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  1. quasimodo, 25.05.2012 #201

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    [KITCHEN] MIUI v4 Theme Kitchen [WIP!!] [Beta 1] [5/25/12]

    So, I'm a themer at heart, and I love MIUI. Sometimes making MIUI themes gets me confused, I have a nice compile script set up for .9.pngs but then the folders and zips and etc etc, sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed and I completely lose myself in what I was doing. So I decided to make a sort of kitchen, resembling dsixda's ROM kitchen.. currently it's still kinda far off, but that is the ultimate goal.

    This is not a graphical tool. This is not an image manipulation tool.

    Basically, you take the apks you want to theme and put them in their own folder. Using framework-res.apk and framework-miui-res.apk isn't 100% necessary, but if they're not included, there's a chance the apks will not decompile properly. It will install the two frameworks if they exist, and then decompile all the apks in the folder. It goes into the AndroidManifest.xml file to get the package name (ie com.android.mms) and changes the name of the folder to it. It takes colors.xml and turns it into a theme_values.xml. It then deletes all the extra files that are not needed for a theme, and creates a generic description.xml file. It tells you to edit your pngs, description, and theme_values and run the compiler.

    The compiler runs in the same directory, and compiles all the .9.pngs in each separate folder, puts the zips of them with no zip extension into a new "theme" folder, then puts it all together into an mtz in that theme folder.

    If you understand MIUI theming, I hope this makes sense. I have a little video showing it off:
    v4 Theme Kitchen WIP - YouTube

    I plan on prettying it up a little bit more and I want to make a menu to use for future versions.

    How to use it:
    Extract v4tk folder somewhere, and add it to your PATH
    Create a new folder, copy and paste the apks you want to theme into it.
    - framework-res.apk and framework-miui-res.apk from the same build as the apks you're trying to edit is essential unless you already have them installed with apktool
    From terminal in this folder, run "mktemplate" - this makes all the magic happen, and it actually creates a description.xml based on your input.
    Edit the pngs, delete the ones you don't edit, for .9.pngs make sure to leave the 1px border alone unless you know what you're doing
    Edit the theme_values files, remove the lines you didn't make changes to. Make sure no @color:android/red or whatever are in them. Hex argb only.
    Go back to your terminal, run "mktheme" - this compiles all the .9.pngs, packages everything up, and creates an mtz based off your input for a filename. The mktheme script also supports lockscreen, wallpaper, icons, and preview folders... The template does not create these, but if you make them, the mktheme script will package them into the resulting mtz.

    For linux or possibly cygwin (should run fine in terminal on OSX - untested though) only currently. I'm afraid it's been over a decade since I've messed with batch scripting, and before I go through the hassle of putting together a windows version, I want to have a complete project.

    Also, just wanted to say one of the main reasons I'm releasing this tool is because MIUI v4 is changing a lot week to week; sometimes there's new images, sometimes there are new colors in the theme_values. If I made a template, it'd be obsolete in two weeks time :p

    Also, this will work with any* apk for your theming pleasure, not just MIUI apps.

    *maybe there's an app it can't decompile. shouldn't be, but be warned :p

    Finally.. Download: v4tk.zip
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  2. quasimodo, 10.06.2012 #202

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Hallo Community, Ich Danke allen Mitstreiter & Helfer für die Gute Zusammenarbeit!

    Samsung Galaxy S Ich Verlasse Schritt für Schritt diesen Bereich

    - wer Lust hat Beiträge zu Übernehmen, ist Hiermit dazu Eingeladen

    Edit: Beitrag kann auch Überschrieben werden, einfach an einen Mod wenden

    Spart nachfolgende Herangehensweise
    - Einfach einen neuen Beitrag aufmachen, nach eigenem Befürworten Aktuelle Daten Übernehmen
    - diesen in übernommenen Beitrag verlinken und einem Mod beautragen diesen zu schließen

    Meine Projekte für das Samsung Galaxy S
  3. quasimodo, 09.07.2012 #203

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Mit Dark Knight & Concept ICS sind endlich wieder Voll funktionsfähige Themes für MIUI ICS dabei! :thumbup:

    MIUI V4 themes

    If you have issues with themes, report in that thread only.

    1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1660885

    2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1655211

    3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1596656

    4. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1535035 ( Download only miui_v4 themes )

    5. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1554912

    6. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1748303

    Will add more......

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM MIUI][8 July] ╠█╣ RGUI MIUI BETA V1 ╠█╣ ✰| Faster.Smoother.Battery Friendly |✰


    Radagast bedankt sich.
  4. quasimodo, 09.08.2012 #204

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast



    1. The Dark Knight Returns v.2.3 has been fully optimized for the latest MIUI ROM v.2.6.22.

    2. The white background bug at file manager and some other settings has been fixed. So you do not have to face the visibility problem (thanks to Treason).[​IMG]

    3. Many graphical tweaks in various aspects of the UI.

    4. Added an all new lockscreen theme (thanks to Beusse). The theme changes itself every time you lock your device and shows weather animations too.

    5.New font for better visibility.

    6. Many other improvements and bug fixes. Do not forget to report any bugs that somehow always creep in stealthily.

    Thanks to my friend LiquidRobotics for making the live wallpaper for the theme at my request.[​IMG]

    Your comments, suggestions, requests, criticism, or whatever-- always welcome.
    Buy me a Coffee to Appreciate My Hard Work

    Update: Support for XHDPI phones in Version 2.4

    The Dark Knight Returns 2.0

    The Dark Knight Returns v.2.4

    The Dark Knight Rises 3.0 (Latest Update)

    Radagast bedankt sich.
  5. quasimodo, 19.08.2012 #205
  6. quasimodo, 04.09.2012 #206

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Anmerkung: Hallo Liebe MIUI Fan Gemeinde!

    Werde in diesem Bereich, hier im Forum nicht mehr so Aktiv sein.
    Moderiere schon eine Weile bei MIUI.CH, dort wird man Mich daher in Zukunft mehr antreffen.

    Euer Qasim,
  7. quasimodo, 06.09.2012 #207

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    MIUI Theme Editor Tool

    Hi MIUI Fans & Theme Developers,

    To further encourage theme development Xiaomi has released a MIUI Theme Editor Tool. This is designed to give users the ability to develop themes for MIUI 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1. This also gives users the ability to develop some amazing lockscreens.

    Requirements :

    • Java JDK 1.6. or newer
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Notepad++
    • Winrar, 7zip or similar
    • Understanding of apk tool/manager
    • Decompiling and Compiling apks for images/pngs/xml codes
    • Understanding of 9-Patch (.9. png) Image
    More documentation and guides will follow soon.

    In the meantime here is a quick video (Chinese) giving a demonstration of the MIUI Theme Editor Tool.


    Downloads :

    Latest update : 3.9.3

    Full credit to the MIUI Development Team
    Need to provide a logcat ? click here!

    • Samsung Galaxy S I9000, Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    • Black Android Theme Developer

    ...Im all about the end user
    Pele, 35 minutes ago
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  8. quasimodo, 07.09.2012 #208

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Hi everyone,

    After much anticipation for the release of more MiHome Free Desktop themes, we are happy to announce that the Warm Space theme which was featured in the promotional video several weeks ago is now available for download!

    This Free desktop theme is just awesome, we're really impressed with the work put in on this by Xiaomi and really do hope to see Theme developers open their creative minds up to develop some amazing Free desktop themes!


    Hi-resolution image previews here:

    WarmSpace theme and mirror here
    MIUIAndroid Site Owner & Server Admin
    Translator of MIUI ROM into English since September 2010 & various other mods / hacks

    Donate if you want to: http://bit.ly/9hWYa6
    MarkHUK, 12 minutes ago
  9. quasimodo, 07.09.2012 #209

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

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