SGS edition of the Platypus Revolutions kernel

This Project is inactive/low activity for a longer period of time


CM7 & MIUI only

NEO series

(since May 24th '11)

Do you want to discuss on this kernel, get the news on the current state of development, or test kernels even fresher than fresh ?

connect via webchat from your browser:

QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)
and join #platypus-kernel

Fire up your IRC client, and join via client
the server (for now is) : irc.quakenet.org
port : 6667
Channel : #platypus-kernel

(thanks to Tk for the layout idea :p)

before you ask for any ETAs:

The first rule of CyanogenMod [and this project]: DO NOT ASK FOR AN ETA!

First step before install & kernel switch:

Always have this cleaning script on your internal SD card ready

If you're switching kernels, have issues with auto-rotation, the cam, bootloops or other sorts of problem (failed overclock attempt),
please use lippol94's updated cleaning script (apply via CWM recovery)
:Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!


Hi guys,

this is my first modded kernel for the SGS (CM7/MIUI only)

I first needed to test it to make sure that it'll be stable & boot at the first place

so far it's very fast & responsive & smooth

This thread shall serve as the center for my testing kernels (stability & functionality-wise)

DISCLAIMER: the kernel (binary) and driver modules are provided as is. If problems occcur they most probably are from upstream and can be fixed with the newest version. Since I'm doing this in my free spare time as a hobby (quenching my thirst for tweaks & performance) updates will occur irregularly as time permits and I see fit (most probably when new features & bugfixes arrive). YOU are responsible for the actions that you take (such as over- or underclocking), etc. You agree that I can not be held liable for any potential damage that arises from your actions in combination with or the usage of this kernel and other related parts.

* Google, Andy Rubin & the whole Android crew
* Linus Torvalds & the kernel hackers for upstream Linux
* cyanogen & all the devs out there hacking on this
* Supercurio for enriching our media experience of this smartphone
* codeworkx, coolya, guiper, atinm - the whole teamhacksung|cmsgsteam crew and all other hackers working on CM7
* laststufo, hardcore, nikademus, existz and all the other kernel hackers on the SGS forum
* zen-kernel team for inspiration to create a kernel, too
* all other contributors (devs, users, etc.) who make this possible

The purpose of these kernels is extensive stability testing addressing the following sticking points:
- overall stability & functioning of the kernel and phone
- call drops, missed calls, etc.
- lags (suggestions for improvements are welcome)
- auto-rotation, sensors, etc.
- Voodoo Control Plus [any crashes ? compatibility problems ?]
- working on CM7 or MIUI ?
- scheduler, sound, video synchronisation & lags: Tap Tap Revenge 4 (especially at the beginning of songs)
- scheduler, sound, video synchronisation and any other issues: doodle dash (while shooting & sound activated)
- proper pmem memory layout & settings: proper functioning of Google Googles

for those who love SAUCE (Source):

old source:


new source:

(fork and 1:1 update to upstream kernel source - changes in different branches)

(latest changes sometimes might not be in [yet] but in the whole repo everything should be available)

current UV & OC stable values:

Recommended apps for OC/UV:

- Pimp my CPU (also available here on XDA for those who don't have a credit card, etc.)

- Xan's VoltageControl

on stability testing:

xda-developers - View Single Post - [KERNEL]05.12.2011 test-kernels [CM7/MIUI] platypus;SECURITY,VOODOO,OC/UV,nodebug,...

(start with "Q: I'm new in OC/OV operations so please could you explain to me how to set it in the best way?")

the following OC/UV values are only applicable for kernels with the old OC/UV implementation (max. 1.3 GHz)

my current UV (undervolt) stable Values :

old OC/UV implementation (morfic, bilboa1/kang, TheEscapist):

1300000 0 (haven't tested 1.3 GHz much yet)
1200000 -25
1000000 -50
800000 -75
600000 -100
400000 -100
200000 -125
100000 -150


1200000 -50
1000000 -75
800000 -75
600000 -225
400000 -125
200000 -150
100000 -175

thanks jetcz ! :)

new OC/UV implementation (morfic, bilboa1/kang, TheEscapist - Tk-Glitch):

Tk-Glitch schrieb:
Note that these UV settings will be unstable on many devices. It's only informative.

1600 MHz - 1.500v / -> That's high and many devices will fail on this frequency. Find working UV for you if any.
1500 MHz - 1.500v / -> That's high and many devices will fail on this frequency. Find working UV for you if any.
1440 MHz - 1.475v / -75mv
1400 MHz - 1.450v / -75mv
1300 MHz - 1.400v / -75mv
1200 MHz - 1.350v / -75mv
1000 MHz - 1.250v / -50mv - If you have stability issues, try to let this one by default.
800 MHz - 1.200v / -75mv
400 MHz - 1.050v / -100mv
200 MHz - 0.950v / -150mv
100 MHz - 0.950v / -200mv - (can be very different between two devices)

More volts is not always equal to more stability. Try to add more UV (less volts) if the frequency you're trying to achieve is unstable.
Considering all phones will respond differently to OC/UV, to tweak the values to suit your device will be required.

By default, no overclock/undervolt is applied. You'll need to use one of the tools below to adjust the frequencies and voltages.
Note : Never ever use SetCPU with this kernel. You could encounter many stability problems like random reboots or bootloops.

3D performance and games:

recommended apps:

[root] Chainfire3D

This will be the last kernel for some time since I need to take care of personal things

I will still continue development on the Talon/Platypus Kernels in the background but will

keep a "small footprint" on XDA and phone-related stuff

All what you post will be read but I most likely will only answer what not already has been asked and e.g. some troubleshooting, etc.

Thanks for your understanding
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(1. Reservepost, Releases in Kurzform)

1st backup post (kernels)


Kernel werden in absteigender Reihenfolge gelistet

älter (oben) -> neuer (unten) (die neusten quasi am "Boden" - zumindest soweit einmal)


Die folgenden Kernel gehen nur mit dem neuen RIL (u.a. Modem Treiber) (Nightly #12 und neuer auf dem SGS - Vibrant & Cappy == andere Nightly-Nummerierung)

NEO 09

Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=15043885&postcount=1300

NEO 10

Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=15141399&postcount=1395

BFS kernel


(semi-broken: superuser issues, some stability issues, etc.)

NEO 10 diagnostic kernel (logcat + printk)


NEO 11


NEO 09-redux_V5


auf XDA finden sich im Thread oder auf IRC noch neuere Test-Kernel

NEO 18 codename: funky fish

auf XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19343342&postcount=4200

hier im Forum: https://www.android-hilfe.de/2250736-post2295.html

ALLE MÜSSEN AUF DIESE KERNEL UPDATEN (diese beheben 2 potentielle Datenverlust-Quellen)

NEO 18-update1 codename: funky fish

NEO XX.1-update1 codename: mighty rhino

ALLE MÜSSEN AUF DIESE KERNEL UPDATEN (diese beheben eine weitere potentielle Datenverlust-Quelle)

bei XDA (englisch): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19343342&postcount=4200

hier im Forum: https://www.android-hilfe.de/2381471-post2367.html

CM9/ICS (Android 4.0.x) preview - NEO 3.0.8 alpha3/4

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=20861762&postcount=4677 [bei XDA]

CM9/ICS (Android 4.0.x) preview - NEO 3.0.8 alpha5

(deep idle v2 enabled by default, upstream GPIO fixes)

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=20882024&postcount=4715 [bei XDA]

https://www.android-hilfe.de/2474640-post2394.html [hier]
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(2. Reservepost, Changelog)


obsolete right now
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(3. Reservepost - "Results / Resultate")

Results & FAQ/Q&A


(04/27/2011) Results for platypus-kernel_20110427_18_quorra_r1:
- broken auto-rotation & sensors for some [insert ROM (CM7 ? MIUI ?)]
- stable

(05/03/2011) Results for CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110503_17_quorra-r4_exp
- high battery drain, either due to kernel config or optimization flags, fixed with >= quorra r5 (2nd update)


@bootloop / boot post victims ^^

Hi guys,

could you please try to replace the existing kernel on your MIUI or CM7 nightly CWM-Package with my kernel, modules and its scripts ?

then install that updated package (with the new kernel, modules and scripts)

after that all should work

the bootloops seem to be an issue with bml_over_mtd (broken sectors on the SSD on your phone)

I'll investigate this and see if anything needs to be rewritten and/or updated in that regard

Thanks !

Overclocking / Undervolting:

Q: I'm new in OC/OV operations so please could you explain to me how to set it in the best way?
A: start with -50 mV (delta from default value) other values probably are too low

my testing includes:

- Angry Birds Rio (several missions)
- Gun Bros (for some time)
- mp3 playback, (flac playback - optional)
- surfing the web via browser, opening up bit.ly links from cmsgsteam twitter feed
- watching youtube video
- watching video via rockplayer lite or mobo video player
- running benchmarks (Smartbench 2011, quadrant standard, an3dbenchXL, anTutuBench)
- Labyrinth Lite (for gravity sensor), auto-rotation (also for sensor)

when 1 GHz (1,2 or 1,3) is OK - go lower with undervolt value (e.g. -75 mV)
after it gets un-stable - go back to last known stable value

then you can limit max frequency to lower one, e.g. 800 MHz

and repeat testing for that frequency

for more info: checkout shaolin95's Mini Overclocking Guide:

Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=12910471#post12910471

LED Support FAQ

Q: Do LED notification require an app, such as BLN, etc ?
A: No. It uses Android's and Cyanogen settings, other apps are not required, although some that are designed for regular LEDs may work.

Q: How to I turn off LED notifications, scheduled or/and complete turn off?
A: Use Cyanogen's Quiet Hours feature (settings>cyanogen>sound>quiet hours) and check "Dim the LEDs during quiet hours" (in reality it will turn them off on the SGS). If you schedule a complete day, then LED notifications will be off all the time.

Q: How do I setup per app, find other LED settings etc?
A: Settings>cyanogen>interface>LED notifications

Q: What to do with LED color settings?
A: We have only one color, so that doesn't work. Use Green as default setting. Some non-bright colors turn off notification, as it's the equivalent as diming LEDs (note that on real LEDs if you dim them too much they look like off too anyway, the difference is that it's gradual. On the SGS the LEDs can be only on or off, not gradual)

Q: How can I troubleshot my system, I can use ADB but...
A: adb logcat | grep lights (on linux) will show you Android requests to turn LED on or off. "status" tells you what we decide will be interpreted as "turn LED on" (1= on, 0 = off)
adb shell cat /proc/kmsg for live view (or adb shell dmesg if you're using adb after the issues occurs - careful the backlog is limited in size so don't be too slow)
notify_led_on and notify_led_off are requests to the kernel to turn LED on or off.
touch key write/read errors (cypress) are non-fatal failures to ask the touch key to do something (eg lit up the LED), when the hardware goes crazy or there's a logical error in the code (can be both)
touch key recovery routine or "stopped responding" are either hardware errors, either a logical error where the driver would try to write something the touchkey doesnt understand. in some occasion lock&unlock fix those as a work around, of course a permanent fix is required

Voodoo Color settings:

Q: I don't have that nice ice-ish white color on my screen anymore - you suck !

Q: my screen looks like someone pissed on the screen - you suck !

(sorry for the language ^^)

A: I love you too ^^
download Voodoo Control or Voodoo Control Plus

Screen RGB multipliers:

- Red: 321*
- Green: 321*
- Blue: 429*

Screen v1 gamma hack:

- use Alt. settings

- or if you prefer others - use: "Reset to 2.3.3 defaults", "Punchy settings" (punchy could lead to a great screen while locking the screen and having "screen off" animation disabled)

other recommended settings:

Also a lil tip for people who use voodoo color!

1 )Color Profiles: Voodoo Profile V1
2 ) Screen v1 gamma hack :
- 50 red
- 53 green
- 44 blue
3 ) SRB multipliers:
Red ="2300875360"
Green ="2300875360"
Blue ="2709919680"

With those adjustment, black colors are BLACK and white colors are WHITE. Everyone should try this.

Android OS bug, :

(thanks to ceriko ! and his awesome guide for DarkyROM 10.1)

If your battery drains very fast and your battery stats mentions Android OS above 10%, often between 40 and 60%, sometimes more, this is the best to do as far as I know:

- Remove the 2/3 system files as per the beginning part of this guideguide about batterie issues.
- Install WatchDog and open (I set it to "moderate", then I close it, that's all), this app will warn you whenever an app or a process miss-behaves by draining the battery excessively. It will not fix it but just flag it and you will see a notification.
- Reboot usually stops the drain for a while until it naturally comes back, so reboot whenever you see Android OS above 10% and rising or after you see WatchDog mentioning "Suspend" process using too much battery (the suspend process hanging is the Android OS bug).
- Some apps trigger it, most common are Gameloft games (blame Samsung, not the games/apps). No need to use apps or games for this drain to happen, it also happens straight after boot once phone has been fully charged.

This bug can not be fixed by anyone but Samsung. Some never see it, some will experience it everyday no matters what they do... It's just annoying and unfair but that's the same on all Gingerbread releases by Samsung (JVK, JVB, JVO, JVH). Apparently even the SGS2 has this...

screenstate scaling aka my governor won't change after screen locked:

take 90screenstate_scaling from the kernel-package

and modifiy / edit:




for ondemand governor



for smartass governor

then put it back in again in the kernel-package

(or: system/etc/init.d)

best would be:

- reboot into Recovery
- Advanced -> fix permissions (in Clockworkmod Recovery)
- reboot
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Also mit dem "ondemand" Kernel habe ich eine viel bessere Akkulaufzeit unter CM7 erreicht. Jetzt hält mein SGS ungefähr 3 mal so lange und komme locker über den Tag (und das bei meiner Nutzung).

Echt toller Kernel!


Hi PJF16,

Danke !

Freut mich, dass er so gut funktioniert, :)

welchen genau meinst du ?


Bitte auch um info, weil der aktuellste kernel bei ganz komische sachen macht...

Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App


Wie vorhin schon im cm7-thread beschrieben:
Reboots im browser, telefonieren endet im blackscreen of death, freezes' in der phone.apk und allgemein sehr “klobiges“ UI-verhalten.
Mit stock kernel funzt alles einwandfrei.

Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App


Kann ich bestätigen

Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
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@hermz, domy1985:

ihr seid beide auf MIUI ?


Nope, cm7 is es bei mir.
Heut vormittag erst den letzten nightly und dann deinen kernel geflasht und dann gings los mit den probs wie beschrieben.


Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App


Also ich bin Testweise grad auf MIUI unterwegs und hab seit gestern den Zacharias Kernel drauf. Bis jetzt ohne Auffälligkeiten.



ok danke, berichtest du dann bitte, wenn es Probleme geben sollte ? danke !

@hermz, domy1985:

was für ein Netzwerk (GSM/UMTS) und Modem verwendet ihr bitte ?

welche Programme laufen bei euch im Hintergrund ?

tritt das auch auf, wenn ihr nicht das neuste nightly-update verwendet ?

ich hab mal eine Test-Batterie an modifizierten Kerneln vorbereitet:

1) der neue GSM (only ?) Fix wird nur deaktiviert

2) Wechsel nur auf Ondemand governor

3) alte conservative governor Einstellungen

4) ondemand governor mit Änderungen der schnellen Timings und (vermutlich) freundlichere Scheduler-Einstellungen

5) conservative governor mit Änderungen der schnellen Timings und (vermutlich) freundlichere Scheduler-Einstellungen

Jeder adressiert genau eines oder mehrere Probleme

1) reboot beim Telefonieren

2-5) klobiges Verhalten

6) Toolchain ? <-- wenn alles oben nicht hilft, liegt es an der Toolchain

Download Link <--

md5sums der Kernel:

7791761c73394c0d71238b303c357a4c 1_CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110421_22_twoface_non-gsm-fix-only.zip

5f25396e6e9242b6c46a89e667bb54cf 2_CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110421_22_twoface_ondemand-only.zip

7bfd38b214ede60b2046676bf4678b6a 3_CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110421_22_twoface_conservative-old_only.zip

53aa5332a9c51cf3a47deae2e5f3efda 4_CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110421_22_twoface_ondemand-timings.zip

d3089678d1190ee2bc5d014d12ab6deb 5_CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110421_22_twoface_conservative-timings.zip


also, bin derzeit wieder auf deinem antilon (oder so^^) kernel, der funzt soweit ganz gut.
stock kernel is ja der horror - hatte heute im flugzeug-mode (!) innerhalb von 2 stunden 25% akku drain.... -.-

edit: btw, nutze gsm & umts, jvk-modem.
edit2: welchen soll ich da denn jetzt nehmen ? :D
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Ich werde einfach mal den originalen Kernel drauf lassen

Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk



das solltet eigentlich ihr mir sagen :lol:

versuch es mal mit dem 1.

der wird Probleme mit Reboots beim Telefonieren beheben,

die anderen Probleme werd ich mit neueren Test-Kerneln lösen können

ich brauch aber zunächst mehr Feedback


also, mit kernel #1 hatte ich gestern nacht noch einige freezes im ADW-launcher, sowohl im appdrawer als auch einfach am homescreen, ohne jegliches zutun....
phone.apk hat sich heute nach ca. 3min telefonieren auch wieder aufghängt, softtasten haben noch reagiert, aber kein output am screen; anschließend reboot.

flash jetzt wieder mal a samsung-rom, bin etwas genervt von cm7 im moment...
ich komm dann wieder wenns die ersten RC's gibt - oder wenn mir samsung am ar*** geht :D


edit: so ein mist, als könnt ich nach cm7 jemals wieder auf einer samsung rom arbeiten -.-
tschüss samsung, hallo zurück cm7! :D

EDIT: auch #2 führt bei tel-gesprächen >2min zu freeze&reboot, test heut mal #5...
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