1. quasimodo, 04.05.2012 #141

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    MIUI ROM 2.5.4 Changelog


    • Optimisation to increase efficiency of loading list of installed applications
    • Fix in some cases when connecting to Wi-Fi, data connections do not become disconnected successfully

    [Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications]

    • Fix problem setting Custom status bar notifications leads to FC error

    • Fix problems with themes being unable to modify the system font colour

    • Optimisation of image sharpness and overall quality / saturation (MI-ONE Only)


    • Fix in some cases when recovering data operation is completed successfully, the result will be displayed as 0Bytes restored


    • Optimisation of the rendering engine model algorithm
    [Alarm Clock]

    • Optimise re-enable alarm stop and start time intervals
    MarkHUK, 14 minutes ago
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    Für die mit beiden Roms Zuhause sind

    Es handelt sich bei dem ersten vorgestellten Rom vorrangig um eine AOKP Variante
    in dem MIUI Futures enthalten sind.

    MIUI V4 Taste with these apps:
    -MIUI V4 Launcher / nicht der aktuelle (Vorgängerversion)
    -MIUI V4 Lockscreen - Compaitable with CM9 Music and MIUI Music
    -MIUI V4 Music - Hot Reboot issue fixed
    -MIUI V4 File Explorer - Updated and Black Theme fixed
    -exDialer + 5 theme (Light,Dark,ICS,ICS-X,SGS2)
    -MIUI Weather

    Kein (bei MIUI gewohnt) MIUI Backup-, Firewall App enthalten

    Klarer Vorteil von diesem Rom: kein DE Sprachpaket notwendig, da wie bei reinen AOSP Roms gewohnt integriert [​IMG]

    Klickst Du

    • Dieses Rom hat statt CM9 als Base Elite imm76i im Einsatz
    • Miui basiert auf das aktuelle Update
    • nicht wie beim ersten vorgestellten Rom integriert - DE Sprachpaket notwendig
    Klickst Du

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  3. KeyBlack, 08.05.2012 #143

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    Weiß jemand wie ich bei meinem sgs unter miui v4 die hadware tasten ausschalten kann?
    Danke im voraus

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  5. micha04081986, 09.05.2012 #145

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    Welchen Kernel nutzt ihr bei MiUi? Gibt's da was zu beachten? Müsste ich z.b. bei Devil den Kernel mit voodoo color nehmen? Oder einfach welchen Kernel nutzt ihr?

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  6. zash

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    Semaphore 1.1.1

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    MIUI ROM 2.5.11 Preview Changelog

    This weeks recommended updates:

    1. Focus on improvement of battery and power performance when using the default variety lock screen, optimisation improvements over 80% significantly improving battery and power usage.
    2. Optimization of the system's text editor interactions (including text selection, copy, paste and clipboard), MIUI text editor system instead of the native Android.
    3. Recommended Tab in Mms.apk NEW setting to disable the feature (See: Messaging > Settings > Advanced Settings > Other > Hide Recommended Tab (MarkHUK Credited for this addition the ICS MIUI V4 base and thanks to Chengping Hua)
    In addition, the MI-ONE Plus Camera has added a new full-screen shutter and continuous video focus.

    Full changelog will be posted on Friday morning as usual.


    PS. We spend the time writing this in English unlike many other people who simply rip-off editorial work and have zero regard for author copyright.

    MIUI Global Theme Competition II


    Why should you participate?
    This is a world-class design event; you will compete against the most talented theme designers and display the most cutting-edge design concepts. Join us now! Your theme may be included into the MIUI online theme gallery and be seen and used by millions of MIUI fans all around the world!

    The competition is organized by Xiaomi Corporation, creator of MIUI and sponsored by Zcool and additionally supported by 17 MIUI global fan sites. We’ve invited top-class user-interface designers as judges to help select the best themes; the winning entries will be included in the MIUI online theme gallery.

    Prizes include:
    1st Prize - Benz Smart Fortwo
    2nd Prize - Mac Book Air
    3rd Prize - Apple iPad 2

    Runner up prize; Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus

    Fanatical about themes! The whole world is watching!
    We received over 1287 amazing MIUI themes in The First Global MIUI Theme Design Competition held in 2011. Now many of these themes are running on devices supporting MIUI worldwide. We sincerely thank all the talented theme designers for their outstanding work. Let's take a look at the entries from the last competition!

    MIUI Lock screen offers you dynamic lock screens. You don’t have to worry about your ideas being impossible to achieve, nothing limits your imagination. You can unlock and directly go to calls, SMS, camera, browser or even control music on the lock screen interface. So you can either design a simple lock screen or add more advanced features, the options are limitless.

    To enter and for more information please head over to: 我为主题狂 - MIUI第二届全球手机主题设计大赛

  8. quasimodo, 10.05.2012 #148

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  9. quasimodo, 11.05.2012 #149

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    MIUI ROM 2.5.11 Changelog [ICS]

    [Special MIUIAndroid Changes]

    • NEW Build scripting to build our ROM, thanks to iBotPeaches for his coding and myself for technical direction of the project
    • Added support for native OTA Updater (OTA will be provided officially next week but this weeks release adds the support ready
    • Fixed ThemeManager.apk drawable resources (Thanks to Mish for pointing this issue out)
    • Fixed Play Store issue on I9100
    • Added latest GAPPS e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Maps etc
    • No longer editing the framework-res.apk, this is to help improve stability
    • All ROMS are zipaligned for performance now

    • Fix native Android Chinese phonetic errors
    • New system search with set of sub search options
    • Optimisation of text editing interactions
    • Optimise Chinese Phonetics in T9 database
    • Optimised support for V4 Themes
    [File Manager]

    • Optimise the sliding fluency between pages
    • Optimisation and upgrade of SD card page loading speed


    • Fix in some cases the prefix 0 fixed before the telephone number plus 86,results in dial failure
    • Fix SP numbers in the call log cannot be identified by their prefix
    • Optimisation to expand the dialer to enter contacts touch area to avoid inadvertent use
    • Fix CDMA answer vibration is too weak
    • Fix in some cases FC issues
    • Repair call interface contact names in some cases appear incomplete
    • Fix in some cases Wi-Fi switch leads to the Phone FC


    • Optimise the contact list search results highlighting matching results
    • Optimisation of picture pop-up, height adjustment of the panel is too small
    • Optimised to add new numbers to contacts, highlight newly added number/s


    • Optimisation to edit text messages and delete, when pressing return key automatically leaves editing mode
    • Hide in non-chinese mode the Recommended tab settings functions (Thanks MarkHUK for the suggestion)
    • Fix - Compose new message button in messages list is placed in the middle of the bottom panel (Search is moved to menu)

    [Lock screen, Status bar and Notifications]

    • Optimise the variety lock screen using dynamic frame rate, default lock screen power consumption reduced by 80%
    • Optimise the notification bar switch pop-up style
    • Fix screen wake up the screen, clock display results in delayed refresh
    • Fix duplicate display of operator name
    • Optimisation of status bar notification when no SIM card is present, shows "No SIM card" instead of "No Service"
    • Fix problem in quick opening screen shots
    • Reduce power consumption caused by auto-rotating of the screen


    • New full-screen shutter: Long press the frame anywhere on screen to allow focus of object/s when taking pictures
    • Added new Camera preview feature (See Camera Settings)
    • Continuous focus mode is set by default in video mode (Change in Settings)

    • Optimise the file browser interface for SD card
    • Fix deleted due to insufficient memory leads to FC
    • Fix problem opening gallery sometimes leads to FC error when opening a picture
    • Fix FC caused by clipping images in special shapes in the interface of all photo folders


    • Fix now playing record not saved


    • New search settings sub key function
    • Add close button at the bottom of the menu, desktop keys and return key indicator


    • Fix in some cases the Home bookmark preview image will not be loaded
    • Fix HTML5 video playback image distortion problems


    • Added new intercept list database
    MarkHUK, Today at 9:40 AM
  10. quasimodo, 14.05.2012 #150

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    Meizu MX and Huawei P1 MIUI v4.0 Beta testing commenced

    Hi everyone,

    Just a note to say the Meizu MX and Huawei P1 are now being tested for MIUI V4.0 [​IMG]



    Mark ​
    MarkHUK, Today at 10:47 AM
  11. schmobat, 15.05.2012 #151

    schmobat Erfahrenes Mitglied

    Wie sieht das eigentlich bei den MIUI-Roms aus, bei welchen funktioniert die automatische Wiederherstellung der Apps über das Google-Konto?
    Nachdem es bei mir noch nie funktionierte, bis ich vor 2 Wochen CM9 geflasht habe, möchte ich es jetzt, da es funktioniert, nicht mehr missen.
  12. quasimodo, 15.05.2012 #152

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    schmobat bedankt sich.
  13. quasimodo, 15.05.2012 #153

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  14. quasimodo, 16.05.2012 #154

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    MIUI 2.5.18 Preview Changelog

    This weeks recommended changes:

    • To be added in the next few hours [​IMG]
    Full list of changes will be published on Friday.

    If you downloaded 2.5.11 from our site and want to OTA this week you will need to do the following:

    Step 1. Open Updater
    Step 2. Press the menu button
    Step 3. Select the option: Check update settings
    Step 4. Ensure that "Update to Monthly build only" is OFF

    Autor: MarkHUK, Today at 12:39 PM


    Vote for the next device to get MIUI V4

    Xiaomi / MIUI are now looking for votes on the next device to receive the awesomeness that is MIUI V4 ICS...

    Original message from China:
    MIUI has been officially adapter 8 models, there are two models in the closed beta. Next, we plan to work on either the; Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note I9220, MOTO XT910 (international version), HTC One S, or the Sony LT26i
    You can vote here: http://www.miui.com/thread-574512-1-1.html
    MarkHUK, Today at 2:07 PM
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  15. quasimodo, 17.05.2012 #155

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    Base on Elite IMM76K & MIUI 2.4.27 - mehr Infos - Post 7

    Den Download Link findet Ihr wie gewohnt in Post 1

    Meine Screenshots
    Icons: Audio Fancier
    Others: India
    Wallpaper: Orange Storm (Themedatenbank)
    akueller Semaphore
    (Siehe Screen)
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  16. KeyBlack, 17.05.2012 #156

    KeyBlack Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Hallo hab mal ne frage! Und zwar wollte ich wissen wo man bei der miui v4 Fusion Rom 2.4.27 die Einstellungen wie z.b. 180° Grad Rotation oder die navigationkey findet??

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  17. quasimodo, 17.05.2012 #157

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Bei allen MIUI Roms gibt es die Möglichkeit unter Personal - Display -

    Auto-rotate screen
    zu- oder abwählen.
  18. Phil_Smith, 17.05.2012 #158

    Phil_Smith Ambitioniertes Mitglied

    Xiaomi wirbt in einem der MiUi-Videos damit, dass man die Anordnung der Apps sichern kann. Weiß jemand, wie das geht?
  19. KeyBlack, 17.05.2012 #159

    KeyBlack Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Das kenn ich schon :) aber dann geht die 180° drehung nicht! Und bei dem log was der rom alles kann stehen viel mehr sachen alls ich finden kann.. Trotzdem danke

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk 2
  20. quasimodo, 18.05.2012 #160

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    MIUI ROM 2.5.18 Changelog

    Autor: MarkHUK, Today at 8:46 AM

    • New text editor function for magnifying glass by long-pressing text will show highlighted words in preview pane
    • Optimisation to further improve interactive gestures in the text editor mode (will not display when the input box is empty when you press the cursor and optimise double-click selection criteria)
    • Fix volume key wake causes abnormal operations
    • Optimise text editor copy operations

    • Fix FC for three-way party calling in some cases (CDMA)
    • Fix in some cases leaving the call interface and attempting to return to call will not work and also lead to abnormal sensor feedback
    • Fix in some cases automatic IP prefix number is not displayed in the call interface
    • Fix service center number with area code, call list cannot be identified
    • Fix some models to make an emergency call in the emergency dialing interface
    • Fix clicking the call button to dial, ending call returns to desktop
    • Repair (CDMA) the green return to call bar shows the incorrect call time duration
    • Optimisation of displaying the back part of the name on the call interface when the name is too long
    • Optimisation of numbers before the cursor are deleted by long pressing on the delete key in the dial-up interface
    • Optimisation of the green return to call bar does not display call time until the call starts
    [Lock screen, Status bar & Notifications]

    • Added quick entry to Calendar functions by opening status bar area and pressing on the date (left of screen) will directly open Calendar
    • Optimisation of screenshot notification, will no longer display more icons to the right of the status bar
    • Fix lock screen display delay issues
    • Added quick access to System Settings in status bar

    • Added new app switching animation transitions

    • Optimisation, MIUI v4 no longer supports the old theme packages
    • Optimisation - updated default theme preview
    • Optimisation - Support wallpaper scroll type, e.g. By Theme, Centre, Left or Right
    • Fix in some cases the list of available local themes shows duplicated items
    • Fix ringtone preview process, switching to another item / page does not stop the previous ringtone preview audio
    • Fix being unable to apply default theme status bar customisation
    • Fix problem changing theme, long press the power button the pop-up dialogue will not allow you to restart phone for theme changes to take effect

    • Fix cannot find partial match when searching for contact using Chinese input
    • Add support to set the Caller ID
    • Optimised contact details page to view contact details, such as name is too long and scrolls

    • Unable to repair new message search for contact number
    • Fix memory leaks result in some cases of the application slowing down or FC errors

    • Optimize UI details of photo when being used by other applications
    • Fix FC caused by flashlight setting error in shutter zero delay mode
    • Fix wrong status of flashlight button caused by switching application after selecting a specific scene
    • Fix description error of the image size (should be 800 000 pixels) caused by shutter zero delay
    • Fix description error of the image size (should be 800 000 pixels) caused by shutter zero delay

    • Fix playing song does not save bug
    • Fix problem with 4x4 widget does not sometimes refresh

    • Added support to directly set lock screen wallpaper from application
    • Optimisation to avoid constant decoding of 0byte files

    • Optimise the mute volume control panel volume intensity to indicate new setting
    [Backup Manager]

    • Add support to setup automatic local backups (See Settings menu for more info)
    • Fix in some cases restoring desktop items cannot correctly display third-party widget / icons
    [File Explorer]

    • Added search function (See menu)
    • Optimise load speed of file classification summary menu
    • Fix after all files are selected in the list, the menu still shows incorrect select all option
    [Download Manager]

    • Optimise download waiting information - show if waiting for Wi-Fi connection or if the file is to be downloaded automatically
    • Fix data connection cannot resume correctly
    • Fix problems pushing file from PC to download, download complete status shows incorrectly
    • Fix problem downloading multiple files (batch)in some cases causes FC error

    • Optimise the address bar search functionality by splitting it away from the address menu
    • Optimise tab switching in order to not block the bottom of the toolbar
    • Optimise video playback in the browser control panel
    • Fix night reading mode, open a new page will show display flashing
    [Alarm Clock]

    • Fix edit mode cross-slip still shows problems
    • Fix in some cases new alarm clock does not automatically enable
    • Fix Stopwatch interface issues with HTC ONE-X

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