[ROM][XWKK5][ICS 2.0 GODLIKE Theme][SIYAH Kernel][PDroid][JKay] V3RTR3MA.v.4.8 & V48R



V3RTR3MA 4.8 & V48R aka "The ICS Killer"

r3mor3ma & vertumus are proud to present v3rtr3ma 4.8 Now fully themed with amazing vertumus GODLIKE 2.0, jkay tool, and tweaked to perfection

It's samsung rom 2.3.6 multi CSC and you can upgrade from every samsung stock NOWIPE.

v3rtr3ma v4.1 for Galaxy S2 - YouTube

v3rtr3ma V46R2.AVI - YouTube

V3RTR3MA 4.7R Rom For Galaxy S 2 - YouTube

Firmware info

Date: 16/01/2012
Android 2.3.6

Features & Mods

-Vertumus EMPIRE 1.8
-jkay full suport
-tweakd build.prop
-siyah kernel 2.6.7
-New Market
-Google talk w/ video support
-Screen Rotation Animation
-trasparent weather widgets
-on/off CRT effect
-adfree hosts
-modded camera app for better audio and video
-bravia engine
-ICS transitions
-no boot sounds
-Phone w noise suppression without increasing ring
-No mms on call log
-BLN support
-sip from 3g
-lower auto brightness levels
-SMS Convert to MMS changed from 4 to 100
-Changed SMS recipientlimit from 10 to 100 SMS
-advanced power menu
-user agent in browser options
-5 icons in launcher
-5 icons in app drawer
-mhl2hdmi adapter support (tested @ 1080p 30hz)

and a lot more other availlable via jkay application:
-including aosp lockscreen
-vol up to skip track
-6 toggle buttons
-scrollable toggles
-app shortcut in status bar
-and many many more...​

Alte Downloads

Download V3.1

Download V3.2

Download V3.3

Download V3.4.2

Download V3.5

Download V4

Download V4.1

Download V4.2

Download V4.3

Download V4.3.1

Download V4.4

Download V4.5

Download V4.5.2

Download V46R

Download V46R2

Download V4.6


Download V4.7

DownloadV47R aka "The ICS Killer"

Dieser Patch muss zusätzlich geflashed werden, um die Kamera im ICS Style zu haben Download

Neue Downloads

Download V4.8

2. Mirror:

Download V4.8

Danke anAlex0901, dass er uns seine Dropbox zur Verfügung stellt

Download V4.8R -> Das ist die gefixte Version von Newtom. Bei der ursprünglichen hat es Probleme mit dem TW Launcher gegeben.​

changelog v.3.2
Phone without increasing ring
No mms on call log

changelog v.3.3

instant europe GPS fix (if you're from a different region flash specific region file found here)
stock sms BLN support (download BLN Control from Market)

changelog v.3.4.2

sip from 3g
lower auto brightness levels
SMS Convert to MMS changed from 4 to 100
Changed SMS recipientlimit from 10 to 100 SMS
advanced power menu

changelog v.3.5
user agent in browser options
XXKI3 modem due to better battery usage

changelog v.4.0
vertumus ics domination 1.7.2
tweakd build.prop
jkay full support
aosp lockscreen
vol up to skip track
6 toggle buttons
app shortcut in status bar
and many many more

changelog v.4.1
changed to siyah kernel 2.6.4
ics boot animation
updated adfree hosts
updated jkay app
CWM app now availlable

changelog v.4.2
updated siyah kernel to 2.6.5
camera settings bug fixed
camera now working with HW buttons

changelog v.4.3
changed to CF kernel (for improved stability and mice and keyboard support)
reverted to jkay 13.3.8 (due to some functions not working on newer versions)
call record support
blue settings icons
updated radio to xxkp8(for better signal and battery life)
added nitrality toolbox(so you can comfortably change your CSC)
new sharper bootanimation

changelog v.4.3.1
new bootanimation (the one in 4.3 is slow as hell)
removed nitrality (some tools make app freeze. install from market. works fine and its really usefull)

changelog v.4.4
Updated to ICS DOMINATION 1.8
Updated Jkay to 13.4.1
updated kernel to tegrak Build 31
back to camera video at 1080p 30fps
added phone noise suppression
removed CWM app
removed call rec support
removed instant gps fix cause its not universal and you have to change if in a different region
in the end its a more universal and stable build
additional info to 4.4 build: tegrak is a different kernel has no recovery and no CWM app. it has a specific recovery and if you need info on that just check the kernel page for more information. I recommend installing tegrak kernel and tegrak overclock tools from market

changelog v.4.5
changed to siyah 2.6.7 kernel
changed to XWKL1 Radio due some issues reported with KP8
Improved quality of camera app
improved weather widget
blue sub-text in settings (looks great)
smaller dialer keys(looks sharper)
new R version with a few removed apks (36 to be precise)

changelog v.4.5.2 & V45R2
Fixed camera force closing issue
Renamed bootanimation to work with siyah kernel

changelog V46R aka "The ICS Killer"
added tw launcher 4.5
removed incompatible widgets
added void echo kernel
removed boot animation
improved keyboard
improved contacts
improved phone

changelog V4.6
camera with hw buttons
improved Rixsta's phone
improved Rixsta's keyboard
improved Rixsta's contacts
new & exclusive bootanimation
pdroid support

changelog V46R2
added clock missing in 46R
back to siyah kernel for boot animation support & CWM app
new & exclusive v3rtr3ma boot animation
Camera with hardware buttons

changelog V46R3
pdroid support
new R exclusive bootanimation
added email app
added weather widget

V3RTR3MA V.4.7 / V4.7 R
updated to ICS 1.9 LIMITLESS default theme (if you want any addons grabit from vertumus thread)
adfree updated host file
now with CF kernel (sorry siyah fans but CF is stable as a rock and wont break any functions)
fix phone without increasing ring
back to ics bootanimation (will post a v3rtr3ma bootanim cmw flashable for those who want to use it)
improved weather widget
back to ki3 modem (really the best one in performance & battery life)

changelog V3RTR3MA V.4.8
updated to ICS 2.0 GODLIKE default theme (if you want any addons grabit from vertumus thread)
back to siyah kernel now with 2.6.12 super fast, stable, and fixed bthid issues
updated radio to XXLPB (very good signal and better battery life)
new theme installation method (experimental)








Q: Whos this rom build for?

A: This rom is for those who want to keep all samsung functions and still be able to use mods, tweaks, and themes out of the box.

Q:What is the "R" Version aka "The ICS Killer"?

A: "R" stands for reduced as its a slimmed version build from standard version

Q: Does "R" version has more functions/Apps than the standard version ?

A:The only difference apart of the removed apps its the TW launcher. R version uses tw4.5 instead of tw4 used in standard version

Q:Can I use TW4.5 in the standard builds?

A: Yes you can, theres a patch in first post. altough you'll lose samsung widgets support.

Q: Why is the tegrak kernel included in last build(s) ?

A: Cause its the only one who provides mods and overclock without breaking any vital functions

Q: I have lost recovery and CWM app. WTF ?!?!

A: this is due to tegrak kernel used not supporting it. so either use this kernel or install one you prefer(all work fine)

Q: I cant connect my Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. what should I do?

A: use default tegrak or Cf kernel. all others(until date) break that function

Q: how should I install this rom ?

A: just put the zip file in your sd card and install from recovery

Q: I have Fc's , lockups, freezes. what should I do?

A: Rom as been tested before release. so just wipe and reinstall and you should be fine

Q: sometimes I end up with my screen upside down. WTF?

A: its a known bug when using crt on effect. disable it in jkay app. crt off works fine

Q: I lost my CWM recovery flashing this rom. how can I install updates ?

A: See tegrak tutorial on how to use tegrak recovery here. if your not confortable with that. install any other kernel from odin and youll have your recovery back

Q: I still dont get it about this tegrak recovery. what now?

A: Install CF kernel from odin. bam! there you go your precious recovery is back

Q: as this rom RTL support?

A: not by default but you can patch it with this zip file and it should work

Q: Installed the RTL patch but my samsung keyboard is no good. what now?

A: Install this patch themed keyboard, courtesy of vertumus

Q:I have no root or superuser app. is it normal?

A: if you're using one of the builds with tegrak it is. just install tegrak kernel app from market and enable it from there

Q: how do I overclock with this tegrak kernel?

A: install tegrak overclock tool from market. ultimate version is advised for full control of cpu and gpu overclock. nice guide here

Q: I want to change the default csc configuration. how can I do that?

A: do it manually if you know how or install nitrality from market. its free and works wonders

Q:Why have you removed call rec support?

A: Due to legal questions I rather not use it by default. use this zip file to enable it

Q:what applications did you remove from the R version ?

A:You can find the list here for V45R2 and here for V46R3

Q:I'm not happy with the apks you chosed to remove, can you add a couple of them back?

A:No. Default build has all apps by a reason. use that instead.

Q:My default camera is force closing. what now ?

A:Issue already fixed in new uploaded versions. if you dont want to re-download the full rom, install this zip from recovery.

Q:I love this rom. how do I donate to you?

A:click the text in my signature and contribute to my "buy a Chinese tablet fund"

Q:where can I get a signature banner for V3RT3MA ROM ?

A:Grab it here. courtesy of my friend Karel

Q:Can I use pdroid privacy protection on this roms?

A:Its included in the lastest builds but you can install it in older builds. Use this patch to enable support. and this if you want to remove it.

Q:How does pdroid work ?

A:Its a privacy protecting mod. install pdroid app from market to configure it.

Q: Does this rom support multi DPI ?

A:Kind of. to full DPI support install laucher pro and ex dialer + ics theme from market. all the rest should work with different dpi settings. (tested 182 & 190)


on 4.1 and 4.2 some jkay functions don't work properly. update to 4.5
-on 4.3 some tools in nitraly app makes app freeze. update to 4.5 and if needed install nitrality from market
-all versions. dont use crt screen on effect or you'll end up with your screen upside down
-on 4.5 Camera force close and no bootanimation. removed 4.5 links. Update to 4.5.2

If your not Ok with default kernel I recommend void, neak, or CF. all of them work ok with this rom.
Instructions: no wipe needed; install from cwm, reeboot and you're good to go

If you like this Rom hit thanks button, and if you choose so hit donate and buy me a beer

Thanks to:

@ jkay,wanam, knzo, antoniomistretta, Flowbax, hoolm, GadgetCheck, Potatoman, imparator, YG007, Homam Ageel, AngelDeath, sicopat, and to all that provide how to's all around the web

a very special thanks to vertumus for letting me use his amazing ics world mod. if you like his work make sure you stop by his thread and hit thanks button.

Donors send PM to include in donors list

Link zum XDA Thread:

Link zum Profil des Dev:


Hier ist die Ani aus der V46R2 (alles grau) Download

und hier die aus der V46R3 (grauer Hintergrund, aber Cyan Logo) Download

Hier gibt es noch einen Link zu XDA, wo es eine Anleitung gibt wie man sich Bootanimationen am PC anschauen kann.

Für genaue Informationen zum Umfang des Themes etc. bitte hier klicken.

Für Anfänger und Neueinsteiger:


Aus diesem Thread, über das in der Rom enthaltene ICS Domination 1.72, könnt ihr zusätzliche Mods wie Akkuanzeigen etc. erhalten. Haltet euch dabei bitte an den dort beschriebenen Installationsvorgang.​


Hier gibt es eine Liste über die System Apps, die man löschen kann.

:sleep: ---> Auf eigene Gefahr <-- :sleep:



Wer sich die Arbeit ersparen möchte, die Apps alle von Hand zu löschen, der sollte hier mal reinschauen. Dort hat der User mecss mit viel Mühe eine flashbare ZIP Datei erstellt, wodurch überflüssige System - Apps gelöscht werden.

DANKE BUTTON nicht vergessen!!!!!! :mad2:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
  • Danke
Reaktionen: anime, 4dro1d, ->TopAZ<- und 18 andere
Reserviert #2
Reserviert #3
Hört sich ganz gut.
Habe momentan noch Miui oben aber möchte diese Rom mal probieren.

Wer hat schon Erfahrung mit der Rom.
Läuft ohne Beanstandung sauber und flüssig bei mir. Ich hatte nur anfängliche Probleme mit der Jkay app. Jetzt habe ich die neue drauf und alles wunderbar.
Okay werde es mal probieren da ich komischerweise mit Miui in letzter Zeit viele FC habe und sich das Handy selber ausschaltet.
Wer ist r3mor3ma: 2,5 Jahre auf XDA regisitriert, kaum Beiträge, kein bisheriges Rom wie ich auf die schnelle sehen konnte. Vertumus ist kein Rom Dev, sondern in erster Linie ein Themer. Hinter der Rom steckt denke ich wenig Erfahrung. Aber die braucht man auch nicht unbedingt um eine Samsung Stockrom zur Customrom zu zippen. :D
  • Danke
Reaktionen: Kuqe_zi
Jeder fängt mal klein an.

Außerdem heißt es ja nicht, weil der jetzt in 2,5 Jahren seiner Mitgliedschaft bei XDA keine 20 ROMs gedroped hat, dass er keinen Plan hat.

Erstmal selbst testen bevor du sowas schreibst.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
@ abangerl du nutzt mit miui den siyah kernel oder ?

da hatte ich auch probleme

Nein ich habe den kernel von fluxi und vorher keine probleme aber jetzt habe ich golauncherex gelöscht und alles geht wieder.
Hort, und sieht schonmal sehr gut aus.

Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App
Die Rom hab ich so ca 1 Woche auch drauf und bin Happy.
Hat alles was ich brauch und bin nicht umsonst von der CheckRom umgestiegen.
Batterie Freundlich ist sie noch dazu.

Absolut weiterzuempfehlen :)

Bei mir hat es mit drüber flashen Probleme gegeben. Werde die Rom demnächst mal komplett neu
aufsetzen dann wird man sehen


Zugestellt per Post
Ich habe es grad drauf gemacht also die V4 und ist richtig Geil ;D Danke das du das hier vorgestellt hast. Das einzige was mir aufgefallen ist, das im Usb Modus es noch nicht richtig übersetzt ist. Da steht noch was auf Portugiesisch. Also im Status Bereich.
Da kann aber was nicht richtig sein. Stell die sprache nochmal auf deutsch. Und boote nochmal neu....

gesendet via Brieftaube
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Das beste was je auf meinem Handy war ... und da war viel drauf :) Danke viva
Ich hab mal ne Frage zum Kernel. Ich hab zur Zeit den Darky Kernel darauf und will auf den Siyah Kernel umflashen. Einfach über CWM flashen ? Oder muss ich danach noch das Rom nochmal rüber installieren ?
jemand ne idee wie ich beimlaunchen den home button in die mitte bekomm ??

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