found on the DroidAlone website,
    DroidAlone .
  2. szallah, 05.08.2010 #2

    szallah Android-Lexikon

    that's nice... had that idea myself a while ago, but didn't stick to it since the phone i would've used it on is a nokia... but still, great work... :)
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