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  1. hoctpadamyc, 02.07.2011 #1

    hoctpadamyc Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    I had CWM Recovery since flashing Darky's mod on my SGS I9000. Then i flashed CM7 and maybe since then i had another CWM. However i have CWM now.
    After running SuperCharger script in GScript i am experiencing problems with CWM (Nandroid Backups are quite quick (although CWM says that they have been successfully completed) and they do not backup all data (I've tried to restore a backup), also the time of the backups is wrong). ROM Manager shows that i have version (why not So my question is, how i can reflash CWM through odin or with .zip file, so i would NOT LOSE any data.

    Thank you in advance.