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  1. Gwadro, 26.02.2012 #1

    Gwadro Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Neue Version 1.2.1 verfügbar:

    Release Notes

    26/02/2012: v1.2.1


    integrated Run Log viewer, real-time updates
    include actions in Run Log
    added PureWidget K9 variation package name
    Test Element: added Continue-on-Error parameter
    Run Log: when tasks stop due to service stopped (e.g. Tasker turned off), log as status ExitKill
    Prefs / UI / Item Drag Margin (especially for Adam)
    menu scene element items draggable from margin
    Menu / More / Developer / Write Device Capabilities
    2 new builtin icons: private and public
    (currently invisible) preparations for community portal
    scene list: destroy menu option for created tasks (not in beginner mode)
    action For: items parameter ranges can contain variables e.g. %start:10:%step
    scene elements: long-click option: Initial Focus
    actions: Variable Query, Enter Key: give initial focus to text box by default
    actions Menu/Popup/PopupTaskButtons/EnterKey/VariableQuery: Show Over Keyguard parameter
    action Show Scene: extra Display As type: Activity, Full Display, No Title
    text scene element: Text Format parameter (see help text)
    flag warning for System Lock when device manager not enabled
    updating from pre-1.2: set long-click and click action preferences to new defaults
    constant border round scene in preview mode (some scenes not visible otherwise...)
    workaround for data initialization bug in SVOX
    action BeyondPod: added 3 speed-setting commands
    listen for BeyondPod playback status intent (for %MTRACK)
    action Scene / Test Scene
    continue on error parameter for Say/Say To File
    Total Screen Control compatibility based on Screebl API
    attempted workaround for ICS shell problems (Input category actions etc)


    &,<,> in scene names caused data crash
    showing a scene with some elements initially hidden would cause crash
    updated ipacks for ICS (fix vibration bug, improve pulldown look)
    Variables tab long-click option Clear All was crashing
    main screen: dragging up through + button was showing variable tools in non-variable tabs
    project tab deletion: fadeout animation was snapping back at end
    import files for first time not downloaded by Tasker, wasn't creating relevant import dir
    popup task buttons default scene was allowing deletion of buttons
    deleting scene: was counting all scene references, not just references to the scene-to-delete
    deleting scene: was counting references internal to scene only
    elements with a background tab: element contents were overlapping border
    text elements with scroll enabled: whole background was scrolling instead of just text
    slider scene element: Test Element, Value was returning wrong value
    slider scene element: Test Element, Value: pick-up user-set values
    'task running' indicator in Task Edit screen: was not turning off correctly with some actions (e.g. Music Play)
    action Menu: cloned item layouts weren't being resized on display
    action Clear Array: name was not supposed to be optional
    Show Scene wasn't working with a builtin menu scene
    main screen, bin row wasn't always highlighting properly while dragging
    action Due Today: parameter wasn't displaying correctly
    state BT Connected: don't trim whitespace from selected name, might prevent detection
    errors from scene element list selection mode None
    on rotation, scene larger than display wasn't being resized to screen size properly
    on rotation,scene element focus was being lost
    actions Dpad/Type: variables weren't working for Repeat Count parameter
    datadef export: maxversion tags weren't completed, missed icon args version
    scene editor could occasionally leave orphan anonymous tasks in the data
    scene editor: pasting a copied element was not cloning anon tasks
    show scene: if scene was already created of a different type, was failing with errors
    show scene: switching an already-showing scene from dialog to overlay was failing
    volume set events for %VOLR etc: ignore if previous and current values are the same
    Menu action: menu scene wasn't being dismissed if not menu entries had actions assigned
    minimize chances of timing issue where new task arrives just as old about to execute
    various sizing problems with landscape orientation
    attempted fix for honeycomb repeatedly-updating permanent notification problem
    Menu scene element: element edit screen: switching from background tab to items tab could cause crash
    crash in some instances from timing issues destroying scenes while it's still in process of being shown
    attempt to catch elusive crash around map element control and updating
    action Element Map Control, when mode Set Zoom allows variable
    task with action Show Scene with variable name for scene was getting stuck after showing scene
    state Cell Near: getting neighbouring cell data was failing
    scene elements actions immediately after Show Scene could cause exception
    catch crash from testing wimax state on some devices
    try catch crash for unknown reason from language initialization
    Show Scene: flash error when trying to show disallowed elements in overlays (instead of crashing...)
    possible crash initializing Set Light action
    Scene Edit: after deleting a MapView, adding one to the scene was crashing
    action Array Pop from global variable to local variable was failing (and possible vice-versa)
    Lock scene: initially was too wide for some displays and could cause zoom problems
    exporting scene element descriptions: don't include builtin tasks
    Text Width Scale % wasn't working correctly for Button / TextEdit elements
    actions Read Line / Read Para: wasn't accepting local var for Line/Para parameter
    task description export, action labels weren't mentioned
    multiple user events for display off or on were handled poorly internally
    concurrent modification exception bug was cropping up occasionally
    creating, initializing then showing an overlay display was losing the initialization
    catch any exception from config and import parsing
    undo was crashing when it caused removal of an element which was focused
    scene element text stroke event wasn't responding
    edit texts were not wrapping for text-based input types
    increased TTS timeout to 10 seconds
    increased element and scene frame thickness
    strip spaces from variable array index expressions (catch %arr(1 ))
    changed Roaming Settings action name to Mobile Data Settings
    Perform Task: changed %par1 and %par2 parameter labels
    scene element button: pad text to avoid going over button side
    scene element text: small padding to avoid touching edges
    don't trim whitespace from match patterns or their targets for Variable Value and action conditions
    all non-array actions except join in the variable category now allow specification of format %arr(1) and %arr(%index)


    volume set events: not reported if at max/min and so didn't change
    use trash icon for deletion in menus, instead of red cross
    improved look of several builtin scenes (delete existing builtin scene in Scenes tab to regenerate)
    project icon now exported with project
    Run Log preference control moved to the Run Log viewer
    Hide/Destroy Scene: if it doesn't exist, doesn't stop task
    slider scene element: allow some extra margin at the side for large thumb icons
    scene import/export: include tasks immediately referenced by scene
    action Get Voice: workaround for Android not-notifying-on-cancel bug
    Menu / Data / Save Definitions -> Menu / More Developer
    datadef.xml includes action/state plugins currently on device
    datadef.xml parameter definitions include optional stipulation
    datadef.xml parameter definitions include default privacy stipulation
    use app context for speech/music play, attempted fix wakelock problem some have
    record scene, task and project creation dates
    task import: importing tasks with same name and creation date as existing, overwrite instead of rejecting
    scene list: show created tasks with green text instead of a star icon
    menu scene: changed example item
    moved datadef.xml (and new capabilities.xml) to meta/ subdir
    don't manually recycle bitmaps on ICS+
    show state Invert flag in Beginner Mode
    autobackups: don't write human-readable version anymore
    action Show Scene: relabelled Overlay, Blocking, Full Display to Overlay, Blocking Full Window on ICS+
    action CPU: took out import restriction
    dialog/activity scenes: with a non-secure keyguard, no need to swipe after interaction
    Scene text element: 'Allow Scrolling' parameter is now called 'Vertical Fit Mode' and has an extra 'Reduce Text Size' option
    Popup/Popup Task Buttons scene: text squashed to fit by default
    default scene background colour is mostly transparent
    scene edit: use system wallpaper as background
    action CPU: accept variable for governor parameter
    element event stroke: increased default Length parameter, was interfering with Tap on same element
    cope better with user resizing menu scene item layout scene
    TextEdit scene element / action Test Element: use text box value instead of stored value
    Tel, Mike-El und jna gefällt das.
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