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  1. Bandler, 26.01.2012 #1

    Bandler Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Ich habe einen (nicht ganz ernst zu nehmenden) englischen Blog geschrieben über "Furious Facts About Android Market"

    Hier ein Auszug:

    I have executed different searches in the Android Market and I will face you now with the one and only truth.

    1. Anyone affraid he is stupid?
      At least many people wants to know it. Or the app creators think people wants to know it. Anyway.
      "Stupid Test" (187 hits), "Moron Test" (199) and "Idiot Test" (129 hits) gives you lots of chances to find an app telling you that you are just as normal as anyone else.
    2. Bird flu hits market harder than mad cow disease
      There are by far more "angry birds" in the Market (more than 1000) than "mad cows" (22). Just if you have ever thought about that.
    3. Fart or not to Fart, this is the question
      I can not believe it! I am shocked!! Incredible!!! There are 238 hits for a search for "Fart Board"!!!! Puh, is there a bad smell in the air?!

    Ich werde die Liste gerne erweitern, wenn jemand noch einen Fakt hat! Viel Spaß beim Lesen!
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