[RECOVERY] *14.10.2014* CWM Advanced Edition [PhilZ Touch]



Achtung!! Dieses Recovery ist nur für das GT-I9505!!!!

So da isses nun auch für unser GT-I9505. PhilZ Touch CWM. Ist eines meiner Lieblings-CWMs auf meinem ehemaligen S3 gewesen. Basiert auf der Touch-Version von CWM mit vielen Erweiterungen/Extras daher. Kommt vom Dev "Phil3759" und nennt sich PhilZ Touch.

<< New in version 6: Smoother touch with kinetics, basic theme support, KitKat ready, MTK devices support >>

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PhilZ Touch 6 Recovery
CWM Advanced Edition 6.x
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>> Change Log <<

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6.58.7 (14.10.2014)
- merge NTFS sources into recovery
- add NTFS check binary (ntfsfix)
- compile NTFS binaries as libraries and link them to recovery binary
- spares 500Kb space
- fix compile error when NTFS is disabled

6.58.4 (12.10.2014)
- It is just a sources refresh (repo sync and fix build errors caused by new CM updates)

6.58.0 (05.10.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.42
- Fix display turned off on auto dim timer:
- Some devices, like Motorola and Nexus, have their screen turned off is brightness is set to 0

  • add option to define min brightness value at compile time
  • by default, min brightness value is now 10 instead of 0

6.57.9 (16.09.2014)
- fix install in "Free Browse Mode" from non vold managed volumes

6.57.8 (16.09.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.41
- fix for ROM OTA updates generating two install scripts (openrecovery + extendedcommands)
- merge CWM updates to selinux permissions for init services
- fix adb for 3.10 kernel

6.57.5 (19.08.2014)
- Update SuperSU
- merge a few SR/CWM changes and bug fixes
- fix aroma file manager issue with some slow mount/unmount devices

6.57.2 (30.07.2014)
- adds a few source fixes

Major change is use of busybox tar instead of libtar
Backups should be as reliable as they were, while a bit faster, 5 to 10% maybe

6.56.2 (30.07.2014)
- It fixed a hang on boot caused by vold_connect() failure
- It was causing issues on a few devices

6.55.0 (30.07.2014)
- add option to disable md5 from edify restore_rom command line
- this fixes restore of custom roms
This should fix the bug when restoring a custom ROM
The bug is caused by md5 check failing since we moved to inline md5 sources. PhilZ Touch is more restrictive than stock CWM when md5 check is enabled

6.54.9 (30.07.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.40

- support faster transfers through USB storage for voldmanaged devices
- usb transfers to sdcard should now be much faster

6.53.9 (25.07.2014)
- It merges many new features and fixes. Still a bit beta as GUI and code are still ongoing huge changes
But, as functions are concerned, they should be stable as a final

It also fixes the loki bug where it didn't properly act as expected when you enable/disable in settings

6.50.6 (15.07.2014)
- fix potential failure for TWRP backups (cause scan_mouned_volumes() not called)
- loki_recovery code clean up
- fix potential failure to reboot when checking config file
- never confirm wipe in ors scripts
- always show text in sideload mode
- support wipe_cache and clear_display edify script commands

6.50.6 (14.07.2014)
- fix potential failure for TWRP backups (cause scan_mouned_volumes() not called)
- loki_recovery code clean up
- fix potential failure to reboot when checking config file
- never confirm wipe in ors scripts
- always show text in sideload mode
- support wipe_cache and clear_display edify script commands

6.50.1 (10.07.2014)
-Change log on git

6.48.4 (06.07.2014)
- merge multi stage install packages support from AOSP

6.48.1 (30.06.2014)
- add option to directly parse time_daemon data files
- refresh current time in menu header after time daemon fixes
- fix first passkey prompt screen did not show proper background under some circumstances
- libtouch_gui 1.30

6.47.7 (25.06.2014)

- preserve background icon user settings after sideload, install zip and wipe actions
- use real fstype instead of auto in /etc/fstab when converting between ext4 <-> f2fs using extra.fstab
- libtouch_gui 1.29
- LG G2 variants: enable performance mode in recovery (device tree)
- HTC One Mini (m4): enable f2fs and exfat kernel support
- Galaxy S5 LTE (klte): enable backup/restore of /efs, /modemst1 and /modemst2 partitions

6.47.6 (24.06.2014)
- recovery lock: support use of virtual / capacitive keys as pass key
- libtouch_gui 1.28

6.47.4 (23.06.2014)
- fix adb was disabled when no recovery lock passkey was setup
- Galaxy S3 D2 variants: enable f2fs support

6.47.3 (20.06.2014)
- add recovery lock with passkey on start
- better extra partitions support in custom nandroid operations
- fix segfault during shell nandroid backup/restore commands
- enable progress display during "adb shell nandroid backup/restore" commands
- enhance and fix bugs of progress display during install/nandroid... operations
- nandroid restore: fix progress bar animation when md5 verify is enabled
- nandroid md5: fix progress bar was not reset for each file
- nandroid md5: fix .android_secure md5 sum was never generated or checked
this could cause md5 check to fail under some circumstances
- limit logging to console in adb shell nandroid and mount commands
- fix detection of real fstype (pointer to in the scope char array bug)
- merge: "Only chmod backup/blobs directory if it exists"
- merge: "Enable cmdline nandroid backup of vold volumes"
- disable useless sd-ext warnings and errors
- merge loki updates
- f2fs <-> ext4 conversion: support fs_options2 through extra.fstab before dropping to bare minimal options
- clean up code
- libtouch_gui 1.26

6.46.3 (17.06.2014)
- ???

6.46.2 (16.06.2014)
- ???

6.46.1 (15.06.2014)
- ???

6.44.8 (06.06.2014)
- ???

6.43.8 (02.06.2014)

- fix recursive path creation bug for /data/media/0
- f2fs: do not try f2fs recovery.fstab mount options on an ext4 partition
- f2fs: do not redefine default recovery ext4 mount options when migrating from an f2fs recovery.fstab
- f2fs: error message when converting unsupported file systems
- fix Galaxy Mega variant background resolution

6.43.6 (01.06.2014)
- fix recursive path creation bug for /data/media/0

6.43.5 (01.06.2014)
- default to /data/media/0 unless we define BOARD_HAS_NO_MULTIUSER_SUPPORT
- use lstat to check if file exists

6.43.4 (01.06.2014)
- fix text print colour could persist after md5 check

6.43.3 (31.05.2014)
- fix f2fs conversion of /data on /data/media devices
- allow ext4 <-> f2fs backup data migration in nandroid
- cleanup code

ältere Changelogs:
6.43.0 (30.05.2014)
- nandroid backup: fix 'media' exception:
In CWM, a bug present from the begining was preventing any path/file named media from backup on /data/media devices
This fix will only exclude /data/media path and not other media files/folders

6.42.9 (30.05.2014)
- default again to libtar for backup/restore

6.42.7 (30.05.2014)
default to busybox tar:
- use busybox tar by default as it now supports selinux context backup/restore
- unify libtar and busybox tar options (-p for selinux context)
- remove now deprecated external selinux container code

6.42.5 (30.05.2014)
- f2fs: recreate /etc/fstab after ext4/f2fs conversion for proper use of system mount command
- comment useless dead code

6.42.4 (30.05.2014)

- f2fs: fix nandroid restore to f2fs partitions
- f2fs: support format extra storage to f2fs (vold patch needed)
- f2fs: support switching between f2fs/ext4 (needs f2fs in kernel modules), thanks @KumaJaya
- f2fs: reload volume table after f2fs/ext4 conversion (no reboot needed after conversion)
- f2fs: do not format whole /data when not expected on /data/media devices
- f2fs: allow /data f2fs/ext4 conversion for non data_media devices

6.41.8 (26.05.2014)
Preserve recovery settings after a wipe
- on settings change, create a second copy of recovery settings on primary storage (/sdcard)
- on recovery exit, always copy recovery settings to sdcard if no copy is present
- after a wipe, on recovery exit, try to restore settings from the copy on primary storage
- fix save/restore settings menu labels
- libtouch_gui 1.22

6.41.6 (12.05.2014)
- update exfat to dorimanx 1.2.9 latest sources
- fix compile error when enabling BOARD_RECOVERY_USE_BBTAR
- repo sync latest sources
- Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 WiFi SM-T320 (mondrianwifi)
- HTC M7 variants: use new cm kernel with exfat sources
- HTC M8 variants: use new unified recovery

6.41.5 (11.05.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.21: auto detect BRIGHTNESS_SYS_FILE path if it is not set during compile
* search for the file in most common locations
* if found, save it to recovery settings ini file to be called on next recovery starts
* else, disable adjust brightness function to avoid error logs on recovery start
- fix various compiler warnings and errors
- enhance pre-compile setup
- dedupe: merge clean up code from @xiaolu
- merge: fix restorecon_from_file potential crash from @xiaolu (only for BOARD_RECOVERY_USE_BBTAR)
- fix 240x320 images
- merge "cwm: Honor recovery variant "
- merge "cwm: Remove hardcoded paths"
- merge "Keep 'show log' on screen until user dismisses it"
- create /data/media directory after internal storage is wiped
prevents denial to read/write from internal storage under some circumstances
- open source touch_gui library
- update licence files

- proper libtar implementation: support backup/restore of selinux context inside archive
- dedupe: support backup/restore of selinux context by @Chenglu
- libtouch_gui 1.20: support custom key files (BOARD_CUSTOM_RECOVERY_KEYMAPPING)

6.40.0 (02.05.2014)
merge "dedupe: fix BUILD_HOST_EXECUTABLE"

A small update for the dedupe backup
Only needed when using rom manager and such

6.30.9 (02.05.2014)
- add backup/restore of selinux context in dedupe format by @Chenglu

6.30.5 (01.05.2014)
- native selinux support in tar archive during backup/restore

6.30.1 (28.04.2014)

- fix restore of /data on some roms:
revert to busybox tar for now and external selinux backup as previousl

6.29.9 (27.04.2014)
- merge "Recovery: swap XY on swipe controls"
- shell pipe: set exit code to error if any pipe element fails
* this was causing backup state to be reported good while tar command failed

6.29.7 (27.04.2014)
- minitar: add options help and change log
- minitar: build as a static library to spare 150 kb (only 16kb size increase)

6.29.2 (26.04.2014)

- fix potential bug when verifying root and recovery state on exit
- merge "Fix verify_root_and_recovery menu selections":
- hide the Go Back button from confirm menu
- merge "Prohibit mounting/formatting swap partitions in recovery"
- add minitar binary to /sbin instead of busybox tar
- minitar: enable more options, enable long options, fix selinux backup/restore, enhance GNU tar compatibility
- enable seamless backup/restore selinux context using minitar binary
- TWRP mode: support backup/restore of selinux context
- libtouch_gui 1.19

6.27.6 (21.04.2014)
- add libtouch_gui for armv6 devices, thanks @yuweng and androidarmv6 team
- loki: sync to upstream
- Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (k3gxx): update kernel to XXU1ANCI
- Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (tate): fix background and virtual keys
- Amazon Kindle Fire HD (jem & tate): fix display battery level
- LG G2: repack on older cm 6.25.4 kernel to fix graphic issues
- New: HTC One M8 Verizon (m8vzw)
- New: LG Optimus One P500 (p500) - arm v6 based

6.27.2 (18.04.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.18
- confirm cancel nandroid jobs (prompt to press 'Back' twice or resume after 5 secs)
- vibrate after backup/restore operations

6.27.0 (17.04.2014)
- MTK support: fix backup & restore of boot/recovery/uboot partitions
- MTK devices: improve error handling of partitions size
- do not consider su symlink in /system/bin as a broken root
- New: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (tate)
- New: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (jem)
- New: Galaxy S5 SM-G900H Exynos variant (k3gxx)

6.26.6 (14.04.2014)
- m7 unified for m7ul, m7att and m7tmo
- merge support for native dual boot devices
- sync sources

6.26.4 (12.04.2014)

- update libloki to latest sources
- broken root: help victims of bad custom ROMs
This adds extra code to detect if two su instances are installed in /system/bin and /system/xbin
It will kill both and properly apply SuperSU
- fixing root on exit was never done what ever was user choice

6.26.1 (06.04.2014)
- New: Note 10.1 2014 3G - SM-P601 (lt0wifiue)
- New: LG Optimus L7 P700 (p700) by @ali.filth
- New: Galaxy Grand Quatro (i8552) by @ali.filth
- New: HTC One mini (m4)
- fb2png: better error logging

6.25.7 (05.04.2014)
- New: HTC One M8 (m8)
- New: HTC One M8 sprint (m8spr)
- New: Note 10.1 2014 Wifi - SM-P600 (lt0wifi)
- derp cm_moto_msm8960

6.25.4 (31.03.2014)
- sort files using case insensitive order (adapted from @titanic-fanatic)
- use new ro.loki_disabled for unified variants not needing loki
This way, we only need to set the ENABLE_LOKI flag to have a loki enabled recovery
No more need to set an extra ro.loki_enabled property
Only modification needed now is for jflte variants not using loki
Only jflteatt and jfltevzw do
We have to set ro.loki_disabled to 1 for all other variants in libinit_jflte
- New device: Galaxy X Cover 2 - skomer
- New device: Galaxy S3 Mini - golden
- New device: Sony Xperia ZR (dogo)
- New device: Sony Xperia Tablet Z (pollux)
- New device: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (amami)
- New device: Sony Xperia S (nozomi)
- New device: moto_msm8960 unified device (by @hachamacha)
- New device: Galaxy S Advance (janice)
- New device: Galaxy Ace 2 (codina)
- New device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-T211 (lt023g)

6.25.0 (29.03.2014)
- jflte: enable back loki for jflteatt and jfltevzw
- remove old no more needed md5 check code

6.24.8 (28.03.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.16:
- fix when quickly doing two gesture actions one after the other, highlighted m$
we only allow gesture actions when the previous one is terminated
- set these default gesture actions:
* swipe left = screen off
* swipe right = increase brightness
* press 1 sec and lift = show log
* press 2 sec and small move = screen shot
- merge "Only init legacy property environment once"

6.24.6 (28.03.2014)

- revert using ntfs module and drop to fuse for complete write support
- use new md5digest code to generate/verify nandroid backups
- bring progress bar during nandroid md5 generation and check
- exclude log and md5 file when regenerating md5 files
- twrp mode: use new md5digest function with status bar during md5 check/create
- twrp mode: fix double md5 verification bug
- fix delete backup menu failed to reopen base backup folder + wired log message
- libtouch_gui 1.15: fix the "umount: can't umount /data: Invalid argument" log message on start when time daemon was loaded
- libtouch_gui 1.15: show "time daemon loading" message on recovery start when we're waiting for the daemon to load
- libtouch_gui 1.15: support time_daemon /data/system/time path used on some ROMs
- add Xperia ZL (odin) flags (@shoey63)
- jflte: remove /firmware and /firmware-mdm from fstab
- repack builder: fix version display during install broken after fixing cm recovery builder script

6.23.7 (25.03.2014)
- cherry-pick @mdmower patches to legacy props init: better error checking to avoid segfaulting
- really hammer lazy developers

6.23.5 (25.03.2014)
- merge: "recovery: Compatibility with upstream minui change"
- merge: "use correct USB PID for adb and new PID for adb+ums"
- merge: "Fixes makerecoveries.sh"
- merge: "nandroid: Convert selinux_android_restorecon calls to new API" from @KumaJaya
- fix fb2png flag to be enabled by default
- cherry-pick: "Revert "Add a copy of the updater binary to the recovery resources""
- cherry-pick: "Make legacy prop environment available to recovery"
- cherry-pick: "Use legacy property environment if old update-binary"
- fix potential unsafe thread code
- libtouch_gui 1.10: disable gesture actions during md5 checks as they are not thread safe

6.22.5 (22.03.2014)
- fb2pn v2.0.0 by McKael & Phil3759
* autodetect image offset to properly align frame buffer data
* fix memory leak
* fix all compiler warnings
* auto detect active frame buffer to capture
* option to force buffer to capture by user
- fix compiling of Advanced Edition

6.22.1 (18.03.2014)
- fix fb2png code for new Qualcom boards (not merged, work in progress)
- fix key repeat for hardware keys
- fix MTK board support
- fix compiling error of Advanced Edition
- fix md5 check crash when installing zip files

6.21.2 (14.03.2014)
- add progress bar while reading zip file to compute md5 check
- add color printing during md5sum checks
- (derp) fix color code printing on md5 check disappears after 5 sec (ui_wait_key() screen refresh)
- md5sum check potential bug fixes and optimizations
- libtouch_gui 1.05

6.20.6 (12.03.2014)

- add md5 sum calculation and toggle verification during install of zip files
- hammerhead: fix efs backup (derp)
- loki: use new loki_tool multi bin sources
- add missing vkeys for 240 width
- many bug fixes and code cleanups
- libtouch_gui 1.04

6.19.6 (05.03.2014)
- loki: fix auto loki was broken and clean up sources
- hammerhead: add efs backup/restore
- m7 variants: fix charger in off mode
- jewel: fix no fstab!

6.19.3 (02.03.2014)

- fix compiling for QCOM devices when using a prebuilt kernel with TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL
- galaxysmtd: remove ntfs-3g drivers to fit partition size

6.19.2 (01.03.2014)
- merge "nandroid: Allow tar backups of yaffs2 partitions"
- merge "update-binary: Add collect_backup_data function"
- merge "recovery: add overlay interface for recovery mode"
- merge "recovery: Add support for split display "
- merge "recovery: Fix compilation for non MSM target "
- merge "Fix overlay inclusion on MSM"
- merge "Loki: Add LG G Flex KDDI MODEL"
- merge Aroma patches:
* User selectable colorspace added to settings.
* Unmount /system at exit if mounted.
* Some more logging added.
- add 480x854 res backgrounds
- add 240x320 res backgrounds
- hlte: use new unified device builds but only for devices with new 4.4 bootloader
- hlte: fix cdrom in mount usb storage, thanks to @Chenglu
- jewel: use cm kernel with new layout partitions to fix charger
- hammerhead: revert to using cm kernel instead of stock
- falcon_gpe: use unified falcon device with init started script to swap fstab f2fs for ext4
- New: d2dcm (d2lte)
- lt02wifi: support fb2png screen shots
- loki fix for zip installers broken after unified devices releases

6.18.7 (25.02.2014)
- enable full touch gui build through re-distributable libtouch_gui
- merge "Fix mass storage in recovery"
- merge remote cm-11.0 changes
- loki: add support for unified devices
- fix loki user setting could be overridden on edify install_zip commands
- Galaxy S4 Qualcom variants: use new unified device "jflte" for all variants
- loki: show the enabled/disabled state in menu
- more comprehensive menu text display for /data/media/0 toggle
- fix potential memory leak in /data/media/0 toggle
- Galaxy S3 Qualcomm variants: use unified dlte recovery image
- New: Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch - SPH-D710 (d710)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-T210 WiFi (lt02wifi), credits to gr8nole and ketut.kumajaya
- New: ZTE Warp Sequent - N861 (warp2), credits to jetx2x
- New: ZTE Awe (nex), credits to cooldudezach
- New: HTC Rezound (vigor)
- merge: "P31XX: use landscape background"
- fix virtual keys on devices with 1024 pixel width resolution
- huge cleanup and potential bug fixes
- fix all compiler warnings

6.15.6 (15.02.2014)
- All Galaxy S4 variants now use one common recovery: jflte

It will properly enable loki on variants that need it and not on others

6.15.4 (13.02.2014)
- update superSU to 1.93
- sync sources
- fix recovery reboot command (adb and shell) by adding the init sys.powerctl property control
- merge "Fix mkfs.f2fs calling in roots"
- merge "Fix mass storage in recovery"
- fix display current path when navigating backward in folders
- Nandroid Simple Logging: toggle logging of file names during nandroid to keep screen progress while speed up nandroid operations for some devices
- increase NICE_INTERVAL to 300 msec (faster backup/restore on some devices)
- hide unused settings in Nandroid Settings menu (if we disable all progress on screen, hide non valid options)
- re-order nandroid settings menu
- add a toggle for fall back to pre-built update-binary to permit use of older update-binary in zip packages (doesn't persist on reboot).
this will fix the assert errors due to outdate update-binary. It could still be affected by assert error on device name getprop. However, that one is easier to fix by end users by editing updater-script. This is a workaround. The best is to hammer your ROM cooker to update his scripts and binaries
- setting for signature check toggle on zip updates will be now saved on reboot
- Aroma File Manager: mount vold managed volumes on launch from recovery
- Free Browse Mode: make it possible to install from any custom path even ramdisk
- Free browse mode: fix exceptions when setting up custom path
- Free browse mode: mount known volumes during setup
- Free browse mode: better handling of /data/media devices
- Free Browse Mode: mount vold managed volumes when navigating in
- HTC One variants (m7): fix charger
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel): fix charger
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel): update to new Sense 5 partition layout (/data/media)
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel): use exfat modules for much faster backup speed to exfat cards
- New: Moto G variants (falcon): xt1028 xt1031 xt1032 xt1033 xt1034
- New: Moto G Google Play Edition (falcon_gpe)
- New: Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE (n5120) support
- New: HP Touch (tenderloin), no touch
- fix potential logging issues
- fix compiler warnings
- clean up code and misc fixes

6.13.1 (05.02.2014)

- HTC One variants (m7xx): fix charger bug
- Nexus 5 (hammerhead): use stock kernel to fix graphic issues
- LG G2 variants (d80x, vs980, ls980): add faster exfat backups using exfat modules from samsung (credits @dorimanx)
- LG G2: add d805 and d806 support
- Galaxy S4 variants (jflte): derp fix kernel random hang on boot
- SGH-I757M (celoxhd): use exfat static drivers

6.12.8 (30.01.2014)
- time and date menu text formatting and order
- version display edit
- add ntfs write support to devices using kernel modules instead of fuse
- loki: merge "Support LG Optimus F7 ZV5_02"
- zip installer: update loki binaries for LOKI devices
- zip installer: use new update-binary sources
- add NTFS kernel module support for more Samsung devices

6.12.2 (28.01.2014)

- manually set time and date in recovery
- support Qualcom time daemon to sync time with main system (credits to dougiebee)
- support RTC offset hack for Qualcom devices without a proper time daemon in system ROM (credits to dougiebee)
- option to drop to system set time and date commands (credits to dougiebee)
- set default nandroid compression level back to low
- roll out exfat-nofuse sources from dorimanx into various kernels from Samsung and other brands
- code fix and cleanup
- New: Oppo N1

6.10.6 (23.01.2014)
- update to CWM
- merge "Fix up bu restore"
- ROM Manager: workaround to allow backup/restore to/from external storage

6.10.2 (20.01.2014)
- enhance touch init (fix touch on some Sony devices)
- really fix reading device max brightness value
- loki: merge "Support Open EU LG Optimus F6 and US Cellular Optimus F7"
- New: HTC One X+ (enrc2b)

6.10.0 (18.01.2014)
- read the device max brightness setting to fix brightness toggle on some Sony devices
- merge: "Populate mount menu with new mount/format matrix" - final version
- merge: "Use cat for adb backup."

6.09.8 (16.01.2014)
- merge: "Populate mount menu with new mount/format matrix"
- New: Moto X variants: US Cellular (xt1055), Sprint (xt1056)
- New: Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 (p3110)

6.09.6 (15.01.2014)
- do not error on missing sd-ext when wiping dalvik cache
- merge: "su: Update for latest su daemon compatibility"
- merge "Clean up c formatting - 1"
- merge "Remove "Go Back" option from verify root and recovery options"
- merge "Fix potential chmod failures"
- merge: "Add a copy of the updater binary to the recovery resources"
- merge: "install: Support downgrade scenarios"
- merge: "install: Fix possible overflow condition in the updater "scanner""
- merge: "minui: do not use flexible array initialization"
- merge: "correctly mount tmpfs as /tmp in recovery"
- New: Sony Xperia SP (huashan)
- New: Sony Xperia T (mint)
- New: Samsung i9192 (serranodsub)
- New: Motorola Moto X variants: VZW (xt1060), GSM (xt1058), TMO (xt1053)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE (n8020)

6.09.2 (12.01.2013)
- toggle prompt on low free space during backup
- SuperSU update to v1.89
- loki: merge "Support LG Vu 3."
- code cleanup
- New: US Cellular CH-R530U (d2usc) support

6.08.9 (04.01.2013)
- gesture action defaults changed
- long press and lift gesture action is now triggered after finger pressed for more than 1 sec
- do not include fb2png on non supported devices
- stop always rebuilding aroma intermediates
- Update: Samsung Exhilarate SGH-I577 (exhilarate)
- New: Galaxy Express AT&T (expressatt)
- New: Asus Transformer Pad TF300T (tf300t)
- New: Asus Transformer Prime TF700T (tf700t)
- New: HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel)
- New: LG Optimus 4X HD P880 (p880)

6.08.7 (03.01.2014)
- fix Free Browse Mode folder cannot be changed in menus once first setup
- add back custom format fstype using vold (now patched in cm-11.0 thanks @cyanogen)
- disable journalling when formatting non voldmanaged extra storage in ext4 fstype
- merge "recovery: Add support for performance control"
- update CWM to v6.0.4.6
- loki: sync sources (support LG G2 D80010o)
- default backup compression level is now 5 (medium)
- v500: fix background width to 1200 pixels
- e970: fix OTA assert line breaking zip installer
- New: HTC Desire 601 (zara)
- New: HTC Droid DNA (dlx)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082 (i9082)

6.07.8 (28.12.2013)
- fix exiting "pause on logs" mode with virtual keys caused erroneous validation
- fix exiting screen off mode with hardware key could cause erroneous validations
- fix some devices could not exit "pause on logs" mode with screen touch
- bring immediate touch responsiveness after exiting screen off mode and "pause on logs" mode
- fix erroneous first menu validation when exiting screen off mode on some devices
- fix long press and move action could be triggered while swiping outside menus and returning to first touched area
- increase threshold for long press and move action for easier triggering
- small touch scroll optimizations
- improve touch responsiveness on low res devices
- code clean-up and optimization
- fix log text could overwrite clock/battery icons on some low res devices
- after successful zip install with sideload, hide the install background icon
- after installing zip with sideload, do not trigger "pause on logs" mode
- loki: sync latest sources (support LG G2 VS98012b)
- New: HTC One Verizon (m7vzw)
- New: Galaxy Note 3 International, Sprint and TMO (now built with cm-11.0 device tree and kernel)
- New: Galaxy S Relay 4G - SGH-T699 (apexqtmo)
- New: LG G Pad 8.3 (v500)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260 (superior)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 - SGH-i527 (meliusltexx)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 i9150 (melius3gxx)
- New: Galaxy S i9000 support (galaxysmtd) : still needs cat /proc/mtd to add in extra.fstab
- New: Galaxy S3 verizon - SGH-I535 (d2vzw)

6.07.6 (23.12.2013)

- fix waking up screen from sleep with hardware POWER or HOME buttons would validate selected menu
- add a time fix menu

6.07.1 (22.12.2013)
- Touch and GUI fixes

6.05.6 (21.12.2013)
- better fit text logs on non HD devices: stop slightly overwrite of bottom virtual keys separation bar and clock/battery area
- fix logs overwriting bottom virtual keys and progress bar in sideload mode
- add 5 extra partitions support in nandroid: can be added in fstab and will be auto detected
- custom backup and restore menu: move reboot item to top of partitions list
- custom backup and restore menu: auto hide all unused items
- advanced menu: hide /data/media toggle for non datamedia devices
- sync loki sources: add new LG devices
- SuperSU update to 1.86
- busybox: merge @Chenglu changes to support selinux (no tar --selinux yet)
- huge code clean ups and fixes
- New: LG G Pad 8.3 (v500)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260 (superior)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 - SGH-i527 (meliusltexx)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150 (melius3gxx)
- New: Galaxy S i9000 support (galaxysmtd) : still needs cat /proc/mtd to add in extra.fstab
- New: Galaxy S3 verizon - SGH-I535 (d2vzw)
- Note 3: fix device name to hlte
- Note 3: ramdisk changes to better handle enforced selinux and usb mount storage
- Note 3 (hlte): add modem support in backup/restore
- Note 3 (hlte): repack on @Chenglu ramdisk to fix time
- Note 3 (hlte): fix boardconfig for correct ums lun path (mount usb storage)
- i9100/n7000: add extra.fstab support
- i9100/n7000: use built in kernel exfat modules for faster writes to exfat cards

6.04.0 (14.12.2013)

- fix twrp backup/restore default mode
- save loki support user setting (default is now disabled)

6.03.8 (13.12.2013)
- Galaxy Note 3 - n9005 (lt03ltexx)
- add custom backup and restore options to main nandroid menu for each storage volume
- ditch stock cwm limited advanced restore function
- add toggle to switch between TWRP/CWM as default backup mode
- ors: backup mode is now the default backup mode set for all recovery session
- ors: smart restore mode to override main backup mode depending on path we restore from (TWRP vs CWM auto detection)
- backup/restore validation menu moved to top in custom modes
- sanitize rom name for backup: exclude "&" symbol and fix compiler warnings (size_t)
- when deleting backups, do not exit the menu each time
- fix new line in process_volumes()
- merge: "Don't return immediately from reboot commands."
- merge: "Enable incremental builder to find files that moved"
- merge: "Support recoveries without CONFIG_EXT4_FS_XATTR"

6.03.5 (11.12.2013)
- Nexus 5 (hammerhead) support
- rebase on KitKat Android 4.4.x cm-11 branch
- restore NICE_INTERVAL to 100 for faster refresh of progress bar during nandroid restore
- Samsung phones: use built in kernel exfat/ntfs modules + fix selinux permissions to support exfat/ntfs read/write
- fix format to any user fstype without direct call to vold functions as it was no longer supported in cm-11.0
- proper ext2/ext4 support on extra storage volumes
- fix looping into readlink for boot/recovery partitions
- Samsung: add selinux permissions for preload partition
- if minivold fails to mount a voldmanaged volume, still drop to system mount (support ext2/ext3 mount)

6.03.1 (09.12.2013)

- built on cm-11.0 device tree
- built in kernel modules for exfat/ntfs both in read/write
- fix selinux issues to format external storage (OTG and microsd) in ext4/ext2/ext3
- uses cm-11.0 native kernel modded with permissive selinux and ko fs modules from samsung

6.02.1 (08.12.2013)
- loki: fix new line in ui_prints
- Nexus 7 (2013) deb and flo: fix background image size to better fit screen
- Galaxy Note 8.0 GSM (n5100): fix touch at kernel level for recovery and aroma, credits to @nickdollahz
- Galaxy Note 8.0 Wifi (n5110) support
- Galaxy Note 2: stop flashing sensors on boot (credits @AndreiLux), use built in kernel exfat modules (big thanks @wanam)

6.01.7 (07.12.2013)
- loki: update to v2.1 latest sources
- loki: use libloki_recovery for easier maintenance + clean-up the code
- loki: update to latest sources
- loki: fix all compiler warnings
- loki: remove licence in header file as requested by author
- fix get size of boot and recovery partitions from device block name link on some devices (yet another round, for good this time)
- LG G2 (d801): fix assert in zip installer
- Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket i727 (skyrocket) support
- Samsung Galaxy W - GT-I8150 (ancora) support
- Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 (ariesve) support

6.01.2 (03.12.2013)
- fix error log when changing backup format for non datamedia devices
- fix celoxhd vibrator thanks @titanic_fanatic
- support LG G2 Int (d802), LG G2 AT&T (d800), LG G2 TMO (d801), LG G2 Verizon (vs980), LG G2 Sprint (ls980)
- support LG Nitro HD AT&T (p930)

6.01.0 (01.12.2013)

- fix settings file and themes could not be saved/restored on non data media devices
- fix various issues with non data media devices (new vold names)
- settings path (/data) is unmounted only on recovery start and not on every settings refresh
- move all recovery setting files/paths to a common header file
- fix Atrix HD mbm886 compiling
- fix success/failure display when copying files
- crespo (Nexus S): revert to cm-10.2 kernel sources

6.00.8 (30.11.2013)
- merge selinux backup/restore changes from @xiaolu
- by default, enable selinux context backup/restore

6.00.7 (30.11.2013)
- fix unpredictable first touch on some devices
- support MTK devices backup and restore of boot, recovery and uboot

6.00.5 (29.11.2013)
- fix potential memory overflow on elapsed timers
- use clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) for more reliable elapsed timers
- fix virtual keys won't repeat for some devices since recent cm device tree updates
- update SuperSU to v1.80
- resync sources for fixing selinux permissions on lost and found folder
- Galaxy S3 US variants (d2spr, d2tmo, d2att): fix vold dropping to fuse instead of exfat kernel module
- i9500: use adam 3.5 kernel + built in exfat + ntfs, credits @wanam
- Galaxy S Relay 4G - SGH-T699 (apexqtmo)
- Galaxy Note 8.0 (n5100)
- Galaxy S2 HD LTE - SGH-I757M (celoxhd) credits @titanic_fanatic
- Nexus 7 (2013) LTE (deb)
- LG Optimus G Pro GSM (e980)
- LG Spectrum 4G - vs920
- Motorola Atrix HD
- Galaxy S4 int + US: do not show unsafe volumes in mounts and storage

6.0.0 (24.11.2013)

Change log: so huge that it will come later
Please browse a bit inside all menus and sub menus
Check new touch kinetics
Root with superSU from chainfire
Flash kit kat
and so crazly more things

5.18.9 (04.11.2013)

- add option to disable all nags on exit (root, flash recovery)
- add menu to root system and verify recovery
- code clean-up

5.18.7 (03.11.2013)

- optimize Install zip menu + order entries
- merge "minui: Allow devices to blank/unblank using LCD backlight" into cm-10.2
- merge "recovery: Add a proper CleanSpec.mk * Clean all the stuff that conflicts with AOSP recovery."
- merge "Add guard makefile for allowing simple recovery build"
- merge "Quickly install from last install path"
- merge "Enable optional swipe based touch controls"

5.18.5 (18.10.2013)
- unmount /data on user request for /data/media devices
- Asus Nexus 7 2013 (flo) support
- HTC One AT&T support
- HTC One m7ul, m7spr, m7att, m7tmo: support exfat kernel module instead of fuse
- Galaxy S3 i9300/i9305: add exfat kernel module support in minivold
- fix bug when reading partition link target
- do not ever log to screen mount/unmount events for sdcards (this will preserve ui_print for USB OTG volumes)
- write recovery version on exiting recovery instead of start: spare an extra partition mount/unmount on start

5.18.2 (15.10.2013)
- merge @Chenglu latest changes for selinux context backup/restore (4.3 ROMs)
- user can enable/disable nandroid backup/restore of selinux context: speed up things for non JB 4.3 users
- fix bug where restore compressed archive from external storage caused vold crash because of busy volume:
- misc bug fixes
- S4 mini (i9195/i9190): use exfat/ntfs ko modules with custom kernel from samsung sources (thanks to @wanam)
- Xperia Z (yuga): use stock Sony + exfat ko module instead of fuse
- Galaxy S4 ATT and VZW: support auto loki on flash

5.17.7 (12.10.2013)
- merge su changes: "Add required libraries to list." into cm-10.2
- set lowest brightness value from 25 to 10
- i9505: use new custom kernel from google sources to fix ext4 corruption, exfat and ntfs kernel modules (huge thanks to @wanam)

5.17.6 (09.10.2013)
- Merge "Recovery: Loki patching support" into cm-10.2
- Merge "Support f2fs format"
- Fix f2fs formatting through edify scripting (roots.c entry)
- Merge "Don't print any messages regarding sd-ext to the UI"
- merge touch changes into cm-10.2
- add extra.fstab file support to provide blk_device2, fs_type2 and fs_options2
- use blk_device2 to partition sdcard and to format in ext2/ext3 for voldmanaged volumes
- fix Aroma file manager cannot see external storage due to minivold/fuse
- fix ors scripting for new cm-10.2 fstab format
- ors backup target: ensure user doesn't enter a non valid volume mount point in recovery settings file
- fix Get_Size_Via_statfs() handling of /data/media storage with new vold
- improve get_ors_backup_volume() call
- serious cm-10.2 bug: do not show partition sdcard menu for voldmanaged devices unless they have a valid blk_device2
- allow custom format of voldmanaged volumes if fs_type == auto even if they cannot be partitioned (!can_partition)
- format_device() could fail to wipe /sdcard on /data/media devices
- format_volume() could fail to wipe /sdcard on /data/media devices (edify scripting)
- ensure_path_unmounted() could not unmount /sdcard path on /data/media devices
- Find_Partition_Size() can now get /data size partition from a /data/media path (/sdcard)
- misc bug fixes for cm-10.2 and vold
- remove included device_config.h and put all additional BoardConfig.mk in one file (easier port for devs)
- ignore Rainbow commit
- improve write_recovery_version() to also unmount /sdcard on non /data/media devices
- favour kernel module over fuse to mount exfat volumes
- add get_device_mmcblk() function to read real device /dev/block path from blk_device link
- fix dd raw backup and restore to better detect real device block (efs / modem backup and restore)
- nandroid backup and restore speed fix
* spare some pthread_mutex_lock(&gUpdateMutex) on ui_delete_line() call
* do not hammer with fputs to write nandroid log
* increase NICE_INTERVAL from 100 to 350 msec to lower screen refresh rate during nandroid jobs
- do not define S4 i9505 with BOARD_HAS_SLOW_STORAGE to re-enable displaying all backup stats by default
- allow sideload to be used in conjunction with other commands.
- merge: Array max is incorrectly calculated, can lead to missed events for ids > MAX_DEVICES (thanks @jeboo)
- sync sources to update su
- merge "loki: Update to 2.0, Add support for LG G2 (and device trees in general)"
- update cwm to + sync sources
- i9505: move to wanam 1.6 kernel : small size, adb root, touch, force load of exfat
- i9505: support ntfs through ko modules

5.15.9 (26.09.2013)
- get rid of = and space in ors script (merge from twrp) + merge to cm-10.1
- touch: drop unwanted devices to handle touch events for some devices (Xperia Z...) + merge to cm-10.1
- touch: improve scroll and make it more friendly
- touch: fix slide right/left actions triggered after a scroll ending outside menu
- touch: improve long press and lift + long press and move actions and lower delay to 0.6 sec
- touch: in double tap and highlight only modes, fix unwanted scroll down while selecting a menu after a scroll
- touch: misc bug fixes + cleaner code
- HTC One X (endeavoru): repack with 4.18 stock ramdisk to fix write/read speed
- Xperia Z: fix touch handling

5.15.0 (21.09.2013)

- fix bug where android_secure could not be restored
- add png files for 320px width devices and fix pico device tree for screen resolution + merge to cm-10.1
- selectively force tar wrapper on yaffs2 file systems (better handling of make update.zip from ROM and ors backup in cwm format)
- fix touch support for some Samsung phones
- merge latest aroma 1.91 changes to fix theme loading bug
- fix user choice format sdcard options
- i9505: powered by stock 4.3 Samsung kernel compiled and fixed by @ausdim: huge thanks to him
- i9505: fix adb root, sideload, exfat loading, time setting, touch and brightness
- i9500: fix flashing of cm-10.2 and AOKP 4.3 ROMs
- Galaxy S4 US variants: fix flashing of cm-10.2 and AOKP 4.3 ROMs
- fix /data/media toggle display was not correctly refreshed
- remove compute_archive_stats() file number calculation and replace with archive size for faster restores
- increase nandroid size check interval from 3 to 5 sec for slow storage devices (i9505)
- merge exclude google music cached files from nandroid backup
- merge new tar.gz wrapper into cm-10.1
- add pigz fast compression (-1) option + merge to cm-10.1
- add backup and restore of /data/media to external storage
- fix left free space warning when backup in compressed tar.gz mode
- fix partition sdcard menu not showing on devices without a second storage (cm-10.1 only)
- misc menus cleanup
- when key repeat is disabled: fix reboot when turning on screen after it was auto-blanked
- when key repeat is disabled: fix dim screen will not occur and only blank screen event was triggered
- fix dim/blank screen issues after reboot timer was reached and USB cable was connected
- fix various bugs with key handling through ui_wait_key()
- after screen is turned on, next touch event will now be considered (better touch response)
- more stable blank screen gesture actions (mainly on long press and move gesture)
- merge remove install update.zip from cm-10.2 to cm-10.1
- support new phones:
* Sony Xperia Z (yuga)
* Samsung S3 Sprint SPH-L710 (d2spr) - d2tmo repack
* Galaxy Exhibit Variants - SGH-T599N (codinamtr) - credits to @Unjustified Dev
* Galaxy Grand Duos (i9082) - credits @chotu222
* Galaxy S Plus - i9001 (ariesve) - thanks to @alireza7991
* HTC One V (primou) - credits to @doga.ozkaraca
* Huawei Acsend P1 U9200 (viva) - credits to @kiprap

5.11.2 (19.08.2013)
- ramdisk fixes for most devices to fix adb and sideload
- n7100/n7105/i317M: update to adam 2.7 kernel sensor free
- i9500: migrate to wanam sensors-free kernel v1.8 (fix boot into recovery delays, add back ntfs support)
- i9500: do not mount /data in postrecoveryboot.sh
- i9505: migrate to audism special repacked kernel (13.1) to fix poweroff bugs + update exfat kernel modules
- i9505 variants: revise ramdisk for stock based kernel edition
- properly unmount /data after loading recovery settings on start
- properly unmount /data on recovery start for datamedia devices as per last cm changes
- mount /data before write_recovery_version() checks
- move advanced and twrp nandroid code to separate included file for easier code maintenance with cm sources

5.11.0 (17.08.2013)

- update to cwm
* Fix issue where android device manager, etc, dont actually wipe data.
--wipe_data issues via /cache/recovery/command will now completely format data.
- i9505: update to audism kernel v13 (smaller size to fit new ntfs/exfat format options) + new exfat modules
- jfltexx (i9505 cyanogenmod version) is now built properly using new TARGET_RECOVERY_INITRC in BoardConfig
- release i9505 cyanogenmod kernel based version
- n7100: update to adam kernel v2.7 for smaller size to fit ntfs/exfat format options
- endeavoru (HTC One X): do not use NTFS modules to fit recovery size
- i9500: remove fb2png and ntfs support because of small recovery size
- pico: remove exfat and ntfs support because of small recovery size
- clean up code when calling format_device() for sd-ext
- fix repacking script for toro, toroplus, grouper, protou

5.10.8 (14.08.2013)
- update to cwm
- merge cm sources: shrink cid
- fix text file formatting for dosfstools/Android.mk (PC to UNIX)
- sync sources

5.10.0 (25.07.2013)

- reorganize Backup and Restore menu:
* remove stock CWM Advanced Restore function
* move choose backup format to Misc Nandroid Settings menu
- add Misc Nandroid Settings option to disable nandroid size progress
- nandroid size progress is now disabled by default for specific phones (i9505)
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
* remove useless Fix Permissions menu

5.09.8 (24.07.2013)
- new time set function using TZ environement variable (should fix issues for some i9505 users)
- remove warning about selinux file_contexts (log only)
- Update CWM to v6.0.3.4
* merge more headless fixes from cm-10.1
- i9505 ramdisk: fix init.rc adb and sideload
- increase refresh backup size stats delay from 0.5 to 3 seconds (a proper fix will follow for i9505 users)
- fix some /data/media files could be included in TWRP backup mode
- It's summer time: open source many parts of PhilZ Touch
* settings file config
* all misc nandroid settings menu setup
* get rom name function to stamp backup folder name
* free browse mode and custom install zip folder

5.09.2 (21.07.2013)
- fix compiler warning in nandroid.c / nandroid_callback()
- remove non used virtual_keys images from ramdisk
- resync sources
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
* SELinux: don't suppress the "no file_contexts" message on the UI
* add --headless mode

5.09.1 (20.07.2013)
- add NTFS support for external storage

5.09.0 (19.07.2013)
- exfat-fuse: use existing external/exfat and external/fuse branches
- exfat-fuse: remove old implementation for prebuilt binary

5.08.9 (18.07.2013)
- compile mount.exfat-fuse static binary along recovery source to support exfat on cm-10.1 kernels
- fix Aroma File Manager compiling for non NEON devices
- clean up code (partition sdcard menu)
- fix broken touch after screen wake-up for some phones (i9500)
- resync sources

5.08.5 (11.07.2013)

- Compile Aroma File Manager (by amarullz) zip installer under recovery:
* either compile whole recovery, zip will be created at first pass
* or only compile aroma zip installer in two pass:
1- mmm bootable/recovery/aromafm
2- mmm bootable/recovery/aromafm/tools
* output: [target_out]/aromafm_out/aromafm_[DeviceID].zip
- detect aroma compatibility with non NEON devices during compiling
- use less conflicting flags: TARGET_NAME --> TARGET_COMMON_NAME

5.08.0 (07.07.2013)
- improve nandroid progress bar update
- fix recovery was not prompting when backup estimated size is larger than free space
- add ors backup support for twrp format requested by BillGoss
- ors backup: when no backup name is given, generate it using same way as nandroid operations (time stamp + rom name tag)
- support separated compiling for Loki patched devices (S4 AT&T and Verizon)
- i9505: revert some changes to fix time bug for some users
- Galaxy S4 US variants: repack around Audism stock JB 4.3 kernel v3 + Samsung exfat modules + revert use of mkefs for partition corruption issue
- fix missing break in set backup compression value menu (misc_nandroid_menu())
- misc clean up code
- sync latest sources

5.07.6 (05.07.2013)
- update version
- add exfat-fuse / 2.9.2 optional support by enabling USE_EXFAT_FUSE_BIN CFLAG in BoardConfig (exfat support on cyanogenmod repacks)
- i9505: use Audism kernel v3 (Stock Samsung sources) to fix partition corruption without additional code and for better exfat support

5.07.1 (01.07.2013)
- i9100G support

5.07.0 (30.06.2013)
- fix "unknown volume for path /res/images/koush.png" on boot (do not search for a volume on ramdisk path)

5.06.8 (19.06.2013)
- fix bug introduced in v5.06.5: folder entries duplicated in some choose file menus (custom and twrp restore modes, regenerate md5 selection menu)
- by default, if /data/media/0 exists, it will be used as internal storage. You can still alter it in Advanced menu to force /data/media

5.06.7 (17.06.2013)
- Galaxy R/Z (i9103) support, thanks to Adam77Root

5.06.6 (13.06.2013)
- fix multi-zip flash "select/unselect all" persisting (static int select_all --> int select_all)
- add sdparted option to partition in ext4 fstype
- enable partition sdcard when non vfat fstype2 option is used in recovery.fstab
- merge cm-10.1 changes ( Update 8):
* Merge "recovery: Fix adb backup" into cm-10.1
* Merge "Remove (un)mount option for datamedia partitions" into cm-10.1
* recovery.c: Fix the potential segmentation fault: Extral newline can trigger recovery segmentation fault
- Nexus 10 (manta): revert font changes since they were now merged in cm-10.1 device tree
- i9505 international: migrate to jfltexx device tree and repack with newer exfat modules
- misc code cleaning

5.06.4 (06.06.2013)
- fix touch repeat on capacitive virtual buttons for some devices
- Pico: ramdisk changes to enable backup size detection for mtd partitions (boot, recovery, misc)

5.06.3 (05.06.2013)
- HTC One Sprint and TMO variants support
- Galaxy S3 - T-Mobile (d2tmo): ramdisk changes to fix exfat (load modules using recovery-loader script)

5.06.2 (04.06.2013)
- Galaxy S3 - T-Mobile (d2tmo) - SGH-T999 support

5.06.1 (02.06.2013)
- HTC One: move to new m7ul device tree

5.06.0 (01.06.2013)
- support dual modem devices nandroid operations (dual sim, i9505)
- merge cm-10.1 changes: support version 2 (2048-bit e=65537) keys in recovery
- Nexus S/4G (crespo/4g): add mmcblk names to recovery.fstab to fix /data mount
- HTC Desire X (protou): support both protou-ics and protu-jb fstab

5.05.9 (31.05.2013)
- do not write backup size progress to log file
- show total time after restore job
- write backup path to log

5.05.7 (30.05.2013)
- use bigger 23x41 roboto font for HD devices (i9500, i9505, Nexus 10)
- do not uselessly statfs partition to refresh backup size progress if we're under NICE_INTERVAL (100ms)
- show backup compression 0% when backup is tar format and compression is disabled
- fix get time events during nandroid jobs and touch events
- universal scroll sensitivity and row height settings (fix hypersensitivity for HD devices)
- fix backup size progress for datamedia devices (special thanks to pickandwhammy for the time he spent in debugging this and providing logs)
- merge Get_Folder_Size() changes from twrp 2.5
- misc logging improvements
- small bug fixes

5.05.0 (26.05.2013)

- fix potential memory overflow during computing of size stats in backup
- fix /efs backup not possible for devices without /preload, unless preload menu was selected once
- fix custom nandroid and twrp backups for yaffs2 devices (do not force tar format on these)
- misc fixes for supporting more devices mainly during nandroid jobs:
* allow use of device2 for raw backup and restore operations (using dd/cat)
* better nandroid support when device names in fstab do not match actual mtd name (revert statfs for volume->device)
- revert cm-10.1 changes: write correctly fstab info in log (do not print to stderr)
- merge old custom_backup folder to cwm backup folder
- old .efs_backup and .modem_bin folders also should be moved to clockworkmod/backup
- .aromafm folder is now aromafm (no more hidden folder for this)
- add regenerate md5 sum option for nandroid backups (use with caution)
- revert inverting fstype and fstype2 (see github commit for more info on this)
- fix nandroid backup fails before generating md5 for /external_sd devices when card is not inserted/mountable (.android_secure check)
- fix falling back to system mount command will fail when calling ensure_path_mounted(filename)
- HTC Desire X (protou) support added
- HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE (fireball):
* add support
* allow sd-ext and mount external sd in ext4
* allow backup/restore of /radio
- Galaxy S4 - i9505:
* support emmc partitions size detection during nandroid jobs
* fix exfat mount for some sdcards (thanks to chenglu)
- Nexus S/4G (crespo/crespo4g):
* allow raw + yaffs2 backups for /efs and /radio
* allow size detection for MTD partitions during nandroid backup
* fix device name to Samsung Nexus S
* repack with stock GB kernel to fix USB mount in recovery
- Nexus 10: enable efs backup and restore
- Galaxy Nexus (maguro/toro/toroplus): enable efs backup and restore

5.03.8 (20.05.2013)
- support HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE - fireball

5.03.7 (19.05.2013)
- merge cm-10.1 changes: add getprop
- HTC One (m7) support
- i9505 fix graphics, date and cache/wipe issues (Big thanks to Chenglu for that)
- Samsung Nexus S (crespo) and Nexus S 4G (crespo4g) support

5.03.2 (16.05.2013)
- fix scroll down on touch issue when in double tap and highlight only modes
- support Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro), Verizon (toro) and Sprint (toroplus), i9500 and i9505 Canada/Bell (jfltecan) and T-mobile (jfltetmo)
- merge cm-10.1 changes: add getprop

- fix backup size progress in twrp mode
- improve code for backup stats during nandroid jobs
- display full backup stats (total size, compression ratio, elapsed time) at end of backups
- merge last cm-10.1 updates:
* fix nandroid cmd command did not load volume table
* support nandroid dump/undump commands
* nandroid backup command line still segfaults
* silent log when mounting /data/media
- add 3 new color palettes (30 colors total): dimmer gray, yellow and gold
- add toggle for header custom color
- add toggle for battery and clock custom color
- line at bottom of menus will now have same color as menus separator lines
- set new defaults to header and menu text colors
- show backup/restore stats in color during nandroid jobs
- fix touch issue when exiting friendly log or blanked screen, and pressing on virtual buttons

- fix root break for devices with shared recovery partition caused by Whil Wheaton update
- advanced backup size monitoring during nandroid operations
- prompt to cancel backup on low free space (% and absolute)
- live display size stats during backup: total data written, free space left
- support backup and restore of /misc partition for both CWM and TWRP operations
- prevent potential segfault when calling is_data_media_volume_path()
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
* remove adb sideload /tmp/update.zip after flashing to avoid second flash under some circumstances
- fix android_secure could not be backed up under some circumstances (ensure mount of sdcard)
- completely rewritten android_secure support: much simpler code
- optimize cancel nandroid job action
- allow cancel yaffs2 nandroid operations
- allow dim screen timeout during yaffs2 nandroid operations
- fix set brightness and auto-dim screen timer for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
- fix battery stats display for Nexus 10
- restore default actions of real device keys we fake for touch events
- correctly map device virtual keys to default recovery actions
- fix virtual buttons highlight color to match their line separator color (blue)

- support Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
- clean code for non PhilZ Touch buils
- Merge cm-10.1 changes to cwm
* recovery: fix sideload cancel" into cm-10.1
* make_ext4fs support
* auto prompt to root device when booting to main system

- use device specific background images during compile process

- touch code completely rewritten to support more devices (no more calibration needed)
- true touch scroll effect and much improved touch response
- secure touch: robust to wrong selections while scrolling + confirmation before any bad thing
- add option to completely disable touch
- options to restore Koush or PhilZ Touch background images
- restoring default backgrounds (Koush, PhilZ Touch) will apply live (a reboot was previously needed)
- fix touch on HTC Pico, HTC One S and HTC One XL
- restore support for device keys KEY_MENU and Home key (KEY_HOME, KEY_HOMEPAGE)
- add /preload support in twrp backup and restore modes
- mount /system and /data on Aroma File Explorer launch
- fix battery stats error in some circumstances
- i9100/n7000: update CWM Superuser to v1.0.1.8 (through zip installer)
- code cleaning, various fixes and optimizations
- force reset of recovery settings to v5: new settings file name
- backup file name is unchanged so that old settings can still be restored

4.96.6 (28.04.2013)
- support HTC One S (ville)

4.96.5 (27.04.2013)
- change event input handling code to support auto-interpolation
- auto support for devices built-in virtual keys
- enable key repeat for recovery virtual buttons (up/down): now they auto-repeat while pressed
- fix HTC One X nandroid backup was very slow (ramdisk changes)
- fix touch for new N71xx, T889, I317/M repacks based on wanam Adam 2.3 kernel to fix boot delay for non stock kernels
- misc bug fixes and code optimization

4.94.6 (21.04.2013)
- fix compile error for non touch version
- N71xx, T889, I317/M: repack on wanam Adam 2.3 kernel to fix boot delay for non stock kernels
- Fix touch support for HTC One X (endeavoru) and HTC One XL (evita)
- More fixes for HTC Explorer (pico) - work in progress

4.93.9 (18.04.2013)
- Initial support for HTC devices
* HTC One X (endeavoru) support
* HTC One XL (evita) support
* HTC Explorer (pico) support (big thanks to Nihar.G for this port)

4.93.6 (17.04.2013)
- fix reboot to bootloader for phones without download mode
- define default values for CWM Advanced Edition builds to non officially supported devices by PhilZ Touch
- no need to confirm sideload as it can be cancelled
- move philz settings file from /system to /data
- fix compile error for non PhilZ Touch version
- revert temporary assert fix for i9100/n7000 (ramdisk changes):
* do not mount /system in init.rc
* add needed entries in default.prop
- n7000: no more replace init binary to fix /data corruption bootloop issue (ramdisk changes)

4.93.2 (14.04.2013)
- share source for multi-zip installer
- add sideload and print commands support to ors as per TWRP specs
- always ensure sync before rebooting
- disable adb secure
- Update to CWM
* allow cancel sideload
* allow sideload install from /cache/recovery
* courier_extended_15x24

4.92.8 (05.04.2013)
>>True support for /data/media/0 for Android 4.2.2<<
First to introduce true JB 4.2 migration: live toggle between /data/media and /data/media/0
This implementation keeps compatibility with stock cwm while giving user option to force /data/media/0
When migrating from or to JB 4.2, you still need to move folders to/from /data/media/0. No one will do it for you
- fix early mount of /data for datamedia devices caused by write_recovery_version()
this could cause errors on some install scripts
- hide some external menus for devices without external storage
- fix Setup Free Browse Mode bug for devices without external storage
- fix Free Browse Mode could not browse up to the root for /data/media devices
- fix Misc Nandroid Settings menu regression for devices without external storage
- fix .nandroid_secure selection in custom backup and restore for devices without external storage
- no more mount internal/external storage when checking for ors script at startup
- do not report custom recovery logs to ROM Manager
- export error log on failure during boot installed packages
- make sure we have all the log posted by users
- misc bug fixes

4.92.3 (03.04.2013)
- properly set time for all recovery session: this will now apply to the time stamp of any file modified (logs, backups...)
- add Daylight Saving Time support

4.91.9 (03.04.2013)
- merge and fix fb2png source: now built as static binary and compatible with RGBX devices (Nexus 4...)
special thanks for this to McKael and a huge thumbs up to talustus for his great support
- silent failure when formatting non existing /sd-ext volume
- use statfs instead of stat in nandroid operations
- misc fixes
- i9100/n7000 zip installer: option to skip flashing superuser using philz_installer.cfg
- i9100/n7000: disable init binary substitution from older LSJ (aka /data corruption bootloop fix)
- i9100/n7000: update clockworkmod superuser to (security fix)

4.91.5 (29.03.2013)
- Support Nexus 4 (mako)
- fix nandroid backup and restore for devices without /modem, /radio, /preload and /efs
- fix recovery functions for devices without external sdcard storage

4.91.2 (26.03.2013)
- fix touch code to support P31xx and N8xxx
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
- nandroid backup: save recovery log to backup folder
- minadbd: remove unnecessary header files.
- add external_sd and efs to /etc/fstab generated by recovery
- revert chmod in write_string_to_file()

4.90.8 (22.03.2013)
- multi zip flash menu will now show the validation menu on top of files list
- added option to select/unselect all zip files in the multi zip flash menu
- touch code fixes: more responsive touch gui on menus. Less skips on bottom virtual buttons
- merge cm-10.1 changes
- update to cwm
- fix About dialog was not displaying what it should for non PhilZ Touch builds
- non PhilZ Touch builds are now: CWM Advanced Edition
- fix bug: if Key Repeat was disabled, blank screen will hang up when screen back on
- add beta support for P3100, P5100 and N8000
- i9100/n7000: migrate from Chainfire SuperSU to opensource superuser from clockworkmod

4.89.4 (14.03.2013)
- New Custom Install Zip mode: set a default folder to start with + browse backward up to the root

- toggle menus are now formatted to device screen width (right align menu option)
- add 30mn timezone offset
- merge CM 10.1 commit: Fix segfault with dead symlinks in char** gather_files()
- add extra check for carriage return for get_rom_name function: ensures windobe noobs do not get stuck

- fix: ors backup could overwrite an existing folder and end up with mixed old/new backup images

- migrate from cm10 to new cm10.1 source
- fix fs_type2 is fs_type to maintain ext4 external storage compatibility with fs_type2 entry
- fix redefined MACRO for ITEM_APPLY_SDCARD
- merge cmw changes (vchange only: ignored cwm commit: block google music cache from nandroid operations)
- fix: data partition was always restored in Advanced Restore menu
- in custom jobs: possibility to disable .android_secure from restore/backup as per TWRP/ors specs
- option to auto-restore recovery settings without a prompt screen on reboot
- ors support: fill ORS official specifications and more:
- optimize on boot check for openrecoveryscript command file
- add ors support for backup options: selected partitions, compression and md5 toggle
- fix: as per ors specifications, ors will now restore standard partitions when no options are set in script
- ors restore now supports TWRP and PhilZ Touch custom backup path
- ors-mount.sh: better support for path convfrom main system to recovery mount points
- ors backup target volume can be set by user in nandroid settings
- misc ors log fixes for special partitions ignored in cwm

- fix: show progress during TWRP backup and restore
- auto dim screen on timeout supported during backup and restore operations
- fix header menu could overlap battery stats if they are at 100%
- fix: restore custom rom zip failed because of left debug code
- fix: build custom rom zip from existing ROM would fail to restore if backup format was compressed
- huge performance optimize when building custom rom .zip from existing ROM (only backup needed partitions)
- fix useless edify incompatible code in custom rom .zip (alpha 06 files)

Backup and Restore:
- menu Custom Backup and Restore can now be accessed in main Backup and Restore menu
- support restore backups from /sdcard/0 (Android 4.2) in custom jobs and TWRP mode
- add support to sd-ext ext4 partition on external storage
- menu to delete custom and TWRP backup images
- auto-reboot option for custom backup and restore jobs
- set .android_secure path in custom jobs
- smart auto detect android_secure for stock CWM backup and restore operations
- fix preload was selectable in TWRP jobs (even if would not actually be processed)
- progress bar is no more overwritten by text
- time and battery stats are shown and refreshed during nandroid operations
- on successful or cancelled nandroid jobs, user background icon is restored
- on cancelled nandroid jobs, progress bar is correctly reset and user background icon is restored
- User configurable gesture actions
- gestures: double tap, long press/move, long press/lift, slide left, slide right
- always vibrate on long press/move action validation
- actions: show log, change brightness, blank screen, capture screen shot, launch Aroma File Manager
- default black theme without background icon
- toggle clock and battery on top
- header title will be auto-shortened to not overwrite battery and clock on lower res devices
- battery and clock will truly refresh indications every 15 sec
- user configurable dim screen timer
- user configurable turn-off screen timer
- manually adjust brightness (stock kernel doesn't support lower than 65, but recovery binary will accept 25 on custom kernels)
- when double tap mode is selected, you now really need to double tap the same menu to validate it
- menu Set Time Zone moved to GUI settings
- fix Moscow UTC time
- add support to sd-ext ext4 partition on external storage
- Move Clean before instal new ROM menu to Wipe Data/Factory Reset menu
- fix /system was left again mounted after start up and showing log

- fix: when disabled, virtual keys would still show for a fraction of a second on start

- preview support for slide right and double tap gesture actions
- friendly log mode now is final: logs are no more wiped when switching view for all operations (install zip, boot scripts, backup/restore...)
- fix: virtual keys will no more trigger an action at end of your scrolling if touched by case
- fix: virtual keys could remain highlighted under some circumstances
- fix screen capture index was back to 11 when it reached 100 (now it will be 999 photos and reverts to 001)
- fix: toggle background icon prompted for a key since 4.53
- fix: when toggle icon, screen logs are no more wiped
- fix: when change menu size, screen logs no more wiped
- deep revise of touch source to optimize and clean code (scrolling behavior is still same, this will be the next on my todo list)
- misc code cleaning

- fix user background image was not restored on restart
- TWRP backup and restore support, include full md5 sum support (single and multivolume, compressed and non compressed formats)
- support multiple efs backups in tar format (user request)
- now it is possible to restore from many modem.bin files under clockworkmod/custom_backup/.modem_bin folder to flash them (just name them *.bin)
- fix potential md5 error caused when restoring/flashing some modem.bin files
- fix recovery partition was restored when ever you restore something in stock Advanced Restore Menu
- custom restore option to browse from /sdcard/0 if it exists (this is a temporary workaround for Android 4.2)
- add ext4 support for mounting external storage (i9300 thread request)
- improved the friendly log view gui to include install zip, nandroid, boot scripts...
- enhance logging and user messages mainly in backup/restore operations
- remove useless support for browsable custom aromafm.zip folders (must be in default folder)
- many bugfixes + compiler warnings fix in code
- Clean Phone for a New ROM moved to Custom Backup and Restore

- Vulnerability fix: setting a fake/corrupted png file as background resulted in a bootloop into recovery
- Vulnerability fix: cancel nandroid operations could result in data corruption if user attempted to directly delete backup from menu or forced a reboot
- Friendly Log View: toggle during install of zip files (manual, multi, on boot) and forced when Show Log from advanced menu
- Pause on show log: Forced in Show Log from advanced menu. Always disabled for multi zip flash and on boot, toggle for manual zip installs
- Install zip menu order changed so that install from internal/external are nearby
- Move reset / save recovery settings to main PhilZ Settings menu

- add slide left to capture a screen shot from any active menu
- optimized code for cancel nandroid operations

- Back button now will cancel nandroid backup/restore operations (tar+dedupe) and custom_rom.zip operations
- merge CWM changes (credits to Koush)

- multi-zip flashing from custom set locations
- after installing a new ROM that wipes recovery settings, on next reboot, you are prompted to restore them from a backup if you have done one
- New menus separator lines that you can show/hide, set colors and transparency. Useful for solid color themes, like Black
- fix default menu highlight transparency was set to a wrong default value
- code optimizing for file checks
- mix code optimizing

- show / hide bottom virtual buttons
- set number of bottom log rows to show
- misc compiler warning fixes

- custom background image (png in 350x735 pixels)
- toggle background in preset 27 colors
- toggle background icon

- fix /preload was always restored during nandroid operations

- fix preload was again processed on each nandroid backup
- fix nandroid backup name was exiting on first checked missing key and using default noname
- fix output log for backup rom name was wrongly reporting error to open build.prop

- code cleaning

- life in color edition

- fix: resetting settings to default now is applied without the need to restart recovery
- small code optimize
- fix logging for file parser and load/save settings

- nandroid backup/restore with gz compression using pigz (multi cpu threading): toggle between low (3), medium (6), high (9) or disabled
- fix when preload toggle was enabled, preload was processed in custom backup even if it is not selected
- complete rewrite of gui settings toggles: new menus display
- new toggle for touch accuracy
- more menu height settings (useful for high res devices)
- more scroll sensitivity settings
- all settings are now saved to a single .ini file you can edit (detailed values will follow)
- possibility to reset all values to defaults, to export and to import them to/from sdcard
- Nandroid Advanced Restore menu now shows that /preload will be processed with /system
- Misc Nandroid Settings now can also be accessed from Nandroid Menu
- code cleaning and fix compiler warnings
- add show really progressing bar during nandroid restore operations
- fix pigz as static library
- i9100/n7000 ramdisk: fix getprop hack script (thanks to a3955269)

4.00-b22 Recovery (CWM based)
- unmount /system on recovery start to fix some install zip issues
- fix no time zone file message on start when no user time zone was selected
- i9100: fix error 7 was back (better fix later)

4.00-b21 Recovery (CWM based)
- Completely new Custom Backup and Restore menu
- Custom back and restore job list: backup and restore freely any partition combo from old nandroid folder or new custom_backup one
- Restore modem as custom modem.img file or modem.bin (found in Samsung tar roms)
- Backup EFS in tar (overwrite old backup) + img formats (time stamped)
- Restore EFS from either tar or img files
- All backup and restore tasks are now built completely on native nandroid functions: no more calling of many shell scripts
- One shell script only left to handle raw backup and restore of ext4 partitions (not supported by cwm, I actually use it only for efs.img and restore of modem.bin files)
- New Nandroid Settings Menu: improved UI with settings immediately reflecting on menus
- New TimeZone menu: friendly UI (idea from TWRP) and simpler code to fix issue where it could sometimes fail to write config file
- pigz library: big credits to TWRP team (will be used for new lightning fast compressed backups)
- fix ors mount script for phones without external sd
- remove useless run of ors mount when not started from boot
- fix some partitions could be formatted despite no backup file to restore when md5 check was disabled
- small bug fixes and code cleaning

3.99 Recovery (CWM based)
- Fix flash modem function failing when searching *.img files instead of *.bin files
- Merge sk8erwitskil changes: fix special backup and restore functions for devices without external sd
- Second pass at fixing write error of toggle time zone appearing on some conditions
- Make custom_rom.zip from current ROM or from pre-existing nandroid backup
- Ensure tar format during create custom_rom.zip operations
- Add sync() at end of special backup and restore functions (in case of... + fix lag on exit menu)
- Merge cwm changes
- nandroid: Fix nonexistent backup format type bug.
- do not attempt to back up .android_secure if it is on /data/media
- Add Home button to select for i9300/n7100
- Edit i9300/n7100 ums lun file path
- Add rom name to nandroid backup path: fetched from
- ro.modversion=
- ro.romversion=
- ro.build.display.id=
- noname if above are empty
- Fix the getprop issue in i9100/n7000 JB leak, aka error 7 (early mount /system in recovery.rc)
- Code cleanup

3.81 Recovery (CWM based)
- merge last cwm updates from jellybean cm10 branch
- remove wipe battery stats
- better implementation for setting default backup format
- fix crash in recovery that occurs during backup (popen.c)
- dedupe: fix buffer overflow
- i9300: fix vibrator not working
- n7100: fix exfat support
- n7100: fix aroma file manager failure
- n7100/i9300: fix ramdisk/kernel used: now based on stock kernel/recovery: fixes potential exfat and aroma issues
- enable mount external sd over usb in recovery for /data/media devices
- complete re-write of Special Backup and Restore menu and functions: more efficient code to easily add new backup/restore jobs
- complete rewrite of toggle gui menu code: 4Kb size gain on recovery binary + more efficient code performance wise
- new Misc Nandroid Settings: toggle md5 checksum, toggle /preload processing, set time zone
- no fail of nandroid job on /preload error (auto skip on error)
- set time zone for nandroid backup path moved to new Nandroid Misc Menu
- add credits to special backup and restore sh scripts
- fix mount /system error log on recovery start
- key repeat toggle now applied live, no more need to restart recovery to take effect

3.75 : PhilZ Touch 3.63 Recovery (CWM based)
- Complete rewrite of toggle gui menu code: 4Kb size gain on recovery binary + more efficient code performance wise
- New toggle to set time zone: correct time can now be set for nandroid backup path and recovery log
- Merge cm10 jb changes: set default backup format to tar
- Fix mount /system error log on recovery start
- Key repeat toggle now applied live, no more need to restart recovery to take effect

3.72 / 3.73 : PhilZ Touch 3.40 Recovery (CWM based)
- 3.72 ---- > 3.73: code cleaning for universal exFat compatibility
- Support exFAT for external sdcards in recovery: no +4Gb size file limit like fat32, better optimized for 64Gb cards

3.70 / 3.71 : PhilZ Touch 3.39 Recovery (CWM based)
- 3.70 --> 3.71: added format /preload on special wipe before install new rom
- Merge Koush last changes: (+ add credit inside code source)
- dedupe: fix buffer overflow, the length of key was incorrect, 4.2's libc detects the overflow and crashes
- fix bug where you cannot partition internal sd
- add wipe all before install ROM: wipe all user data + wipe system
- second pass at fixing partition sdcards menu by PhilZ, now it should work as supposed

3.65 : PhilZ Touch 3.35 Recovery (CWM based)
- Completed ors implementation: added script started on boot, with same function as custom ors (simpler code than previous versions)
- fixed ors-mount.sh support for phones without /emmc
- goomanager support fixed for phones without /emmc
- misc permissions fixes for recovery scripts

- permissions fixed: now special backup and restore functions work again

3.61 / 3.62 - 22 nov 2012
- Update to cwm + PhilZ Touch 3.34
- Add nandroid /preload backup & restore support
- Add option to flash modem image from recovery
- Fix Aroma File Manager path for devices without /emmc mount point
- Fix: mount sdcards before launch aroma as some times we did not have access to other sdcard under aroma
- Fix kerne/efs backup & restore for phones without /emmc
- Optimized backup/restore status log for kernel/efs/modem: now showing true success/failure based on exit code/stderr from CAT
- One ORS code is enough for custom and at boot scripts
- Fixed ORS backup job log
- Merge cm10 branch updates:
- Add support for doing a true ext4 format of /data on /data/media devices.
- Shorter confirmation menu if compiled as Philz Touch

3.5 - 18 nov 2012
- Update to new Touch PhilZ 3.25 cwm based recovery
- Option to flash kernels (zImage you rename to *.img file) directly from recovery
- Backup kernels now supports multiple time stamped backups
- ORS/EFS/Kernel backup/restore scripts support universal mount points/path through recovery.fstab: multi-device compatibility
- Major update to code for multi-device support (compile from source code for any phone)
- Now, philz-cwm6 recovery is open source (see post 1)

- Support exFAT for external sdcards in recovery: no +4Gb size file limit like fat32, better optimized for 64Gb cards
- ADB now starts with root access

- added format /preload on special wipe before install new rom

- second pass at fixing partition sdcards menu

- add wipe all before install ROM: wipe all user data + wipe system

- Merge Koush last changes: (+ add credit inside code source)
- Dedupe: fix buffer overflow, the length of key was incorrect, 4.2's libc detects the overflow and crashes
- Fix bug where you cannot partition internal sd

- completed ors implementation: now script started on boot, with same function as custom ors (simpler code than previous versions)
- fixed ors-mount.sh support for phones without /emmc
- misc *.sh permission fixes on compilation

Merge cm10 branch updates:
- Add support for doing a true ext4 format of /data on /data/media devices.
- Shorter confirmation menu if compiled as Philz Touch

- Add nandroid /preload backup & restore support

- Fix: mount sdcards before launch aroma as some times we did not have access to other sdcard under aroma

- edited recovery.fstab for some devices (i9100 / n7000) to include /modem
- Clean ORS code + Add modem flash menu
- for i9100 / n7000, edit recovery.fstab and add this line
- /modem emmc /dev/block/mmcblk0p8
- Updated Readme.md file with Special backup and restore menu instructions
- Rename EFS/Kernel backup menu to Special Backup Menu

- One ORS code is enough for custom and at boot scripts
- Fixed ORS backup job log

- Fix kerne/efs backup & restore for phones without /emmc
- optimized backup/restore status log for kernel/efs: now showing true success/failure based on exit code/stderr from CAT

- First alpha / private release for i9300
- Fix Aroma File Manager path for devices without /emmc mount point

3.1 - 09 nov 2012
- Update to new Touch PhilZ 3.0 cwm based recovery
- Completely revised new touch code: fixed old skips and jumps while scrolling
- Much more smooth behaviour after scrolling
- Even less risks of wrong validation of menus on touch while scrolling (can we say 0 risks?)
- GUI settings are now saved to /system/philz-cwm6 folder instead of /data/philz-cwm6: this is to fix some mount issues on early start and to maintain settings after a factory reset
- Added toggle key repeat for vol up/down keys (only feature needing recovery restart to take effect)
- Huge code cleaning and misc bug fixes
- Added install from sideload code based on last cwm6 update
- Moved sideload menu to install zip menu
- Added confirmation before "Fix Permissions" and "Install from sideload"

3.0 - 02 nov 2012 (i9100 only)
- Introducing PhilZ Touch 2.0 recovery (clockworkmod v6.0.1.5 based)
- touch interface: toggle 3 touch modes: FULL TOUCH, DOUBLE TAP to validate and SEMI TOUCH (scroll but no touch validation)
- very stable and safe scrolling in full touch mode: makes it hard to wrongly validate a menu while scrolling
- when you set full touch mode, it defaults to optimized settings for menu height and touch sensitivity (you still can alter them manually later)
- adjust scrolling touch sensitivity in 6 settings
- adjust menu height in 6 settings
- toggle vibrator on/off when using bottom virtual buttons
- toggle aggressive mode to try stealing bottom space for logs (may or may not work as expected depending on screen resolution and menu height)
- backup/restore EFS and Kernel
- browse phone with root access using full GUI in Aroma File Manager: checks first in default locations to give you direct access to your scripts, else you are prompted to browse for scripts in sdcards
- support openrecovery script in 3 modes using a smart one touch menu: looks first at goomanager scripts, then in default custom scripts location and finally prompts you to browse for scripts in sdcards
- show log menu modified to have its own screen: useful for the S2 because of its low resolution. Now, you can read teh screen logs even when having big menus
- reorganized menus layout
- miscellaneous fixes in initramfs for the kernel

2.7 - 07 oct 2012
- now using CWM6 based custom touch recovery (internal build 1.15) * Siyah source code *
- DUAL USB MOUNT in recovery is now supported * Special thanks to Gokhanmoral@Siyah *
- semi-touch interface with right slide to select disabled for safety: use slide up/down and left for back
- include bottom virtual buttons for easier navigation
- revised GUI with bigger fonts and larger menus for better readability
- transparency effects in recovery menus
- fixed backup format selection menu in original Koush cwm6 (was echoing previous menu)
- added power off and reboot to download mode options in recovery menus
- battery % level displayed in recovery
- fixed some menus spelling and aspect in original recovery

2.5 - 22 sept 2012
- Introduced brand new original feature: MULTI-bootanimation scrolling on each boot. See post 2 for details on how to use this new feature
- No more true insecure kernel (ro.secure back to 1), ADB root in recovery is through cwm adbd like other custom kernels
- CWM updated to last non touch: touch vcoming later
- CWM6 is now built from source, to avoid issues with dynamically linked binaries ** Big thanks to - Tallustus from Team Skyfire

2.0 - 14 sept 2012 (i9100 only)
- Now built automatically through scripting, no manual editing
- Added fake getprop to show custom kernel prop *credits to Siyah*
- Fixed missing /res/images fota png in ICS 4.0.4 (no bad consequence in any case)
- Minor cosmetic changes in scripts, mainly properties
- Added custom boot animation support:
- /data/local/bootanimation.zip
- /system/media/bootanimation.zip
- /data/local/bootanimation.bin

1.0 - 09 Sept 2012 : Initial release (i9100)
- Clockworkmod v6.0.1.2 recovery - Permanent
- Pure stock based kernel: only initramfs changes
- Flash through Odin or in Stock Recovery (no yellow triangle)
- Ready for root
- ADB root in recovery: just wait about a minute to activate
- Init.d and customboot.sh support

Main menu and PhilZ Settings

GUI Preferences: all is applied live (no reboot). Up to 14 menu height settings, scroll sensitivity, touch accuracy...

27 color settings + 5 alpha transparency levels for every GUI element

Change background image with a custom png (of your device resolution), a solid color (27 presets) or revert to original cwm image

User configurable touch gestures (feel free to request for new actions)
Setup your time-zone + 30mn offset, super wipe option to install a new ROM

Backup and Restore any partition in a complete freedom, include modem (.img + .bin) and efs (.img + .tar)
Custom backups can also be restored by original CWM Advanced Restore Menu
TWRP Backup and Restore Support + md5 + single/multivolume format
Support multi-cpu compression, md5 check toggle and custom .android_secure path
Choose ors backup volume target

Flash multiple zip files in a raw
Aroma File Manager + Terminal Emulator: launch with a gesture action (double tap is default)

Full Wipe to Install a new ROM (sdcard is preserved)
Free Browse Mode to install zip files: select a default folder to start with and browse up to the root


Wie komme ich ins Recovery?

  • Dazu startet man das Handy neu, alternativ Handy ausschalten und warten bis es vibriert hat.
  • Drückt beim Neustart einfach "nur" Vol. Up.
  • Power kann gleich nach dem Anspringen losgelassen werden. Heißt nur Vol. Up ist gehalten!!
  • Dies macht man solange bis das Handy vibriert und ne blaue Schrift in der oberen linke Ecke kommt - "Reboot to Recovery"
  • Nun könnt ihr die Taste loslassen
  • Alternativ kann per Extended Powermenü bei Custom ROMs gleich direkt reingebootet werden.

Wie flashe ich das Recovery?

  • entweder ladet ihr euch die tar-Datei runter und flasht es per Odin am PC über PDA, oder
  • ihr ladet euch die Zip runter und flasht es durch das vorhandene Custom Recovery - natürlich nur interessant, wenn man schon TWRP oder CMW drauf hat.:)

Flash per CWM/TWRP

  • Man platziere die Zip auf den internen Speicher oder der externen SD Karte.
  • Dazu Boot ins Recovery, siehe oben
  • boote ins Recovery
  • gehe zu "Install zip from sd card" oder "Install zip from extern sd card", je nach Recovery-Typ (CWM)
  • -> oder nur install (im TWRP)
  • sucht sich den Ordner wo man die Zip rein gelegt hat
  • und flasht diese nun indem man auf die Zip klickt und folgende Frage bejat (CMW) oder den Slider beim TWRP nach rechts zieht.
  • Anschließend könnt ihr das CWM neustarten und habt das PhilZ drauf.

Flash per Odin am PC

  • Dazu USB Debugging unter Menü-->Entwickler-Option den Haken setzen
  • Wer dies Option nicht findet muss sie erst noch freischalten
  • -> Dazu in Menü-->Info zum Gerät-->und dort 7-mal auf die Buildnummer drücken
  • Nun habt ihr die Entwickler-Option freigeschaltet
  • Nun das Handy in den Download-Mode bringen
  • dazu Handy neustarten und beim Neustart Vol. Down festhalten bis ihr ne "Warnung" erhaltet.
  • -> Alternativ Handy ausschalten und warten bis es vibriert hat.
  • Drückt beim Neustart Vol. Down fest - vibriert danach wieder kurz
  • Anschließend mit Vol. Up bestätigen
  • Nun seid ihr im Download-Mode - steht Downloading... unter nem Android-Männchen
  • Ggf. Kies komplett vom Rechner entfernen oder per Taskmanager killen
  • Handy mit dem PC über mitgeliefertes Micro USB Kabel verbinden
  • Odin, entweder Odin 3 V1.85, 3.04, 3.07 oder 3.09 (bleibt euch überlassen) am PC öffen, am besten als Admin
  • Auf PDA drücken
  • im sich anschließendem Datei-Explorer die runtergeladene tar.md5 Datei auswählen und bestätigen
  • Bei Odin die Einstellungen checken, der Haken sollte nur bei F.Reset Time sowie Auto-Reboot sein - ist aber so voreingestellt!
  • Ist alles soweit ok, könnt ihr auf Start drücken
  • Das Handy startet danach neu

Warum habe ich nach Flashen des CWMs immer noch das Stock Recovery drauf?
  • Schau unter /system /etc nach ner Datei "install-recovery.sh".
  • Diese überschreibet bei jedem Neustart das Custom Recovery. Einfach löschen und das Recovery nochmals flashen.
  • Falls man sie nicht löschen möchte, reicht es auch, sie einfach umzubenennen.
  • Bsplw. in "install-recovery.sh.bak".

Wo finde ich meine Backups
  • Je nach Einstellung im PhilZ unter /data/media/clockworkmod
    oder falls die Multiuser-Migration bei Android 4.2.2 (/data/media/0/) unter "Advanced" im CWM angewählt wurde (standard ist /data/media/), dann unter /data/media/0/clockworkmod

    falls ihr es auf die externe SD Karte ausgelagert habt, dann unter /storage/extSdCard/clockworkmod

Mein Uhrzeit spinnt immer, kommt immer zu fogender fehlermeldung
(time failed (22). Was kann ich tun?
  • Den Akku, ggf. SD und SIM Karte entfernen, für rund 20 Std. liegen lassen, alles wieder einsetzen und der time failed (22) Bug sollte nun behoben sein.
  • Siehe auch ab hier
  • Habt ihr keine Lust so lange zu warten, könnt ihr auch den Trick mit der Alufolioauf den Kontakten zum direkten entladen des Akkus ausführen. Geschieht natürlich auf eigene Gefahr.
  • Siehe dazu hier
  • Wer keine Lust auf den ganzen Kram hat, kann alternativ auch den Abyss Kernel flashen. Dieser behebt das Problem ebenso. Kann ja nachher wieder zum anderen Kernel zurückswitchen.;)

Wichtig für Android 4.3!!

  • Haken bei -->Backup and Restore-->Misc Nandroid Settings-->Process SE Context - JB 4.3 setzen!!
  • Ansonsten kann es zu Probs beim Restoren von Nandroids kommen.

  • Koush for having created and maintaining cwm
  • Cyanogenmod for making all this possible
  • Tallustus from Team Skyfire for his great support over IRC: MAJOR CREDITS
  • Dees_Troy from TWRP team for pigz source and many great ideas in their recovery + source for backups compatibility
  • Patrics83 and HTC One X xda community for their big help in debugging the touch events input code
  • Nihar.G for his big support in testing touch, providing logs and the HTC Pico port
  • Chenglu for his great unpack / repack tool
  • kbc-developers for the base semi-touch code and much more
  • Gokhanmoral@Siyah for his great job / support
  • McKael for his invaluable support in fixing for Nexus 4
  • sk8erwitskil for his recovery source, a great place to start learning
  • amarullz for bringing Aroma File Manager
  • shoe63 for his testing and great help in porting to the N7000
  • Tectas and zscomp for their great support in porting to i9300, but not forgetting rulala and störte
  • wanam for compiling kernels for N71xx and i317M to fix boot delay for custom kernels
  • dr.ketan for his precious help in porting to the N7000 & N7100 (I don't own one) and all the support in threads
  • The_Steph: for his major help in debugging for n7100.
  • a3955269 for providing an updated port of TWRP to i9100
  • adishakthi, ttav and kolmanb for the time they took to debug touch UI for tablets (N8xxx/P31xx)
  • jeboo for all his feedback about fixing bootloops...
  • utkanos for his great and kind support over IRC
  • gweedo767 @ #Koush for sharing his touch code source (not used)
  • myfluxi for his xxRecovery source in fixing dual usb mount
  • RM57380 for the tip to grab pictures: fb2png
  • Chainfire for his support (stock recovery flash) and all his work for the Android community
  • superatmos and Dharam_Maniar for their great guides on unpacking/building custom kernels


tut nicht weh.:winki:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
  • Danke
Reaktionen: BB12B, Ratzfatz, tennesigi und 64 andere
Ein Thread langt aber :-D
  • Danke
Reaktionen: darkbaer
Arrgh. Zu langsam.:rolleyes2: Sind schon zu dritt. Na dann kann der hier zu. Der von Scoty auch.
Du warst ne Minute schneller als Scoty :)
Hab bei mir schon Text rausgenommen,einer von euch machts Rennen:-D
Mit Bildern und so find ich aber gut.
Stimmt grrrr lol.

Recovery geht aber nicht. Total Bugy. Würde ich erst mal nicht installieren.
Wie kommt denn das "Nexus 10" in den Titel? ;-)
Verdammtes Copy und Paste.:flapper::D Habs geändert. Hab das CWM am laufen, habe was geändert, aber richtig rund ist anders.
Kann man damit auch ein BackUp auf die int. SDCard spielen?
Irgendwie geht das nicht mehr mit dem normalen CWM, oder ich habs übersehen..
Das geht schon mit PhilZ,aber warte noch ein bisschen mit flashen,das läuft noch net so richtig rund.
Mit dem normalen cwm hab ich gestern ein backup auf die interne und externe gemacht,ging einwandfrei.
  • Danke
Reaktionen: bvbsoccer
Ok, weißt du ob es mit dem normalen auch geht?
Noch nicht so richtig ist ja noch sehr höfflich denn es geht im Grunde nichts derzeit weil man es einfach nicht bedienen kann. Er Arbeitet aber eh schon dran.

hab noch das normale cwm -2 drauf aber egal was ich flashen will obs nun cm10.1, aokp, jellybam oder philz recovery ist mir zeigts immer an status7 install aborted. hat das sonst noch jemand oder mach ich hier komplett was falsch?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2
Nee hatte ich auch. Hab die Zip dann nochmal bearbeitet dann hats geklappt. Kann sie nachher zu Verfügung stellen wenn gewünscht. Macht die Version aber auch nicht besser.
Hast Du diesen fix in deinen flash zips vom normalen Cwm auch drin?
Ja ist im updater_script.
  • Danke
Reaktionen: SunSide
Das mit dem update script hab ich bei der jellybam rom gemach hat aber auch nicht geklappt. und was für ein fix?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2

Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 17:53 Uhr wurde um 17:55 Uhr ergänzt:

welche odin version benutzt ihr für das flashen des recoverys?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2

Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 17:55 Uhr wurde um 17:57 Uhr ergänzt:

Wär nett wenn du deine bearbeitete zip mal hochladen würdest.

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2
Ich hab sie mal hochgeladen. Man kann sie so durch nen Recovery flashen. Aber wie gesagt, die Bugs sind nachwievor.


  • philz_touch_5.03.2-i9505-Fix.zip
    9,9 MB · Aufrufe: 2.641
Ok danke. will ja nur mal ausprobieren obs überhaupt klappt.

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2

Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 18:25 Uhr wurde um 18:38 Uhr ergänzt:

Also deine gefixte zip klappt super. könntest du mir so ungefähr erklären was du dan der update script geändert bzw gelöscht hast. müsste da ja auch bei der cm10.1 rom klappen.

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2
Läuft bei einem von euch das adb? Mir zeigts nur immer blabla device offline,und Phil könnte ein Log brauchen ;-)

adb pull /tmp/recovery.log
Aktualisiere mal die Android SDK, das war bei mir das Problem

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