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Ambitioniertes Mitglied
und warum WA bei manchen keine Kontakte anzeigt, ist ne gute Frage..[/QUOTE]

Hmmmmm vielleicht, weil ich nicht ohne Ländervorwahl gespeichert habe????


Könnte auch sein, sollte WA aber egal sein.. Ich hab halt immer schon jeden so eingespeichert gehabt, weil ich öfters im Ausland war..


MIUI ROM 2.4.6 Preview Changelog

[Recommended updates this week]

  • New clock timer (see the clock for more info)
  • New camera shutter animation and storage animation
  • Optimisation of the pop-up contact access interface, now supports long press to copy number
  • Optimise the last icon in the desktop folder which is then moved out of the folder, the folder automatically refreshes
Full list of changes will be posted tomorrow as usual.
MarkHUK, Today at 10:17 AM


MIUI ROM 2.4.6 Changelog [ICS]

[Recommended updates this week]

  • New clock timer (see the clock for more info)
  • New camera shutter animation and storage animation
  • Optimisation of the pop-up contact access interface, now supports long press to copy number
  • Optimise the last icon in the desktop folder which is then moved out of the folder, the folder automatically refreshes



  • New MIUI phone interface and functionality (requires data wipe)
  • Optimize operator SIM card to display a different name (Mobile Display SIM card, Unicom display the UIM cards, telecommunication display USIM card)
  • Optimise the Call log interface
  • Optimise vertical slide to answer interface, "hang up" and "hang up and send text messages" buttons swap position
  • Fix in some cases, selecting SP service numbers avatar causes FC

  • Optimisation of pop-up contact quick access interface
  • Optimisation of the pop-up contact quick access interface, now supports long press to copy number
  • Optimisation of Importing SIM card contacts, support background import, information is prompted in the notification bar
  • Fix some cases adding contacts to the group leads to FC

  • Added support for LED flash notifications
  • Optimise SMS limits
  • Fix access restrictions, lock screen can still preview the content of messages
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]

  • Repair open screen angle does not show the rounded corners of the status bar
  • Fix in some cases, dragging the status bar in the process of switching theme leads to FC
  • Fix in some cases, switching themes the input method icon is displayed in the status column on the right

  • Optimize the last icon in the folder which is then moved out of the folder, the folder automatically refreshes
[Theme Manager]

  • Optimisation of 2.3 Icon compatibility

  • New camera shutter animation and storage animation
  • Fix photo size settings errors
  • Fix starting the camera automatically sets the screen brightness to the brightest
  • Fix other applications call system camera instead of MIUI camera which often leads to FC
  • Fix the SD card prompt for storage space
  • Repair the auto focus prompt sound

  • Optimisation of Gallery Home Album number total text
  • Fix the media scanner does not scan the phones internal memory
  • Clicking to open the picture, photo cannot be selected for deletion (Repair from the File Explorer)
  • Repair adding desktop widgets causes FC

  • Optimisation of the default navigation page, do not activate the toolbar at the bottom of home page bookmark button
[Alarm clock]

  • Added new timer function
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It is with our deepest regrets that as from today Galnet MIUI Scotland will be closing.
This is for a number of reasons, but the main one being I don't have the time or resources to continue to support everyone. Over the last year, people have became more demanding and bombarding my mail box with requests, with YOU MUST fix this or repair that. Truth be told, I've NEVER had to do anything..!
MIUI China is also starting to provide the roms with English translations included, and we get not funding or support from China, and when I report issues with the rom (Even providing Logcats etc) I get no reply, so it feel's like it goes un-noticed and un-thanked..!
We started development on the I9000 a year ago, and fixed many issues with the rom, and these also got transferred across into the main Chinese builds, we started ports of V4 into I9000 and many of these are included in MANY of the roms across the platform without thanks, we are simply not willing to do this any more.
We wish all the MIUI community the best of luck in the future, and we will continue to monitor situations, we would also like to thank our fan base, and apologise for this closure notice.

Take care everyone,
Galnet MIUI Scotland.


Von Beginn an habe Ich Galnets Rom Hier bei betreut,
am 31.03.2012 feierte man noch das 1 jähriges Bestehen.

Galnet & sein Team hat die MIUI Gemeinde mit Zahlreichen Inovationen bereichert. Herzlichen Dank von Mir an dieser Stelle!

Danke auch an die hiesige Galnet MIUI Gemeinde, für die Gute Zusammenarbeit.
Euer Qasim
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Coming this week is a big change to the ThemeManger UI.

Check out the preview screenshots below.


MarkHUK, Yesterday at 1:13 PM


Werden nun namen der Kontakte im Sms app angezeigt bei der neusten Version von andy?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk



ICS 4.0.4 MiuI V4 FuSioN BlaCk&WhiTe 2.4.6 ESP ThE ThUndER

by jbejarano /


ICS 4.0.4 MiuI V4 FuSioN BlaCk&WhiTe 2.4.6 ESP ThE ThUndER
Hilo original MIUI V4 FuSioN i9000.......AQUI MISMO! MADE IN SPAIN.

Hilo homologo en HTCMANIAMIUIv4 Fusion by muchopoli83


ICS 4.0.4 MluI V4 Fusion Black

Bueno amigos, os presento la rom Miui V4 FuSioN by muchopoli83, port de la V4 de Nexus S a nuestro querido Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

Esta rom no se ha quedado en un port puro v4 android 4.0.4, sino que fusiona archivos para mejora del rendimiento, siendo varias las fuentes utilizadas.

Se ha revisado concienzudamente el comportamiento y la optimización de esta fusión de archivos, consiguiendo así una mayor rapidez de respuesta del terminal, así como una alta estabilidad y un consumo de batería moderado.

No es trabajo superfluo, sino de muchos días de experimentación y pruebas, dando como resultado esta magnifica rom, que bajo mi humilde entender, es muy rapida, muy estable y muy fiable.

Lleva los fix habidos y por haber hasta el día de hoy, con lo que viene completita completita, aun así, esto es trabajo de desarrollo semanal, por lo que los bugs que podáis encontrar, por favor reportarlos para que muchopoli tenga constancia de ello.



"Texto explicito editado por @muchopoli83 en htcmania"

-Port MIUIv4 2.4.6 del nexus s al samsung galaxy s
-actualizacion a ICS 4.0.4
-kernel glitch v14 b6
-modem ZSJPE (solo instalacion desde stock)
-Driver 3d de la ultima V9.1 de el maestro @elitemovil
-3Way reboot y ICS panel de control del maestro @andy thomson
-Gapps, Twiter, DSPManager y You tube en negro
-Tema black&white, con framework-res.apk, MiuiSystemUI.apk, Settings.apk y Updater.apk, modificados en sus pngs y con iconos de el tema de @recoba23 adaptados a v4 y project vexillium modificados por mi
-Teclado black

@recoba23: por compartir los iconos de su magnifico tema
@rural galaxy: por el magnifico logo me se ha currado para en acerca del telefono y actualizador


3.- Download Files MIUI i9000 2.4.6 SPANISCH FUSION V4

Vollständige spanische Rom. 2 Links zum Download:

1.- LINK 1 Miui_v4_Fusión_Black& (by muchopoli83)
2.- LINK 2 Miui_v4_Fusión_Black& (by muchopoli83)

Fix für Root-Zugriff Superuser. 2 Links zum Download:
1.-LINK 1
2.-LINK 2

Neues Modem von S bis sgs1 für Nexus V4 portiert.

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MIUI ROM 2.4.13 Preview Changelog
This weeks recommended updates:

1. New Wi-Fi and APN Settings interface and functions - assist in making Wi-Fi setup more convenient and also APs for Mms and Data.

2. Added Status bar music control functions * (Preview - Status Bar Music controls [ICS] | MIUIAndroid - Redefining Android)

3. Improve significantly the performance of SMS batch deletion of messages and also SMS backup and restore efficiency (approx 20 times faster reducing waiting time for your convenience)

The main focus of this weeks update is on performance and stability. Next week will see further system based improvements being made.

Additional work is being done to ensure better system optimisations for ICS.​
MarkHUK, Yesterday at 10:25 PM

Status Bar Music controls [ICS] *
Hi everyone,

Another teaser for what to expect in this weeks ICS build. A new feature for the status bar allowing users to control music functions, e.g. Play, Pause, Stop and next track.

Great to see subtle functions being added each week. Expect to see it for yourself this Friday.


MarkHUK, Yesterday at 10:17 PM
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MIUI ROM 2.4.13 Changelog [ICS]


  • Optimisation of interface
  • The repair of the Desktop home button, recent task pane flash-back problems

  • Optimisation of load speed of contacts
  • Optimisation of the contact list and search style
  • Optimised contact search style

  • Add send SMS details to other contacts
  • Delete edit slide to remove MMS layout

  • Improve SMS bulk delete performance
  • Optimise SMS backup and recovery performance
[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]

  • Optimisation of the new notification icon in the status bar display
  • Optimise quick clicking on the notification bar shut down / restart toggle, the status bar reports the selected status
  • Optimise shut down / restart confirm dialogue box style
  • Optimise variety lock screen efficiency by over 30%
  • Repair status bar icon or operators information is not displayed
  • Fix error opening the lock screen Torch under certain circumstances
  • Fix the drop-down notification bar, status bar background flickering problem

  • Add new version of the theme interface (not fully implemented)
  • Optimise theme resource loading efficiency

  • Optimise recorded video is stored as MP4 format
  • Fix in guarded mode, from the lock screen attempting to activate the camera leads to FC
  • Fix if the camera is activated when the screen is locked, still AF issues

  • Add in sort by size and date, display picture size and date information
  • Added 12 pre-set picture groups and two pre-sets for screenshots
  • Increase capacity of allowed number of pictures in each album
  • New prompts for group albums
  • Optimise the pop-up confirmation prompt delete dialogue
  • Optimise saving the last viewed Album
  • Repair single page album sorting problems
  • Repair of a single album page in HTC Sensation resolution problems
  • Repair the Image details page to delete the last picture, cannot slide to delete
  • Repair Image details page action bar
  • Optimise photo details page double click zoom effect
  • Repair album and photo details page to exit edit mode, the screen flashes
  • Repair opening photo from Camera into gallery slide shown causes memory leaks
  • Fix problems with the share photo screen
  • Fix photo details displaying the wrong time information
  • Fix gallery thumbnails
  • Fix problems returning list of albums
  • Fix unusual title gradient problems

  • Add Nexus S to support WMA music format
  • Add support in status bar to control playback operations
  • Optimised wire priority strategies
  • Repair song titles with single quotes, online music player fails
  • Fix problems in edit mode, selecting multiple songs to add to playlist

  • Optimise new Wi-Fi connection
  • Optimise access point name (APN) settings & logic
  • Optimize the APN settings item
[File Explorer]

  • Optimisation of apk classification
[LED lights]

  • Optimise the colour and blink rate settings
[Alarm Clock]

  • The new timer does not set text reminder
  • Optimisation of the timer and stopwatch button text is not centred
  • Optimise the new alarm clock, the time defaults to the current time
  • Repair after the alarm clock ringing, delete data ring

  • Optimisation of the alarm clock memory
  • Fix jittery graphics problems with the timer countdown circle
  • Fix other incompatibility problems
  • Fix problem resetting the timer and forcing application to quite, returning to the application does not clear the counter
  • Fix problems with mangled UI in different screen resolutions
Pele, Today at 8:48 AM
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Beide Roms jetzt auch mit Multi-sprachpaket (inkl. DE)

MIUI.4-SpeeD.v4.7.Multilanguage i9000

- bei xda & bei Uns

ICS 4.0.3 WeUI
bei xda & bei Uns
Hier DE Sprachpaket von Andy25 integriert

Mein Fazit:

  • WeUI läuft etwas Runder
  • Lockscreen auch DE übersetzt
- Daher mein Favorit!
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Quelle: Sprachpaket für Andy's MIUI V4

Multi-Language-Pack für Andy's 2.3.30 V1.1
(arabic, brazilian, czech, danish, dutch, french, german, greek, hebrew, hungarian, italian, korean, persian, polish, portugese, russian, slovak, slovenian, spanish, thai, turkish, vietnamese)
Die Sprachpakete sind nicht von mir und da ich nicht alle Sprachen beherrsche nicht auf ihre Vollständigkeit geprüft. Da es aktuelle und vollständigere Sprachpakete jeweils erst ab ca. Sonntag gibt, wird die V1 nur insofern vollständig sein, wie viel Translation-strings die neue MIUI-Version wieder hinzubekommen hat!

Danke an alle Übersetzer!

Vor dem flashen unbedingt ein Backup erstellen!!!
Funktioniert nicht mit der ODEX-Version!!!

Download: MIUIv4_I9000_2.4.13v1_MULTI_V1

frühere Version: Download: MIUIv4_I9000_2.4.6v1_MULTI_V1 MIUIv4_I9000_2.3.30v1.1_MULTI_V1
Fix für Kamera/Panorama FC: CameraFCfix_OriginalApk2.3.30
(Original apk von Andy's 2.3.30 Rom)

Backup machen, per CWM installieren, testen. Auch über Feedback, dass es funktioniert, freu ich mich.

Infos zur ROM gibts auf !!!



MIUI ROM 2.4.20 Preview Changelog

This weeks recommended updates include:

1. Optimisation of the Backup and Recovery mechanism to improve on data safety and efficiency of use.

2. Improve Phone efficiency e.g. Opening speed, search and sliding fluency.

3. New SMS function, add large number of contacts for group messages, improve performance from up to 3 times the current method

4. New Music function, single mode support for background play

Performance optimisation work is still in progress, next week's SMS operational efficiency will be significantly enhanced, in addition Desktop (Launcher) will also see further improvements to fluency of use.

Full changelog will be posted on Friday as usual.

Original url: MIUI
English Changelog re-written by MarkHUK for
MarkHUK, Yesterday at 9:06 PM

Xiaomi Important information about Google apps in MIUI

Hi everyone,

From this weeks 2.4.20 release there will be no bundled Google applications in the Stock Chinese builds, this will only mean apps like Gmail and Google Talk will be removed the GoogleServices and associated apks will remain in the ROM.

MIUI China decided to loose some applications to provide smaller downloads, they do however offer the Google applications to users via SuperMarket.apk if they need them. ROM will include the missing Google applications in this weeks build so no one will get caught short by the issue here.

Preview changelog will be up soon.


MarkHUK, Yesterday at 8:58 PM


MIUI ROM 2.4.20 Changelog [ICS]


  • Optimise the global action bar height
  • Optimise Google apps, remove from system partition and allow for download from SuperMarket
  • Optimisation to increase the long-press close application key triggering time (0.5 to 1.5 seconds)
  • Fix Instagram incompatibility issues
  • Fix problem connecting USB - dialogue box becomes frozen on screen to select yes / no mount storage
  • Fix UCAM not compatible


  • New Desktop phone icon to support display of missed call number
  • Significantly improve telephone efficiency, including open speed, search efficiency and sliding fluency
  • Optimise the display of the time field
  • Fix ending call still shows the green 'return to call' bar
  • Fix international number does not show the attribution or contact detail properly
  • Fix in some cases the call operator under the phone does not display the operators name (Developer Edition only)
  • Fix some SIM/RUIM cards cannot switch APNs
  • Fix buffer overflow problems with Call log time causing Android Core FC


  • Optimise repeat number of details rules e.g. (IP prefix with and without number shown)
  • Fix problem entering numbers containing ','s leads to FC
  • Fix contact selector name, number of repeated questions
  • Fix problem with group pictures

  • New single touch access to send group SMS messages
  • Add new v4 SMS Interface
  • Optimise fluency of the message lists when sliding
  • Optimise the choice of regular text messaging time
  • New support to save MMS attachment to SD card
  • Optimisation of the new message pop-up window, touch screen area does not close the window
  • Send contact vCard information is fixed
  • Fix sending group SMS does not show sending progress
  • Fix problems with access control, lock screen does not show the MMS preview
  • Fix problems when restoring where duplication occurs
  • Fix too many recipients draft saved SMS responses
  • Removing SIM card does not display the "Save to SIM" card menu item
  • Optimised efficiency when adding a large number of contacts to a message
  • Session and list pages often do not display the time correctly for message details
  • Fix problem with scheduled SMS cannot modify send time


  • Optimise theme loading resource efficiency
  • Fix problem where wallpaper cannot be backed up
  • Fix problem in local theme details page, select local theme without "other@ modules
  • Fix details page, clicking the menu button causes the screen to go black
  • Fix application theme, lock screen style
  • Fix Customised theme does not support module


  • Fix some third-party cameras cannot record video in non-automatic scene mode


  • Optimise default load does not automatically generate album information
  • Optimisation of automatically generated album information algorithm
  • Fix some problems with hidden albums
  • Fix vibration issues (tactile feedback) when in multiple choice editor mode
  • Fix problem setting show hidden albums, the number of albums total displays errors
  • Optimise the Album page to speed up photo details page and animation effects
  • Fix USB hotplug frequently may lead to accidental deletion of files and other data
  • Fix problem with list of pictures created by third-party applications in the last row are blocked from view
  • Fix image details page to view a thumbnail (View is fuzzy)
  • Fix problem deleting albums / pictures


  • Optimisation of single mode, support background playing of music

  • Optimise near-by Wi-Fi network interface
  • Remove using SIM card, Setting 3G only operator option
[File Explorer]

  • Fix in some cases interface problems

  • Fix loading for first time, opening sound options will appear with white bars problem

  • More secure and efficient mechanism for backup and recovery
  • Fix problem restoring SMS messages gives duplicated information
[Alarm Clock]

  • Optimise the Alarm clock settings
  • Fix some third-party clock applications will clear the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to display activated alarm state

English Changelog written by MarkHUK from for
MarkHUK, Today at 8:14 AM


Zur Freude der MIUI Gemeinde

Der schon zu Gingerbread Zeiten bekannte mmuuhh ist
für Uns wieder Aktiv geworden

EnDe Fullrom 1.4.21

nur mehr einen KLICK entfernt!


EnDe Fullrom 1.4.21

Besten Dank an dieser Stelle!

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Erfahrenes Mitglied
hallo zusammen nach langer zeit würde ich auch gerne nochmal eine miui 4 version testen..welche von den vielen hier im forum ist denn die mit den wenigsten Bug`s?

danke im vorraus für die antworten!


Oben Unten