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xcover Pro-keyboard vibrate & other questions

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Diskutiere xcover Pro-keyboard vibrate & other questions im Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Forum im Bereich Samsung Forum.
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long time user of samsung galaxys from the USA..just bought unlocked xCover Pro from samsung and using on ATT as a carrier in USA.

appreciate any help on this.. on this phone I am running.
current version: G715U1UES3AATF1 / G715U10YM3ATF1 / G715U1UES3ATF1
Security patch level: July 1, 2020
my last successful update was 7/18/20 at 1:52 PM

1. Is haptic feedback / keyboard vibration available? I cannot find a VIBRATION intensity setting. Used this on samsung galaxys going back almost 10 years.

2. Is there any way to have the home screen button touch be able to AWAKE the phone to unlock? currently I can only wake the phone by hitting the side key

3. there is a bug where when the screen turns off after inactivity it does not lock automatically. when I awake the phone it is already unlocked without any passcode or fingerprint.anyone else experiencing this?

4. does this phone run 5G? I only see LTE. what is the speed difference of LTE vs 5g?

5.. this goes back to s8 active days ... any way to bring back the BADGE NOTIFICATIONS so that they do NOT CLEAR when you CLEAR THE STATUS BAR? my problem is when I clear notifications on the menu bar the badges / numbers dissapear from the icons on the home screen. this never used to happen before update. for example, my email, text message, phone, facebook, and whatsapp buttons still had notification numbers on the icons on the home screens even after clearing on the menu drop down bar.

Samsung has removed this feature. Now, the badge counter on the icon is synced with the notifications, so once you swipe off the notification, the badge counter doesn't treat that as unread, and thus doesn't show a number there.


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