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Diskussionsplattform & Newsletter MIUI Rom - MIUI/CM7 Zubehör Übergreifend

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Diskutiere Diskussionsplattform & Newsletter MIUI Rom - MIUI/CM7 Zubehör Übergreifend im Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S.


MIUI ROM 2.2.17 Changelog (GB)

This weeks Gingerbread changelog:


  • Added a prompt when users choose to use only 3G operators which is not supported

  • Repair timing sent icon will appear in the SIM card messages in some cases
[Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]

  • Fix in some cases, clicking the status bar data toggle, the response is slow or often unresponsive
  • Repair notification bar simple mode, adjust the toggle style and then the dropdown status bar becomes blank
[File Manager]

  • Optimize File Manager to remember last location in the file browser when exiting and reloading the application
MarkHUK, Today at 7:59 AM


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Ich suche ein Theme für meine bessere Hälfte, wo die Icons in der Statusbar, also Signal, Akuu etc. Lila sind und die Dropdown "Leiste" mit den Icons schwarz / lila.

Weiß da wer was !?


News von Gestern

by MarkHUK at 10:27 PM (86 Views / 1 Likes) 0 Comments
Hi everyone,

Today myself and datagutt, another of the MIUI Android server staff decided to get our heads together and develop a simple and clean logcat web interface to allow the community, should they need to, upload their error logs from adb logcat to share with others who may be able to offer some help with problems.

This is also a great means to give us your feedback so that we can collect the information to either; 1. Fix the issue for you, or 2. Send on the debug logs to Xiaomi so that they can look into the issue(s).

To access the service, please vist the site at:

Thanks from all the team.



News von Mark

This week will see another familiar Gingerbread function added to the Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs

You will be able to send a contact from the contacts application to the desktop as a shortcut for quick access to your favorite contacts.

More on this in the changelog on Friday
and on the forums.



[APP] Private Eye - A Exclusive app

I present to you an exclusive app and feature only available in certain ICS ROMs

  • Log when someone attempts to unlock your device
  • Takes picture of intruder (requires a front facing camera)
  • Takes picture of surroundings using rear facing camera
  • Choose how many failed attempts before Private Eye is triggered [1 to 5]
  • Enable use of camera flash - Good for dark surroundings but will alert intruder something is up.
  • View log entries and images from within the app.

  • A ICS ROM 2.2.24 or greater with necessary framework for the app to work. *See list of supported devices below.
  • This app!

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus One

  1. Open up Private Eye
  2. Press "Settings" button
  3. Set Detection On/Off to ON to enable intruder detection
  4. Set how many failed attempts are required to trigger Private Eye logging/surveillance by pressing Failed attempts trigger
  5. Turn camera surveillance on if you want Private Eye to take pictures when intruder detection is triggered
  6. Enable Camera flash if you want the flash to be used when taking pictures.
  7. To view intruder attempts, click "View Log"
    • Click on an entry to expand to see images that were captured
    • Click on image name to view the captured image
    • Long press a log entry to delete it
    • Long press an image name to delete only that image.
A folder named PE will be created on your SD card. Any images captured will be stored in the snapshots folder located within the PE folder. Images captured WILL NOT show up in the gallery. To view images use the built in log viewer or a file explorer of your choosing.

PrivateEye 1.0.8 - MD5: 76b78910171a77003efcdc858950ca8a




7th March 2012 – Newsletter

By Mathew Glazer • March 7, 2012 • Rom News, Site News • Leave a comment
Ports and why there not here!

Galnet MIUI Scotland works on making sure that the weekly roms from MIUI China are available from our site. My main goal is to have available all 14 devices which are Gingerbread supported (Ice Cream Sandwich rom will come in time).
I have a backup of all the devices which are available for download, and there build trees, however for other devices, Galnet MIUI Scotland depends on other developers to port the roms across to these devices.
Costs and Handsets

We at Galnet MIUI Scotland have a very limited budget for hosting, handset purchases and advertisement. We would love to support every android device available, however it is not possible. We have already managed to up our original development from the I9000 to the other 13 devices, this in theory is harder than what is seems.
I currently build the 14 devices which are on the site, and I work within the frameworks to make the stables more reliable, I don’t have my team do this as it’s not a simple means of adding a line or 2, it is reverse engineering the frameworks, finding the correct files to modify and then testing it across each device to make sure that one issue fixed, doesn’t resolve in another else where.
Other developers

I’m happy for other developers to come on board and help port the Galnet MIUI Scotland roms, infact I’d even be happy to supply a FTP location for you to upload directly, however I require that you provide me a link to the rom and any issues that may be there! I also require that you stick around to offer support.
If you do wish to join the development team, then please contact me! I’d be happy to support your work.
V4 MIUI Builds

These will be coming very soon, we have not been supporting these builds because there was very little information and support we could supply whilst these were in early development. I’m currently in the process of testing V4 builds, and making sure they are stable enough for release within the next few days/weeks (an ETA will be released shortly, once the team have agreed V4′s are stable enough!).

This is the major factor when it comes to anything, Galnet MIUI Scotland were condemned from sites due to the way in which we were trying to get additional funding, some found our Groupies section to be forceful on our users, I’m sure now time has passed you are aware this is not the case. However servers do cost money, my time costs money and my friends and staff members take time out from their days to help.
If you can help support Galnet MIUI Scotland, in any way, we would like to hear from you. Thanks to Thomas and Niels we are secure with hosting, so this isn’t a worry, it’s future development on other handsets which is concerning us. If you can help then please do so!
The future?

Well the future of Galnet MIUI Scotland is secure at present, we will continue to develop on the handsets we can, and we will continue to try to port and as in the ICS circumstance be the first to port them across to handsets when available. We have been known for our 1st within the Android community even throughout the flaming and banning and we will continue to do so! We might not get the credit we deserve, but hey, at least we know and our fan base know that Galnet MIUI Scotland, can and do make the Android community a better place!
Kindest Regards,
Mathew Glazer Mathew Glazer.


This Guide is ONLY applicable to Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Users wishing to install the MIUI Custom Rom on their device. For all other devices please refer to your device section in this forum. Thank You.

Assuming that your phone is already rooted/currently using a custom rom/with ClockworkMod - and that you have basic knowledge of flashing/installing a custom rom.

1. Please back up you data. Messages, Contacts, Pictures, applications (if needed) and any other important data that you need to a personal computer.

2. Now that you have transfered/backed up any important data to you PC, you are ready to begin.

3. Download the latest MIUI Build from the roms page.

4. Place the Downloaded Miui I9000 Rom on your SD card

5. Reboot your phone into CWM (Clockwork Mod Recovery)

6. Do the following : Factory Reset > Wipe Dalvik Cache > Wipe Cache Partition

7. Apply the MIUI I9000 Rom/Zip

8. Reboot you phone as normal

9 Enjoy​
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MIUI ROM 2.3.9 Changelog [GB]

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]

  • Fix in some cases, the status bar doesn't display the operator name

  • Optimisation to modify the default system wallpaper


Datenbank MIUI - Themes - Bootanimation - Lookscreens - Fonts

Your Phone Your Way

Neue Themes & Lookscreen - mehr Hier: Klick

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Deutsche Übersetzung von
Pepe in Changelog - Besten Dank an dieser Stelle!
MIUI Changelog 2.3.9

Für Android 2.3


  • Der Operator Name wird wieder bei Allen angezeigt
  • Einstellung des Wallpapers wurde optimiert

Das wars, auch diese Woche gab es nichts grösseres.
Wir wünsche Viel Spass damit!


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