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    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Ich oder Android-Hilfe.de übernehmen keine Haftung dafür! Ihr seid für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!
    THEMES für AOSP JB & ICS Roms - CM9/10 - AOKP - Dark Night - NEXUS S/4g

    Ist für JB Roms in der Umbauphase!


    Datenbank für JB & ICS Roms

    Post 2

    Falls euch meine Arbeit gefällt, könnt ihr gerne [​IMG] Klicken!
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    Für JB Roms

    [CM10 THEME] MIUIv4 for CM10 (HDPI) 09/01/2012
    Thread By: ZduneX25 / xda
    bei Uns Vorgestellt: [Hier]

    My Fonts For CM10, HB & ICS
    Thread By: albertobom/xda

    Fonts to CM10 get them here

    Fonts to HB get them here


    Es gibt schon einige wenige CM10 Kompatible Themes
    im Play Store z.B. Cobalt (Siehe Sceenshots am Ende)
    Dort kann man sich auch den CM10 & AOKP Theme ICS/JB Fixer runter laden

    [THEME] AOKP JB unofficial

    Für ICS Roms

    [ICONS] The real SGS3 icon pack

    Für Alle ICS AOSP Fans die den MIUI Launcher mögen


    Für Elite Roms

    Für CM9 & AOKP - Roms


    Theme Sammlung

    [THEME][CM9-AOKP] Blue Infinitum - v0.8

    [MOD][UPDATED 02-07-12] Transparent Genie Widget from Android 4.0.3

    Screenshots - CM10 Theme Cobalt



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    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Von zeitgeist181 immer auf den neuesten Stand gehalten - Besten Dank an dieser Stelle!

    wird ständig erweitert
    Themes /Apps/Mod

    [THEME/APPS/MOD/ANIMATIONS] For all ICS roms! Infowars 3.5
    24th April 2012
    Infowars 3.5


    1) Works with all ICS roms!
    2) Nice looking themed apps!
    3) Black themed settings, changed icons etc!
    4) Samsung galaxy s i9000 has amoled display! Black background will save your battery!

    HOW TO:
    1) Flash the theme, reboot and flash the black apps! Fix Permissions!
    2) If you dont want some apps, just delect it before flashing or use romtoolbox from market!
    3) If you have problems, try to wipe cache, Delvik cache and flash my theme or with full wipe! My theme has nothing to do with DPI or Kernels!
    4) If you want to return to old one, just follow these steps:
    - Goto to CWM Recovery
    - Goto install zip from sdcard
    - Goto UniversalFlasher
    - Install the ---> Backup_xxxxxxx_xxxx.zip

    Works with:
    - i9000 samsung galaxy s
    - Samsung Captivate
    - ???

    - Aokp Builds and many Aokp based builds!
    - Slim ics roms
    - Darkknight roms

    - Infowars 3.5 dont work with cm9, but backgrounds, animations etc are working great!

    For bug reports
    - Which Phone/rom/theme... are you using, everything is stock?
    - Did you changed anything in zip before flashing it?
    - Did you wiped something before flashing it?

    I need your help!
    - Please give me some feedbacks about bugs, changes, works with what... etc! If you found some good themes, mods.... in xda or whatever, give me the link and i can add it to my theme!


    Infowars 3.5: Rate/Feedback
    For slim ics roms Infowars 3.5: Rate/Feedback

    Backgrounds for all roms!
    Black background: Rate/Feedback
    Blue background: (screenshot): Rate/Feedback
    Blue2 background: Rate/Feedback
    zeitgeist181-Noble android background: Rate/Feedback


    Infowars Black APPS 2.0: Rate/Feedback
    Black, ics blue themed swype beta: Put it in your Sdcard and download Romtoolbox from Market and just intall it! Rate/Feedback
    Download the new updated Black apps from here: Rate/Feedback

    Infowars Animations
    - For all phones, themes, roms with ICS!![​IMG]

    vortex (favourite): Rate/Feedback

    Rubik: Rate/Feedback

    psynshift: Rate/Feedback

    ChaosRevenege: Rate/Feedback

    psynflip: Rate/Feedback

    TwistedRubik (favourite) : Rate/Feedback
    TwistedRubikR2: Rate/Feedback
    TwistedRubikR3: Rate/Feedback

    STOCK: Rate/Feedback

    Infowars weather 3.0
    - Status bar with temp + current condition!
    - You need to activate the weather in rom control![​IMG]
    - This mod will only put the weather icon in staus bar! Other icons will stay stock!
    - only for Aokp Builds and aokp based builds like Infinitum..
    - Rate/Feedback

    Infowars Blue Mods

    ES File Manager: Before and After

    Twitter: Before and After
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Tapatalk: Before and After
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Infowars lockscreens
    - It will only change the animation and not the Lockscreen icons!

    Infowars lockscreen-Honeycomb:

    Infowars lockscreen-Android:

    Download Links:
    Infowars lockscreen-Honeycomb Aokp build 32: Rate/Feedback
    Infowars lockscreen-Android Aokp build 32: Rate/Feedback

    Infowars batterys
    - looks great

    Speed_MOD battery: Rate/Feedback
    Xoom_MOD battery: Rate/Feedback

    Infowars bootanimations
    - No more Gay bootanimations!

    Infowars bootanimation: Rate/Feedback
    Infowars Stock ICS bootanimation: Rate/Feedback
    Infowars nexus s bootanimation:Rate/Feedback

    Visit my Facebook page as a donation![​IMG]

    Thanks to all themers and rom developers
    Big thanks to dustinb17 !

    Attached Thumbnails
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  4. quasimodo, 18.02.2012 #4

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    ORANGE THEME AOSP DKNIGHT/NEXUS S 4.0.3&4.0.4 update

    This Orange ICS edition was made on Rom dark night 1.2 4.0.3 for this rom only.

    Why dark night 1.2 4.0.3? Because i use it right now. I made this theme for my personnal use but i want to share thats it. Enjoy

    -notification toggles
    -fast lock gps
    -can play smoothly 9mm game
    -good battery life (use last kernel devil)



    Boot animation
    ModZz :

    Dialer pad
    Keyb (thx and nice job GSXR750)

    if you want the orange keyb click here thx him on XDA its free.

    Download Theme ORANGE ICS Edition for Dark Night 1.2 4.0.3 version 1.1HERE

    Download Theme ORANGE ICS for DKNIGHT rom 2.XX HERE and after thx button [​IMG]

    Download theme ORANGE [4.0.4] [ROM] AOSP NEXUS S/4g [IMM30B base for Galaxy S] Beta4r2 version (07/03/2012) COMING SOON

    Flash zip via CWM (test only for Dark Night 1.2 ICS AOSP 4.0.3)
    wipe cache/dalvik

    thanks button if you like it.

    Remember flash at your own risk.

    Fixed in V1.0

    - Fonts color blue change to white.
    - Gradient background removed.
    - new boot animation credits and thx to #####id.goPLAY##### (moded to orange neon by me :})
    CREDITS :​
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  5. quasimodo, 18.02.2012 #5

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    [THEME][AOKP-CM9] Black Infinitum - v5.4 by Razer(x) / xda

    This is based on the beautiful Black Exodus theme. Enjoy!
    Screenshots gallery:

    What's themed:
    -Google Play
    -Google Talk
    -Google Voice
    -Trebuchet launcher
    -Nova Launcher
    -Genie widget
    -CM9 Music and Clock
    -Circle battery

    Flash via CWM over stock rom, NO MODS!!

    Infinitum Project

    Support my work buying me a beer (LINK) or press the thanks button![​IMG]


    v5.4: -added themed Google Reader
    v5.3.2: -compatible with HydrogenICS 18/03
    v5.3.1: -compatible with HydrogenICS 16/03 -compatible with CM9 nightly 18/08
    v5.3: -new keyboard -updated google play market to v3.5.15
    v5.2: -updated CM9 keyboard to nightly 20120309 -updated nova launcher -fixed status bar close button for AOKP

    My phone keeps bootlooping, what should i do?
    Get resources.arsc from the folder /MORPH/system/framework/framework-res.apk of a previous working release or delete it (you'll have some blue stuff)

    My phone and contacts are not showing, what to do?
    Flash latest google apps for ICS and then the theme again.

    Gmail app force closes, any fix?
    Go in system settings, apps and clear gmail datas

    I'm on 4g and i'm having troubles with sms/mms and calls, what to do?

    Delete contacts.apk and mms.apk from /XTRAS/system/app before flashing

    How revert back after this theme?
    Flash via CWM the backup in /sdcard/UniversalFlasher folder
    -Nitroz for his theme
    -Travp624 for help and his inverted apps LINK and also B-boy and tgwaste
    -avlopp for the bootanimation
    -david1171 for minimalist icons LINK
    -evilkal for circle battery LINK


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  6. quasimodo, 18.02.2012 #6

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    [THEME][CM9-AOKP] Blue Infinitum - v0.8

    After the Black Infinitum theme here's Blue Infinitum for CM9 and AOKP! [​IMG]
    Screenshots gallery:
    Dropbox - Screenshots Blue - Simplify your life

    What's themed:
    -Google Play
    -Google Talk
    -Google Voice
    -CM9 Music and Clock

    If you want to support this work buy me a beer (LINK) or press the thanks button![​IMG]

    Infinitum themes by Razer(x)

    Flash via CWM over stock rom, NO MODS!!


    How revert back after this theme?
    Flash via CWM the backup in /sdcard/UniversalFlasher folder
    Gmail app force closes, any fix?

    Go in system settings, apps and clear gmail datas

    v0.8: -updated google play -fixed white on white text in google play -changed contacts app v0.7: -fixed phone issues v0.6: -removed themed keyboard -added themed google play v0.5: -different keyboard for AOKP and CM9 v0.4: -updated mms app v0.3: -fully themed keyboard v0.2: -removed A LOT of orange images v0.1: -initial release
    Thanks to:
    -Travp624 for help and his inverted apps LINK and also B-boy and tgwaste
    -gsxrdon for his keyboard LINK
    -evermind for file hosting
    My work:
    Black Infinitum Theme
    Blue Infinitum Theme
    If you want to support my work buy me a beer (LINK) or press the thanks button!

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  7. quasimodo, 18.02.2012 #7

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    [MOD][UPDATED 02-07-12] Transparent Genie Widget from Android 4.0.3 Hello, guys!

    I managed to mod an application to have a transparent background and it worked just fine, so I decided to share it with you. [​IMG]

    This is Genie Widget from Ice Cream Sandwich and works on Froyo and above. It has some new features such as displaying more information on the weather by clicking on the weather icon within the app (as you can see in the first picture) and a cool cerulean highlight effect when pressing on the widget.

    You can push it to /system/app or just install it as a regular apk. If you're having troubles, try uninstalling a previous version, if any, then clear caches and try again.

    Mirror for the old version: Multiupload


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Updated GenieWidget to the version found in the latest Samsung i9100 leaked rom (LPB as I'm typing). As you can see in the pictures on top, it now has ICS themed tabs and minor graphical changes overall. It also supports HD resolutions (e.g. Galaxy Nexus).
    Thanks c3k for reporting! [​IMG]

    I'm still providing the old apk, but if you want the new version, get the one called GenieWidget_4.0.3_transparent.apk, or download it here. It's still compatible with Froyo and above.
    Attached Files [​IMG] GenieWidget_ICS_Transparent-signed.apk - [Click for QR Code] (853.9 KB, 4598 views) [​IMG] GenieWidget_4.0.3_transparent.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.19 MB, 475 views)​
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  8. quasimodo, 18.02.2012 #8

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast


    Videos über die Auswahl der Rotierende Animationen

    [BUILD23]AOKP-android open kang project Rubik Animations by Blueberry

    weiter Videos mit dem Rotierende Animationen

    [BUILD23]AOKP-android open kang project Chaos Revenge Animations by Blueberry

    Downloads - Animationen




    *HAS MANY APPS AND GAPPS(4.0.3) WHICH ARE THEMED BLACK, white and blue which will also save battery on the amoled and are obviously sexy.

    *flash through cwm .

    *if u face FC s on any app then just clear its data.

    *Animation packs for this theme tomorrow.


    Here -- https://picasaweb.google.com/1176385...dBlueScreenies

    Download links --


    THE theme is also up on perka's stash app, download and flash it.


    Black exodus theme by Nitroz ported by Zeitgeist181

    *White and black theme .

    *Caution-- has gingerbread left overs.

    *for best results flash on the smiled blue theme above (recommended by users).

    *Flash this theme on ur own risk....its not made by me and I can't assure u how it will work.

    Screenshots -soon

    Download links -

    1)zeitgeist181 Black exodus(made by nitroz)- stock animations : download here

    1) zeitgeist181​ Black​ Exodus(made by Nitroz)​ - ChaosReven​ege animations : http://www.filefactory.com/file/c3b7...osRevenege.zip

    2) zeitgeist181​ Black​ Exodus(made by Nitorz)​ - psynflip animations: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c3b7...-_psynflip.zip

    3) zeitgeist181​ Black​ Exodus(made by Nitroz)​ - psynshift animations​: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c3b7..._psynshift.zip

    4) zeitgeist181​ Black​ Exodus(made by Nitroz​ - Rubik​ animations: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c3b7...us_-_Rubik.zip

    5) zeitgeist181​ Black​ Exodus(mad eby Nitroz)​ - vortex animations​: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c3b7...s_-_vortex.zip


    Credits -



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  9. matze6989, 18.02.2012 #9

    matze6989 Android-Ikone

    Ich fange mal an... Es kommt die tage ein Theme von Nobody. Er hat schon für Goa welche gebaut.
    Wenn ihr wissen wollte was er zusammenstellt dann schaut euch schon mal das Video an. Ich denke das wird mit abstand mal wieder das beste Theme was gebaut wird.


    Für die Leute die nicht bei GOA angemeldet sind die müssen runterscrollen und den haken setzten dann kommt es nach 30 sekunden.
  10. boarder87, 18.02.2012 #10

    boarder87 Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Hab ich mir grad angeschaut und bin eigentlich von der Idee begeistert...aber diese kitschbunten Icons passen ja mal gar nicht dazu =(
  11. matze6989, 18.02.2012 #11

    matze6989 Android-Ikone

    Naja ich finde es grade gut mag diesen standart mist nicht so wirklich.
  12. psyfreak, 18.02.2012 #12

    psyfreak Android-Experte

    kannst du die datei auch woanders hochladen.. irgendwie habe ich schon dreimal versucht die datei zu downloaden... jedesmal 30 min warten nervt... immer bricht der download ab oder bekomme nur die html datei...
    ich hasse diese hoster... :cursing::cursing:
  13. matze6989, 18.02.2012 #13

    matze6989 Android-Ikone

    Schaust du hier ---> Perka's File Stash

    unter samsung,i9000 und dann AOKP da sind alle drin
    psyfreak bedankt sich.
  14. nobody573, 18.02.2012 #14

    nobody573 Android-Guru

    Geschmecker sind ja unterschiedlich, den einen Freut es den anderen eben nicht

    Und ich mach das in erster linie für mich, damit mir mein Telefon gefällt
  15. matze6989, 19.02.2012 #15

    matze6989 Android-Ikone

    Ich wollte nur bescheid sagen die neuen Theme scheinen fertig zu sein.


    Man muß auf jeden fall die ChaosReven​ege runterladen damit man sie komplett hat und wenn ma eine andere animation möchte flasht man die dann hinterher.
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  16. nobody573, 19.02.2012 #16

    nobody573 Android-Guru

    Hallo ich habe mal eine Frage an die Themer und zwar bekomme ich das Themen recht gut hin mit allem was so dazu gehört. ( mit smali kenn ich mich nicht aus ) xml farbcode ändern ist kein Problem. So das war das, nun zu meinem Problem was ich hab ich versuch seit zwei Tagen die LatinIME.apk zu ändern, sobald ich anfang png's .9.png's zu Tauschen stürzt mir die Apk ständig ab. Weiß nicht mehr was ich noch tun soll, alle andern apk's gehen ohne murren. Muss man auf was spezielles achten bei der LatinIME.apk kann mir da einer helfen

    Danke schonmal im Vorraus
  17. quasimodo, 19.02.2012 #17

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

  18. boarder87, 19.02.2012 #18

    boarder87 Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Ich würde mir gern eins von den beiden Themes flashen und würde gern wissen, welche Apps da so betroffen sin. Bei dem Blue Theme sind ja einge Apps aus den Screenshots ersichtlich. Kann da mal jemand berichten ob die Themes was taugen :thumbsup:
    Sind die Apps aus der Build 23, weil der T9 Dialer würd ich gern behalten?
  19. matze6989, 19.02.2012 #19

    matze6989 Android-Ikone

    Habe jetzt das Theme von nobody installiert und es funktioniert einwandfrei da hat er echt saubere arbeit geleistet.so ist ICS auch mal endlich schön :) man muß nur drauf achten erst die chaos revanch zu installieren und dann die gewünschte animation..
  20. quasimodo, 20.02.2012 #20

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

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