[ROM][G935][7.0][DQIC] *07.10.2017* Ambasadii Rom.G93 v21.0 [Stable][Odex]

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Diskutiere [ROM][G935][7.0][DQIC] *07.10.2017* Ambasadii Rom.G93 v21.0 [Stable][Odex] im Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.



xda-Thread: [ROM] Android Nougat 7.0 Official-Stable [DQIC] ODEX/ROOT/BUSYBOX [v21.0]

About Rom

* Model: SM-G935F
* Model name: Galaxy S7 edge
* Country: ITV
* Version: Android 7.0
* System: Stock Odex
* Changelist: 12246902
* Build Date: 08.09.2017
* Security Patch Level: 01.08.2017
* Product Code: multi-csc
* Stock Kernel for S7 Flat / S7 Edge integriert!
* aktuelle Bootloader/Modem S7 Flat / S7 Edge integriert mit Aroma Installer!
* Removed 100% Knox and Fota Client
* Rooted by SuperSU oder Magisk !
* Busybox v1.27.2


* korrigierte Berechtigung für External Storage r/w
* Privatmodus gefixt
* aktuelle CSC oder eigene Region über Aroma auswählen!
* CSC für 54 Länder hinzugefügt
* Recovery-Reboot Option im Power Menü
* Fingerprint Unlock nach dem Neustart ohne Muster oder Pin
* Dauerbeleuchtungs-Taste in den Einstellungen
* Samsung Browser mit Secret Mode
* High-Volume Warnung für Kopfhörer deaktiviert
* Ambient Display
* Floating Messages
* App Lock
* Bildschirmfoto mit Aufnahme-Funktion
* Google Assistant (nur in Englisch)
* Air Command N5
* S7 Tastatur mit Multi Subsymbols
* Knox Secure Folder Unterstützung
* 1060 Fonts Pack Tool
* iOS Emoji Mod
* A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems™
* Dolby Atmos™
* Dual Speaker Sound
* AryaMod Sound Mod All-in-One (Viper+Dolby+Beats Audio)
* Portierte S8 Apps integriert!
* bulid.prop Tweaks:
disable secure storage
faster boot animation
screen mirroring fix
battery improvment
lags and glitches reduced
and more...

* CSC Optionen:
call recording
identify unsaved numbers
receive MMS without mobile data on
support recent app protection
enable LTE mobile data icon instead 4G
enable data usage information under brightness slider
enable multi user support
enable flipboard briefing visilibity on page tw launcher
Vo-LTE support enabled
real-network speed meter in network settings
and more...

* Optimization Tweaks:
fstrim command on every boot
logs cleaner on every boot
zippaling on every boot
sqlite3 v3.12.1 optimization on every boot
Rom Control
SystemUI Mods
* Right Clock (Show/Hide)
* Center Clock (Show/Hide)
* Open app if click on stock clock (On/Off)
* Stock Battery (Show/Hide)
* 3Minit Battery (Show/Hide)
* Display Battery Percentage (Show/Hide)
* Wifi/Data Signal (Left/Right)
* 3Minit Clock (Show/Hide)
* Left Traffic (Show/Hide)
* Right Traffic (Show/Hide)
* Network Traffic Preference
* Custom Text (On/Off)
* Virtual Buttons (On/Off)

Notification Panel Mods
* Data Usage Preference
* Device Info Preference
* Carrier Label Preference
* Custom Background for Notification Panel
* Single Swipe for right side (On/Off)
* Multi-User Icon (Show/Hide)
* Blur Effect (On/Off)

Phone Mods
* Custom Background for IncallUI

Other Mods
* Ambient Display (On/Off)
* Fingerprint Screen Wakeup (On/Off)
* TW Launcher Page Effect
* TW Launcher Gesture Anywhere on Home screen
* Clock on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Date on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Next Alarm on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Accuweather widget on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Lockscreen Rotation (On/Off)
* Lockscreen Help text (Show/Hide)
* Lockscreen Carrier Label (Show/Hide)
* USB plug in/out wakeup (On/Off)
* Heads Up Notification (On/Off)
* RAM Bar in recent panel (Show/Hide)
* Matrix Effect in recent panel (Show/Hide)
* Custom Background for Power Menu
* Back to kill (On/Off)
* Long Press Skip Tracks (On/Off)
* Touchkey Light Duration
* High Volume Warrning (On/Off)
* Extended Power Menu

Apps Control
* 3Minit Battery Settings
* 3Minit Clock Settings
* Root Explorer
* AdAway
* Faster GPS
* SuperSU
* Dolby Atmos
* ViperFX
Rom v21.0
- Update Base to XXS1DQIC Official Android 7.0
- Update Modem/Bootloader XXS1DQIC for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- Included Stock Kernel XXS1DQIC for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- Update Magisk-v14.2(1420)
- Update SuperSU-v2.82-SR4
- Update Busybox v1.27.2
- Added at default N8 Accuweather Widget
- Added at default N8 TW Launcher

Addons v21.0

- Update Mods to new Base
- Removed Aroma Installer, all Mods will be installed after flash
- Added N8 Keyboard with Live Messages Support
- Updated Touchwiz Mod v4

  1. Download TWRP (hero2lte) für S7 Edge
  2. Download Odin v3.12.7
  3. Download no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1.zip, kopiere das File auf die Speicherkarte "EX-SDCARD"
  4. aktiviere auf dem aktuellen System den Entwicklermodus und in den Optionen 'enable OEM' - WICHTIG!!
  5. Gerät in den Download-Modus starten und über Odin TWRP-Recovery installieren (AP -> Recovery File einfügen; Autoreboot deaktivieren; nach der Installation manueller Neustart in den Recovery-Modus)
  6. Im Recovery in den Löschoptionen Wipe Data Format auswählen (diese Option löscht nur den Inhalt des internen Speichers; die externe SD-Card bleibt unberührt)
  7. Reboot Gerät in Recovery-Modus
  8. Bestätigung "allow Modifications" (Änderungen erlauben) wenn TWRP fragt
  9. Im TWRP die Datei "no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1.zip" installieren
  10. Reboot Gerät in Recovery Modus
  11. Änderungen erlauben
  12. In den Löschoptionen alle Wipes ausführen: Data + Cache + System + Dalvik-Chache
  13. Installation Ambasadii Rom (zip-Datei auswählen)
  14. Restart Gerät und warten bis System vollständig gebootet hat
  15. es ist nicht nötig auf einen Bootloader für Android 7 zu wechseln! Es kann weiterhin der BL für Version 6.0.1 genutzt werden

Knox Secure Folder und myKnox aktivieren:
  1. Flash über Odin die Stock Firmware
  2. Flash über Odin TWRP Recovery
  3. Flash im TWRP "SuperStock" Kernel
  4. Installiere oder aktiviere Knox Secure Folder
  5. Flash ohne Wipe Ambasadii Rom
  6. enjoyed!
SafetyNet aktivieren/nutzen:
  1. MagiskSU statt SuperSU verwenden
  2. aktiviere MagiskHide & Systemless Host in Magisk Optionen
  3. Gerät neustarten
  4. Check "SystemUI" in MagiskHide (wenn MagiskHides root per SystemUI)
  5. USB Debugging deaktivieren
  6. SafetyNet Status prüfen
VoLTE benötigt geeignetes Modem und korrekte CSC damit es richtig funktioniert

Kernel flashen
um auf einen Custom-Kernel zu wechseln flashe SuperSU oder Magisk+phh und aktiviere anschließend Root

Viper & Sound Mods
Um Viper4a mit dem Stock-Kernel und Magisk zu nutzen installiere im "Magisk Manager" die ViperFX Module, danach Gerät neu starten!
Mit einem Custom-Kernel läuft Viper mit Magisk und SuperSU "Out of the Box"
AryaMod & AriseMod läuft perfekt mit jedem Kernel, deshalb ist die Empfehlung den Super-Stock Kernel zu verwenden.
Beats Audio läuft nicht mit dem Stock-Kernel​

Telegram Group für News & Support!
Android Nougat S7/S7Edge ROM by ambasadii

Rom Control Open Source on Github!
GitHub - ambasadii/Rom-Control-Nougat

Tkkg1994 / djb77 - for nougat kernels
Grzegorz354 - for testing and mods
Chainfire - for supersu
topjohnw - for magisk root
osm0sis - for busybox
YashdSaraf - for busybox
A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems - for great sound mod : more info about mod here
viper520 & zhuhang - for ViPER4Android™
worstenbrood - for Dolby Atmos™
zubi182 - for Dual Speaker Sound Mod
geiti94 - for help
Repulsa - for testing and some mods
mwilky - for help
Winb33 - for 1060 system fonts pack
lyapota - for find the way to fix supersu on nougat
_alexndr - for devbase system-less
gharrington - for 3minit Battery and 3minit clock
stangdriver44 - for help
thereassaad - for help
sanoc69 - for help
zeroprobe - for zero camera mod
josete_1976 - for blur effect mod
Grouxho - for long press skip tracks mod
Kamy - for aryamod

Old Stuff
























Old Changelogs
Rom v20.0
- Update Base to XXS1DQHN Official Android 7.0
- Update Modem/Bootloader XXS1DQHN für S7 Flat & S7 Edge
- integriert Stock Kernel XXS1DQHN für S7 Flat & S7 Edge
- Update Magisk v13.6(1361) Beta
- Update SuperSU-v2.82-SR3
- Update Busybox v1.27.1

Addons v20.0

- Update Mods to new Base
- Update S8 Apps auf aktuelle AQH3 Version
- Hinzugefügt S8 Tastatur mit Sub-Symbolen für alle Sprachen
- Hinzugefügt S8 Touchwiz Mod v3 (thanks to @josete_1976 and @Grouxho)

Rom v19.0
- update base to FXXU1DQG1 official android 7.0
- update modem/bootloader FXXU1DQG1 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- update tgp kernel v5.2.1 (permissive kernel with spectrum profiles support)
- update magisk v13.3 and magisk manger v5.1.1
- removed stock kernel (not boot for now)

Addons v19.0
- update mods to new base
- update all S8 apps to latest AQG5 base

Rom v18.0
- update base to XXU1DQFM official android 7.0
- update stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQFM for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- update tgp lite kernel v5.0.1
- update supersu v2.82 SR1
- reworked csc selector in aroma (now 54 countries available)

Addons v18.0
- update mods to new base
- fixed IMS service FC for some users

Rom v17.0
- update base to XXU1DQF6 official android 7.0 (security patch level 1 june 2017)
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQF6 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- added safetynet fix for magisksu
- added options to choose "kernel stock" or "tgp kernel lite v 4.74"
- added CSC "PHN" Netherlands
- added CSC "PRT" Poland Play

Addons v17.0

- update mods to new base
- update S8 apps to latest version (G955FXXU1AQF7)
- added to RC high volume warrning (Enable/Disable)

Rom v16.0
- update base to XXU1DQE7 official android 7.0
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQE7 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge

Addons v16.0
- update mods to new base
- update S8 apps to latest version (G955FXXU1AQEB)
- updated samsung internet browser to latest version with fixed secret mode (thx to @edzamber)

Rom v15.0
- update base to XXU1DQD7 official android 7.0
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQD7 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- fixed installation arya sound mod

Addons v15.0
- added missing s7e touchwiz mod to full-mods pack
- added matrix recent effect to RC (thx to @asc1977 and @TheR)
- readded all sound mods to addons zip
- updated samsung internet browser to latest version with fixed secret mode (thx to @edzamber)

Rom v14.0
- update base to XXU1DQD3 official android 7.0
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQD3 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge

Addons v14.2
- removed from aroma choose of touchwiz and keyboard
- added to aroma choose to install S8 Full-Pack Apps (all apps updated to latest ver.)
- included S8 apps like:
* S8 Audio
* S8 AOD
* S8 Bixy
* S8 Boot Animation
* S8 SBrowser
* S8 Calculator
* S8 Calendar
* S8 Clock
* S8 Contacts / Phone
* S8 EdgePanel
* S8 FlashAnnotate
* S8 Flipboard Briefing
* S8 Fonts
* S8 Galaxy Apps
* S8 GameHome
* S8 GameTools
* S8 SHealth
* S8 Keyboard
* S8 Messaging
* S8 My Files
* S8 S Finder
* S8 Samsung Music
* S8 Samsung Connect
* S8 Samsung Themes
* S8 Samsung Video
* S8 E-Mail
* S8 Photo Studio
* S8 ScrollCapture
* S8 ShareLink
* S8 Smart Manager
* S8 Smart Reminder
* S8 Story Editor
* S8 TouchWiz
* S8 Upday
* S8 Video Editor
* S8 Voice Recorder
* S8 Weather2017

Addons v14.1
- fixed face service FC with s8 tw launcher
- fixed gallery photo hangs with s8 tw launcher
- added at default s8 accuweather widget
- added to RC option to show/hide accuweather widget on lockscreen
- added to RC option to show/hide carrier label on lockscreen (thanks to @thereassaad and @asc1977)
- added to RC option to show/hide custom carrier text on lockscreen
- added to RC option to set touchkey light duration

Addons v14.0
- update mods to DQD3 base
- disabled annoying notification in my files about "disk almost full"

Rom v13.0
- update base to XXU1DQD1 official android 7.0
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQD1 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- removed all S8 stuff (full stock odex now)
- removed Super-Stock kernel and TGP kernel from aroma (stock kernel will be flashed at default now)

Addons v13.0
- update all mods to DQD1 base!
- added options to install S8 or S7 keyboard (multi-subsymbols)
- added options to install S8 or S7 accuweather widget
- added options to install S8 or S7 tw launcher with home and lockscreen wallpapers included (S8 tw launcher included rounded ok google widget)
- added latest internet browser with fixed password in secret mode (thanks to @edzamber and @mwilky)
- removed mods that need to be adapted in future released:
* Menu and back buttons (back to kill)
* Long Press Skip Track

Rom v12.2
- included all ported S8 apps (bugs fixed)
- merged s8 aod with aod s8 style (this will fix night clock)
- added fixed tw launcher with 6 hotseat
- added s8 keyboard with subsymbols (all language support)
- removed hello bixby (buged without full s8 framework)
- updated all apps to latest version
- move some addons and sound mod to rom.zip
- fixed all FC and bugs from previuos version

Addons v12.2:
- added to aroma choose for ambient display (enable/disable)
- added to aroma choose for systemui mod or stock
- added to aroma choose for secsettings mod or stock
- added to aroma choose for tw launcher S7 or S8
- some bugs fixes

Rom v12.0
- updated base to XXU1DQCG official android 7.0
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQCG for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- updated super-stock kernel to v2.4.2
- updated tgp kernel lite to v4.52
- added CSC EVR
- update magisk to v12.0 (now boot with stock kernel!)
- forced "fake knox 0x0" for stock kernel (thanks to @_alexndr)
- added sound mod's from addons (arise/dolby and dual speaker)
- updated S8 home and lockscreen wallpapers to official

ADDONS v12.1
- added to RC barometr and geolocation (on/off)
- some adjusting for weather on lockscreen
- added to RC cleaning memory icon (thanks to @ikrom and @pekaka)
- added 0.75 animation scale to developer settings (only PL and ENG language)
- added to aroma choose to install S8 apps like:
* tw launcher S8 official
* hello bixby
* accuweather widget S8 style
* aod S8 style
* clock on lockscreen S8 style

ROM v11.1
- added choose to flash stock kernel for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- added CSC TEN (Norway)
- updated magisk to v11.6
- merged TGP Kernel to TGP Kernel Lite v4.42 (more close to stock)
- merged N7 home and lockscreen wallpapers with S8 leaked
- fixed all problems for S7 flat users

ADDONS v11.1
- added lockscreen weather widget (On/Off)
- added notification blur effect v2 (On/Off) thanks to @josete_1976
- added long press skip tracks (On/Off) thanks to @Grouxho
- added arya sound mod (viper + dolby + beats audio) thanks to @Kamy

ROM v11.0
- updated base to XXU1DQC1 official android 7.0
- updated modem/bootloader XXU1DQC1 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- added some more correct sammy test app for S7 flat (this should fix all secret codes)
- added to aroma choose SuperStock Kernel or TGP Kernel
- updated CSC OPV (Orange Poland) now support Wifi Calling
- added CSC TPL (T-Mobile Poland)
- added CSC PLS (PLUS Poland)
- enabled Wifi Calling toogle
- enabled Vo-Lte toogle
- merged home and lockscreen s7 wallpapers with note7 stock

ADDONS v11.0
- update mods to new base
- added zero camera mod (increased bitrates and JPG quality for single and burst shots) thanks to @zeroprobe

ROM v10.3
- rebulid rom from zero
- system installed from stock system.img
- updated super-stock kernel to v2.3.0
- added to aroma some new debloat options
- added to aroma choose to keep knox files or remove knox 100%
- possibility fix secure folder and my knox for all users
- removed systemless devbase for supersu (not needed)

ADDONS v10.3.1
- added options to install RC mods or not
- added to RC menu and back buttons back to kill (On/Off) credits to @Tamerlan2009 and @dima8839
- added TouchWiz Page Effects
- added TouchWiz Gesture On Home Screen
- added TouchWiz 6 HotSeat In a Row

ROM v10.2
- set device status = official
- update super-stock kernel to v2.2.1 (now you can pass safetynet again)
- added secure folder support in aroma
- added systemless devbase for supersu (chainfire)
- added root switch app for supersu (chainfire)
- added some correct sammy test app for S7 flat model
- added adaway host at default
- added multiuser at default
- fixed magisk root installer (now working out of the box)
- fixed busybox installer for magisk root
- moved all addons to separate zip
- update voice note,samsung music,samsung video to latest galaxy S8 ver.

ADDONS v10.2
- fixed sound in S7 keyboard with subsymbols (thanks to Repulsa)
- added to aroma all addons from basic rom
- added to RC fingerprint screen wakeup (On/Off) (thanks to Repulsa and mwilky for add RC key)
- added to RC wifi/data signal position (Left/Right)

ROM v10.1
- merged stock kernel with Super-Stock Kernel v2.2.0 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- added init.d tweaks (super stock kernel finally fully support init.d)
- shell scripts now running with magisk SU
- no more long boot with SuperSU
- added to aroma options to install S7 keyboard with multi subsymbols (thanks to Repulsa)
- removed N5 keyboard from aroma
- moved google assistant to aroma
- updated magisk app to latest version
- added faster gps app

ROM v10
- updated base to XXU1DQB7 official android 7.0
- updated kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQB7 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- updated aroma installer to v3.0
- moved all addons to basic rom like sound mods etc.
- moved sbrowser N5 and keyboard N5 to aroma
- removed super-stock kernel from aroma

ADDONS for v10
- updated mods to new base DQB7 firmawre!
- right clock (Show/Hide)
- center clock (Show/Hide)
- tap clock Launcher (On/Off)
- Tint center clock and network traffic

ROM v9.0
- updated base to XXU1DQB3 official android 7.0
- updated kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQB3 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- updated magisk to v11.1 with MagiskSU included
- removed old phh supersu
- added options to aroma to flash stock kernel or super-stock kernel for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- updated sbrowser to v5.2 from note 5
- updated keyboard to v5 from note 5

ADDONS for v9.0
- updated all mods to new base DQB3 firmawre!
- added to 'Rom Control Full Mods Pack' new feature RAM Bar in recent panel (Show/Hide) thanks to Tkkg1994
- added to 'Rom Control Full Mods Pack' new feature Lockscreen Help Text (Show/Hide)
- options to install 'Rom Control Full Mods Pack!'
- options to install 'ARISE Sound Systems v2.5.0.5'
- options to install 'Dolby Atmos r6.5'
- options to install 'Dual Speaker Sound Mod v19'
- options to install 'Air Command from N5' thanks to Repulsa
- options to install '1060 Fonts Pack'
- options to install 'iOS Emoji Pack'

ROM v8.0
- updated base to XXU1DQAS official android 7.0
- updated kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQAS for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- fully stock odex version (without mods)
- stock kernel included
- added to aroma choose between 70 CSC Region!
- all csc features included
- applock included
- google assistant included
- floating messages included
- 1060 Fonts Pack included
- iOS Emoji Pack included

Addons for v8.0:
- all mods with rom control included!
- added to RC new features :
Lockscreen Clock and Date (On/Off)
Lockscreen Clock second (On/Off)
Next Alarm On Lockscreen (On/Off)
- fixed power menu custom background

ROM v7.4 (OTA)
- added to rom control custom background for power menu
- added to rom control fixed heads up notification (enable/disable)
- updated google velvet with enabled assitant to latest version
- fixed long boot with supersu

ROM v7.3.1 (fixed)
- fully deodex version!
- all mods includded (no addons needed)
- merged stock kernel with Super Stock Kernel v2.0.2 for SM-G93xF/FD/K/L/S/W8 models
- added screen capture toogle with screen recorder support
- added dual speaker sound mod v19 to aroma installer
- added multi-user switch to rom control
- added ambient display duration to rom control
- added ongoing notifications removable to rom control
- added CSC "XSG" and "INS" to aroma csc region selector
- enabled google assistant (only for english language)
- enabled floating messages
- some fixes and improvments

ROM v7.2
- rebulid rom from scratch based on pure stock system.img!
- merged superstock kernel to stock kernel from offcial bulid for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- enabled applock thanks to Repulsa
- added magisk/phh supersu to aroma
- updated busybox to v1.26.2 by YashdSaraf
- fixed wifi issue
- fixed quick dial issue

ROM v7.1
- merged stock kernel to Super Stock Kernel v2.0 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- updated bootloader for S7 Flat DPLT
- updated to latest supersu v2.79 SR3 chainfire
- updated sound mod to A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems
- fixed people edge FC for S7 Flat
- fixed booting with 'no root' options (again)
- fixed viper sound mod bootloop without root
- fixed csc features enabled for all CSC

ROM v7.0 Official Stable Version
- updated to base to official stable android 7.0 XXU1DPLT
- update kernel/modem for S7 Flat
- update kernel/modem/bootloader for S7 Edge
- added auto efs backup durning installation rom
- added auto setup phone model in bulid.prop when detected S7 Flat or S7 Edge
- disable secure storage with fully working wifi!
- making some minor fixes for 'csc features' and 'csc selector'
- fixed booting with 'no root' options
- all mods removed at default
- added options to aroma to install full mods pack with rom control or keep stock odex version without modified system files!
- added alarm volume to expander
- added fully functionality of the camera app in low battery
- added toggle for ambient display on/off in rom control - big thanks to @thereassaad and @Repulsa

ROM v6.1 OTA
- initial release with rom control
- added duration keys lighting in the setting

ROM v6.0
- updated to Beta-6 XXU1ZPLN
- update kernel and modem to ZPLN for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- added options for keep your current csc to aroma installer
- reworked csc features, now all orginial csc features from selected region will be included
- update all basic mods to latest version!

ROM v5.1
- fixed CSC issue after flashing rom
- fixed long boot after reboot for S7 Flat users
- fixed rom info in settings
- fixed themes content compatibilty issue
- added options to install SystemUI mod in aroma:
* Center Clock
* 3Minit Battery Mod
* Removed SD card Notification
* Fingerprint Unclock After Reboot Without Pattern or PIN
* Data Usage In Center Of Notification Panel
* Open all toggles in the Quickpanel swipe from the right side of the screen with toggle
* Network traffic indicator on statusbar
* 6thGear Device info mod (thanks to daxgirl)
* Virtual Lock button on center clock
- added options to install 1060 Fonts Pack mod in aroma
- added options to install iOS Emoji mod in aroma
- added options to enabled ambient display in aroma

ROM v5.0
- updated to Beta-5 XXU1ZPLH
- updated kernel/bootloader/modem to Beta-5 ZPLH for S7 and S7edge
- included bootloader and modem automatic flash only for S7 and S7 Edge Models!
- added options for root device or not in aroma
- added options for choose CSC region in aroma
- all mods updated to latest version:
* disable high volume warning for headphones
* unlock after reboot with fingerprint without pin or pattern
* secret mode in samsung browser
* development settings scale 0.25
* reboot recovery button in power menu
* disable sd card notification

ROM v4.1
- incuded devbase systemless by @_alexndr
- updated supersu v2.79-stable (modded by @ambasadii)
- zippalinged on fly after every reboot!
- added 'reboot to recovery' button for power menu (MOD) by @grzegorz354
- enabled fingerprint unclock without pattern (MOD) thanks to @asc1977
- enabled secret mode in samsung browser (MOD) by @mwilky and @Repulsa
- enabled development settings scale 0.25 (MOD) by @grzegorz354
- incallui colors and delay fix (MOD) by @Repulsa
- removed network speed meter from status bar
- removed center clock (back to default)

ROM v4.0
- updated to Beta-4 XXU1ZPL3
- updated kernel/modem to Beta-4 for S7 and S7edge
- fixed aroma options for data usage
- added options to install iOS emoji
- added adaway ad blocker (v3.2)
- added options to install systemui mod by ambasadii:
* unlock after reboot with fingerprint without pin or pattern
* nettwork traffic meter in/out on left side status bar
* center clock on statusbar
* center virtual lock button when you tap on clock statusbar

ROM v3.3
- rebulding rom from scratch!
- many fixes and improvments
- added csc tweaks options in aroma:
* enable LTE mobile data icon instead 4G
* enable data usage information under brightness slider
* enable multi user support
* enable flipboard briefing visilibity on page launcher
* enable Vo-LTE support for some carrier labels
- added debloated options in aroma to remove some apps
- updated supersu v2.78-SR5 modded by ambasadii (includded auto busybox and optimization scripts)

ROM v3.2
- all bloatware moved to separate zip aroma addons v1.0
- added tileroot with power toggles enabled
- added option hide supersu (binary) to aroma installer [this will fix for example snapchat!]
- removed magisk root options from aroma (supersu set at default)
- fixed flipboard briefing visibilty in launcher

ROM v3.1
- updated all apps to latest version
- many bloatware apps moved to aroma
- added 101 system fonts to aroma
- removed not necessary services
- better smooth and performance

ROM v3.0
- nougat BETA-3
- updated kernel to latest version (no-encryption)
- includded BETA-3 XXU1ZPKK modem for S7 and S7edge
- added choose to install magisk root or supersu in aroma
- added gear and v-gear support in aroma
- added viper4a+dolby atmos in aroma
- fixed permission for external sdcard

ROM v2.0
- nougat BETA-2

ROM v1.0
- nougat BETA-1

(c) copyright by ambasadii from xda

Der Inhalt ist ausschließlich aus dem originalen xda-Thread übernommen. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist die einzige Änderung...


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Also ich bin bei Ambasadii v20. Zwischendurch mal andere probiert aber immer wieder zurück auf Ambasadii. Akku ist einfach Top. Kamera funktioniert alles. Einfach für mich die beste Rom.


Mit welchem Kernel?
Die hatte ich zuletzt als v16 glaube ich mal drauf.


Den Kernel hab ich von der Rom der dabei war. Da Flash ich kein anderen weil ich mich mit dieser Materie nicht so aus kenne. Aber wie gesagt bin super zufrieden mit der Rom.


Dann werde ich mir die morgen abend auch nochmal rauf hauen. War letzte Woche schon mal am grübeln. Mir ist halt der Akkuverbrauch wichtiger da bei mir immer eine gear mit läuft und deswegen der akku schon sehr stark in die Knie geht. Die batman und minutaurus sind zwar sehr gut aber da wurmt mich der Verbrauch mit ständigen bluetooth dann doch schon etwas.


controlled schrieb:
Den Kernel hab ich von der Rom der dabei war. Da Flash ich kein anderen weil ich mich mit dieser Materie nicht so aus kenne. Aber wie gesagt bin super zufrieden mit der Rom.
Hast du die csc aus der rom genommen oder nochmal eine andere nachgeflasht? Ich werde die heute abend auf jedenfall installieren. Ich bin von den anderen roms etwas enttäuscht was die akkulaufzeit angeht.


Ja hab die csc aus der Rom genommen.


Kann das sein das wenn man das LTE icon in der Installation ausgewählt hat das man kein volte icon mehr hat. Volte funktioniert aber trotzdem.

Ansonsten läuft die v20 wirklich absolut top. Ich denke die werde ich erstmal drauf lassen.
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Hier hast du ein link von xda. Da hat er die reingestellt. Das wäre nett wenn du das machst. Die läuft wirklich sauber und ich denke wenn einer eine stockbasierte rom sucht mit mods dann ist die schon sehr gut. Wichtig ist zu erwähnen das die rom control in den addons ist. Damit kann man sehr viele Sachen in der rom einstellen. Die wird auch installiert wenn man die s8 sachen aus den addons nicht haben will. Ich zum Beispiel will lieber das die weg bleiben weil die s8 sachen nicht zu 100% funktionieren.

[ROM] Android Nougat 7.0 Official-Stable [DQHN] ODEX/ROOT/BUSYBOX [v20.0]


Nutzt du die s8 apps? Wenn ja geht in den telefon dailer orte? Das ist neben den Kontakten. Ich habe die jetzt noch nicht installiert weil es bei anderen roms nie ging.
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controlled schrieb:
Das wäre super wenn du das machen könntest. Dann kann man auch mal in deutsch über diese super Rom diskutieren[emoji106]
Ich habe das immer bei der ambassadi v20 das mein allwas on display nicht wieder angeht wenn man es 10 Minuten in der Hosentasche hat. Das ist richtig blöd. Ansonsten wäre die rom top. Ich weiß aber auch nicht wie ich das hin bekommen soll.
Ich nutze das s7 theme.

Ich habe jetzt in der telegram gruppe eine v25 apk für das aod gefunden. Die in system private apps einfügen und die rechte 644 vergeben. Dann läuft die auch perfekt
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Ich hab die letzten Beiträge aus dem allgemeinen Custom-Rom Thread, wo es um diese Rom geht zusammengefasst und hier mit rein geschoben. Waren ja sowieso Themenbezogen
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Es lohnt sich echt die Rom.
Danke @submain fürs erstellen.
Vielleicht meldet sich der Dev hier auch mal zu Wort.


Keine Ahnung ob er überhaupt Deutsch spricht. Auf jeden Fall kein gutes Englisch, wie ich im xda-Thread mitbekommen hab. Ich glaub er weiß noch nichtmal, dass es von seiner Rom hier einen Thread gibt. Aber kannst ihn ja mal bei xda anschreiben. Der Link ist im Startbeitrag.

Da ich die Rom nicht nutze, wäre es gut, wenn bei Aktualisierungen immer jemand eine kurze Info hier rein schreibt. Dann pass ich das im ersten Beitrag an. Da bleibt der Thread gepflegt und auf aktuellem Stand


Ahhh. Jetzt hat man eine gute rom gefunden und gestern kam die Mitteilung das der Dev die rom einstellt weil er kein s7 mehr hat.


Ist nicht dein ernst[emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15]


Doch er sammelt jetzt spenden damit er eins zum Supporten holen kann.
Hi guys,

Development for S7 phone is stoped until I get s7 phone.

When I get enough money I will buy S7 only for development.

[emoji351] Current state of donation account is: 100 EUR

If you want donate developer for S7 here is the link:

Marcin Purzycki Geld mit PayPal.Me senden


Heute hatter er schon 125€


Kann man die Spenden einsehen wie viel er schon zusammen hat. Und wie viel sollen es sein.


Ich habe das nur bei Telegram in seiner news Gruppe gelesen. Im Moment sind es 125€.


Kannst mich (uns) mal bitte auf dem laufenden halten. Ich hab kein Telegram. Bin echt gespannt ob es weiter geht. Ist echt ne super Rom. Ansonsten müssen wir ne alternative finden.

Wenn diese schei... Qualität mit der Kamera nicht wäre, hätte ich schon längs Lineage drauf.