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    MIUI is celebrating its first official birthday


    Diskussionsplattform für MIUI Rom übergreifender & Zubehör Themen für das
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (GSM)

    da Ich kein Tap7 besitze Betreue Ich
    diesen Bereich nur der Info halber
    werde Mich daher nicht an den Diskussionen (sei denn übergeordnete Themen) beteiligen

    Hier kann man sich auch über das derzeit noch inoffizielle MIUI.us Rom & Galnet MIUI (*) austauschen,
    für das es eigene Infoseiten gibt (*)

    - es werden aber Erfahrungsgemäß noch weitere folgen MIUI Rom Varianten folgen
    - deshalb macht es auch für das Galaxy TAP7 Sinn eine Plattform auf zumachen

    * siehe nachfolgender Datenbank


    Wer keine Lust, Zeit oder Muse hat zu Diskutieren,
    aber alle Aktuellen Roms, Zubehör, Infos sucht, ist weiter folgend Gut aufgehoben

    Datenbank aller MIUI Stock- & Custom Roms - Zubehör - Wissenswertes - Videos - etc;



    Jeden Freitag Countdown für ein neues Update- 1.9.9 Version ONLINE-(*)
    MIUI.us-EN/ (*) Galnet MIUI ()

    MIUI übergreifende News








    Download Stock- & CustomRoms

    Kernels etc; befindet sich noch im Aufbau

    Stock Change Log

    News - History -Videos

    Infoseite MIUI. us

    Infoseite Galnet MIUI

    Themes, etc;

    Falls euch meine Arbeit gefällt, dürft ihr gerne Danke Klicken (*)!
    *jeweilige Liste in der Ihr Euch Informiert fühlt


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    Bitte beachten: In der 1.9.9 Version tritt bezüglich Superuser ein Bug auf,
    dieser lässt sich aber Leicht beheben, Lazy Rich geht darauf ein. Danke an dieser Stelle!

    ROOT Permission / Allow applications to request ROOT permissions.


    Ich oder Android-Hilfe.de übernehmen keine Haftung dafür! Ihr seid für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!




    • MIUI.us Custom Rom



    Version: 1.9.9
    MD5: c6dff93bff5f70d3e28b89f24a19c299
    Size: 93MB [​IMG]




    Version: 1.9.2
    MD5: fd3fe24315e0017e64db91938dde79b9
    Size: 93MB [​IMG]





    Size: 109MB
    MD5: 234183f801179b1d9942fb30cdbc92f5

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    Befindet sich noch im Aufbau!
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    Infoseite MIUI.us


    Diskussionen by MIUI.us

    Support by xda:

    Originaltext by mssmison Thanks!

    [DEV] [GSM] [port]MIUI.us Official MIUI.us weekly builds Update 09/09/2011

    Read this entire post please!

    Build info
    Warning if this causes any issues with your tab in any way I am in no way responsible.
    You chose to download and install it.. Read before you try

    We are now officially an MIUI.us weekly build, please use the link to get the download direct from the miui.ui servers.
    The sites a good place to look for general MIUI.us support as well as that's all they do there.

    Thanks to Technomancer first! Without your CM7 kernel this would not have been possible,
    as well thanks to technomancer for the advice on fixing the rotation.
    Thanks to the original team of HTC Touch Android Devs [​IMG] You guys know who you are..

    Additional Notes
    - in the Launcher settings set high res icons on, it looks way better
    - you're going to want to be careful with some of the lockscreens you pick,
    some of the ones that slide to the sides don't work properly..
    If it won't unlock adb in and delete that lockscreen from /data/system/theme
    - If you have to wipe, make sure to install the zip again,
    it needs to place a file on the data partition to work properly.
    - You'll probably want a better keyboard, use thumb keyboard, perfect key board or something more tab suited.

    1.9.2 Build notes
    When you first boot the build, either from an update or fresh install, the google partner setup will appear.
    Please skip the wifi connection setup and google account setup as they are not working properly in this build (will be fixed next build).
    Then when back into the system simply re-open gmail and add your account again.

    Call for themers!
    Want to make MIUI on the tab better? Edit or make new themes that match our screen size,
    that way lockscreens will work properly all the time, the dialer can look better etc.
    Ivanoe has already posted a great port of a lockscreen here:
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...9#post16984789 Thanks!
    xavierjohn22 has also created a thread for some of the themes/lockscreens that he has ported to this screen size as well

    Multilanguage packs
    MultiLanguage Packs can be found here: http://htcfanboys.com/download/xavie...wse&folder=180
    Thanks to XavierJohn22 for doing this.
    Please only download the matching version to the version of MIUI you are running.


    For those who don't like 7x7 for the launcher, here's 6x5 flashable zip by XaviorJohn22
    (I'm so thankful that people are getting involved in this THANKS!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=501
    You must clear your launcher data BEFORE applying this update.zip

    To install and boot
    Ensure you are already on an ext4 system, (overcome/cm7/previous version) Install the zip. Wipe if you're on anything but a previous miui build
    If it's not yet showing, then it's still sycing. Just give it 10 minutes or so and it will be there.

    Not working
    Video Recording,
    Wifi Hotspot
    Generally anything not working in CM7

    While I check xda frequently the place I check the most regarding this particular
    build is the miui.us forums so if I don't seem to reply here post there.

    09/09/2011 12:49pm PSt: Updated to MIUI 1.9.9 Please see the general MIUI changelog here:
    http://miui.us/forums/content.php?11...Full-Changelog .
    Tab specifically this update adds Landscape support to the launcher which no other MIUI build has!!!
    It also changes the grid to 7x7. Everything looks pretty good, the delete bar had to be shrunk up but it's still there.
    Some of the widgets may overlap a bit when rotating.. I'll keep working on these small things,
    but let's focus on how exciting it is that we got miui landscape launcher support before anyone!!
    02/09/2011 8:59am PSt: Updated to MIUI base 1.9.20 Please see the general changelog here:
    http://miui.us/forums/content.php?11...view-Changelog .Tab specifically LPM mode is now fixed.

    28/08/2011 3:49pm pst: We are now fully integrated with the miui.us team. These are a great group of guys,
    and one of the founders is a long time friend of mine.
    Look forward to weekly general MIUI updates as well as tab specific fixes as I get them done.
    26/08/2011 8:20am pst: I'm working with the MIUI.us team on migrating this build completely to them.
    More info to come. A new update is also completed which will be posted soon.
    Why you ask? I'm really more of a 'make it work' kind of guy, I'm not much for maintaining [​IMG]
    25/08/2011 2:01pm pst: New version uploading. Based on the MIUI.us official release.
    25/08/2011 1:44pm pst: As the galnet team will be removing their work from XDA I'm going to be moving to a new source.
    In respect for Galnets work I've temporarily pulled the build and will have a new build, from a new base, up this afternoon.
    22/08/2011 11:16am pst:
    Update List
    updated to chameleon Beta
    updated recovery to use internal sd card
    updated vold to use internal as sdcard (the samsung way) and external as /mnt/emmc
    updated Launcher2 to fit
    updated build.prop
    added CMCamera apk, both Camera apps are there
    updated zImage (initramfs changes only), if you are on an ext4 setup already (ie overcome/cm7) you don't need to install cm7 first
    22/08/2011 8:38am pst - Chameleon beta is coming along really well, there are many updates that I've done to the system.
    I'm just waiting on some more info from the Galnet team so I'll hopefully have it posted later today or tomorrow.
    21/08/2011 5:47pm pst - Whoops.. sorry guys. uploaded correctly fixed Launcher2.apk now.
    21/08/2011 5:13pm pst - Started work on the new version, Chameleon based on the Galnet public Beta for it.
    Look for an update in the next day or so.

    19/08/2011 11:46am pst - Just fixed launcher alignement, it will be in the next version,
    for anyone who wants to do it themselves use apktool and the miui framework-res.apk to decompile the Launcher2.apk.
    Then edit res/values/dimensions and change the widths from 80 to 100. Recompile and push
    21/08/2011 9:27am pst- Launcher2 fixed and attached, us root explorer or adb to replace the one in /system/app
    19/08/2011 9:11am pst - CM7 Camera added to OP. It's faster and a works better
    18/08/2011 5:45pm pst - Ok, think I've finally gotten the theme engine fixed
    18/08/2011 4:47pm pst - sorry for the delay guys, I found a couple things to fix to do with the theme engine.. fixing now
    18/08/2011 3:48pm pst - everything is fixed. New build being posted soon.. ps.. this update posted from miui on the tab..
    18/08/2011 3:12pm pst - ok everything is working again and I've confirmed GPS works.
    I'm just stuck now with this rotation issue. I've removed the link for the alpha as I'll be releasing something much more complete right away
    18/08/2011 2:06 pm pst - So I broken audio while fixing wifi.. Just fixing that now.
    18/08/2011 1:30pm PST -Woot!! fixed wifi
    18/08/2011- Still stuck on the stupid wifi.. the modules not loading for whatever reason..
    18/08/2011- tired of fighting with the wifi.. releasing a public alpha test build to see if we can all get it by working together..

    Thanks to FC1032 for the pics.


    I've blocked all PM access. I'm sorry but getting 20 pms a day from people to lazy to search is really frustrating.
    I don't ask for donations, I ask that you buy worthy apps.. and it's a community, so share what you learn with others
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    Infoseite Galnet MIUI

    Welcome to



    Quelle: http://www.galnetmiui.co.uk/content/forum/latest-release/twooey-iii-for-the-galaxy-tablet-!/


    Yes it's true we are proud to announce GalnetMIUI on the galaxy tab. Now unlike the mobile roms this development has been done by a fan of the rom (MMSMISON), and has our official stamp of approval.

    As the development grows we are sure that this will become the much loved rom of the Galaxy Tab, just like our versions of MIUI have done so for the i9000.

    To boot

    1. Install CM7 for the tab and ensure that it is working
    2. reboot to recovery, wipe data/factory reset and install this update.zip. It includes the kernel in there but won't flash it as it uses the same kernel as cm7.
    3. enjoy!


    Mobile Data
    internal SD Card
    External SD Card

    Not working

    Video Recording,
    Automatic brightness



    Size: 109MB
    MD5: 234183f801179b1d9942fb30cdbc92f5

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    Müsst Ihr euch selber raussuchen

    Eigene Download Seite im Unterforum Themes - Diskussionen finden aber hier statt

    SGS II


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    Galnet's Team erinnert an den 11. September vor 10 Jahren!

    Our thoughts and Prayers!

    As we mark the 10th Year of the dreaded 9/11 we would like to dedicate our thoughts and memories to all the victims and families.


    The GalnetMiui Team​
  12. fahrenheit, 15.09.2011 #12

    fahrenheit Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Moin moin.
    Ich hab da mal ne frage zum flashen, z.z. Habe ich overcome 3.1 drauf und würde gerne mal miui ausprobieren.
    Kann ich jetzt mit dem cwm der bei overcome dabei ist einfach miui flashen oder zerlege ich mir dann mein tab?
    Falls das nicht geht wie muss ich es dann flashen.

    Mfg fahrenheit

    Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App
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    Sadmod Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Ich habe erst die Stock Safe 5 drauf, dann den Overcome Kernel und dann über diesen MIUI, sollte also gehen auch wenn ich eine Clean Installation machen würde.
    Kleiner Tipp aber noch. Nimm die 1.9.9 NICHT.
    Die hat am Tab einen Bug mit der density, was zu verrutschten Texten im Launcher führt (App Namen)
    Vorgängerversion (1.9.2) funktioniert dagegen taddellos.
    EIn HowTo gibts von mir übrigens morgen, vielleicht auch schon heute.
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    fahrenheit Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    alles klar danke dann werde ich mal ne sicherung von meinem tab machen.
  15. sYx

    sYx Android-Experte

    Kann man die App Bezeichnungen wegmachen? Und geht die Anzeige beim Desktop nicht im Querformat?

    1.11.12 ist die aktuellste Version?

  16. deeway, 15.11.2011 #16

    deeway Android-Lexikon


    ja die neuste ist die 1.11.12 .. HTC Fanboys - Downloads

    Querformat klappt beim MIUI Launcher .. die App Bezeichnungen weiss ich jetzt nicht ..

    aber ich empfehle dir nicht den MIUI Launcher zu benutzen .. man kann dort einfach nichts einstellen .. alleine schon das er nur 4x4 Kästchen hat und keinen AppDrawer ist für mich das NoGo des Launchers .. ich hab LauncherPro drauf gemacht unter MIUI 1.11.12 .. läuft bestens ...

    ps. das für mich das einzigste große Kriterium an MIUI ( MIUI Launcher ) .. wieso keinen schicken APPDrawer ?? .. ich hasse es so "iPhone mässig" zu haben wo man 1000 Apps auf dem Homescreen hat ...
    sYx gefällt das.
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    Beitrag kann geschlossen werden!