[AOKP/PA-ROM][KitKat] *24.09.14* [4.4.4] ReVolt KK [BETA][Update Center]

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Diskutiere [AOKP/PA-ROM][KitKat] *24.09.14* [4.4.4] ReVolt KK [BETA][Update Center] im AOSP/AOKP basierende Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S2 im Bereich Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S2.


Ein genaues Release-Datum ist noch nicht bekannt.
In der App würde ich nicht viel verändern. Dabei kann vieles schief gehen.
Die sicherste Methode ist im CWM unter Kernel Specific Options das Battery Profile auszuwählen. Weitere Fragen zum DorimanX Kernel im DorimanX Kernel Thread.


Gute Nachrichten (Quelle: Facebook)

ReVolt ROM schrieb:
Android 4.3 Release !!

Been a long time since the last Nightly/Stable build .. To be honest, I missed these days so much !
That's why I am glad to announce the release of the first official Android 4.3 builds !! Now, there are a lot of announcements here so try to make sure you get everything !!!
First up, We added a new type of builds which we will be releasing right now, which is the ALPHA builds .. Now the purpose of an ALPHA build is to simply give the user the latest what the source has .. The question probably going on in your mind is, "What differs it from a normal Nightly ?!", Well simply, ALPHA builds are to be released rarely to make sure all devices are booting and that no major issues are in the builds .. That's why with Android 4.3, we will start with an ALPHA build to make sure all devices are booting !

Second, I would like to welcome to the device tree family a new vendor, Motorola !! Now we added some motorola devices recently to the Android 4.3 builds and they will all be maintained by Tim, who is a new member in our team !

In addition, We also have decided to clean up our builds a little bit, so we made changes to the Settings part in which we made all the customizations available right through ReVolt Control along with a bunch of new cool other ones !
With Android 4.3, we also added a lot of fixes to bugs that used to exist on our old builds (One of these fixes is fixing the Per-App-Color!)

Specific Change-logs of what we actually fixed/changed/updated to the build is to come soon in full details so please don't ask us for it ! You have GitHub to check there !!

Finally, for when the builds are to come or where .. Our build servers are to be started up in a few and all device maintainers are to release an ALPHA build for your device .. Each maintainer could give you information on where you can receive your build !
(As for me, Johnhany97, you can find the builds rolling in revolt.basketbuild.com in the ALPHA folder in your device's folder !)
More news/updates/changes to come later on ! Till Then, Enjoy ReVolt JB !!
Android Version 4.3!!
Der ReVolt 4.3 Thread wurde bereits erstellt und sucht Tester. (Alle bestätigten Bugs können im Forum erwähnt werden. Diese leite ich direkt an John Hanny weiter.) Weitere Fragen zur ReVolt 4.3 HIER stellen.
Hier geht es nun weiter mit der ReVolt Rom auf Android 4.2.2 Basis.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


eine frage es gibt ja diesen rom;

[AOSP-ROM][JellyBean] *23.09.13* [4.3] Slim Bean build 1.2

weiss du welchen unterschied es zwischen den und revolt gibts?

und welches ist besser an akku?


Neues Mitglied
gumo zusammen!

habe gerade die stable REVOLT JB 4.5-m7ul Rom installiert.

Kernel ist 3.4.10-REVOLTKERNEL-v001-g67c8a14
Johnhany97@buildbit #1
Buildnr. m7ul-userdebug 4.3.1 JLS36I
eng.Johnhany97.20131127.194844 test-keys

Nach allen wipes, full wipe Cache wipe dalvik wipe habe ich das Problem das beim erfolgreichen optimieren und laden der apps, nach der pin eingabe,

Der Prozess "android.process.acore" wurde beendet.

Ärgerlich sehr ärgerlich, denn der dialer wurde auch beendet etc...

was tun? thx für jegliche kompetente hilfe

lg ferreol


Hi, Bin mit meinem S2 zZ auf dieser Revolt JB 4.2.2. Welcher Kernel wäre denn wärmstens zu empfehlen? Denn bei intensiver/langer nutzung wird das Hndy sehr heiß und kackt ab. Würde das ganze erstmal auf den Kernel schieben :)


ReVolt ROM schrieb:
We're Back

Better late than never,,,
This is johnhany97 speaking here and I'd like to announce that ReVolt ROM is finally back! We've been gone for a while due to the fact I didn't have a buildserver and I was busy with my personal life but now I am ready for the comeback!

ReVolt ROM has been completely rebased to AOSP then adding features individually from AOKP and ParanoidAndroid to offer the best experience and more smoothness than ever! The ROM has a new feel, a better one in which it proves to be more stable, faster than ever and smooth as ever

The list of devices has changed a bit as not all the devices made the upgrade to KitKat and some devices were just excluded from this release as I didn't have enough time to build for them!

Supported devices in Beta 1.0:
-Nexus 4 (mako)
-Nexus 7 (grouper)
-Galaxy S2 (i9100)
-Galaxy S2G (i9100g)
-Galaxy S3 (i9300)
-Galaxy Nexus (maguro)
-Nexus 10 (manta)
-Galaxy Note (n7000)
-Galaxy Note 2 (n7100)
-Xperia ZL (odin)
-Xperia Z (yuga)
-US Galaxy S3 (d2lte)
-Nexus 7 (flo)
-Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
-US Galaxy S5 (jflte)
-Nexus 7 LTE (deb)

Currently, I have no proper access to a build server, so all the builds have been done locally on my PC, so It took me time to build for all of these then upload to the download servers with my internet connection. So Donations are up so you guys could help me find a new build server to use!

One of the new features I am proud to announce is ReVolt OTA!
It's based on PA OTA to support ReVolt ROM and is fully functional and is going to help you guys to update the ROM easier and faster easing the usage of ReVolt ROM

Most of the XDA Threads have already been updated, I'd like to note that a couple of devices from the mentioned above still don't have threads, they will by tomorrow though!!

One important notice also is that ALL BUILDS HAVE NOT YET BEEN TESTED!! Hence the BETA tag on the builds! Use builds on own responsibility and please report feedback using appropriate means!

Download from:

Thanks for your support and it's nice to be back.
Keep in mind the ROM is going to see way more features and updates in the future so stay tuned

Enjoy ReVolt!
Super Neuigkeiten :)