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  1. #1 Skrilax_CZ, 12.12.2010
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    I got tired of the Motorola Boot Logo and created a simple utility to convert a bitmap image to a Motorola Boot Logo format. The only requirement is that the bitmap size is 480 x 182. Requires .NET framework 3.5 or Mono 2.4.

    - Open the desired bitmap
    - Save it as boot logo (file name for example mylogo.bin) OR as nandroid (creates a folder with logo.bin and logo.md5 in it)

    Flashing (manually):
    - Copy it to sdcard and reboot to OpenRecovery
    - open OpenRecovery console and type:
    erase_image logo
    flash_image logo /sdcard/mylogo.bin

    Alternatively, if you saved as nandroid, just copy the newly created folder to /sdcard/openrecovery. Note that you have to apply the fix (see below) or it will not flash!

    .NET framework version
    MONO version

    OpenRecovery nandroid (version 1.46) has a bug in restoring the logo partition; use the fix in OpenRecovery thread here: Open Recovery v1.46 [11/21/2010]

    (The attachment from that thread can be downloaded here: http://rapidshare.com/files/436474236/nandroid-restore_openrecovery.zip)
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  2. #2 Sakaschi, 12.12.2010
    nice, i test your software.

    thanks skrilax
    Skrilax_CZ bedankt sich.
  3. thx ;)
    no more moto logo on boot :D
    Skrilax_CZ bedankt sich.
  4. #4 VeluxRacer, 12.12.2010
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    Skrilax_CZ bedankt sich.
  5. #5 dodotech, 12.12.2010
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    THX thats great...good work.:)


    It dosnt work for me!! When i type in the terminal erase_image logo, he say erase_image:not found!!

    In ADB the same.....can you help please? :)

    It only works in the console for OR! But not in the Terminal or other! :) THX good work Scrilax!
    Skrilax_CZ bedankt sich.
  6. #6 Skrilax_CZ, 12.12.2010
    Yes you have to be in Recovery ;)
  7. Und welche logos habt ihr nun?
  8. #8 VeluxRacer, 12.12.2010
    Ich habe ein selbergemachtes mit meinem Namen, nur zum angeben.:D
  9. noch hab ich kein anderes ^^ mir fehlt noch ne idee :D
    aber wenn wer was interessantes hat, mal her damit ;)
    aber am besten nen neuen Thread aufmachen dafür, so ne art Sammelthread ;)
  10. #10 Skrilax_CZ, 12.12.2010
    I used this one when testing it:
  11. Ich hab hier leider ein kleines Problem, wie kann ich denn in der OR Console Sonderzeichen wie eben das "_" bei "erase_image" tippen?
  12. #12 Skrilax_CZ, 13.12.2010
    Alt + C für '_'.
    splen bedankt sich.
  13. danke, aber irgendwie funktionieren die tastenkombinationen bei mir nicht in der OR console, könnte das daran liegen, dass ich die Androidiani OR verwende?
  14. #14 VeluxRacer, 13.12.2010
    Alt gedrückt halten während du C drückst:winki:
    splen bedankt sich.
  15. Ah ok, danke, da zeigt sich doch noch der Grünschnabel in mir ;)
  16. #16 Skrilax_CZ, 14.12.2010
    - can open/save *.png and *.jpg
    - can save as nandroid (creates a directory); but you have to apply the fix for nandroid to flash.
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  17. thx ;)
    very nice work
    Skrilax_CZ bedankt sich.
  18. is it possible to include a option where i can shrink the picute to the needed size?
    i know its many work to add features ;) and i know you work on it...

    my english is not the best ^^ you kow that :D

    but the greatest feature where, when there where a window where i can drag an drop my picture, and the tool cuts automatically the pic to the needed size and i can move the pic in the windows to the position i will have it ;)

    i know its not easy ^^ its only a wish, the tool is great now :D and i love it ;)
  19. #19 Skrilax_CZ, 14.12.2010
    Well I'd leave that to external editors. I looked and haven't found anything similar already done for that and it would take quite a lot time to do - well there is OpenRecovery for MS2 still to be done :D
    dodotech bedankt sich.
  20. ;)
    only a dream from me :D

    how i sayed, gread work that you done with this tool ;)
    i think to edit the pic with external editor is the best way to get the pic look like i will have it ;)

    but 1 last question, is it possible, to make the tool work in OpenRecovery, that i can use it like that
    /sbin/bootlogo /sdcard/pic/mylogo.jpg

    /sbin/bootlogo is the tool
    and /sdcard/pic/mylogo.jpg is the pic that set as bootlogo
    the pic have the size it need, so the tool directly convert the pic to .bin format and write it to /logo patiton

    i hope you know what i mean ;)
    when it where possible i will love it, most thinks i do in OpenRecovery, so i think this where great, if is possible and not to much work for you

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