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Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Spiele" wurde erstellt von Risoros, 06.06.2011.

  1. #1 Risoros, 06.06.2011
    Nox Productions has released Solar Defence, an addictive tower defence game set in space with endless hours of fun. Explore the five different planets with unlimited levels, upgrade your skills to improve your defences, find rare artifacts and unlock achievements.

    Read more about Solar Defence and all its features here:

    Nox Productions - Solar Defence

    Market link:


    Lite version:

  2. #2 toxscorp, 07.06.2011
    Hhm, also so langsam müsste der Markt doch echt gedeckt sein, was Tower Defense Spiele angeht.
    Sind die besonders einfach zu programmieren, oder warum kommt gefühlt jeden Tag ein neues raus?
  3. #3 bezalel, 07.06.2011
    Vermutlich weil es einfach eine sehr hohe Fanebase gibt.

    Schau mal auf Tower Defense Headquarter

    Da gibts auch sehr oft neue TD Games.
  4. #4 dr_lofstrand, 09.06.2011
    Solar Defence has been updated to 1.0.1:

    - You don't have to play the first 10 levels on each map/planet in order any longer. You still have to beat level 10 to unlock the next map/planet though. And as before, when you beat level 10 on the last map/planet another 10 on each planet will unlock, and so on...
    - Levels above 99 are displayed correctly in the select map/level menu.
    - The "new icon" is removed from the equipped artifact.
  5. #5 Mysticdragon, 10.06.2011
    Die meisten Tower Defense Spiele sind der letzte Schrott im Market. Das Robo Defense Spiel ist teilweise gut.
    Jedoch ein richtig gutes Tower Defense Spiel hab ich im Market noch garnicht gesehen, alles nur so billige teile -.-
  6. #6 Oliver Beyer, 11.06.2011
    Grave defense ist echt gut, besonders die neue hd Fassung.

    Sent from my Milestone using Tapatalk
    Londo2017 bedankt sich.
  7. #7 dr_lofstrand, 16.06.2011
    Solar Defence has been updated to 1.0.2:

    - All damaged and destroyed platforms are reset every 10th level.
    - The cost to repair a damaged platform increases every 10th level.
  8. Jo, Grave Defense rockt.
  9. #9 dr_lofstrand, 13.07.2011
    Solar Defence has been updated to 1.0.4:

    - Settings added:
    - Mute sound, on/off.
    - Reset speed every attack wave, on/off.
    - Show spacehip's healthbar, on/off.
    - The ability to reset the save-file and start all over from the beginning.

    - Music added (available to listen at website).
    - New background images to each map/planet.

    - Automatic backup functionality for the save file.
  10. #10 dr_lofstrand, 10.08.2011
    Solar Defence has been updated to 1.0.6:

    - 2 new towers, "Teleport Tower" and "Ricochet Tower".
    - 2 new spacehips, "Gemini Fighter" and "Gemini Scout".
    - 5 "new" maps. Every 10th level the maps are reversed.
    - Balance changes
    - 8 new achievements.
    - Critical hit added.
    - Money icon added and graphic changes of the status bar.
    - Minor GUI fixes for SGS II.
  11. #11 dr_lofstrand, 24.09.2011
    Solar Defence has been updated to 1.0.7

    - Balance changes
    - Extended critical hit
    - Minor bug fixes

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