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  1. debaki, 21.05.2012 #1

    debaki Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Haha noch ein Thread von mir.. xD
    Die Dev haben wohl auch keine Hobbys um
    die Uhrzeit roms online zu stellen. :O
    Naja hier stell ich euch nun folgende Rom vor.

    [ROM] [ICS] Simplistic Disaster Earthquake III [21st MAY] - xda-developers

    Since my team mate has halted his work til mid june and I cannot talk to him due to his personal business I decided to reopen my old thread rom to give you a nu Simplistic Disaster rom.

    here the specs and deatailed screenshots (bolded news for v2:
    -Status bar revamped (see image 1)
    -Based on LPF
    -Manage AOSP lockscreen or Samsung one in display settings

    -kernel Siyah v3.2.7.2+
    -init.d scripts
    -USB storage as default (no more MPT)
    -NFC and android beam enabled for I9100P model

    -AOSP Gallery or Samsung one
    -Fixed hotspot wifi toggles issues
    -Manage you toggles and BLN from Settings (see image 2)
    -CPU stats in developer settings
    -Camera mod with volume keys shutter
    -bypassed kill all dialog in task killer

    -Manage Crt-off in display settings (vedi immagine 2a)
    -No low battery warning dialog

    -Customizable Font size in display settings
    -real mms sent-received time

    -Some AOKP Rom Control features (see image 3)
    -TW Launcher centered default homescreen (4 of 7; 3 of 5; 2 of 3)
    -Torch on lockscreen
    -Restored advanced power menu header
    -No home button lag
    -Extended power menu (see image 4)
    -Non increasing ringtone
    -Bigger photo on calling screen
    -added italian translation in Phone.apk for callrecording strings
    -Call recording (see image 5)
    -SIP VoIP callings via WiFi & 3G
    -Battery empty notification moved to 5%
    -Multimedia limit threashold moved 0% (listen to ur music, watch ur movies and take picts til ur phone is completely discharged)
    -Supporter, donators list, our blog and our facebook page (video 1)
    -I may forget something
    now screenshots and details:

    Image 1


    1. moved on top carrier label bar to manage better the toggles
    2. Overscroll enabled in toggles scrolling
    3. multitasking button to manage better your tasks
    4. bifunctional button: single tap to collapse status bar, long tap to launch voice commands (or whatever voice search apk u got in ur phone) to gain back a feature lost with "no home button lag"
    5. AOSP quicksettings button
    6. Clear button moved from carrier label bar to notification bar as in GS3
    7. 13 customizable Toggles
    8. Semitransparent drop down menu
    9. Glow effect in status bar buttons

    Image 2


    Manage your toggles, CPU stats and BLN from Developer Settings

    Image 3


    Ported some little and useful features to manage:

    -Clock (format 12h / 24h, clock position, AM/PM, enable date, day of the week choose clock color from an HEX table, default is visible grey #ffbebebe)

    -Battery (battery style, battery bar location, battery bar style-color-thickness)

    -Performance (CPU, governor, voltages, RAM)

    Image 4


    advanced power menu with header

    Image 5


    REC button and bigger photo.

    Image 6

    Video 1

    Donator list from xda (big thanks to MALAVAN, the first xda donator!), HDBlog forum (italy).
    I hope to join your name to it.
    Then there are mine and Legendk95 twitter accounts links, our donation link, our microblog link and facebook page rom user.
    PS: donator list is not updated, but nu donatorswill be listed in nu roms as always[​IMG]
    Video 2

    Thanks to:
    first to Disaster Family for buyin me a nu GS2 after my lil trouble;
    Neophyte for kernel;
    XDA for teachin me how to;
    AOKP team, Kavhiatara, Lidroid, Neldar and above all Chainfire for root, there will be no modding without him.
    Big thanks to u for reading [​IMG]
    push download button to get your Simplistic Disaster Earthquake III v2

    Credits to:




    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 04:18 Uhr wurde um 04:22 Uhr ergänzt:

    Gleich mal Testen & schauen wie sie läuft. :D
    -Screenshots hinzugefügt^^
    So die Rom läuft so gesehen flüssig wenn man beachtet das sie noch auf LP4 läuft. Alles einmal durchgetestet, also W-Lan geht und telefonieren :p
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  2. debaki, 20.07.2012 #2

    debaki Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Der thread ist abzugeben, wer ihn will schreibt mir ne pn.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit der Android-Hilfe.de App

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