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  1. SunSide, 14.05.2013 #1

    SunSide Threadstarter Gast

    1. Für Jellybean 4.4.2 DEODEXED Roms.
    2. Um Probleme zu vermeiden wird dringend empfohlen,vor dem aktualisieren Cache/Daten der vorherigen App Version zu löschen und anschliessend die App zu deinstallieren.

    Derzeitige Einstellungsmöglichkeiten:
    Wird aktualisiert wenn Infos dazu verfügbar sind.
    Download des Frameworks

    Download der App

    VORHER:Falls nicht vorhanden ein Backup anlegen!
    1. Telefon mit PC verbinden u. das Framework auf den internen/externen Speicher kopieren,
    2. ins Custom recovery booten,
    3. das Framework flashen,
    Dann nur noch die App installieren um alles einstellen zu können.

    0.5 (02/02/2014)
    Show and hide unused toggles
    Transparent brightness slider background
    Force statusbar transparency
    Any color brightness slider rail
    Any color brightness icon
    Choose form 5 different brightness icons
    Any color brightness slider button
    Choose from 6 different brightness slider buttons
    Any color brightness checkbox color
    Choose from 13 brightness checkbox types
    Any color brightness texts
    Show/hide alarm icon
    Show/hide bluetooth icon
    Show/hide sound icon
    Statusbar now turns black when using apps not Samsung grey

    0.4 (05/01/2014)
    Choose between 5 different battery charging animations
    Battery icons can now be loaded from a created folder (3MinitBatteryIcons) on your internal sdcard
    Choose from 6 different signal icons
    Choose signal icons level 4,5 or 6 bars.
    Press clock to lock device now has an on/off toggle.
    Choose addon button for dropdown header (None, Recents, Clear, Lock, Launch app)
    Set Samsung battery text size, color
    Set drop down header buttons image color
    Set dropdown date color
    Hide ongoing items
    Hide No notification title
    Hide ongoing items title
    Fixed some quicksetting button not showing in lanscape mode
    Fixed incorrect text after screenshot
    Other bug fixes.
    Next alarm on dragbar

    0.3 (24/12/2013)
    Any color Wifi/data type icons
    Any color Signal icon
    Any color statusbar icons
    Set Statusbar color/image (Solid color, Gradient colors, any image 1mb or smaller)
    Set Dropdown color/image (Solid color, Gradient colors, any image 1mb or smaller)
    Set quick toggles background color/image (Solid color, Gradient colors, any image 1mb or smaller)
    Set quick toggles image (on ,dim, off) to any color
    Set quick toggles text to any color
    Set quick toggles indicator bar (on ,dim, off) to any color
    Hide quick toggles text
    Hide quick toggles indicator
    Hide space between quick toggles
    Set number of quick toggles shown
    Added 6 new toggles
    Reboot (long press to reboot without confirmation dialog)
    Recovery (long press to reboot to recovery without confirmation dialog)
    Download (long press to reboot to download without confirmation dialog)
    Torch (linked througout framework)
    Screen timeout toggle through(10 secs, 15 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins, 10, mins) also long press to switch between 2 user settable defaults
    Show lockscreen button on statusbar
    Press clock on statusbar to lock screen
    Show next alarm on dragbar
    Set any color dragbar background
    Set any color dragbar image
    Set no notification title background to any color
    Set no notification title text to any color
    Set ongoing title background to any color
    Set ongoing title text to any color
    Set notification title background to any color
    Set notification title text to any color
    Set no notification, ongoing, notification title text position (Left, Center, Right)
    Set ongoing, latest notifications background color

    0.2 (08/12/13)
    Moved to 4.3 See current settings above

    Auto profile restore so you set the framework to automatically restore any of your saved profiles at anytime and set it to repeat if you want.
    Whitelist apps.
    Set any image to No/Ongoing title backgrounds.
    Clock can be left aligned
    Fixed double clear button when using clear addon button.
    MH8 compatible

    Added Header addon button launch any app (with app icon unlocks lockscreen(not secure))
    Long press volume buttons skip tracks now works with Spotify
    added 3 more actions to all buttons:
    Skip next track (Menu and Back buttons works on lockscreen)
    Skip to previous track (Menu and Back buttons works on lockscreen)
    Toogle play/pause music (You can now instantly start music too even if music app is not loaded (works with spotify double press needed sometimes)
    Custom lockscreen carrier text
    Auto music shutoff just set your time and relax (Works with spotify)
    Varoius app improvements

    3.3 (27/08/2013)
    Wifi/signal icons now have their own color setting
    Clicking on dropdown date and time can launch any app
    Added home button double click actions
    Added 4 new actions to all buttons:
    Toggle sound/mute
    Toggle bluetooth on/off
    Toggle wifi on/off
    Lock device
    You can now set any color for all toggle states: (Fully stock toggle colors are now acheived)
    Toggles image on any color
    Toggles image dim any color
    Toggles image off any color
    Toggles indicator on any color
    Toggles indicator dim any color
    Toggles indicator off any color
    Any Battery text size
    Fixed ime icon
    Fixed dissapearing toggles when using certain languages.
    Updated some languages

    Fixed Blocking mode icon
    Fixed Smart eye icon
    Fix header am-pm size fc
    Other tweaks and improvements
    Added 3 languages:

    3.2 (13/08/13)
    Completely new app
    Any image/color/transparency clear button in dropdown
    Dragbar background ang color/transparency
    Smart eye icon on/off
    Loud volume warnings on/off
    3 Screen off effects {none, crt, fade}
    Resizable navigation bar
    Notifications background any color/transparency
    On going notifications background any color/transparency

    Completely re-written
    Ime switcher on/off
    Added date style (01/01/13)
    space before am/pm
    Header clock size
    Header clock am/pm size
    Header clock show and hide am/pm
    Any image toggle buttons background (5kb <) tested with image size(H92 W50 pixels)
    Any color dragbar image
    5 new battery types
    Starts as stock look now
    All new toggle control
    Any color navigation bar back color
    Any color navigation button colors
    Fixed statusbar color when opening apps/recents etc
    Fixed presitent smart pause
    Added disable action to lockscreen long press
    New look app
    Many other thing I cant think off.

    2.6 (17/07/2013)
    android.policy has been re-written all codes streamlined
    Added (so far many more to come) button actions
    Menu long press {Default, Kill app, Multiwindow, Launch any app, Torch, Disable, Screenshot, Recent apps}
    Back long press {Default, Kill app, Launch any app, Torch, Disable, Screenshot, Recent apps}
    Home long press {Default, Kill app, Multiwindow, Launch any app, Torch, Disable, Screenshot}
    Home long press on lockscreen {Torch, Press and release torch}

    2.5 (11/07/2013)
    Quick pin unlock
    Multi widgets on secure lockscreen
    Camera on secure lockscreen
    Hide lockscreen carrier text
    Stock look setting (one click revert)
    No notification title background color
    On going title background color
    Latest items title background color
    Fixed backup + restore
    Toggle control now keeps your current toggle arrangment after changing the settings

    Set S View screen time out
    Any color S View time
    Any color S View day
    Any color S View date
    Any color S View ap/pm
    Any color S View missed call text
    Any color S View sms notification text
    Any color S View playing track title
    Statusbar turns black when cover is closed

    2.3 (28/06/2013)
    Lockscreen torch can now be set to long press on home to toggle on/off
    You can now set data/wifi data arrows to stock
    Choose between 5 different 4g images
    Any no notification title text color
    Any On going title text color
    Any notification title text color
    Any clear button text color
    Fixed orange in data arrow when using coloured data arrows

    2.2 (16/06/2013)
    Pressing home on lockscreen toggles torch (with on/off toggle in settings)
    Option to have 5 or 6 quicksetting toggles displayed
    Any color battery can now be turn off for those who want to use there own custom battery.
    Rearrange toggles shortcut added.
    Setting toggle ,toggle text, toggle indicator colors and settings no longer requires SysytemUI resart.
    Volume adjusting whilst in call fix included.

    2.1 (13/06/2013)
    3 New toggles added:
    Power Off
    Reboot menu with (Reboot, Recovery, Download modes)
    2 new BIG battery types added
    Look for the new setting to activate them(They can be orderd in device settings)

    Fixed notification and center clock overlap bug
    Fixed Launcher fc when setting a wallpaper
    Fixed semi transparent status bar Samsung brought in on MEA
    Fixed Gps/Download icons now display correctly
    Other fixes improvemants

    Long press volume skips track(with on off toggle)
    Drop down clock has its own color
    Drop down date has its own color
    Some small app changes
    Batterys have been resized
    Wallpaper scrolling on/off

    Set any mid battery value
    Set any low battery value
    Set any mid battery color
    Set any low battery color
    Show/Hide battery
    Show/Hide blocking mode icon
    Airplane mode icon is now colored
    Ongoing items, Ongoing title, No notification title codes have been fully re-work and now have instant effect(without SystemUI restart)
    When you have clear add-on button set clear button from dropdown is hidden(as it is not needed)
    Ugly clear notification button has gone.
    Navigation bar mod has been reworked and now works without SystemUI restart

    Fast Shutdown
    Fast Reboot
    Fast auto boot into recovery
    Long press back kills app(multiwindow moved to menu key) or
    Long press menu kilss app

    Select from 13 different battery types
    Select Time and date size
    Option to size dropdown clock too
    Select brightness slider text color
    Hex color picker fixes.

    Set statusbar any image
    Set dropdown any image
    Hex color setter

    Show next alarm on dragbar
    Add on button to dropdown header choose None/Recents/Clear/Lockscreen
    Toggles text on/off
    Toggles indicator on/off
    Any color toggles text

    Alarm icon on/off
    Bluetooth icon on/off
    Vibrate/Mute icons on/off
    Lock screen button on statusbar on/off
    Carrier text on/off
    Custom carrier text
    Any color carrier text
    Any color battery text
    Any color/transparency dropdown header
    Any color Header buttons

    Any color battery
    Any color wifi/data icons
    Any color statusbar icons
    Any color toggle icons
    Any color toggle button background
    Transparent notification items
    Fixed know bug

    Full battery notification on/off
    Low battery notification on/off
    Usb connection sounds on/off
    Show/hide No notification title
    Show/hide ongoing title
    show/hide ongoing items
    Set statusbar to any color and transparency
    Set dropdown to any color and transparency

    Any color clock and date
    Center/right aligned clock
    Transparent dropdown panel

    Credits to pas2001 und aki-saar @xda

    Please do not make mirror links

    Devs please do not port or use this framework in your rom

    If you find an bug or something doesn't work as it should please notify me so I can correct it.

    Das flashen geschieht wie immer auf eigene Gefahr, weder der Developer, noch Androidhilfe oder ich übernehmen Verantwortung falls Schäden dadurch entstehen.
    Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 19.06.2015
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  2. Scoty, 15.05.2013 #2

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    1.2 ist nun da. Post 1 angepasst.
  3. nobrain, 15.05.2013 #3

    nobrain Android-Experte

    File wurde gelöscht.

    Gesendet von meinem Dummy GT-I9505 via Tapatalk 1
  4. Scoty, 15.05.2013 #4

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    Link sollte wieder funktionieren.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2
  5. Pal_f!nGeR, 15.05.2013 #5

    Pal_f!nGeR Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    nette sache !

    Könnte mir einer das Originalen Framework uppen , falls ich damit Probleme bekomme ?
  6. nobrain, 15.05.2013 #6

    nobrain Android-Experte

    Gibt keine. Anderseits kannst die rom neu flashen.

    Gesendet von meinem Dummy GT-I9505 via Tapatalk 1
  7. Scoty, 16.05.2013 #7

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    Neue Version hinzugefügt.
  8. Scoty, 17.05.2013 #8

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    Version 1.4 hinzugefügt.
    HaPe1968 bedankt sich.
  9. nobrain, 17.05.2013 #9

    nobrain Android-Experte

    Download stimmt wieder nicht. Wurde gelöscht.

    Gesendet von meinem Dummy GT-I9505 via Tapatalk 1
  10. Scoty, 17.05.2013 #10

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    Hmm ka warum der ständig denn Download ändert. Nervt etwas. Wenn der das immer macht dann werde ich das nicht mehr aktualisieren da ich keine Zeit habe ständig denn Download anzupassen. Link sollte wieder gehen.
  11. Maddin511, 17.05.2013 #11

    Maddin511 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Läuft das mit der I9505XXUAME3 ?!
  12. JasonMason, 17.05.2013 #12

    JasonMason Ehrenmitglied

    For Jellybean 4.2.2. DEODEXED roms only
    wenn es eine custom rom ist und diese deodexed ist dann ja..
  13. Scoty, 19.05.2013 #13

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    1.5 ist da.
  14. leachimus, 19.05.2013 #14

    leachimus Android-Experte

    Sorry wenn OT, aber ist die originale Odexed?
  15. nobrain, 19.05.2013 #15

    nobrain Android-Experte

    Jep odexed

    Gesendet von meinem Dummy GT-I9505 via Tapatalk 1
  16. bvbsoccer, 19.05.2013 #16

    bvbsoccer Android-Lexikon

    Woher weiß man denn ob man eine odexed oder eine deodexed rom hat?
  17. nobrain, 20.05.2013 #17

    nobrain Android-Experte

    Die originale rom ist immer odex,
    custom rom dagegen ist in der regel deodexed.

    Gesendet von meinem Dummy GT-I9505 via Tapatalk 1
  18. JasonMason, 20.05.2013 #18

    JasonMason Ehrenmitglied

    Scoty bedankt sich.
  19. Scoty, 20.05.2013 #19

    Scoty Android-Ikone

    Post 1 aktualisiert.
    JasonMason bedankt sich.
  20. bvbsoccer, 20.05.2013 #20

    bvbsoccer Android-Lexikon

    Ok danke. Von djembey gibt's auch ne deodexed ME2,dann flash ich die mal drüber und dann kann ich den mod auch nutzen ^^

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 2

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