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7th March 2012 – Newsletter

By Mathew Glazer • March 7, 2012 • Rom News, Site News • Leave a comment
Ports and why there not here!

Galnet MIUI Scotland works on making sure that the weekly roms from MIUI China are available from our site. My main goal is to have available all 14 devices which are Gingerbread supported (Ice Cream Sandwich rom will come in time).
I have a backup of all the devices which are available for download, and there build trees, however for other devices, Galnet MIUI Scotland depends on other developers to port the roms across to these devices.
Costs and Handsets

We at Galnet MIUI Scotland have a very limited budget for hosting, handset purchases and advertisement. We would love to support every android device available, however it is not possible. We have already managed to up our original development from the I9000 to the other 13 devices, this in theory is harder than what is seems.
I currently build the 14 devices which are on the site, and I work within the frameworks to make the stables more reliable, I don’t have my team do this as it’s not a simple means of adding a line or 2, it is reverse engineering the frameworks, finding the correct files to modify and then testing it across each device to make sure that one issue fixed, doesn’t resolve in another else where.
Other developers

I’m happy for other developers to come on board and help port the Galnet MIUI Scotland roms, infact I’d even be happy to supply a FTP location for you to upload directly, however I require that you provide me a link to the rom and any issues that may be there! I also require that you stick around to offer support.
If you do wish to join the development team, then please contact me! I’d be happy to support your work.
V4 MIUI Builds

These will be coming very soon, we have not been supporting these builds because there was very little information and support we could supply whilst these were in early development. I’m currently in the process of testing V4 builds, and making sure they are stable enough for release within the next few days/weeks (an ETA will be released shortly, once the team have agreed V4′s are stable enough!).

This is the major factor when it comes to anything, Galnet MIUI Scotland were condemned from sites due to the way in which we were trying to get additional funding, some found our Groupies section to be forceful on our users, I’m sure now time has passed you are aware this is not the case. However servers do cost money, my time costs money and my friends and staff members take time out from their days to help.
If you can help support Galnet MIUI Scotland, in any way, we would like to hear from you. Thanks to Thomas and Niels we are secure with hosting, so this isn’t a worry, it’s future development on other handsets which is concerning us. If you can help then please do so!
The future?

Well the future of Galnet MIUI Scotland is secure at present, we will continue to develop on the handsets we can, and we will continue to try to port and as in the ICS circumstance be the first to port them across to handsets when available. We have been known for our 1st within the Android community even throughout the flaming and banning and we will continue to do so! We might not get the credit we deserve, but hey, at least we know and our fan base know that Galnet MIUI Scotland, can and do make the Android community a better place!
Kindest Regards,
Mathew Glazer Mathew Glazer.


New MIUI Gallery for ICS coming soon

More and more new UI enhancements coming from the Xiaomi guys, today we've got a preview screenshot of the new MIUI Gallery coming this week to an ICS ROM near you.

Watch out for this weeks ROM to see it hands-on.




MIUI ROM 2.3.9 Changelog [ICS]


  • New ROOT privileges access
  • Optimisation and streamlining of the System preferences application
  • Fix the width of the top section of the pop-up area is not unified
  • Fix long pressing the home button to enter list of running applications, selecting the remove all option results in a non-response or animation
  • Fix setting tones does not apply successfully


  • Optimisation of reject call reply messages
  • Optimisation of the answering / call interface
  • Optimisation without SIM card does not search the web
  • Fix telephone set fixed dialing list, adding a contact leads to FC
  • Fix issue with contact call records
  • Fix use without a SIM card, the SIM card PIN code lock feature leads to FC
  • Fix call forwarding, call waiting settings page sometimes does not close the interface down
  • Fix problem with 3rd party calls in some cases lead to abnormal interface problems


  • Add support for local contacts to add birthday information
  • Fix problem setting ring tones for selected contact leads to FC
  • Fix problem adding multiple contacts in SMS leading to problems with the search string

  • Optimisation to improve message preview on lock screen when user has password protection set

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]

  • New - When the screen keys button is disabled the notification bar will display a notice indicating it is disabled
  • Notification items can now choose to select to view application
  • Optimise the layout and style of the notification bar
  • Layout optimisation of the notification bar switch settings
  • Fix problem with status bar cannot be pulled down
  • Repair single page notification bar style, manually adjust the brightness to minimum, the switch automatically changes to auto brightness and then back to manual adjustment but does not remain at the lowest setting when switched back
  • Optimise the upper left corner of the status bar areas icon size and display
  • Fix problem with incoming call cannot be answered from lock screen
  • Fix problem with charging progress bar display the wrong information

[Desktop / Homescreens]

  • Optimisation to modify the systems default wallpaper
  • Fix problem with some applications background frame icon

  • Optimisation when replacing fonts, pop-up tip will be displayed
  • Optimisation for changing the local theme style, desktop clock and picture frame according to the widget size to display a different preview
  • Optimisation of variety style lock screen, the desktop clock now supports adaptive screen resolutions


  • Added support for Online music ported from GB code
  • Optimisation and efficiency of the lock screen spectrograph display and UI
  • Fix problem selecting music ring tones and the constant pop-up dialogue

[Backup Manager]

  • Fix in some cases clicking "Backup now", the interface becomes blank


  • Optimisation of the message body input box cursor

[Sound Recorder]

  • Fix the call recordings list does not display the caller contact name


Neue Themes & Lookscreen - mehr Hier: Klick

ASNET MIUI V4 i9000 v1.4.5 Steht auch zum Download bereit. Klick
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Xiaomi MiCode github to feature apk source XMLs

Hi everyone,

After what really feels like a long debate over requirements for translators and ICS development in general it seems we have finally reached a common-ground with Xiaomi in regard to how we all modify and translate apk resources.

I have confirmation that during some time this week there will be positive steps made to introducing as much of the default RES sources for all the MIUI apks as possible to GitHub for everyone to download for modding / translation use. This does not mean Java source, if you ask if this means Java source, shame on you for not reading this article fully

What this means?
It will make the issues of apktool decompiling apks and messing up resources a thing of the past, which in turn means apks will be built properly with the right values and other elements in original format. It also means a proper GitHub will be available to fork res values and so on from, the the ultimate aim would be a multi-rom which could be built directly by Xiaomi.

Thanks to
Wu Na, Feng Hong, Wen Xing, Xinyu, Yuki and the rest of the MIUI group in China for listening to our request to make this a better development community for apk modders and translators. will always and have always stood by the community and we will continue to do so into the future.

We hope for more collaborative projects in the very near future with Xiaomi and other developers.


The MIUIAndroid Team


Deutsche Übersetzung von
Pepe in Changelog - Besten Dank an dieser Stelle!
MIUI Changelog 2.3.9

Hier noch der Aktuelle Changelog für die Versionen 2.3.9 ICS
Für Android 4.0


  • Root hat neuen priviligierten Zugang
  • Optimierung der systemvorgabe Applikation
  • Breite der oberen Pop-up ist jetzt nicht mehr fest
  • Langes drücken des Home Buttons um laufende Applikationen zu sehen
  • Alles Löschen option für animation u.s.w.
  • Einstellung der Töne repariert


  • Optimirung der Mitteilung von abgewiesenen Anrufen
  • Optimierung des Anruf/Antwort Bildschirmes
  • Korrigiert: Ohne SIM Karte das Web durchsuchen


Ich oder übernehmen keine Haftung dafür! Ihr seid für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!

Der Entwickler sucht Tester - Auf eigene Gefahr!
[ROM][ICS4.0.3] WeUI v0.7.5b (Updated: 3/14/2012) (MIUI4)

(TEST)[ROM][ICS4.0.3] WeUI v0.7.5 (Updated: 3/12/2012) (MIUI4) by nightshack0 / xda

Code: Channel: #weui

Ich habe kein Galaxy S, testen Sie es (Sie müssen sich Samsung Galaxy S im Installer auswählen, um die richtige Version installieren) Ich bin nicht verantwortlich, wenn etwas passiert, weil diese nur auf der Captivate getestet wird, bitte posten, wenn es für Sie arbeitet.

v0.7.5b Galaxy S fix (FLASH AFTER v0.7.5)

(Please donate as a thanks for the ROM and what I have done)

To install properly and avoid any problem follow these steps:

(OPTIONAL)1. Flash to any CM7/MIUI/ICS rom
2. Reboot to recovery
3. On the installer choose your device, and select "Data Wipe"
3. Install the ROM
4. Reboot and wait because first boot can take a bit.

v0.7.5b Galaxy S Fix (Flash after v0.7.5) * Fixed Front-Facing Camera * Fixed Home Button issues * Updated lockscreen

v0.7.5 (or preview of v0.8) * Updated to MIUI 2.3.9 * Removed Permission Manager which was causing problems * Added SuperSU as a root manager instead * Added missing libs from MIUI * Added and themed Package Installer from CM9 * Themed AriesParts and renamed to "Device Settings" * Multi-device support (Captivate, Galaxy S, Vibrant) * Multi-kernel support (Glitch and Semaphore) * Integrated "Data wiping" and "Cache wiping" in installer (Thanks to DemonWav/ICSSGS for wipe data script) * New Bootanimation * New lockscreen * External SD mounting in computer (USB Storage option) * Edited framework to change default wallpaper (and remove the live wallpaper as default) * Added back the MIUI sounds * Added new CM9 ringtones and notification sounds * Removed double Calendar and double keyboard * Removed Google Feedback * Updated AROMA Installer to 1.63 * Roboto font in Installer * TouchWiz4 Launcher, Apex Launcher as launcher options in installer * MI File Explorer added as an option in installer​
Why themes are not working for me?!?! OH MY GAWD
They should be working without any changes, but if you see this happen, create a folder on "/data/system" called "theme" with full permissions, and please report it on the thread because it SHOULD work without any manual fixes

I found a bug or problem in your ROM, what should I do? OMG BBQ MACARONI
Try to read the thread for possible solutions, and if you can't find anything, then post the problem without complaining and try to describe as much as you can the problem and when it happened, etc. Please use the "Report MIUI" option if you experience a force close which will open the "WeUI Feedback app" and it will automatically add the logcat information of that force close.

- NightShack0 ( ME !)


Thanks to
- MIUI, Teamhacksung, Glitch, for translation, DemonWav/TeamICSSGS for wipe script
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Dies wird sicher auch in unsere inoffizielle Ports fließen

This week will see the introduction of the new MIUI Camera UI for MIUI V4.0

Quelle: Here's a preview:

Quelle: his weeks recommended MIUI ROM updates:

  1. New MIUI V4 Camera
  2. New MIUI V4 Gallery
  3. New horizontal screen lock function
This week will see official support added for the HTC Sensation and the Samsung I9100 (SGS2).

Full changelog will be published on Friday morning as normal.
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MIUI ROM 2.3.16 Changelog [ICS]


  • New cross-screen lock function (horizontal screen, click on the notification bar shortcut switches the direction of locking)
  • Optimise media library scanning efficiency
  • Repair in some cases, the Task Manager panel, click "clean up" does not react
  • Repair problems with sensitivity when taking screenshots
  • Fix problem with migration of internal data to SD card displays incorrect transfer statistics


  • Repair calls "my card" in the number leads to FC
  • Repair modifying the status bar string may result in the status bar showing duplicates
  • Fix some cases operators welcome dialog box contains no content issue
  • Repair some SIM cards will lose APN settings
  • Fix problem managing conference calls leads to FC


  • Support for Xiaomi account to import new contacts
  • Optimization of unknown contacts picture pop-up operation panel, add contacts and other items on the first page
  • Fix in some cases adding new contacts leads to FC


  • Fix MMS details displaying incorrect date of 1970

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar

  • New V4 Lockscreen theme (See forum for English version
  • Optimize the use of the lock screen music control screen to allow automatically shutting down (Sleep mode)
  • Optimise Airplane mode notification, the upper left corner of the status bar will display the "Airplane mode"
  • Optimise the notification bar switch to use single-page mode by default
  • Repair horizontal screen lock may lead to some lock-screen display problems
  • Fix in some cases selecting Messages shortcut leads to hot boot restart
  • Repair when using torch, the lockscreen cannot be unlocked


  • Fix in some cases, phone locks when applying theme mtz file


  • Add MIUI the V4 camera release
  • New Settings pages
  • Action bar added to set colour effects
  • Optimisation to retain the camera functions panel in panoramic mode so you can easily switch back to the camera


  • NEW MIUI V4 Gallery (if the camera FCs please clear the data in application management)
  • New SD card browser, entering folders containing a hidden folder, the correct folder numbers will be shown excluding hidden ones
  • New SD card browser, you can save folder sorting settings for each folder
  • The new SD card browser, you can properly set up a folder for favorites
  • New SD card browser, you can display the folder groups stats
  • New SD card browser, deleting folders updates correctly
  • Interface optimisation for selection of multiple items
  • Optimise ActionBar divided into upper and lower bars
  • Repair the home page, select crop photo causes FC


  • Added new Home menu for Exit and Refresh
  • New File filter tool tip information
  • Added music files added to the same directory with the same file name, lyrics and jpg covers will be automatically recognised
  • Fix to resolve album number displays an error (incorrect total)
  • Fix FC problems with Online music
  • Fix problem where songs play from the wrong starting position in some cases

File Manager

  • Fix problem in low-resolution devices, in horizontal screen the information displayed is incomplete



New MIUI V4 Clock

By Mathew Glazer • March 21, 2012 • Rom NewsLeave a comment
Another additional feature!

Miui is back on it, and changing more features, and they have just released new screenshots of MIUI V4 Clock.

New Settings Application

By Mathew Glazer • March 20, 2012 • Rom NewsLeave a comment
MIUI Settings Update

This week we will start to see a familiar look and feel to the MIUI settings application. There is a new TAB called “Common Settings” which allows you quick access to certain features. This is a great idea, considering that Ice Cream Sandwich hids alot of the features which are commonly used in the background, making remembering and accessing them a real pain.
Hopefully throughout time we will see the 3 tab system coming back, however this is great start towards our fully fledged miui experience.
Also another feature to make a comeback is our app killer “Pop up announcement” displaying how much ram has been killed and how much ram is now free..!
Screenshots Below:

About Mathew Glazer

Mathew Glazer a.k.a Galnet is the founder of Galnet MIUI Scotland. He stays in Scotland and lives with his wife and 2 children. He enjoys working with coding and in his spare time can normally be found having a laugh with his family. View all posts by Mathew Glazer →

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Full list of changes will be posted Totay.
Today will also see the official release of the Huawai Honor MIUI V4.0
MIUI ROM 2.3.23 Preview Changelog

Recommended updates this week include:

1. Improved Alarm and Clock functionality inline with MIUI V4
2. Optimisation of Settings, now includes Commonly used Settings in addition to Full list of Settings
3. Improvements to Desktop slide gesture efficiency and user experience
4. Bluetooth file transfer supporting transfers of any file type / format.


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MIUI ROM 2.3.23 Changelog [ICS]

[Recommended this week]

  • New Clock / Alarm for MIUI V4
  • Added commonly used settings option to settings in addition to full settings options
  • Optimisation of Desktop sliding gesture efficiency and user experience


  • Added toast notification up after memory clean-up to show released memory and display current free memory
  • Added support for Bluetooth transfer of files in any file format


  • NEW limit on the number of call log entries
  • Optimise the answer interface gestures indicators
  • Optimisation to improve the response speed when opening the dial pad
  • Optimisation to reject call effect
  • Fix dial interface to enter editing mode, pressing and holding items caused jitter effect problems
  • Fix mobile SIM card import of contacts displays error in some cases

  • Added option to show / hide SIM card contacts
  • Optimised the bottom of the list name no longer shows phonetic, but the nickname and company
  • Optimised to open input method by default when creating a group
  • Optimisation of Edit contact pop-up list of account icons
  • Fix problem leading to FC when contacts application is opening in landscape
  • Fix problem editing a contact and clicking back or cancel will return a list of contacts

  • Add new message support for recent contacts (See SMS Settings)
  • Optimized the width of dialogue pages in the horizontal screen

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]

  • Optimised when the notification bar shows all notifications in the upper left corner says "more" icon no longer displays
  • Optimize the notification bar "in progress" entry to resolve the position transitions
  • Optimise the "simple" mode switch sliding sensitivity
  • Fix in some cases the lock screen will suspend animations
  • Repair not playing music, double-click the unlock button and then decline in music to begin play

  • Optimisation of Launcher sliding gesture efficiency and user experience
  • Fixed problem if there are no recent tasks, clearing result is displayed when there’s no recent task.


  • Add Variety lock screen support, rebound animation progress variable
  • New Variety lock screen support group components transparency
  • Optimisation when theme updates, the normal use of the current version is retained
  • Repair some cases, Chinese characters entered are not applied

  • Added scene selection and colour effects to add style icons
  • Optimisation to adjust the camera interface layout
  • Optimisation of video resizing of 480p in two formats; 720p and SD
  • Optimisation of the settings details interface
  • Optimisation when clicking on last taken photo in the camera interface speed of switching to direct use of the Gallery
  • Fix Photo EXIF time data is not accurate
  • Fix problem with camera not responding the first time it is opened (Clean system install)
  • Fix panoramic camera mode interface errors
  • Remove the face recognition setting option


  • New option to select albums in ascending or descending order
  • Optimisation of interface effects
  • Optimise the photo details action bar display adjustment
  • Fix problem with photo details / slide show / photo editing in full screen and now supports auto-rotation
  • Fix problem adding photo gallery to desktop causes FC
  • Fix problem opening gallery from picture selected in File Explorer
  • Fix problems with rotation going in wrong direction
  • Fix problem scanning Camera directory "Android/DCIM/" when complete does not automatically refresh the list of photos
  • Fix problem switching photo slides to photo details leads to FC
  • Fix album thumbnail aspect ratio (stretching issues)

  • Fix problems displaying the amount of available music on SD card is not refreshed


  • New Commonly used Settings list
  • Optimisation of password set-up settings options
  • Optimisation of MIUI Settings

[Download Manager]

  • Fix problem with deleted download history. Unable to select file to delete from list


  • Optimisation of the new interface version

  • Fixed the problem that when clearing interception SMS entries appear in the menu
[Alarm Clock / Clock]

  • Added new Word clock to optimise the alarm interface



*(meine Empfehlung - einen Test wert)

MIUI.4-SpeeD.v4.7.7a multilanguage


Change lockscreen
added superuser
Added Glitch Kernel 14 B5
Language (EN-CN)
sd ext and internal works correct
icon signal work
Multilanguage comming soon

CHANGES v4.7.6a:

fix signal icon
fix calendar sync
fix crash when some room were checked the camcorder
kernel glitch 14 B5
added DSPManager
fix network
removed some app miui, (miuistat, cloudservice etc.)
added languages (DE-FR-IT-RU-AND PORTUGUESE and others)
Improved stability and performance
Removed 4way reboot
added rom manager
Themes stock
change lockscreen

MIUI.SpeeD.v2.13.16 Multilinguage GB
meine aktuellen Screenshots

wie schon bei Gingerbead gewohnt,
jetzt auch bei V4 ICS Comman Settings & Complete Settings

Multisprachpaket kommt sicher auch in Kürze

Nach meiner Erfahrung das zur Zeit am Besten laufende MIUI V4 ICS Rom

Besten Dank an den Entwickler!

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Neues von MIUI Germany

Schrittweise MIUI v4

Tach zusammen…
Das Wochenende zeigte sich ja vom Wetter her von seiner sonnigen Seite und wir waren guter Dinge, dieses Wochenende auch die gesamten MIUI v4 Versionen präsentieren zu können. Leider konnten wir dies bisher nicht ganz umsetzen und arbeiten noch weiterhin an einer gut nutzbaren Version, für die restlichen Geräte. Da die neuen MIUI v4 Vorlagen aus China noch nicht ganz so perfekt zu gebrauchen sind, ist es eine wirklich schwierige Arbeit die restlichen Geräte sauber zu übersetzten. Beim Samsung Galaxy Nexus und dem Nexus S sind die arbeiten nicht ganz so problematisch gewesen, obwohl auch beim Galaxy Nexus noch einiges verbessert werden muss.

Die Anhäufung an Fehlern in den Versionen derzeit und das super schöne Wetter am Wochenende, hat uns aber auch dazu bewegt mal für ein paar Stunden den Kopf von MIUIv4 frei zu bekommen und die Füsse mal im kalten Wasser einzutauchen. Nachdem nun dies getan wurde, werden wir natürlich weiterhin versuchen die Fehler in den Griff zu bekommen und werden euch in den nächsten Tagen über die weiteren Fortschritte informieren. Es wird wohl darauf hinauslaufen, dass wir die verbleibenden Versionen nach und nach veröffentlichen werden. Welches jetzt nun zuerst fertig sein wird, können wir derzeit noch nicht sagen.

Für die übereifrigen Vorankündigungen möchten wir uns entschuldigen.. Wir haben uns dazu entschieden die Versionen erst mit einer minimalen od. vertretbaren Fehleranzahl zu veröffentlichen. Da wir die Qualität etwas höher halten möchten, als die schon zur Verfügung stehenden CustomRom Versionen od. die von anderen MIUI Fanseiten veröffentlichten Versionen.
Beobachtet einfach unsere Facebook Seiten, unseren Google+ Account od. unseren Twitteraccount…
Als kleine Zusatzinformation wollen wir in diesem Blogeintrag nicht unerwähnt lassen, dass in den nächsten Wochen auch das Sony Ericsson Arc S eine MIUI v4 Version erhalten wird. Dies ist das erste Sony Ericsson Gerät, welches von MIUI nun auch unterstützt wird.
Wir wünschen eine schöne & erfolgreiche neue Woche…



Moin Quasi,

würdest du dich dem Slim ICS Thread annehmen? Tobiasth wollt den nicht mehr weiterführen :-(


@Hallo r4ff0r,
hast Dich ein wenig verirrt, Hier geht es um MIUI! :D
Aber dein Wunsch ist Mir Befehl:"][ROM][AOSP][17-Mar] Slim ICS [2.9] - 70MB Clean, Simple & Fast - The Google Way[/URL]

Freue Mich auf deine Unterstützung! ;)
Oben Unten