1. tobiasth, 22.01.2012 #21

    tobiasth Guru

    wenn es ein offizielles miui v4 fürs SGS gibt, dann wird es auch ein miui germany v4 geben.
    bisher weiß aber noch niemand wann miui v4 fürs SGS kommt...

    send from my SGS
  2. quasimodo, 22.01.2012 #22

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Wie Tobias schon bestätigt, wartet man auf ein offizielles Release, man hat auch noch Schwierigkeiten mit der Übersetzung.

    Werde Euch auf jeden Fall auf dem laufenden halten, einen separaten Beitrag für das kommende MIUI Germany gibt es ja schon.

    MIUI Germany V4 - Comming Soon!
  3. alex13, 22.01.2012 #23

    alex13 Stammgast

    Weis eigentlich wer wie Andy25 oder MiuiGott auf miui-germany die v4 releases für das nexus s übersetzen? Ich hab beide zwar schon angeschrieben aber noch keine antwort erhalten, und so könnte man dann auch hier vielleicht die galnet übersetzen?

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk
  4. quasimodo, 23.01.2012 #24

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Hallo Alex, hätte Ich auch gerne gewusst,

    werde Andy25 auch mal anschreiben!
    alex13 bedankt sich.
  5. quasimodo, 26.01.2012 #25

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    MIUI ROM no release this week

    January 26th, 2012 by Mark
    Hi everyone,
    Should of probably mentioned this earlier in the week but i’ve been exceptionally busy with work.
    Due to the new year in China there will be no development ROM this week for MIUI. Normal development will resume in the coming days following from the weekend.
    Please dont spam the comments with ‘Please port my phone’ type questions or otherwise. They will be deleted.
    We hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll be back in next week with a nice new update and hopefully some more exciting news on ICS and other developments we’ve been aware of by Xiaomi.
  6. quasimodo, 31.01.2012 #26

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

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  7. supergeorg, 01.02.2012 #27

    supergeorg Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Neeeiiinnnn.... Als nächstes bekommt nur ein Handy mit offiziellen ICS ein MIUIv4. Da nimmt man schon MIUI um vom Sammy unabhängig zu sein und jetzt das... Hoffentlich erkennen die Onecosmics als einigermaßen offiziell an und machen es auch für SGS, wäre sonst echt schade. :(

    Gesendet mit meinem SGS Mintberry Edition
  8. quasimodo, 01.02.2012 #28

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

  9. quasimodo, 02.02.2012 #29

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    MIUI ROM Changelog preview for 2.2.3

    February 2nd, 2012 by Mark
    MIUI 4.0

    1. New high-pass kernel upgrade to the latest version (Mi-one only)
    2. Optimization to improve backup and restore of call logs.
    MIUI 2.3 & 4.0

    1. Added “user feedback” application, supporting screenshots, logs, generation of reports and preview of feedback (See the desktop “Tools” folder)
    Full changelog will be posted on Friday as usual.
  10. quasimodo, 03.02.2012 #30

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    MIUI ROM 2.2.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Changelog

    February 3rd, 2012 by Mark
    Recommendation of this week:
    Optimization to improve backup and restore of call logs.

    • Repair slow display of phone records

    • Added When setting a new account and contact sync with changes, the time for reminder of contact synchronization is default set to 3 days for reminder notification
    • Added network IP call in Contact details

    • Fix problem dragging folder icon created a drift off screen to next screen

    • Repair without ringtone will cause problems leading to FC
    [Backup Manager]

    • Optimization to improve backup and restore of call logs. Optimization to improve data recovery speed of call logs

    • Fixed setting ringtones does not take effect

    • Added reading mode function in the browser from 2.3
    [Traffic Monitor]

    • Fix in some cases traffic monitoring is unavailable
    [Access restrictions]

    • New guest mode will hide the pictures in the gallery
  11. quasimodo, 06.02.2012 #31
  12. quasimodo, 09.02.2012 #32

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Habe Mich entschlossen, Rein mit dem Aktualisieren von Post 1 und News geben weiter zu machen, ohne Mich aber an Diskussionen mit zu beteiligen. Bleibe Euch zunächst so weiter erhalten!
  13. quasimodo, 10.02.2012 #33

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    MIUI ROM 2.2.10 Changelog [ICS]

    February 10th, 2012 by Mark
    • New system support to use themes via SD card, download manager and System updater
    • Added support to disable the physical screen keys (M key or Dropdown notification bar switch settings, press and hold home and press the power button to exit)
    • New system supports to use themes, download manager and System updater without SD cardFix in some cases lead to repeated restarts due to modem problems (Mi-one only)
    • Repair Wi-Fi connection issue where there is connectivity but no Internet access (Mi-one only)
    • Repair access to certain applications, the automatic brightness feature fails to screen transition (Mi-one only)

    • Optimisation clicking picture to pop-up style menu to display quick contact options
    • Repair using the Contact finder to quickly search contacts using A-Z 01 # strip leads to interface flickering issues

    • Added sort contact by Company (See Contact Settings menu)


    • Fixed timed SMS to present the correct questions
    • Fix a number of issues in timing of mass SMS
    • Fix incorrect time setting in interface style when sending timed SMS
    • Repair timed MMS will be sent twice
    • Repair common MMS to be displayed for the timing MMS
    • Repair backup and restore SMS send, SMS has not changed to “Send failed”
    • Fix SMS menu, click to add a theme returned invalid input
    • Fix problem where session cannot be deleted where time is set to 1970-1-1
    [Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]

    • New variety lockscreen support (required theme support custom settings)
    • Improve operational efficiency of variety lockscreen to increase optimisation
    • New system default lockscreen style updated (Re-apply the default theme to take effect)

    • New lockscreen support for personalisation

    • Repair the camera flash cannot be used (Mi-one only)
    • Fix problems with view finder when the flash light is operational (Mi-one only)
    [File Manager]

    • Add new Browse page
    • Optimise the long menu view file properties, complete and display the directory
    • Optimisation to avoid multiple choice mode delays into the folder
    • New 4.0 file classification page (Remove “other” category)
    • Remove 2.3 file classification page in the “other” category

    • Added transplant of 2.3 key settings function


    • Repair of the local account name display
    [System Updater]

    • New sharing system update message to the Sina Microblogging / Tencent Microblogging

    [Anti Disturb]

    • Repair the issue that we cannot select unknown numbers to add into black and white list from a contact picker
  14. quasimodo, 10.02.2012 #34

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Ich oder Android-Hilfe.de übernehmen keine Haftung dafür! Ihr seid für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!
    [​IMG][ICS][ASNET][MIUI V4][i9000] v1.3.0

    In final stage of testing

    Ported by: asrock


    Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 18.02.2012
    Radagast und tobiasth haben sich bedankt.
  15. quasimodo, 11.02.2012 #35

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Kurzes Feedback über das [ICS][ASNET][MIUI V4][i9000] v1.3.0

    Hatte es Gestern Nacht nur 2 Stunden drauf

    • derzeit schnellstes MIUI V4 - Aktuelles Update
    • mein Wlan wird nicht erkannt
    tobiasth bedankt sich.
  16. quasimodo, 17.02.2012 #36

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    MIUI ROM 2.2.17 Changelog [ICS]

    Hi everyone,

    This weeks changelog is as follows:


    • Add support for off-screen special effect transitions (Mi-one only)
    • Repair setting the mi-key to lockscreen wake does not take effect (Mi-one only)
    • Repair the notification bar to select the 2G/3G network switch leads to FC

    • Optimise when users choose to use only 3G operators, does not support an increase prompted
    • Optimise deleted CDMA 2G mode (CDMA there is no 2G)
    • Fix problem with network settings causes FC in some cases
    • Repair call forwarding prompt style
    • Repair can't use Bluetooth headset
    • Repair the headset, Press to hangup does not respond
    • Fix redial FC issue
    • Remove non-CDMA phones and CDMA related options

    • New edit contact interface supports multi-account editing
    • Optimisation of the contact details page style
    • Optimisation of the contact cross-screen interface, a new rapid slide prompt / panel style
    • Optimise the search for contact, new contact and will automatically enter the contact name in the interface
    • Repair SIM card contacts cannot store Chinese names

    • New group information will also appear in the session and single person session
    • Optimise SMS select contact, horizontal screen switch does not re-query
    • Repair frequently sent messages icon will appear in the SIM card messages in some cases
    [Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]

    • Fix in some cases, clicking the status bar data toggle, the response is slow or often unresponsive
    • Repair notification bar simple mode, adjust the toggle style and then the dropdown status bar becomes blank
    • Added shortcut to disable hardway keys (Bottom of phone)
    • Repair press menu to unlock
    [Desktop / Launcher]

    • Added support for three-finger "pinch" gesture, quicker access to the multi-screen editing mode
    • Optimisation refers to "pinch" gesture to enter multi-screen editing mode
    • Repair variety clock / photo frame widget support problems

    • Optimisation changing the local theme style is currently in use
    • Repair of third-party applications to modify ringtones does not take effect

    • Fix problem when viewing a photo and long press menu and power button leads to FC (Mi-one only)

    • Added support for boot up music
    • Optimise the new version of the Music application UI
    • Optimisation to modify the music settings style
    [Backup manager]

    • Repair data recovery in some cases, the contact group is empty after recovery
    [File Manager]

    • Optimise File Manager to remember last location in the file browser when exiting and reloading the application
    • Optimise the Browse page to support horizontal screen mode
    • Fix problem under category pages, certain file types when selecting a single file will delete all files of the same type


    • Repair support for the Browser UA (User-Agent) to set mi-one phone (See browser settings)
  17. tobiasth, 17.02.2012 #37

    tobiasth Guru

    danke, werd ich mir wohl auch mal anschauen :thumbup:
  18. thE_29, 17.02.2012 #38

    thE_29 Experte

    @quasimodo: Hast du den alten Kernel drauf gelassen oder hast du nachträglich Glitch oder semaphore bei dem Asnet-MIUI geflashed?
  19. quasimodo, 17.02.2012 #39

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

  20. thE_29, 17.02.2012 #40

    thE_29 Experte

    Muss ich da mit diesem App noch was einstellen oder reicht es einfach den Kernel zu flashen?!

    Und hatte Asnet das deutsche Wörterbuch/Deutsche Sprache bei der Tastatur mit dabei? Ob das OS/Menü selbst dann Englisch ist oder nicht ist mir egal... DrZMIUIv4 ist ja auch nicht alles deutsch..

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