[THEME] Noed DarkBlueGray VRTheme -=|Compatible with ALL custom ROMs|=-

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Noed schrieb:
New version 2.1 released Jan 27th.
Now compatible with Lidroid mod!!!
Working flawless in Hyperdroid Androidmeda v6.0.8 XILA.

Battery bug fixed, sorry

(get the fix here if you had the battery bug)

This is a theme designed for:
- compatibility with all Samsung based custom ROMs
- early adoption on updated ROMs and Lidroid / JKay versions
- real blue (not that ICS baby blue)
- forget gingerbread light gray and green

Visual changes:
- Quickpanel icons ICS style shades of gray
- Semi-transparent panel
- Notification icons turn blue when connected (with Lidroid or Jkay)
- Gray dialogs, popups, menus, frames, toasts and more

Package details:
- It's a VR Theme
- SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk themed, more will be themed in future versions
- No changes to resources.asrc or classes.dex, to maintain full compatibility
- Should be compatible with all ROM versions (SGSII bases), tested in KI8, KJ3, KK5, KL1, LA2
- Should be installed in deodexed ROMs, but may work on odexed too
- Maintains current Jkay version compatibility, works with all JKay versions, goes better with the latest 13.4.1
- Lidroid mod compatibility, works really nice in Hyperdroid v6, early adopter to this new awesome mod
- Can be flashed over other themes and mods
- To install just flash the zip in CWM
- The install script will not clear dalvik-cache, not always necessary... if you want to clean anyways, then do it in recovery before installing
- Multi-DPI support

- I'm open to suggestions, please post your feedback and requests

Please click the THANKS button :)
- almost 700 downloads of v1.0
- almost 300 downloads of v2.0 in less than 24hs
- v2.1 downloads going fast
- but only a few people clicked the THANKS button :( please don't forget to click
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