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  1. Zekene, 05.05.2012 #1

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone


    Welcome to Infamous ROM

    What Infamous ROM is:

    - Based off of baadnewz's Insertcoin Thanks baadnewz!
    - Base: 3.32.401.105 Final RUU
    - IceCreamSandwich 4.0.3
    - Deodexed
    - Init.d support
    - Rooted
    - Improved SQLIte
    - Improved GPU configuration
    - GPU Acceleration ON
    - APKs optimized to speed up and reduced memory footprint
    - Removed HTC Sniffing Tools
    - Tons of tweaks and optimizations
    - system mounted as RW with barrier=0 option
    - Sense or senseless it is your choice while flashing. The option to add AOSP ICS theme by Shnizlon - Thanks!
    - Sense 3.6.
    - Beats, Beats over Bluetooth, Beats Video plugin
    - Leedroid tweaks v4.2 - thanks m0narX, j4n87, and richmond
    - Black HTC Sense 4.0 boot animation by mexxxico - Thanks!
    - Bricked-3.0-kernel v9 with swipe wake/swipe sleep. Three to choice from. - thanks show-p1984
    - Custom Infamous ROM splash screen, pretty sick. By me
    - Aroma installer with so many options when installing

    A few others thing I can't think of now.

    If I forgot anyone please let me know so I can add you.

    Thanks to all the awesome developers and members of XDA and the Android community! Thanks to b14ckd34th for helping with all the beta testing!

    Big Thanks to Alex over at http://www.androidfilehost.com for hooking me up with a free account to help get Infamous ROM to you good people. If you are feeling generous, check them out and possibly contribute to them! Thanks [​IMG]




    1. Boot to recovery
    2. Nandroid
    3. Flash the latest firmware package Get it here
    4. Boot back to recovery
    5. Wipe data/factory reset (Must if coming from another build)
    6. Flash the ROM.zip
    7. Reboot & wait five minutes for the ROM to settle, then reboot and enjoy

    Change log:

    - Added AOSP theme from malavi - thanks!
    - Updated Bricked v1.0 with BADASS! - thanks
    - Changed some UI and tweaks
    - Bootanimation and splash
    - updated apps
    - added camera ICS. Records 720p from the front camera. In data folder for easy uninstall if you don't want it. First use takes a minute or so before it is usable.

    - Added the option to flash the very slick Infamous lock screen ring - Thanks mohit1234!
    - Added ICS HD skin from malavi - Thanks!
    - Added some AOSP themed apps from malavi to the AOSP theme - Thanks again!
    - Added adaway so you can remove ads if you want
    - Added ROMtoolbox lite by Jrummy - Amazing app. (the pro is 10x better!) you can change the font, bootanimation, tweak the build prop, root file manager, screen density and more with this app. A must have for all root users!

    - Wipe suggested - Removed Earth lockscreen
    - Added option to remove HTC lockscreen(Might break Tweaks app)
    - Added the option to add swip to wake and lose HTC screen shot PWR+HOME. Use HOME+VOLDOWN and hold for a sec or two.

    1.2 - Updated Bricked v9
    - Added option while installing to removed either Sense phone app or remove AOSP Phone, or keep both. Thanks thedark-lord for the idea!
    - Removed option to remove Sense lockscreen since it breaks the tweaks app and the tweaks app already does this for you if you want. RC1.1.5
    - fixed Wifi
    - updated tweaks v4.2 RC 1
    - Updated camera mod v1.5
    - Tweaks v4.1
    - Bricked v8
    - Sense or senseless all in one ROM
    - Updated Gmail, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, Google+, Street view on Google Maps, Titanium Backup, Twitter, and Adobe Reader beta 1

    - Initial release - 4-7-12
    - Based on InsertCoin - thanks baadnewz
    - updated InsertCoin Tweaks - thanks Pavelol
    - Modified HTC Listen
    - Tweaked sound configuration
    - Updated Kernel to bricked v.61 -
    credits show-p1984
    - Interactive GPU OC Selection
    - added cmdline freq support
    - credits show-p1984
    - AOSP ICS theme - thanks Shnizlon


    Huge thanks to mohit1234 for making this! You rock buddy

    Also just approved Goo-inside.me and am uploading the most recent to the app. You will from now on be able to download the updated straight to the app. Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...0up.goomanager

    Infamous 1.2 Download

    Infamous 1.2.5

    Infamous 1.3 sexy addition

    Mirror 1.3

    Infamous 1.3.5

    Mirror 1.3

    A wipe is suggested coming from anything under 1.3. Also when coming from any other ROM a full wipe is a must! Last, always at least wipe dev cache during every flash.


    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 05.05.2012
  2. Zekene, 05.05.2012 #2

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Platzhalter :)
  3. Microcut, 05.05.2012 #3

    Microcut Android-Experte

    Ein Blick in die Glaskugel sagt, dass es bei IC wahrscheinlich nicht mehr so recht weiter gehen wird. Daher scheint das hier sehr interessant zu sein, zumal man Sense/NoSense wählen kann.
    Nur leider mit dem Stromfresser-Kernel versehen, aber das kann man ja ändern ;-)
  4. Zekene, 05.05.2012 #4

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Werde es heute mal testen mit dem kernel von sebastian :)
  5. Microcut, 05.05.2012 #5

    Microcut Android-Experte

    Lass mal was hören, wie es so läuft. Vielleicht probier ichs ja morgen auch mal aus.
  6. Zekene, 05.05.2012 #6

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Also Ich finde es läuft wirklich gut! 1 sache stört mich nur. Wenn man das AOSP Theme installiert sind dannach immer zb. 2 mal die musik app da oder 2 mal kamera,telefon. Habe aber nicht geguckt ob man die sense appls löschen kann ( Im aroma installer )
  7. Rico23, 05.05.2012 #7

    Rico23 Erfahrener Benutzer

    gibts die 1.4 schon? der Changelog steht ja schon drin? oder gibts bis jetzt nur die 1.3.5 zum download!?

    gruß Rico
  8. Geist700, 05.05.2012 #8

    Geist700 Neuer Benutzer

    Die 1.4 bezieht sich wohl auf die beta version so wie ich das im forum von xda-developers
    geselesen hab.
  9. Microcut, 07.05.2012 #9

    Microcut Android-Experte

    Und? Noch jemand schon Erfahrungen mit dem ROM gemacht?

    Erneuer mal die Screenshots vom ROM, sonst versinkt das Thema hier bald im Nirvana des Forums ;-)
  10. Geist700, 07.05.2012 #10

    Geist700 Neuer Benutzer

    Hab es seit gestern drauf.Bisher hab ich nichts aussergewöhnliches bemerkt.
    Läuft bisher Stabil und wird nicht langsam oder lagt.

    Man kann eine Menge am system rumschrauben(LeeDroid Tweak,Room Toolbox)

    Bin aber nicht so bewandert darin,so das mir wohl nicht soviel auffällt was für die Fortgeschrittenen wohl von bedeutung wäre.
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