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    Spezial Thanks /Credits

    • MastaGee81

    • tobiasth (fleißiges Theme posten)




    Themes Info- Downlodlinks
    POST 2



    POST 3



    POST 4



    POST 5


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    MIUI V4 (ICS) Themes

    [KITCHEN] MIUI v4 Theme Kitchen [WIP!!] [Beta 1] [5/25/12]

    [TOOL] MIUI Theme Editor - A PC Based theme editor

    The Second Global MIUI Theme Design Competition is on!! Welcome to join us!!

    [MIUI V4 THEME] EchoV4 Now in BLUE!! "2nd" Theme for MIUI ICS V4!

    [MIUI v4] Theme Collection

    New MIUI V4 lockscreen modify [blue][red][green][yellow][cyan]

    [MIUI V4 Theme]The Dark Knight 1.0 Beta by Raakaysh [RELEASED]

    [MIUI v4 Theme] Blue ICSelcius v4 "3rd" Theme for ICS!

    [MIUI V4 Theme] "the FIRST" Theme v1.01 for MIUI ICS Builds

    [MIUI V4 Theme] JEANS Theme by Coolfire Modified

    (THEME)♦♦MIUI_V4 CONCEPT ICS beta 2.1
    MIUIv4 Dark Theme

    [MIUI V4 THEME] ICS Rob2 Minislim [BETA 0.965] [Changelog]

    You Might Also Like: Siehe Ende Beitrag

    [MIUI]Miui V4.1 Theme

    [MIUI][THEME] Vexillum Project MIUI v4 + Template *420 icons*

    [THEME][ALL][ICONS and more] Vexillum + MIUI v4 | updated

    [THEME][ICONS][MIUIv4/gb] MIUI-Metro [updated: 5/12/12]

    [MIUI][THEME] Vexillum Project MIUI v4 + Template *1881 icons*

    MIUI V4 Buuf Theme

    [MIUI themes] VA Aura (1st post) VA lockscreens (2nd post)

    [MIUI LS] miSense - Sense 2,3,4.x LockScreen

    [MIUIv4][Theme][Tutorial] Official MIUIv4 Theme tutorial (MIUI China)

    [MIUI v4 THEME][VA themes]

    [MIUI v4 Icon Theme] Placid HD UPDATED 4/26/2012

    [MIUI][ICONS THREAD] MeeGo MIUI + Template *1090 Icons*

    [ICON PACK][MIUI] YouEye + NEW YouEye Clear [19.03.2012 v.10][850 icons!]

    [ LS MIUI ROM V4 ] Lockdkt.MIUI.V4-ICS

    [GoLauncher Ex Theme] NewMIUI V4 Theme V.1.3

    Hier Reinschauen lohnt sich immer: Android Themes by xda
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    MIUI new lockscreen manifest reference (1.7 updated, MIUI lockscreen 2.0)




    Neue Collektion


    WidgetLocker Theme Collection / by zHk3R. Thanks!

    Große Auswahl an Lockcreens bei xda


    Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen
    Oktober 13, 2011 Posted by marco in Lockscreens
    Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen

    Hier ist es, eines der erste Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreens für Miui. Erstellt wurde es von
    ein Benutzer von XDA.

    Der Benutzer UNS1N von Miui Germany hat es danach noch ins Deutsch übersetzt und ist nun bereit auch hier bei uns zu Verfügung.





    Download Ich Cream Sandwich


    LS Roma Ported / by carlospr21. Thanks!

    special thanks to
    Tizzle over @ dbarEvo for letting me port his ls roma to miui [​IMG]
    enjoy this fine looking minimalistic lock screen


    LS Roma Ported

    Direct Link
    LS Roma Ported [​IMG]

    added by request
    Ls Roma Ported No Lock on StatusBar [​IMG]

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    Aus der Lookscreen-Sammlung von h_zee13. Thanks!

    Pocket MIUI Lock Screens

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    ROU UI Lock by timmy16744. Thanks!

    ROU UI v1.2
    - Brand New Notification System
    - New music controls
    - graphical optimizations
    - little other tweaks
    Lock with SMS and missed call notification

    Lock without SMS and missed call notification


    Can's seem to apply this theme
    [​IMG] does anybody have another link or the same problem

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    Gefunden von wemsinho - Danke an dieser Stelle!
    Hier mal der ICS Font "roboto" als mtz :D sieht klasse aus!

    Just extracted the new Ice Cream Sandwich fonts Roboto and made a theme file for them, if anyone is interested...Just remove ".zip" from the end of the filename. Dropbox - - Simplify your life

    [FONT] Roboto fonts (ICS)
    AUSZUG AUS Fonts-Theme-Manager-Fonts by / by EndlessDissent. Thanks!

    Kalos Sans (preview) Download **NEW**

    Kenyan Coffee (
    preview) Download

    Kiddy Sans (
    preview) Download

    Kirsty (
    preview) Download

    Konatu (
    preview) Download ***NOTE: This font looks good, but there are formatting problems where it raises the placement of the font. Refer to preview screenshots before applying.***

    Kreon (
    preview) Download

    La Cartoonerie (
    preview) Download

    Lato (]preview[/url])

    Lekton (
    preview) Download

    Lexia (
    preview) Download

    Liberation Sans (
    preview) Download

    Liberation Serif (
    preview) Download

    Linux Biolinum O (
    preview) Download

    Linux Libertine O (
    preview) Download

    LT Chickenhawk (
    preview) Download

    LT Nutshell Library (
    preview) Download

    LT Oksana (
    preview) Download

    LT Oksana Light (
    preview) Download

    Luxi Sans (
    preview) Download

    Luxi Serif (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Marked Fool (
    preview) Download

    Marker Felt (
    preview) Download

    Minya Nouvelle (
    preview) Download

    Molengo (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Mona (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Mountains of Christmas (
    preview) Download

    Neuropol (
    preview) Download

    Neuton (
    preview) Download

    N.O. Movement (
    preview) Download

    Nobile (
    preview) Download

    Nosferatu (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Notepad (
    preview) Download **Thank you MvSt**

    Nymph's Handwriting (
    preview) Download

    Okolaks (
    preview) Download

    Okolaks Condensed Condensed (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Old Standard TT (
    preview) Download

    Opificio (
    preview) Download

    Orbitron (
    preview) Download

    Pacifico (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Penguin Attack (
    preview) Download

    Polo Brush (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Port Credit (
    preview) Download

    Primer Print (
    preview) Download

    Progenesis (no preview found)
    Download **NEW**

    PT Sans (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Puritan (
    preview) Download

    Reenie Beanie (
    preview) Download

    ReSiple (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Rough Typewriter (
    preview) Download **Thank you Bruce**

    Sachiko (
    preview) Download

    Segan (
    preview) Download

    Sick Capital Vice (
    preview) Download

    Snidane (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Sony Sketch (
    preview) Download

    St Ryde (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    StayPuft (
    preview) Download

    Steelfish (
    preview) Download

    Steve Hand (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Stewart Sans (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Street Corner (
    preview) Download

    Styllo (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Sui Generis (
    preview) Download

    Summersby (
    preview) Download **NEW**

    Sweet Leaf (
    preview) Download

    Swift (
    preview) Download **NEW**

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    Zwei Themse reingesetzt für Masta Gee 81. Diese wurden von Ihm Vorher getestet. Danke!

    [Theme] HoneyAve -][~][- New Released | first Beta-Test | Best out there ;)
    Hey all,

    okay, now i found some time to post this here.
    its a new theme with a HoneyComb touch and the great SuaveHD-Icons!

    Found this Honeycomb theme somewhere in the Internet and changed a lot with other stuff from leaked Honeycomb-Roms and added stuff by me!

    Also this is only a Beta-Release, so there are some bugs which i already know, but pls wrote all u like/dont like!!!


    What u get:

    * Great Looking and i think a very completed Theme
    * Nice Lookscreen (Honey-Like)
    * The Theme with the most Thierd-Party Icons!!!
    * New Dock (Screenshots)
    * all i forgott and u like!






    @MediaFire (Mirrow)


    Report back and say if u need more Icons like this:

    eg: Fruit Ninja - "com.halfbrick.fruitninja"


    will post one if I changed smth!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________


    Currently working on a Gingerbread compatible release....

    This will work with all versions of miui that use the theme manager to load themes. Both a .zip and .mtz package is available to download.

    This is a theme based on the new Meizu M9 phone that just came out in December. This is by no means a fully polished theme, although it will be very soon. By popular request we have been asked to release bits and pieces instead of waiting for the entire theme to be complete. This is the third release to the theme. View the changelog for details.

    1-30-11 System Tweeks, Bugs, and SMS:
    1) New SMS - emocons replaced, sms bubbles, background, buttons
    2) Made changes to work with new MIUI v1.28
    3) More system theming - more M9 blue through out system
    4) Fixed most pop up bottoms
    5) Changed music widget to work with new MIUI v1.28
    6) Changed answer call sliding panel
    7) Kindle, Feedr, better terminal, adbWireless, gMote, and scripter icons. (Icons will change from time to time until we nail down the right look for M9 - it's difficult creating icons for this one)

    Remember: This is not a fully completed release. Each week we will make changes and updates until most of the system resembles the Meizu M9 os.

    # # # Screenshots # # #


    # # # End Screenshots # # #

    Dowload Link:
    MTZ: Meizu_M9_v1.1.30.mtz

    Flashable Calendar:
    To Flash: In recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache, then install as usual.

    Calendar doesn't seem to install correctly on MIUI v1.14 ++ - will be fixed soon.
    Revert back to stock Calendar: stock_calendar_signed

    Note: If the theme manager force closes after selecting the zip to install, just reboot and the theme will load right up.

    Credits: fana7ic, thom_house, markhuk, and Meizu for making a clean UI.

    ================================================== =======
    1-23-11 Release
    1) New Boot Animation - made from scratch
    2) More Icons: Miui forums app, Gmail, Root Explorer, Stock File Explorer, Dropbox, MIUI Gallery, Traffic Monitor, YouTube, and Tapatalk - More coming this week
    3) Music Widget is now themed [Updated 1-27] Fixed bug on latest MIUI release
    4) Folder now themed
    5) Home screen preview screens
    6) Answer phone lockscreen slider - basic: will be complete later this week
    7) Fixed lock icon on lockscreen
    8) Tweeks and additions to framework/system
    1/16/11 First Release Notes:
    1) Almost all status bar notifications are themed
    2) Notification pulldown
    3) Lockscreen (Second lockscreen option coming soon)
    4) System app icons (Basics)
    5) Dock and Dock Icons
    6) Clock Widget
    7) Phone Dialer
    8) Contacts App (Basics)
    9) Settings menu icons
    10) Menu Icons
    11) Pop-Up menus (small glitch on one)
    12) Toast notifications
    13) Meizu wallpapers and lockscreen wallpapers

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    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

    [​IMG] [THEME] [Updated 7/23] [Miui 7.8+] EliteProHD V 3.8

    STILL.....The number one theme for Miui....

    (Credit) for any original iphone icons, and inspiration for the rest of the elements of the theme goes to barsoverbeats from modmyi. Donate to him here: Cash Advance | Debt Consolidation | Insurance | Free Credit Report at

    (Credit) for originally porting the theme to the Droid and taking care of its evolving to V 3.2 goes to--> Bustadroid<--from MiuiAndroid forums

    (Credit) how the theme sits today.....Yours Truly



    THEMES NOW have (NOT BEEN CONVERTED) to (NEW FORMAT) due to ease of customizing Lockscreens and Icons untill we become more familiar with the new format......SO FIRST FLASH will take LONGGGGG as your phone converts it (This is NORMAL) I suggest downloading and swapping out your preferred lockscreen folder or old Icon folder with 7zip BEFORE initial FIRST FLASH!

    >>>>>Download Links<<<<<<<

    3.8 with Elite Statbar Icons---> - EPHD 3-8.mtz

    3.8 with Regular Statbar Icons---> - EPHD 3-8 No statbar.mtz

    [SIZE=25 point Lockscreen][/SIZE]----> - 5 point

    Alternate 5 point Lockscreen (Browser replaced with Miui Music)-----> -

    8 point Lockscreen-------> - 8 point

    Old iphone icons------> - Old

    [SIZE=3Weather Widget Instructions under changelog][/SIZE]

    3.8--Fixed unthemed icons inside phone and mms due to (they changed the png image names in 1.7.15) WHY???
    Switched icons in settings menu to match new phone and mms icons
    Themed (Force close) and (System slow) pop-down icons
    Finally completed themeing pop-up menus for Miui-Dev and Droid Forums (Drawable Images do not theme like normal!)GRRRRRRR
    Themed pop-up menus in google+
    New Icons are as follows:
    Dolphin Browser HD
    Script Manager
    Google search
    (I always take requests)
    Themed attachments menu in mms app
    Themed menu pop-ups in youtube
    Themed menu pop-ups in twitter
    Themed music player navigation menu
    Themed pop-down for superuser (asking permissions)
    Themed new market pop-up menu and a few of its navigation icons at top
    Added updated Original lockscreen (other LS's can be downloaded and swapped out)
    Themes are now old format for ease of customizing

    3.7.1--Very minor update
    Themed top battery bar color to system Blue
    Changed dialer to system font numbers (So much cleaner looking then the last)
    Changed default wallpaper backing to cleaner not as busy pattern
    Changed phone and mms icons to match the Contacts ones
    Themed new toggles icon in settings menu
    Fixed little odds and ends
    Theme is now converted to new format
    3.7--New 5 point Lockscreen
    New LS and Desktop wallpaper
    New Deskclock
    New Icons
    New Dock
    Themed Facebook
    New Loading Screens (Miui-dev and Droid Forums) And Miui-us to come plus more
    New Elite Statbar Icons
    New Font (Official EPHD System font)
    New Inside Folder backround
    Themed more menus in system apps
    Themed little more within Contacts
    New dialer font
    Fixed various 3.5 issues
    3.5- Major UI revamp props to the kid cassidy
    Added new 'elite' pictures everywhere
    New dialer
    New keyboard
    New lockscreen
    A couple of new icons
    3.2- Used 'MIUI Dark Theme' as a base
    Removed homescreen slider bar
    New battery status bar icon
    New lockscreen
    Added 'Zune' font
    Edited 'Dark Theme' to remove most if not all orange (Props to Navicom‎)
    3.1- New lockscreen
    New dialer
    Fixed status bar icons in 1.4.15
    3.0- Made everything I could gingerbread compatible.
    Themed a couple of new icons
    2.6- New toggles
    Gallery wall is no longer jeans
    New dock
    Big thanks to Chaisu for the gallery fix and the new dock and to jcbbiggs for his toggles
    2.5-Updated to be compatible with version 1.2.19 of MIUI
    The 'in call' screen is themed
    New lockscreen
    2.4- Everything now works on 1.2.4
    New icons
    New volume splash (see screenshot 4)
    New icons for pulldown menu (also see screenshot 4)
    New 3g icon+signal bars
    2.3- Fixed mostly everything to work with 1.28
    New unthemed icon backgrounds
    New font
    2.2- New sms
    Updated miui music
    New miui music 4x4 widget
    New notification bar
    Made blue the uniform color
    2.1.1- Finally .mtz format!
    Added bootanimation
    Added new 'visitor mode' You can select this by long pressing to get the shut down, reboot, etc menu and pressing visitor mode. This is for when you give your phone to a friend, they can't go through your texts or edit anything, the icons/widgets stay put.
    2.1- New lockscreen
    Updated folders background
    New sms
    A couple of altered icons
    2.0-Themed Music Player
    New icons
    New folder background
    1.5-Minor Update
    Added more icons, including new messaging and fm radio
    Fixed no camera icon and calendar icon for droid 1 users who flashed miui v12.10.0
    1.4- New 3g/status bars
    Fixed folders look
    1.3- Fixed unthemed icons background (it really looks good now, examples on screenshot three)
    A couple of new icons
    Blue dialer light up
    1.2-New EliteProHD dialer(thank you to XxDaLoWeSt1xX)
    Added more new icons
    Sk1ttles private custom mod presents Ultimate iPhone 4G

    New Lockscreen merged with the other iphone lookin one

    Main Lockscreen

    Music Control (double tap the clock to get to it)

    Google Plus Icon [​IMG]

    Download Links:
    Main Music Dock - 4G - 6.0Beta5.mtz
    MMS Dock - 4G - 6.0Beta5.1-MMS.mtz
    Blank Dock - 4G - 6.0Beta5.1-BLANK.mtz

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    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    noch zwei weitere Themes an richtiger Stelle, Gelle!

    Kann mich nur wieder bei meinem fleißigen Masta Gee81 Herzlichst Bedanken.

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    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

    Gerngeschehen ...

    Immer wieder gerne ...

    Also was man mit Miui alles anstellen kann .... HAMMA GEIL

    Da können die anderen Roms echt einpacken ....

    :wubwub:MIUI 4 EVER .... LOVE IT :wubwub:
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    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon


    Orange Eclipse Sense

    Full theme from vukandric - Va Dark 3

    music controls on Five Target Lock by nuwan32

    Sense 3.0 with MC by fighter_foo

    Evoluer by dbilliter

    Pocket MIUI Lock Screens

    Mela HD MIUI v1.2 by thnikk & h_zee13
    Mela HD MIUI v1.2
    Mela HD MIUI v1 by thnikk


    Slide Bar The White Edition v2 by carlospr21
    Slide Bar The White Editon v2
    Slide Bar the White Edition Tranparent v2

    Minimal Sense 3.0 by sjknight413
    Minimal Sense 3.0

    Available in two versions
    WALL = changeable wallpaper WITH low bat and charging image
    NONE- changeable wallpaper WITHOUT low batt and charging image
    Music control = single tap lower left
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    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

    Five Target by dbilliter
    New with Music Controls

    WP7 by timmy16744
    WP7 v1.2
    - The unlocker unlocks very reliably now
    - New music screen (wanted to make it different to h_zee's so i went a different angle. Double Click anywhere on the screen to bring up and close the music)
    - faster and lighter
    WP7 v1

    WP7 by h_zee13
    WP7 v1.2
    - removed equalizer anim, added album art instead
    Version 1.1: Added music controls
    WP7 v1.1
    WP7 v1

    LS Slide Bar Theme in Colors by carlospr21
    V1.2 with battery charge animation

    v1.2- Trans-Semi

    v1.2- Transparent

    Slide Bar Purple-Music-Charger-v1.2 - Transparent
    Slide Bar Red-Music-Charger-v1.2 - Transparent
    Slide Bar Charcoal Grey-Music-Charger-v1.2 || Transparent
    Slide Bar DarkBlue-Music-Charger-v1.2 || Transparent
    Slide Bar LightBlue-Music-Charger-v1.2 || Transparent
    Slide Bar Lime-Music-Charger-v1.2 || Transparent
    Slide Bar Orange-Music-Charger-v1.2 || Transparent

    LS Slide Bar LightGrey 2tone Grey
    LS Slide Bar DarkBlue 2tone Grey
    LS Slide Bar Pink
    LS Slide Bar Yellow

    LS-v1.2- Trans-Semi-All-In-One
    LS-v1.2- Transparent-All-In-One
    LS Wallpaper Pack

    Honeycomb MIUI by timmy16744
    Honeycomb v1.3
    - 1000x times smoother ripple
    - got rid of date
    - made it cleaner
    Honeycomb MIUI v1.2 with Music controls
    Honeycomb MIUI v1
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    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Aktuelles Lookscreen: by xda / ayeitschris. Thanks!

    White Zangetsu Lockscreen
    A mod to carlospr21s white slide bar.
    Added notification bars, album cover, changed statusbar and gave it a nice wallpaper.

    Download: whitezangetsu.mtz

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    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

  14. Masta_Gee81, 25.07.2011 #14

    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

    Android Pulsar

    Galaxy S Pulsar

    [​IMG] Attached Files [​IMG] - [Click for QR Code] (6.17 MB, 128 views)

    Note: This is a low resolution image and for demonstration purposes only.

    Hello guys this is my second Bootanimation and hope you guys like it.


    MediaFire: Download - 480x800

    MegaUpload: Download - 320x480 <<<Fixed 4/7/11

    MegaUpload: "NEW" Download - 490x800 4/8/11


    Note: These are low resolution images and for demonstration purposes only.

    Hello guys this is my fourth Bootanimation for All XDA fans and hope you guys like it.


    MegaUpload: Download - 480x800

    MultiUpload: Download - 480x800 [Green Color]

    MultiUpload: Download - 480x800 [Red Color]

    MegaUpload: Download - 480x800 [Darkblue color as requested by XDA Member Shiwantha]

    MediaFire: Download - 480x854 [Flashable Darkblue Color][Thanks to XDA Member Shiwantha]
  15. Masta_Gee81, 25.07.2011 #15

    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

    [​IMG] [BOOT ANIMATION] The Droids
    I am currently working on some boot animations.
    The next couple of weeks this thread will be updated
    and new animations will be added.

    Check out the fast version of the Particles here !!!

    320x480 480x800 AndroidGlow1
    320x480 480x800 AndroidGlow2
    320x480 480x800 AndroidMinimal1 Green
    320x480 480x800 AndroidMinimal1 Blue
    320x480 480x800 AndroidParticles1 Green
    320x480 480x800 AndroidParticles1 Blue
    320x480 480x800 AndroidParticles2

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note that the actual quality of the animation is better. Here's the download link:

    3D modelled stargate animation

    Here is a couple of bootanims I made lately.



    LONG: 34megs 650 frames at 30fps - a bit of a overkill on quality.

    ‪Stargate Boot Sequence.mp4‬‏ - YouTube

    DOWNLOAD long version from Rapidshare:


    SHORT: Under 4megs 80frames 15fps (last 30 loop) - more sensible...maybe


    DOWNLOAD short version from Rapidshare:
    Just delete the last bit after download(.0m3n4) and you are good to go.

    And here is a wallpaper for your phone 980x800 (607KB)to go with it.


    Uploaded with

    [​IMG] Attached Files [​IMG] - [Click for QR Code] (2.96 MB, 727 views)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Download Here:


    Here it is in the OG green [​IMG], but it has a white backgound and doesn't fill the screen...It's black on top and bottom, similar to a letterbox look.

    Flashable zips for recovery(will be placed in /data/local/)
    Red version
    Blue version

    And the OG green [​IMG]


    [Bootanimation] MIUI - CreativeClub


    As you could have guessed, I made myself a custom bootanimation.

    I'm pretty proud of it, so I would love to share it.

    You can check out a short video about it here.

    The .mtz file (theme file for MIUI) can be found over here:

    Please do let me know if this doesn't work for you, or if you have some advice to make things better.

    Tested this out on my HTC Desire btw [​IMG]
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    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon



    April 20th, 2011
    To anyone and everyone who likes/uses this theme... I'm sorry but I'm going to hold off any updates for a while for the following three reasons in order of importance.

    1.) Lack of time. I'm a busy student, I volunteer for habitat for humanity, and I have a wonderful wife who needs my time and attention.

    2.) Let down by the last few Miui updates... Including changes to the music player, the pull down menu, settings buttons placement, and various other changes. Personally, Miui was better for me 4 weeks ago than it is today. I feel many of these changes were unnecessary and done just to have something different for the update.

    3.) Consistent and unnecessary changes to framework image names. For some reason each release of Miui has changed image names, which breaks a theme's functionality and requires themers to constantly revise instead of develop their theme. The last update changed the main colors from blue to orange...this makes no difference in functionality but seems to have been done for differences sake alone. I guess it's cool because it's different from before, but these types of changes make theming difficult and should probably just be left to the themers.

    I still use Miui and think it is a great ROM, but I'm going to let this theme sit on the back burner until the transition from one update to the next becomes a little smoother and less drastic.

    Sorry to any of those who were waiting for an update.

    Download & Installation Instructions
    Place the .mtz file on your sd card in the folder MIUI/Theme, then apply the theme through Theme Manager.

    If you have icon requests please post the name of the app along with its package name.

    Change Log

    April 1st, 2011 v0.9
    Updated theme to work with Miui 1.4.1 (i'm on the Evo)
    Fixed in call theme
    Fixed dialer theme
    Fixed lockscreen theme
    Added icons (Currently about 50 total)
    Other Minor fixes

    March 29th, 2011 v0.9 *Note-This version is for Gingerbread only* If you are still using a Froyo version of Miui try v0.8 of my theme.
    Updated theme to work with Miui 1.3.25 Gingerbread
    Added about 40 icons
    Changed folder to not be so transparent

    March 9th, 2011 v0.8
    Dialer Themed
    Contacts Themed
    Music Player Themed
    Lockscreen Themed
    Music Lockscreen Themed
    Settings Themed
    Keyboard Themed
    Gallery Themed
    Clock Widget Themed
    Both Music Widgets Themed
    Framework Themed
    Custom Boot Animation
    InCall Themed
    MMS Themed
    Theme Manager Themed
    Backup Partially Themed
    Monitor Partially Themed
    File Explorer Partially Themed


    [THEME][D1] Metallic


    Download here



    Welcome in the hive!

    I use the basic element of SWG Theme to make this theme.

    It's a TEST Version!!!
    This is not a final version!




    H1VE by Sph1re V0.3

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!


  17. Italia, 25.07.2011 #17

    Italia Stammgast

    Woher bekomme ich das miui-evolution-new Theme?
    Auf deren Homepage kann man es nicht laden!
  18. fireplayer, 25.07.2011 #18

    fireplayer Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    beitrag bitte löschen
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 25.07.2011
  19. quasimodo, 28.07.2011 #19

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    « Last Edit: July 26, 2011, 04:15:37 am by sektor-x »


    [icons & miui theme] [VA Light Blue!] [27.07.] by vulantric. Thanks!

    Hi people, this is icon set that I am still working on, but I am releasing what I did so far, so if someone wants you have a .psd template to make your own icons that you need.

    If you make your own icons based on psd template attached in a zip please share it here. [​IMG]


    And if you like my work please consider a donation. [​IMG]

    And once again, thanks to Raadius for some inspiration! [​IMG]

    Also, thanks to ericv99 for helping with the icons, you can find his icons in the last few pages of the thread!

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Here is the newest VA light blue theme. Thanks to yuyudroid and r47z for png's I took from them!
    For the centered clock please click on the next links
    Big thanks to Andy Thomson for making this mod. [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is my light orange theme, because I like the looks of MIUI 1.7.15, so I have only changed icons, some status bar icons and lockscreen (and some more small things)


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is my newest dark theme, it is named va dark 3, and you can download it here. It is still WIP
    Some small modifications to h_zee13's lockscreen
    Changed the .xml for mclock for the date to be orange and not green. Download clock files here
    Using phono app from market with my custom icon (crown) for carrier name (icon in this case [​IMG]) - you must decompile .apk, then put your icon instead of your providers icon and compile it back

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    MIUI 1.7.22 for SGS, 2.3.4

    Last edited by vukandric; Yesterday at 01:15 PM.
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  20. Masta_Gee81, 28.07.2011 #20

    Masta_Gee81 Lexikon

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