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in dem Link wird beschrieben, wie der AKKU vom Smartphone kalibriert werden kann, vielleicht ist dieser für den einen oder anderen Relevant.

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Calibrating the Battery

This document introduces a universal method for calibrating batteries on Android phones.

Instead of using third-party applications, try the following method to calibrate your battery:

1. Power on your phone and charge it using a charger or computer.
2. If the LED turns green, the battery is fully charged. Disconnect your phone from the charger.
3. Power off your phone, connect it to the charger again, and wait until the LED turns green.
4. Disconnect your phone from the charger.
5. Power on your phone. Once the phone starts up completely, quickly power it off.
6. Connect your phone to the charger and wait until the LED turns green.


1. The battery only needs to be calibrated once. Calibrating the battery for multiple times will not increase the battery's activity.
2. If the battery performance is not improved after you perform the preceding procedure, replace the battery.
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