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00.ante schrieb:
Steel Blue v4.11 (JVB) / v4.13 (JVH)

by Team Carbon
(markyyyy, edint3000, 00.ante)

Team Carbon is bringing you theme for Gingerbread firmware 2.3.3 version and it's quite heavily modded. Hope you'll like....

Special thx to Crysis21 which helped to finish and make possible JVH theme and also to have all features like before

So far our themes had over 6000 downloads and only few donations so far. Use Thanks button also on team members posts. Support our work or buy us few bears...

Use only on deodexed ROM!!!!!!

LATEST INFO >>> Changelog (updated 15/05/11)

  • v4.0
  • Uploaded 4.0 theme only
  • Apps only uploaded
  • Full theme uploaded
  • Notice for Darky's v10 RC3 installation
  • Addons added to post (it has all Steel Blue wallpapers; installs them on your SD)
  • Fixed extended menu text black on black (uploading zips)
  • Fixed problem with gingerbread keyboard; now script deletes Darky's
  • Fixed notification close handle when in landscape mode (separate zip file!)
  • Changed a bit installation notes
  • Added new link for fix since now it includes evil android in notification bar
  • Removed fix zip file; now included in zips >> NEW LINKS ADDED
  • New themed apps; Browser, Calculator, Calendar and new MiuiMusic
  • Added link for themed LuncherPro which fits perfectly in SteelBlue theme credits to signals23 >>> [THEME|MOD] 04.27.11 signals23 LauncherProPlus widgets **MORE THEMES** - xda-developers
  • Bootanimation will be also available soon (bootanimation works on DamianGTO and Chainfire kernels)
  • Added Overscroll Glow to separate zip (CWM install) thx to dhiru1602 >>> [MOD][PORT][04-16] Android 2.3 Overscroll Glow MOD for XXJVK, XWJVB (Gingerbread) - xda-developers
  • New market 2.3.6 added with evil android (zip for CWM install)
  • Overscroll Glow now included in zip's (latest version 10/04); no more separate zip file
  • themed Market 2.3.6 now include in apps only and full theme zip's
  • fixed extended menu; no more scroll
  • Added 3 more zip files for theme only which have different animations in theme
  • 4.6 Theme only still same; stock animations
  • 4.7a Theme only >> Flip/Flyin mix animations
  • 4.7b Theme only >> Bounce animations
  • 4.7c Theme only >> Fold animations
  • Added SteelBlue bootanimation by Goldie
  • Added links for animations preview
  • Fixed script for bootanimation so it deletes old ones before installing
  • Added 5 Lock Screens thanks to Rimmer1966
  • Added few screenshots for Lock Screens
  • Added in apps only and full theme 2 new themed apps from new Darky's rom RC4: > Browser and Camera
  • Modded a bit Wi-Fi icon and bit cleaner
  • Fixed problem market not installing in full theme and app only zips
  • Added SteelBlue eyes bootanimation also now included in full theme and as separate zip file
  • In full theme now are also included SteelBlue Wallpapers
    v4.8.1 only for Darky's RC4
  • Works on Darky's RC4 thanks to reflex9000 maybe it will work on other roms where didn't
  • It has only 4 Lock Screens; removed Puzzle form menu so you don't get bootloop
  • New battery charging animation
  • Modded a bit notification icons so they are much more understandable
  • Fixed Epic Lock screen problem when slide up
  • Fixed Lock screen music controls
  • Minor fix in Epic lock screen
    v4.9.1 only for Darky's RC4
  • Changes same as in 4.9; except epic has still problem and trying to resolve it
  • No Puzzle Lock screen like in 4.8.1
  • Modded some icons to match color
  • Re-worked apk files and tested
  • Added also RC version only for Darky's RC5.3 with no Puzzle lock (READ NOTICE)
    v4.11 (JVB ONLY)
  • No more RC versions; fixed problem for Darky's ROMS!
  • Supports TW4 Launcher (use zip from thread!!!!); thx to Crysis21
  • No more JVK; only JVB supported
  • Modded TW3 Launcher
  • SIP support enabled; also tested
  • Smaller progress bars thx to Crysis21
  • Rotating Dailer
  • Removed arrows and line from Rotory Lockscreen
  • All text for Notifications white thx to pauldiddy
  • Added Email Widget from SGS II
  • Default Launcher is bit modded TW3
  • Added few new screenshots of modds (after Puzzle Lockscreen)
  • Added few new Wallpapers
  • Added themed DigitalClock from SGS II thx styxx
    v4.12 (JVB ONLY)
  • working on minor fixes (in progress)
    v4.13 (JVH ONLY)
  • Same as before on JVB
  • Default animation Flip/Flyin mix
    v4.13.1 (JVH ONLY)
  • Fixed battery % showing now all numbers
    v4.13.2 (JVH ONLY)
  • Fixed reboot on some lockscreens
  • Changed few colors in Settings
  • Fixed in Settings that some png's not showing right
  • Added also theme only with stock animations
    v4.13.3 (JVH ONLY)
  • fixed minor bug in framework with wrong messages showing
    v4.13.4 (JVH ONLY)
  • optimized a bit png's in framework (little smoother)
    v4.13.5 (JVH ONLY)
  • fixed text selection icons to fit correctly

Well finally here it is 4.0 version for Gingerbread edition. This is the most comprehensive theme out here so far for new firmware. Some apps are modded fully and some only icons were changed..... We have tried to make the experience something that we all like, and hope that you all feel the same as we do.

What's new and it's fetures:
- most of things are already seen in v3.x
- AOSP default lock screen
- extended power menu
- TV screenoff animation (turn on the effect >> Settings>Display>Animation>Some animations or All animations)
- also thx to Chainfire now script after install reboots automaticlly
- Modded apps (not all are modded fully; some were only icons changed):
DialerTab, Phone, Contacts, MMS, Clock, Market 2.3.4, Gingerbread Keyboard Color Steel Blue version, Email, Camera, Miui Music, Gallery, Music Player
- Different animations
- Overscroll glow
- 5 Lock Screens

If any issues please post back...

Theme Previews - (v4.x)
Previews below do not show everything just a feel for some of the mods.

Animations Preview
- Bounce animation
YouTube - Samsung moment animations, bounce

- Fold animation
YouTube - Sbtwca

- Flip&FlyIn animation (separate video for each in theme it's mix)
* Flip
YouTube - Android Screen Transitions
* FlyIn
YouTube - Samsung moment animations, fly in

Installation Instructions
- Please make sure you always back up your rom prior to flashing.
- Rom needs to be deodexded JVK or JVB >>> HERE
- You need to have CWM installed >>> HERE
- Download to your SD Card,
- Use CWM recovery to flash from SD,
- After install script will reboot phone (on some kernels) or reboot it manaully
- let phone boot
- Enjoy​

**** Latest Version ****

Download v4.11 (JVB only)
Downloads have been separated. You can now download just the parts you want, or go for the full experience

4.11 Full Theme
Framework, Apps,, Wallpapers, Eyes Bootanimation, Stock animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens, modded TW3
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

4.11 Theme Only
Stock animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

4.11a Theme Only - JVB
Flip/Flyin mix animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

4.11b Theme Only
Bounce animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

4.11c Theme Only
Fold animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Download v4.13 (JVH only)

4.13.5 Theme Only
Flip/Flyin mix animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens, SIP
Special thx to Crysis21 for help to make it running
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

4.13.5a Theme Only
Stock animations, Overscroll Glow, 5 Lock Screens, SIP
Special thx to Crysis21 for help to make it running
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Theme Extras
4.11 Apps Only
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

4.11 Addons
Steel Blue Wallpapers
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

TW4 Launcher
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

TW3 Launcher by pawitp
More modified versions of TW3 Luncher
[MOD] Modified TouchWiz Launcher for Gingerbread [V4][127 Variations!] - xda-developers

Boot Animations
SteelBlue Eyes Bootanimation
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Bootanimation by Goldie
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

**** Previous Versions ****
Version 1.0, thread can be found here.
***|THEME|*** SteelBlue v1.0 - Markyyyyyy & Edint3000 - xda-developers

Version 2.0 thread can be found here
***|THEME|*** SteelBlue v2.0 Finally Here !! - NOW WITH CUSTOM ROM!!! - xda-developers

Version 3.1, thread can be found here.
***|THEME|*** SteelBlue 3.1 from Team Carbon (markyyyyy, edint3000, 00.ante) - xda-developers


Mostly go to all themers and developers out there that helped with they ideas, themes and help along the way.
Specially thx to these guys

- racerboy3801
- obsessionXYZ the creator of battey icon (Honeycomb theme)
- $omator
- Chanfire
- Daneshm90
- singlas23 for themed LauncherPro (go thread and click Thanks)
- dhiru1602 for Overscroll Glow (go thread and click Thanks)
- Goldie for SteelBlue bootanimation
- Rimmer1966 for 5 Lock Screens (go thread and click Thanks)
- reflex9000 thanks for fix to work on Darky's RC4 version (please go to post #196 and click Thanks)
- Fr4gg0r for hint on Darky rom
- pauldiddy for notifications text
- pawitp for great moods
- fear2142 for porting TW4
- styxx for SGS II apps (go to his thread CLICK ME and click Thanks or check out other SGS II apps)
- Crysis21 for night and help to make JVH running
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Was ich jetzt nicht ganz schnalle ist wie ich zurück zum Orginal komme?Hier ist ja jetzt keine Zip für zurück dabei.

Hat sich erledigt.Neuer Flash mit Darky reicht wohl aus.Hätte ich auch selber drauf kommen können.:)
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

weiß jemand ob das Theme auch bei der JS8 funktioniert? Bestimmt nicht oder?
Sieht total super aus, aber die JVK ist mir noch nicht fehlerfrei genug für den täglichen Gebrauch.


Ich würde es versuchen, mach aber vorher zur Sicherheit ein Nandroid-Backup im Recovery-Menü :winki:

Ich schätze die Wahrscheinlichkeit sehr gering ein, ich versuche aber auch ständig solche Sachen :thumbsup:


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Danke sehr. hab die 3.1 jetzt drauf. der wahnsinn.... :thumbsup:


ht der auch verschiedene lockscreens im einstellungs menü???


Nein, hier bekommst nur den Standard Android Lockscreen wie er im Screenshot zu sehen ist.


Neues Mitglied
Hi ...
muss man hier auch wieder mit Odin arbeiten und das ganze dann unentpackt in den PDA Ordner packen ? und los geht es ?!


Ne schon mal die Anleitung im ersten post gelesen?

---Getaptalked von unterwegs---


Neues Mitglied
sorry my english isn't so well ... aber ich finde den style echt gut... hm auf SD karte kopieren und im recovery Modus entpacken von der SD Karte ???


Die .zip auf die interne SD kopieren, dann ins CWM-Recovery booten...Dann wählen: Install .zip from SD-Card--->Choose .zip from SD und dann die .zip anwählen !
Randall Flagg

Randall Flagg

Bevor Du jetzt los legst: Ohne CWM hat das ganze keinen Zweck.
Funktioniert nicht!
Erst den besorgen dann jkann es losgehen.


Leider buggy.
Unter jvk wird bei der tastatur das bearbeitungswerkzeug abgeschnitten angezeigt.
Deswegen total unbrauchbar - leider

Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App


Neues Mitglied
was ist ein Buggy ? ich habe es nicht geschafft es zu anständig zu öffnen, habe es so gemacht wie es sich gehört, und habe es letzt endlich sein lassen ich.


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Ist es mit Goatrip 1.6 kompatibel?


Neues Mitglied
heißt das, das das (ui...viele 'das' :blink:) Theme auch mit der RC4 kompatibel ist?
Grüße Blackwoody


Im moment noch nicht. Bootloop. Laut xda spielt sich der Macher die rc4 heute rauf und schaut, wo das Problem liegt und dann geht es vielleicht auch. Rc3 funzt übrigens.

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App
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