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  1. xHCx, 06.06.2012 #1

    xHCx Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Ich oder Android-Hilfe.de übernehmen keine Haftung dafür! Ihr seid für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!


    Banner von quasimodo (Danke!)

    This is fully ported from nexus s to captivate, i fixed all bugs

    xda-Link: [ROM][CUSTOM AOKP][IMM76I] °•KANGYU•° 2.2.1 • Smooth • …The…Bombardier°…. saving... - xda-developers

    What is Kangy Ultra?


    Kangy Ultra is one of the custom AOKP ROM + Great abilities, optimized tweaks for gaming and performance. KU has an AnvilINV UI by etoy n' decalex... High Bigmemory has been patched and new Icons has been added in this ROM.

    Scrennshots: siehe Post 3

    Download (2.2.1 bombardier): KANGYU_2032123 GT-I9000 Bombardier.zip

    • Mods & Fixes
    ICS Tipps & Tricks - Wissenswertes / Know How - Liste Mods, Fixes

    Credits to:
    -Google (The awesome one.)
    -bedalus (My friend and personal tester. )
    -KaliMochaoAz (The one who is behind supporting Nexus S.)
    -Brainmaster (The tweaks was discovered by him.)
    -MathKid95 (You should know better.)
    -Zeppelinrox (Tweaks)
    -Krarvind (Slim)
    -djdarkknight96 (The one behind the inverts.)
    -Ricardo Ceiquerra (Who is behind the merged of Theme Chooser & Holo Purple.)
    -Android Does (Apex Launcher)
    -AOKP (Romanbb and the team)
    -Etoy and Decalex (For the wonderful AMOLEDBLUe)
    -CM Team (To make this happen)
    -Andrew Neal (For CM Music update 4.0.4)
    -Goo-inside.me (Google Apps)

    Press Thanks if you like the rom- Or if you like you can DONATE to me [​IMG] (Dafür an den Entwickler bei xda melden!)

    All fixed by me.
    Emmc (external sd not mounting) comon bugg, i will fix it

    1:place the zip in the sd
    2:flash it via cwm

    Changelog: siehe Post 2

    Erste Eindrücke:
    von caipi75

    Von mir (xHCx) ein Danke an:
    und weitere..

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    caipi75, Radagast und raXoN haben sich bedankt.
  2. xHCx, 06.06.2012 #2

    xHCx Threadstarter Android-Experte


    2.2.1 Bombardier°°


    -Fixed Few Icons
    -Fix Terminal Emulator FC
    -Add new boot_sound
    -Updated Nexus S4G kernel

    221087 (17-5-2012)

    -Added Nexus S4G Support
    -Fixed Gtalk problem + SonnySekhon's themes
    -Deleted boot_sound
    -Fixed Icons

    2.2 Bombardier°

    220980 (15-5-2012)

    -Updated ApexLauncher 1.1.5
    -Fixed PlayStore problems
    -Removed Music

    220812 (Testing only)

    -Based updated to .36 changlog
    -Added Gummypapers (Cuz i love it!)
    -Weeeeird bootsound lol (for now.)
    -Able to update through goomanager
    -Goo.im for every stable versions


    -Icons is ****ed up.

    2.1.1 SharpShooter°

    211014 (14-5-2012)

    -Kernel Baseline Reverted due to Flashing Errors
    -KickAssKernelizer Tweak (Thanks Zeppelinrox!)
    -Updated Google Services
    -Fixed GTalk
    -Added what is available on the previous kernel based line.
    -Clean Up


    -Purchasing apps on Play Store gives a funny error. (Fix.)

    2.1.0 Jester°

    210100 (12-5-2012)

    -Kernel Baseline Updated
    -Fixed Camera FC
    -Rebranded Settings since merged 2.0 new icons settings
    -Updated few themes
    -Added Black Infinitum (Thanks Razer!)
    -New Messaging Style App
    -New AnvilINVert by Me + Me Friends
    -Optimized Tweaks
    -Remove Supercharger
    -Bigmem Support Re-added (As its missing earlier in 2.0)
    -Fix GTalk problem
    -Added Lucid's Google Play Music

    2.0 dIamonD°

    200XXX (8-5-2012)

    -Rebased on AOKP Build 35
    -Added Two Themes by rmcee
    -Based on Stock kernel
    -Added BIGMEM Patch
    -Optimized Tweaks
    -Fixed some shits....

    1.1 cRystal
    -Initial Release
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  3. xHCx, 06.06.2012 #3

    xHCx Threadstarter Android-Experte





    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 08.06.2012
  4. quasimodo, 07.06.2012 #4

    quasimodo Gast

    Habe dieses Rom im Testeinsatz gehabt!

    Nachgeflasht: TW5 Port
    Theme: Sense4

    • schönes Theme AOKP Rom (ähnlich RemICS)
    • gute Performance - läuft Smooth
    • schnelle Menüführung - auch zu den Kontakten

    • externe SD Karte nicht gemountet
    Meine Screenshots

    Und damit es nicht Untergeht
    Bericht aus Vorstellungsbeitrag von caipi75
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    xHCx bedankt sich.
  5. caipi75, 07.06.2012 #5

    caipi75 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Danke xHCx für die Neuvorstellung der Rom. :thumbup: ;)

    Noch kurz was zur Akkulaufzeit, ich finde sie hält sich gut für diese coole Rom. :thumbup:

    via Tapatalk 2
    xHCx bedankt sich.