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  1. Zekene, 06.06.2012 #1

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Stability of SENSE 3.6 with the Look of SENSE 4.0


    HTC Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation T-Mobile 4G


    Skin HTC Sense 4.0

    After ROM BootUp go to in "Personalize" ==> "Display" ==> "Skin" and choose "Sade by SZP Sense4 Clock"



    JUN 2012
    * shotten99

    . . . . . CREDIT TO . . . . .

    • kgs1992 for Graphics.
    • Korumera for Host Server.
    • dsixda for Kitchen.
    • madmaxx82 for 4EXT Recovery.
    • Leedroid, m0narx, j4n87 for Leedroid Tweaks.
    • GhostXSeries for Dialpad Black Green.
    • crypted for AGPS Patch.
    • NODO-GT for HQ Camera.
    • rathore4u for Exchange Security Disabled.
    • mudhi for Beats & SRS & Dolby.
    • XxXPachaXxX for xLOUD Sound Engine.
    • chainsdd for SuperUser.
    • Chainfire for SuperSU.
    • Amarullz for AROMA Script.
    • jerrytan93 for Keyboard Skin Sense 4.0
    • vin255764 for Dialpad Black Green.
    • cory0821 for MMS Bubble Text Sense 4.0
    • alper.s for Skin Sade Sense 4.0
    • mexxxico for BOOT & DOWN Animation Black.
    • Football for RUU Base.
    • XDA Team for Forum.
    • and all Users and Devoleper of XDA.
    General Info ROM:

    • ICS 4.0.3 from STOCK ROM HTC WWE v3.32.401.105_R2
    • Default Kernel 3.0.16-gda3fdfc
    • NEW Adreno GPU Driver v2.0.2184622
    • HTC Sense v3.6
    • Stock Graphics
    • de-odexed
    • Rooted
    • Init.d Script Support
    • Busybox v1.20.1
    • SuperSU v0.89
    • ZipAligned R20
    • build.prop Cleaned & Tweaksed.
    • WIFI Calling (Only for T-Mobile Device).
    • SMS Secure BOX Enabled.
    • HTC Bloatware Removed.
    • GPS Patch for Fast Fix Satellites.
    • Tweaksed for Smoothness, Battery life, Ram Optimized and Performance.
    • Moved some "/system/app" in to "/data/app" for Easy Unistall and Update.
    • Interactive Setup for Customization ROM. (See Below)

    • Default
    • Performance
    • Battery Life

    AROMA OPTION: (Extra MODs)
    • New Adreno GPU Driver v2.0.2184622
    • Exchange Security Disabled
    • HQ-Camera v1.5
    • Beats & SRS & Dolby
    • Bravia Engine
    • xLOUD Sound Engine
    • Leedroid Tweaks v4.3
    • Sense 4 Skin

    • Adobe Reader
    • Audio Trimmer
    • Browser
    • Dock Mode
    • Dropbox
    • ES File Explorer
    • Facebook
    • Flickr PlugIn
    • FriendStream
    • Gmail
    • Google Maps
    • Google Plus
    • Google Quick Search
    • Google Street View
    • Google Talk
    • HTC Connection Media
    • HTC Contact Widget
    • HTC eReader
    • HTC Location
    • HTC Mail Widget
    • HTC Message Widget
    • HTC Skins
    • HTC Stock
    • HTC Store
    • HTC Watch
    • Live Wallpaper
    • Maxthon Browser
    • News
    • Polaris Office
    • Picasa PlugIn
    • SIM-Toolkit
    • Twitter
    • Video Editor
    • Voice Search
    • Youtube

    * Removed: Image Sample, epub Sample, Teeter and useless File.
    Changelog ROM:
    SharkDrOiD S3 v2.3a CODENAME: INFINITY 06-Jun-2012
    - Update Google Maps v6.8.1
    - FIX Important BUG Stability with Stock Kernel (thx to snake650 for Feedback and Test)
    SharkDrOiD S3 v2.3 CODENAME: INFINITY 04-Jun-2012
    - ADD Extra Wallpapers (NEED FULL WIPE ROM!!!)
    - Update Busybox v1.20.1
    - Update Profile Performance (thx to -viperboy-)

    - Update Tweaks Memory Management (thx to -viperboy-)
    - Update Tweaks Connection Data (3G / HSDPA / HSUPA)
    SharkDrOiD S3 v2.2 CODENAME: HURRICANE 03-Jun-2012
    - ADD AROMA Option (PROFILE): * Default * Performance (by XxXPachaXxX) * Battery Life (by XxXPachaXxX)
    - ADD AROMA Option (REMOVE APPs): * HTC Contact Widget * HTC Mail Widget * HTC Message Widget
    - Update Google Maps v6.8.0
    - Update Facebook v1.9.4
    - Update Bravia Engine (by XxXPachaXxX)
    - Update xLOUD Sound Engine (by XxXPachaXxX)
    - ADD SQLite3 for Improvement Performance "DB I/O"
    - Other Minor Bug Fix
    SharkDrOiD S3 v2.1 CODENAME: KIMERA 25-May-2012
    - Update AdaWay v1.35
    - Update Google Plus v2.6.0
    - Update Maxthon Browser v2.6.5
    - Update Driver OpenGL v2.0.2184622 (thx to Shnizlon)
    - ADD Chinese Language Input Method (NEED FULL WIPE ROM)(click for screenshot)
    - ADD SMS Secure Box (thx by me)(click for screenshot)
    - ADD Ringtones, Alarms, Notifications from the Sense 4.0
    - Improvement Audio Quality "Beats & SRS & Dolby" (thx to mudhi)
    - Improvement Connection Data 3G / HSDPA
    - Replace Lockring "Sade Skin Sense 4.0" with Stock Lockring
    - FIX Notification Bar for "Sade Skin Sense 4.0"
    - Other Minor Bug Fix
    SharkDrOiD S3 v2.0 CODENAME: SuperNova ..."The Power is Nothing Without Control"... 22-May-2012
    - Re-Based from HTC Sensation XE v3.32.401.105_R2
    - ADD AROMA Option (MULTIMEDIA): * Bravia Engine (by XxXPachaXxX)
    - ADD AROMA Option (REMOVE APPs): * ES File Explorer * Maxthon Browser
    - For T-Mobile User Only: * Update all module from New HTC Stock T-Mobile v3.32.531.14 (Support WIFI-Calling) (thx to Steve0007)
    - Improvement Music Audio Quality
    - Update Twitter v3.2.2
    - Update Adobe Reader v10.2.1
    - Update ES File Explorer v1.6.1.6
    - Update Sade Skin Sense 4.0 (thx to luis4ever)
    - Update Dialpad/Pinpad Sense 4 (by Me & GhostXSeries)
    - Update Tweaks for Performance (click here for screenshot)
    First Install New SharkDrOiD S3 v2.0, You Download and Flash New Firmware Package, Link is just under "You Need" SharkDrOiD S3 v1.4 CODENAME: Avengers 13-May-2012
    - ADD AROMA Option: * Beats & SRS & Dolby v5.2 (by mudhi) * xLOUD Sound Engine (by XxXPachaXxX)
    - ADD Language: En_US and Others
    - Update Facebook v1.9.3
    - Update Google Maps v6.7.0
    - Update Street View v1.7.2.0
    - Update Maxthon Browser v2.6.4
    - Update Google Play Store v3.5.19
    - Update DialPad/PinPad Black v2.1 Sense 4.0 (by GhostXSeries)
    - Improvement SoundBoost from Speaker (thx to mudhi)
    SharkDrOiD S3 v1.3 CODENAME: Supremacy 08-May-2012
    - ADD AROMA OPTION: * Adreno GPU Driver v2.0.2184622 (from HTC ONE S)
    - ADD Lockscreen Photo Album
    - Update Dialpad Black Sense 4.0 (by GhostXSeries)
    - Update SuperSU v0.89
    - Update Facebook v1.9.2
    - Update Skin Sade v1.6 Sense 4.0 (by alper.s)
    - Update Tweaks for Performance & Battery Life
    SharkDrOiD S3 v1.2 01-May-2012
    - ADD AROMA OPTION: "SENSE 4 THEME" (see Screenshot to First Post) * ADD Wallpaper from Sense 4.0 * ADD Volume Audio file from Sense 4.0 * ADD Clock White Sense 4.0 (by alper.s) * ADD Dialpad Black Sense 4.0 (by vin255764) * ADD Keyboard Black Sense 4.0 (by jerrytan93) * ADD MMS Bubble Text Sense 4.0 (by cory0821)
    - Update AdAway v1.34
    - Update Dropbox v2.1.3
    - Update Facebook v1.9.1
    - Update Google Maps v6.6.0
    - Update Twitter v3.2.1
    - Update LeeDroid Tweaks v4.3 (by m0narx)
    - Update Tweaks for Improvement performance
    - ZipAligned All APK to R20
    SharkDrOiD S3 v1.1a 24-Apr-2012
    - ADD AROMA Script v1.64 (by Amarullz)
    - ADD Support T-MOUS Device
    - Updated Busybox v1.20.0
    - Update Maxthon Browser v2.6.2
    - Change Superuser in to SuperSU v0.88 (by Chainfire)
    - Update Tweaks for Improvement performance.
    SharkDrOiD HQ v1.0 20-Apr-2012
    * Initial Released * Extra App Included:
    - AdaWay (last version)
    - ES File Manager (last version)
    - Maxthon Browser (last version) Extra MOD Included:
    - HQ Camera v1.5
    - Exchange Security Disabled
    - Leedroid Tweaks v4.2
    Read Info First Flash ROM:
    You Need:

    • HTC Sensation/XE/4G S-OFF (GUIDE)
    • Firmware Package (3.32.401.105_R2) for Normal Sensation & XE from HERE (MD5: e6fd966222d67b6b16d818abda8cfbd8)
    • Firmware Package (3.32.531.14) for Sensation TMobile 4G from HERE (MD5: eb1e71af6b11407d06f5fe1ded2d93eb)
    • 4EXT Touch Recovery from HERE
    How to Install:

    • Download ROM and Copy on your SD Card.
    • Boot your Phone in Recovery.
    • Select "install zip from sdcard".
    • Follow the Setup Procedure.
    • Enjoy!!! [​IMG]

    (Thanks To Korumera for Host Server)

    SharkDrOiD S3 v2.3a (MD5: 33329b55fe7629f0adb9ebac5d56c9be)

    ( *** Need Full Wipe if you want EXTRA Wallpaper *** )

    ( *** NO Need Full Wipe if you don't want EXTRA Wallpaper *** )

    KERNEL Compatible:

    Bricked-3.0-Kernel (by Show-p1984)
    Overclocked kernel (by SebastianFM)
    Pyramid-ICS-Sense (by Faux123)

    Sade Skin + ICS Icons-Set (by alper.s)
    EarlGreen Skin (by alper.s)
    More Beats Skin (by alper.s)
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.06.2012
  2. Rico23, 06.06.2012 #2

    Rico23 Erfahrener Benutzer

    ist das also einfach sense 3.6 mit der Uhr von Sense 4 und so kleine sachen wie tastatur u.ä. !? oder verstehe ich das falsch?!
  3. Zekene, 06.06.2012 #3

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Die Rom bassiert auf sense 3.6 ( sehr gute akku laufzeit. ). Beim Flashen kann man im aroma sense 4.0 skin auswählen. Dann kann man bei Oberflächen sense 4.0 skin aussuchen. Die htc uhr ist original. Man kann auch bei den Tweaks zb. die untere leiste wegnehmen die im lockscreen ist oder die statusleiste auf schwarz machen usw. Ich finds Gut :)
  4. Rico23, 06.06.2012 #4

    Rico23 Erfahrener Benutzer

    hört sich nicht schlecht an :) werds mal probieren !!
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