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Diskutiere [Recovery][PhilZ Touch][i93xx] -End Of Support- im Kernel für Samsung Galaxy S3 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S3.


End Of Support

Project Status: No Longer Updated

As I mentioned before, I have a lot of new important projects in my real life. I am very happy to abandon this project for real life alternatives.
CWM is a dead project for now, until some dev resurrects it. I was about to do, until these new projects came.

Current version will probably work a while for many devices. Some devices with new ROM installers could have issues. Just use TWRP or the CM Simple Recovery

If the current version works for you, there is no reason you don't use it though. No need to bitch in all threads because it doesn't work for you. Just move on to other alternatives.

Ich, Android-Hilfe.de oder die Entwickler/Publisher der ROM oder Mods,
übernehmen keine Haftung für mögliche Schäden an eurem Gerät!

Ihr seid daher für euer Handeln selbst verantwortlich!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
PhilZ Touch 6.x Recovery
CWM Advanced Edition 6.x
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New and First True JB 4.2 migration support: live toggle /data/media or /data/media/0
>> Repacked with latest stock kernels to be SDS safe<<

Für Fragen zum recovery hier lang-->> PhilZ Thread S3
Auf neue Version prüfen: Official up to date thread
(Keep this thread for dev support and porting to new devices)​

PhilZ Touch features:
touch interface:
- toggle between 4 touch modes: FULL TOUCH,DOUBLE TAP to validate and SEMI TOUCH (scroll but no touch validation) and NO TOUCH to only use hardware keys
- written from scratch full touch code
- safe full touch : no wrongly validations while scrolling
- when you set full touch mode, it defaults to optimized settings for menu height, scroll sensitivity and touch accuracy (you still can alter them manually later)
- adjust scroll sensitivity in a huge palette
- adjust menu height in a huge palette
- adjust touch accuracy
- 30 color settings for each of the 8 GUI parts + 5 alpha transparency settings
- much more stable full touch mode: no more skips, jumps or wrongly validations while scrolling
- user custom background png can be selected in addition to 30solid colors option
- show/hide background icon
- show / hide bottom virtual buttons
- show/hide + set color and transparency for menu line separators to match solid color themes, like Black...
- set number of bottom log rows to show
- Friendly Log View and pause on logs: no more miss logs during zip installs
- auto dim screen after user configurable delay
- adjust brightness and turn off screen with a gesture action
- auto turn off screen after user configurable delay
-show/hide clock and remaining battery %, even during nandroid operations
- clock and battery stats now effectively refresh every 30 seconds
- toggle vibrator on/off when using bottom virtual buttons
- toggle key repeat for volume up/down scrolling when maintained pressed
- set time zone + 30mn offset: correct time can now be set for nandroid backup path and clock
- capture recovery screen shots with a gesture action
- one file to save all settings
- backup and restore settings file
- reset to default settings option
- prompt to restore your settings from a backup when they are wiped by a new ROM install
- option to auto restore your settings from a backup without a prompt
- all toggles are applied live, without restart of recovery (except reset of stock CWM background image)
- toggle menu options are automatically right aligned and menu text left aligned based on device display size
- configurable gesture actions: double tap, slide right/left, long press/lift, long press/move, can be associated with any of: show log, change brightness, blank screen, capture screen shot, launch Aroma File Manager
-Note: after scroll, first touch will select only. After one sec of scrolling or on second touch, it will validate immeadiately. This is by design and not a bug. It is there to limit erroneous validation while scrolling
Read more about it here:Validation Lock after scrolling

-First to introduce true JB 4.2 migration: toggle between /data/media and /data/media/0
-browse phone with root access using full GUI in Aroma File Manager
-terminal access from recovery with root access through Aroma File Manager
-Multi Zip Install menu: check multiple zip files to install in a row
-Custom Install Zip Mode: set a default folder to start with + browse backward up to the root
-exFAT + ext4 support in recovery for external sd
-TWRP backup and restore support, include full md5 sum support (single and multivolume, compressed and non compressed formats)
-Advanced statistics during backup operations shown in color: total backup size, backup size progress, backup time, compression ratio...
-support .android_secure backup/restore from external storage and exfat partitions
-optional reboot after custom backups/restores
-sd-ext support (ext4)
-nandroid backups support /preload in backup and restore jobs (custom and stock backups)
-set special nandroid settings: time zone, toggle md5 check for lightning fast backup and restore, toggle /preload backup and restore, enable nandroid compression using pigz (multi-cpu gzip compression) and choose ors backup target volume
-you can cancel any nandroid operation with back button
-create custom_rom.zip from current ROM or from a pre-existing nandroid backup (based on boot, /system and optionally /preload)
-nandroid backup path now will be named with current ROM id from build.prop (ro.modversion, then ro.romversion, then ro.build.display.id)
-custom backup and restore job list: backup and restore freely any partition combo (include modem and efs) from old nandroid folder or new custom_backup one
-custom restore option to browse from /sdcard/0 (android 4.2 workaround)
-backup/restore EFS in both tar + img formats, now with time incremented copies for both tar and .img
-support flash modem.bin image files in addition to custom modem.img files, now support for multiple *.bin versions under dedicated folder
-during custom restore, you can see the contents of the folder you want to restore from
-delete custom or TWRP backups from recovery menu
-full wipe before flashing new ROM: wipe user data + format /system and /preload. SD card content is not affected
-full support for openrecovery script specifications include all backup and restore options
-run openrecovery scripts in 3 modes: on start goomanager boot scripts + one touch menu to either directly open a default path or freely browse for scripts
-define ors backup target volume from within Nandroid Settings menu
-ors restore path supports stock clockworkmod path, TWRP path and custom_backup path
-poweroff, reboot to recovery and reboot to download mode options
-dual USB mount in recovery support and mount external sd over usb for /data/media devices
-adb root in recovery: just wait about a minute to activate
-detailed build info in About menu

Full Change History/Was ist neu:


6.48.4 (06.07.2014)
- merge multi stage install packages support from AOSP

6.48.1 (30.06.2014)
- add option to directly parse time_daemon data files
- refresh current time in menu header after time daemon fixes
- fix first passkey prompt screen did not show proper background under some circumstances
- libtouch_gui 1.30

6.47.7 (25.06.2014)
- preserve background icon user settings after sideload, install zip and wipe actions
- use real fstype instead of auto in /etc/fstab when converting between ext4 <-> f2fs using extra.fstab
- libtouch_gui 1.29
- LG G2 variants: enable performance mode in recovery (device tree)
- HTC One Mini (m4): enable f2fs and exfat kernel support
- Galaxy S5 LTE (klte): enable backup/restore of /efs, /modemst1 and /modemst2 partitions

6.47.6 (24.06.2014)
- recovery lock: support use of virtual / capacitive keys as pass key
- libtouch_gui 1.28

6.47.4 (23.06.2014)
- fix adb was disabled when no recovery lock passkey was setup
- Galaxy S3 D2 variants: enable f2fs support

6.47.3 (20.06.2014)
- add recovery lock with passkey on start
- better extra partitions support in custom nandroid operations
- fix segfault during shell nandroid backup/restore commands
- enable progress display during &quot;adb shell nandroid backup/restore&quot; commands
- enhance and fix bugs of progress display during install/nandroid... operations
- nandroid restore: fix progress bar animation when md5 verify is enabled
- nandroid md5: fix progress bar was not reset for each file
- nandroid md5: fix .android_secure md5 sum was never generated or checked
this could cause md5 check to fail under some circumstances
- limit logging to console in adb shell nandroid and mount commands
- fix detection of real fstype (pointer to in the scope char array bug)
- merge: &quot;Only chmod backup/blobs directory if it exists&quot;
- merge: &quot;Enable cmdline nandroid backup of vold volumes&quot;
- disable useless sd-ext warnings and errors
- merge loki updates
- f2fs <-> ext4 conversion: support fs_options2 through extra.fstab before dropping to bare minimal options
- clean up code
- libtouch_gui 1.26

6.43.8 (02.06.2014)
- fix recursive path creation bug for /data/media/0
- f2fs: do not try f2fs recovery.fstab mount options on an ext4 partition
- f2fs: do not redefine default recovery ext4 mount options when migrating from an f2fs recovery.fstab
- f2fs: error message when converting unsupported file systems
- fix Galaxy Mega variant background resolution

6.43.5 (01.06.2014)
- default to /data/media/0 unless we define BOARD_HAS_NO_MULTIUSER_SUPPORT
- use lstat to check if file exists

6.43.4 (01.06.2014)
- fix text print colour could persist after md5 check

6.43.3 (31.05.2014)
- fix f2fs conversion of /data on /data/media devices
- allow ext4 <-> f2fs backup data migration in nandroid
- cleanup code

6.43.0 (30.05.2014)
- nandroid backup: fix 'media' exception:
In CWM, a bug present from the begining was preventing any path/file named media from backup on /data/media devices
This fix will only exclude /data/media path and not other media files/folders

6.42.9 (30.05.2014)
- default again to libtar for backup/restore

6.42.7 (30.05.2014)

default to busybox tar:
- use busybox tar by default as it now supports selinux context backup/restore
- unify libtar and busybox tar options (-p for selinux context)
- remove now deprecated external selinux container code

6.42.5 (30.05.2014)
- f2fs: recreate /etc/fstab after ext4/f2fs conversion for proper use of system mount command
- comment useless dead code

6.42.4 (30.05.2014)
- f2fs: fix nandroid restore to f2fs partitions
- f2fs: support format extra storage to f2fs (vold patch needed)
- f2fs: support switching between f2fs/ext4 (needs f2fs in kernel modules), thanks @KumaJaya
- f2fs: reload volume table after f2fs/ext4 conversion (no reboot needed after conversion)
- f2fs: do not format whole /data when not expected on /data/media devices
- f2fs: allow /data f2fs/ext4 conversion for non data_media devices

6.41.8 (26.05.2014)
Preserve recovery settings after a wipe
- on settings change, create a second copy of recovery settings on primary storage (/sdcard)
- on recovery exit, always copy recovery settings to sdcard if no copy is present
- after a wipe, on recovery exit, try to restore settings from the copy on primary storage
- fix save/restore settings menu labels
- libtouch_gui 1.22

6.41.6 (12.05.2014)
- update exfat to dorimanx 1.2.9 latest sources
- fix compile error when enabling BOARD_RECOVERY_USE_BBTAR
- repo sync latest sources
- Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 WiFi SM-T320 (mondrianwifi)
- HTC M7 variants: use new cm kernel with exfat sources
- HTC M8 variants: use new unified recovery

6.41.5 (10.05.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.21: auto detect BRIGHTNESS_SYS_FILE path if it is not set during compile
* search for the file in most common locations
* if found, save it to recovery settings ini file to be called on next recovery starts
* else, disable adjust brightness function to avoid error logs on recovery start
- fix various compiler warnings and errors
- enhance pre-compile setup
- dedupe: merge clean up code from @xiaolu
- merge: fix restorecon_from_file potential crash from @xiaolu (only for BOARD_RECOVERY_USE_BBTAR)
- fix 240x320 images
- merge &quot;cwm: Honor recovery variant &quot;
- merge &quot;cwm: Remove hardcoded paths&quot;
- merge &quot;Keep 'show log' on screen until user dismisses it&quot;
- create /data/media directory after internal storage is wiped
prevents denial to read/write from internal storage under some circumstances
- open source touch_gui library
- update licence files

6.40.1 (04.05.2014)
- proper libtar implementation: support backup/restore of selinux context inside archive
- dedupe: support backup/restore of selinux context by @Chenglu
- libtouch_gui 1.20: support custom key files (BOARD_CUSTOM_RECOVERY_KEYMAPPING)

6.29.9 (27.04.2014)
- merge &quot;Recovery: swap XY on swipe controls&quot;
- shell pipe: set exit code to error if any pipe element fails
* this was causing backup state to be reported good while tar command failed

6.29.7 (27.04.2014)
- minitar: add options help and change log
- minitar: build as a static library to spare 150 kb (only 16kb size increase)

6.29.2 (26.04.2014)
- fix potential bug when verifying root and recovery state on exit
- merge &quot;Fix verify_root_and_recovery menu selections&quot;:
- hide the Go Back button from confirm menu
- merge &quot;Prohibit mounting/formatting swap partitions in recovery&quot;
- add minitar binary to /sbin instead of busybox tar
- minitar: enable more options, enable long options, fix selinux backup/restore, enhance GNU tar compatibility
- enable seamless backup/restore selinux context using minitar binary
- TWRP mode: support backup/restore of selinux context
- libtouch_gui 1.19

6.27.6 (21.04.2014)
- add libtouch_gui for armv6 devices, thanks @yuweng and androidarmv6 team
- loki: sync to upstream
- Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (k3gxx): update kernel to XXU1ANCI
- Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (tate): fix background and virtual keys
- Amazon Kindle Fire HD (jem & tate): fix display battery level
- LG G2: repack on older cm 6.25.4 kernel to fix graphic issues
- New: HTC One M8 Verizon (m8vzw)
- New: LG Optimus One P500 (p500) - arm v6 based

6.27.0 (17.04.2014)
- MTK support: fix backup & restore of boot/recovery/uboot partitions
- MTK devices: improve error handling of partitions size
- do not consider su symlink in /system/bin as a broken root
- New: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (tate)
- New: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (jem)
- New: Galaxy S5 SM-G900H Exynos variant (k3gxx)

6.26.6 (14.04.2014)
- m7 unified for m7ul, m7att and m7tmo
- merge support for native dual boot devices
- sync sources

6.26.4 (12.04.2014)

- update libloki to latest sources
- broken root: help victims of bad custom ROMs
This adds extra code to detect if two su instances are installed in /system/bin and /system/xbin
It will kill both and properly apply SuperSU
- fixing root on exit was never done what ever was user choice

6.26.1 (06.04.2014)
- New: Note 10.1 2014 3G - SM-P601 (lt0wifiue)
- New: LG Optimus L7 P700 (p700) by @ali.filth
- New: Galaxy Grand Quatro (i8552) by @ali.filth
- New: HTC One mini (m4)
- fb2png: better error logging

6.25.7 (05.04.2014)
- New: HTC One M8 (m8)
- New: HTC One M8 sprint (m8spr)
- New: Note 10.1 2014 Wifi - SM-P600 (lt0wifi)
- derp cm_moto_msm8960

6.25.4 (31.03.2014)

- sort files using case insensitive order (adapted from @titanic-fanatic)
- use new ro.loki_disabled for unified variants not needing loki
This way, we only need to set the ENABLE_LOKI flag to have a loki enabled recovery
No more need to set an extra ro.loki_enabled property
Only modification needed now is for jflte variants not using loki
Only jflteatt and jfltevzw do
We have to set ro.loki_disabled to 1 for all other variants in libinit_jflte
- New device: Galaxy X Cover 2 - skomer
- New device: Galaxy S3 Mini - golden
- New device: Sony Xperia ZR (dogo)
- New device: Sony Xperia Tablet Z (pollux)
- New device: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (amami)
- New device: Sony Xperia S (nozomi)
- New device: moto_msm8960 unified device (by @hachamacha)
- New device: Galaxy S Advance (janice)
- New device: Galaxy Ace 2 (codina)
- New device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-T211 (lt023g)

6.25.0 (29.03.2014)
- jflte: enable back loki for jflteatt and jfltevzw
- remove old no more needed md5 check code

6.24.8 (28.03.2014)
- libtouch_gui 1.16:
- fix when quickly doing two gesture actions one after the other, highlighted m$
we only allow gesture actions when the previous one is terminated
- set these default gesture actions:
* swipe left = screen off
* swipe right = increase brightness
* press 1 sec and lift = show log
* press 2 sec and small move = screen shot
- merge &quot;Only init legacy property environment once&quot;

6.24.6 (28.03.2014)
- revert using ntfs module and drop to fuse for complete write support
- use new md5digest code to generate/verify nandroid backups
- bring progress bar during nandroid md5 generation and check
- exclude log and md5 file when regenerating md5 files
- twrp mode: use new md5digest function with status bar during md5 check/create
- twrp mode: fix double md5 verification bug
- fix delete backup menu failed to reopen base backup folder + wired log message
- libtouch_gui 1.15: fix the &quot;umount: can't umount /data: Invalid argument&quot; log message on start when time daemon was loaded
- libtouch_gui 1.15: show &quot;time daemon loading&quot; message on recovery start when we're waiting for the daemon to load
- libtouch_gui 1.15: support time_daemon /data/system/time path used on some ROMs
- add Xperia ZL (odin) flags (@shoey63)
- jflte: remove /firmware and /firmware-mdm from fstab
- repack builder: fix version display during install broken after fixing cm recovery builder script

6.23.7 (25.03.2014)
- cherry-pick @mdmower patches to legacy props init: better error checking to avoid segfaulting
- really hammer lazy developers

6.23.5 (25.03.2014)
- merge: &quot;recovery: Compatibility with upstream minui change&quot;
- merge: &quot;use correct USB PID for adb and new PID for adb+ums&quot;
- merge: &quot;Fixes makerecoveries.sh&quot;
- merge: &quot;nandroid: Convert selinux_android_restorecon calls to new API&quot; from @KumaJaya
- fix fb2png flag to be enabled by default
- cherry-pick: &quot;Revert &quot;Add a copy of the updater binary to the recovery resources&quot;&quot;
- cherry-pick: &quot;Make legacy prop environment available to recovery&quot;
- cherry-pick: &quot;Use legacy property environment if old update-binary&quot;
- fix potential unsafe thread code
- libtouch_gui 1.10: disable gesture actions during md5 checks as they are not thread safe

6.22.5 (22.03.2014)
- fb2pn v2.0.0 by McKael & Phil3759
* autodetect image offset to properly align frame buffer data
* fix memory leak
* fix all compiler warnings
* auto detect active frame buffer to capture
* option to force buffer to capture by user
- fix compiling of Advanced Edition

6.22.1 (18.03.2014)
- fix fb2png code for new Qualcom boards (not merged, work in progress)
- fix key repeat for hardware keys
- fix MTK board support
- fix compiling error of Advanced Edition
- fix md5 check crash when installing zip files

6.21.2 (14.03.2014)

- add progress bar while reading zip file to compute md5 check
- add color printing during md5sum checks
- (derp) fix color code printing on md5 check disappears after 5 sec (ui_wait_key() screen refresh)
- md5sum check potential bug fixes and optimizations
- libtouch_gui 1.05

6.20.6 (12.03.2014)
- add md5 sum calculation and toggle verification during install of zip files
- hammerhead: fix efs backup (derp)
- loki: use new loki_tool multi bin sources
- add missing vkeys for 240 width
- many bug fixes and code cleanups
- libtouch_gui 1.04

6.19.6 (05.03.2014)
- loki: fix auto loki was broken and clean up sources
- hammerhead: add efs backup/restore
- m7 variants: fix charger in off mode
- jewel: fix no fstab!

6.19.3 (02.03.2014)
- fix compiling for QCOM devices when using a prebuilt kernel with TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL
- galaxysmtd: remove ntfs-3g drivers to fit partition size

6.19.3 (02.03.2014)
- fix compiling for QCOM devices when using a prebuilt kernel with TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL
- galaxysmtd: remove ntfs-3g drivers to fit partition size

6.19.2 (01.03.2014)
- merge &quot;nandroid: Allow tar backups of yaffs2 partitions&quot;
- merge &quot;update-binary: Add collect_backup_data function&quot;
- merge &quot;recovery: add overlay interface for recovery mode&quot;
- merge &quot;recovery: Add support for split display &quot;
- merge &quot;recovery: Fix compilation for non MSM target &quot;
- merge &quot;Fix overlay inclusion on MSM&quot;
- merge &quot;Loki: Add LG G Flex KDDI MODEL&quot;
- merge Aroma patches:
* User selectable colorspace added to settings.
* Unmount /system at exit if mounted.
* Some more logging added.
- add 480x854 res backgrounds
- add 240x320 res backgrounds
- hlte: use new unified device builds but only for devices with new 4.4 bootloader
- hlte: fix cdrom in mount usb storage, thanks to @Chenglu
- jewel: use cm kernel with new layout partitions to fix charger
- hammerhead: revert to using cm kernel instead of stock
- falcon_gpe: use unified falcon device with init started script to swap fstab f2fs for ext4
- New: d2dcm (d2lte)
- lt02wifi: support fb2png screen shots
- loki fix for zip installers broken after unified devices releases

6.18.7 (25.02.2014)
- enable full touch gui build through re-distributable libtouch_gui (v1.01)
- merge &quot;Fix mass storage in recovery&quot;
- merge remote cm-11.0 changes
- loki: add support for unified devices
- fix loki user setting could be overridden on edify install_zip commands
- Galaxy S4 Qualcom variants: use new unified device &quot;jflte&quot; for all variants
- loki: show the enabled/disabled state in menu
- more comprehensive menu text display for /data/media/0 toggle
- fix potential memory leak in /data/media/0 toggle
- Galaxy S3 Qualcomm variants: use unified dlte recovery image
- New: Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch - SPH-D710 (d710)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-T210 WiFi (lt02wifi), credits to gr8nole and ketut.kumajaya
- New: ZTE Warp Sequent - N861 (warp2), credits to jetx2x
- New: ZTE Awe (nex), credits to cooldudezach
- New: HTC Rezound (vigor)
- merge: &quot;P31XX: use landscape background&quot;
- fix virtual keys on devices with 1024 pixel width resolution
- huge cleanup and potential bug fixes
- fix all compiler warnings

6.15.3 (13.02.2014)
- update superSU to 1.93
- sync sources
- fix recovery reboot command (adb and shell) by adding the init sys.powerctl property control
- merge &quot;Fix mkfs.f2fs calling in roots&quot;
- merge &quot;Fix mass storage in recovery&quot;
- fix display current path when navigating backward in folders
- Nandroid Simple Logging: toggle logging of file names during nandroid to keep screen progress while speed up nandroid operations for some devices
- increase NICE_INTERVAL to 300 msec (faster backup/restore on some devices)
- hide unused settings in Nandroid Settings menu (if we disable all progress on screen, hide non valid options)
- re-order nandroid settings menu
- add a toggle for fall back to pre-built update-binary to permit use of older update-binary in zip packages (doesn't persist on reboot).
this will fix the assert errors due to outdate update-binary. It could still be affected by assert error on device name getprop. However, that one is easier to fix by end users by editing updater-script. This is a workaround. The best is to hammer your ROM cooker to update his scripts and binaries
- setting for signature check toggle on zip updates will be now saved on reboot
- Aroma File Manager: mount vold managed volumes on launch from recovery
- Free Browse Mode: make it possible to install from any custom path even ramdisk
- Free browse mode: fix exceptions when setting up custom path
- Free browse mode: mount known volumes during setup
- Free browse mode: better handling of /data/media devices
- Free Browse Mode: mount vold managed volumes when navigating in
- HTC One variants (m7): fix charger
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel): fix charger
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel): update to new Sense 5 partition layout (/data/media)
- HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel): use exfat modules for much faster backup speed to exfat cards
- New: Moto G variants (falcon): xt1028 xt1031 xt1032 xt1033 xt1034
- New: Moto G Google Play Edition (falcon_gpe)
- New: Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE (n5120) support
- New: HP Touch (tenderloin), no touch
- fix potential logging issues
- fix compiler warnings
- clean up code and misc fixes

6.13.1 (06.02.2014)
- HTC One variants (m7xx): fix charger bug
- Nexus 5 (hammerhead): use stock kernel to fix graphic issues
- LG G2 variants (d80x, vs980, ls980): add faster exfat backups using exfat modules from samsung (credits @dorimanx)
- LG G2: add d805 and d806 support
- Galaxy S4 variants (jflte): derp fix kernel random hang on boot
- SGH-I757M (celoxhd): use exfat static drivers

6.12.8 (30.01.2014)
- time and date menu text formatting and order
- version display edit
- add ntfs write support to devices using kernel modules instead of fuse
- loki: merge &quot;Support LG Optimus F7 ZV5_02&quot;
- zip installer: update loki binaries for LOKI devices
- zip installer: use new update-binary sources
- add NTFS kernel module support for more Samsung devices

6.12.2 (28.01.2014)

- manually set time and date in recovery
- support Qualcom time daemon to sync time with main system (credits to dougiebee)
- support RTC offset hack for Qualcom devices without a proper time daemon in system ROM (credits to dougiebee)
- option to drop to system set time and date commands (credits to dougiebee)
- set default nandroid compression level back to low
- roll out exfat-nofuse sources from dorimanx into various kernels from Samsung and other brands
- code fix and cleanup
- New: Oppo N1

6.10.6 (23.01.2014)
- update SuperSU to 1.91
- merge android_system_core changes to adb to fix push to extra storage paths
- do not use performance mode during install zip: fixes hang on unmount /system in updater-script when usb cable is connected
- i9505 ans US variants: update kernel to fix random hang on boot
- update to CWM
- merge &quot;Fix up bu restore&quot;
- ROM Manager: workaround to backup/restore to/from external storage

6.10.2 (20.01.2014)
- enhance touch init (fix touch on some Sony devices)
- really fix reading device max brightness value
- loki: merge &quot;Support Open EU LG Optimus F6 and US Cellular Optimus F7&quot;
- New: HTC One X+ (enrc2b)

6.10.0 (18.01.2014)
- read the device max brightness setting to fix brightness toggle on some Sony devices
- merge: &quot;Populate mount menu with new mount/format matrix&quot; - final version
- merge: &quot;Use cat for adb backup.&quot;

6.09.6 (15.01.2014)
- do not error on missing sd-ext when wiping dalvik cache
- merge: &quot;su: Update for latest su daemon compatibility&quot;
- merge &quot;Clean up c formatting - 1&quot;
- merge &quot;Remove &quot;Go Back&quot; option from verify root and recovery options&quot;
- merge &quot;Fix potential chmod failures&quot;
- merge: &quot;Add a copy of the updater binary to the recovery resources&quot;
- merge: &quot;install: Support downgrade scenarios&quot;
- merge: &quot;install: Fix possible overflow condition in the updater &quot;scanner&quot;&quot;
- merge: &quot;minui: do not use flexible array initialization&quot;
- merge: &quot;correctly mount tmpfs as /tmp in recovery&quot;
- New: Sony Xperia SP (huashan)
- New: Sony Xperia T (mint)
- New: Samsung i9192 (serranodsub)
- New: Motorola Moto X variants: VZW (xt1060), GSM (xt1058), TMO (xt1053)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE (n8020)

6.09.2 (12.01.2013)
- TWRP: merge &quot;support use TW_USE_MODEL_HARDWARE_ID_FOR_DEVICE_ID&quot;
- toggle prompt on low free space during backup
- SuperSU update to v1.89
- loki: merge &quot;Support LG Vu 3.&quot;
- code cleanup
- New: US Cellular CH-R530U (d2usc) support

6.08.9 (04.01.2013)
- gesture action defaults changed
- long press and lift gesture action is now triggered after finger pressed for more than 1 sec
- do not include fb2png on non supported devices
- stop always rebuilding aroma intermediates
- Update: Samsung Exhilarate SGH-I577 (exhilarate)
- New: Galaxy Express AT&T (expressatt)
- New: Asus Transformer Pad TF300T (tf300t)
- New: Asus Transformer Prime TF700T (tf700t)
- New: HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel)
- New: LG Optimus 4X HD P880 (p880)
- New: Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T310 - Wifi (lt01wifi)
- New: Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T311 - 3G (lt013g)
- New: Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T315 - LTE (lt01lte)
- New: Galaxy Note 3 Verizon (hltevzw)
- New: Galaxy Note 3 Canada (hltecan)
- New: Sony Xperia Z1 (honami)
- New: Sony Xperia ZU (togari)

6.08.7 (03.01.2014)
- fix Free Browse Mode folder cannot be changed in menus once first setup
- add back custom format fstype using vold (now patched in cm-11.0 thanks @cyanogen)
- disable journalling when formatting non voldmanaged extra storage in ext4 fstype
- merge &quot;recovery: Add support for performance control&quot;
- update CWM to v6.0.4.6
- loki: sync sources (support LG G2 D80010o)
- default backup compression level is now 5 (medium)
- v500: fix background width to 1200 pixels
- e970: fix OTA assert line breaking zip installer
- New: HTC Desire 601 (zara)
- New: HTC Droid DNA (dlx)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082 (i9082)

6.07.8 (28.12.2013)
- fix exiting &quot;pause on logs&quot; mode with virtual keys caused erroneous validation
- fix exiting screen off mode with hardware key could cause erroneous validations
- fix some devices could not exit &quot;pause on logs&quot; mode with screen touch
- bring immediate touch responsiveness after exiting screen off mode and &quot;pause on logs&quot; mode
- fix erroneous first menu validation when exiting screen off mode on some devices
- fix long press and move action could be triggered while swiping outside menus and returning to first touched area
- increase threshold for long press and move action for easier triggering
- small touch scroll optimizations
- improve touch responsiveness on low res devices
- code clean-up and optimization
- fix log text could overwrite clock/battery icons on some low res devices
- after successful zip install with sideload, hide the install background icon
- after installing zip with sideload, do not trigger &quot;pause on logs&quot; mode
- loki: sync latest sources (support LG G2 VS98012b)
- New: HTC One Verizon (m7vzw)
- New: Galaxy Note 3 International, Sprint and TMO (now built with cm-11.0 device tree and kernel)
- New: Galaxy S Relay 4G - SGH-T699 (apexqtmo)
- New: LG G Pad 8.3 (v500)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260 (superior)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 - SGH-i527 (meliusltexx)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 i9150 (melius3gxx)
- New: Galaxy S i9000 support (galaxysmtd) : still needs cat /proc/mtd to add in extra.fstab
- New: Galaxy S3 verizon - SGH-I535 (d2vzw)

6.05.6 (21.12.2013)
- better fit text logs on non HD devices: stop slightly overwrite of bottom virtual keys separation bar and clock/battery area
- fix logs overwriting bottom virtual keys and progress bar in sideload mode
- add 5 extra partitions support in nandroid: can be added in fstab and will be auto detected
- custom backup and restore menu: move reboot item to top of partitions list
- custom backup and restore menu: auto hide all unused items
- advanced menu: hide /data/media toggle for non datamedia devices
- sync loki sources: add new LG devices
- SuperSU update to 1.86
- busybox: merge @Chenglu changes to support selinux (no tar --selinux yet)
- huge code clean ups and fixes
- New: LG G Pad 8.3 (v500)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260 (superior)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 - SGH-i527 (meliusltexx)
- New: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150 (melius3gxx)
- New: Galaxy S i9000 support (galaxysmtd) : still needs cat /proc/mtd to add in extra.fstab
- New: Galaxy S3 verizon - SGH-I535 (d2vzw)
- Note 3: fix device name to hlte
- Note 3: ramdisk changes to better handle enforced selinux and usb mount storage
- Note 3 (hlte): add modem support in backup/restore
- Note 3 (hlte): repack on @Chenglu ramdisk to fix time
- Note 3 (hlte): fix boardconfig for correct ums lun path (mount usb storage)
- i9100/n7000: add extra.fstab support
- i9100/n7000: use built in kernel exfat modules for faster writes to exfat cards

6.04.0 (14.12.2013)
- fix twrp backup/restore default mode
- save loki support user setting (default is now disabled)

6.03.8 (13.12.2013)
- Galaxy Note 3 - n9005 (lt03ltexx)
- add custom backup and restore options to main nandroid menu for each storage volume
- ditch stock cwm limited advanced restore function
- add toggle to switch between TWRP/CWM as default backup mode
- ors: backup mode is now the default backup mode set for all recovery session
- ors: smart restore mode to override main backup mode depending on path we restore from (TWRP vs CWM auto detection)
- backup/restore validation menu moved to top in custom modes
- sanitize rom name for backup: exclude &quot;&&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; symbol and fix compiler warnings (size_t)
- when deleting backups, do not exit the menu each time
- fix new line in process_volumes()
- merge: &quot;Don't return immediately from reboot commands.&quot;
- merge: &quot;Enable incremental builder to find files that moved&quot;
- merge: &quot;Support recoveries without CONFIG_EXT4_FS_XATTR&quot;

6.03.5 (11.12.2013)
- Nexus 5 (hammerhead) support
- rebase on KitKat Android 4.4.x cm-11 branch
- restore NICE_INTERVAL to 100 for faster refresh of progress bar during nandroid restore
- Samsung phones: use built in kernel exfat/ntfs modules + fix selinux permissions to support exfat/ntfs read/write
- fix format to any user fstype without direct call to vold functions as it was no longer supported in cm-11.0
- proper ext2/ext4 support on extra storage volumes
- fix looping into readlink for boot/recovery partitions
- Samsung: add selinux permissions for preload partition
- if minivold fails to mount a voldmanaged volume, still drop to system mount (support ext2/ext3 mount)

6.02.1 (08.12.2013)
- loki: fix new line in ui_prints
- Nexus 7 (2013) deb and flo: fix background image size to better fit screen
- Galaxy Note 8.0 GSM (n5100): fix touch at kernel level for recovery and aroma, credits to @nickdollahz
- Galaxy Note 8.0 Wifi (n5110) support
- Galaxy Note 2: stop flashing sensors on boot (credits @AndreiLux), use built in kernel exfat modules (big thanks @wanam)

6.01.7 (07.12.2013)
- loki: update to v2.1 latest sources
- loki: use libloki_recovery for easier maintenance + clean-up the code
- loki: update to latest sources
- loki: fix all compiler warnings
- loki: remove licence in header file as requested by author
- fix get size of boot and recovery partitions from device block name link on some devices (yet another round, for good this time)
- LG G2 (d801): fix assert in zip installer
- Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket i727 (skyrocket) support
- Samsung Galaxy W - GT-I8150 (ancora) support
- Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 (ariesve) support

6.01.2 (03.12.2013)
- fix error log when changing backup format for non datamedia devices
- fix celoxhd vibrator thanks @titanic_fanatic
- support LG G2 Int (d802), LG G2 AT&T (d800), LG G2 TMO (d801), LG G2 Verizon (vs980), LG G2 Sprint (ls980)
- support LG Nitro HD AT&T (p930)

6.01.0 (01.12.2013)
- fix settings file and themes could not be saved/restored on non data media devices
- fix various issues with non data media devices (new vold names)
- settings path (/data) is unmounted only on recovery start and not on every settings refresh
- move all recovery setting files/paths to a common header file
- fix Atrix HD mbm886 compiling
- fix success/failure display when copying files
- crespo (Nexus S): revert to cm-10.2 kernel sources

6.00.8 (30.11.2013)
- merge selinux backup/restore changes from @xiaolu
- by default, enable selinux context backup/restore

6.00.7 (30.11.2013)
- fix unpredictable first touch on some devices
- support MTK devices backup and restore of boot, recovery and uboot

6.00.5 (29.11.2013)
- fix potential memory overflow on elapsed timers
- use clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) for more reliable elapsed timers
- fix virtual keys won't repeat for some devices since recent cm device tree updates
- update SuperSU to v1.80
- resync sources for fixing selinux permissions on lost and found folder
- Galaxy S3 US variants (d2spr, d2tmo, d2att): fix vold dropping to fuse instead of exfat kernel module
- i9500: use adam 3.5 kernel + built in exfat + ntfs, credits @wanam
- Galaxy S Relay 4G - SGH-T699 (apexqtmo)
- Galaxy Note 8.0 (n5100)
- Galaxy S2 HD LTE - SGH-I757M (celoxhd) credits @titanic_fanatic
- Nexus 7 (2013) LTE (deb)
- LG Optimus G Pro GSM (e980)
- LG Spectrum 4G - vs920
- Motorola Atrix HD
- Galaxy S4 int + US: do not show unsafe volumes in mounts and storage

6.00.0 (24.11.2013)
- fix settings file could be left opened in rare circumstances
- make nandroid menu easier to edit + fix potential memory overflow bug
- properly fix root apply for 4.3+ systems, credits @Chainfire
- add superSU 1.75, credits to @Chainfire
- rewrite touch code from scratch to optimize events handling
- add touch scrolling kinetics
- fix touch key registration on start
- fix: double tap a menu in full mode could validate first menu
- fix cancel nandroid backup with virtual keys needs to keep cancel button pressed
- when changing gui settings, be able to return to default values
- keep bottom logs row height limited what ever menu size we choose
- get rid of now useless friendly log view mode
- always respect user set minimum log rows to display in bottom of menus
- when setting no touch gui mode, hide virtual keys and set default bottom log lines
- when setting touch modes, show virtual keys by default
- fix gui settings menu order
- theme support through pre-set configuration files
- settings file renamed to force a user migration on update
- add dedicated menu for custom/free browse mode (no more alter existing install zip menus)
- fix couldn't install from last install path when free browse mode was enabled
- move check for root on restart and auto restore settings to open source code
- remove &quot;Custom Backup and Restore&quot; menu from PhilZ Settings menu
- stop double stringify TARGET_COMMON_NAME (device name was shown with surrounding quotes in About menu)
- optimize memory use when browsing for files to install/backup/restore
Download (aktuell für i9300 6.48.4)

PhilZ: https://goo.im/devs/philz_touch/CWM_Advanced_Edition/i9300/

JustArchi: Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

arter97: https://s.basketbuild.com/devs/arter97/S3/kernel/xda/recovery


Main menu and PhilZ Settings

GUI Preferences: all is applied live (no reboot). Up to 14 menu height settings, scroll sensitivity, touch accuracy...

27 color settings + 5 alpha transparency levels for every GUI element

Change background image with a custom png (of your device resolution), a solid color (27 presets) or revert to original cwm image

User configurable touch gestures (feel free to request for new actions)
Setup your time-zone + 30mn offset, super wipe option to install a new ROM

Backup and Restore any partition in a complete freedom, include modem (.img + .bin) and efs (.img + .tar)
Custom backups can also be restored by original CWM Advanced Restore Menu
TWRP Backup and Restore Support + md5 + single/multivolume format
Support multi-cpu compression, md5 check toggle and custom .android_secure path
Choose ors backup volume target

Flash multiple zip files in a raw
Aroma File Manager + Terminal Emulator: launch with a gesture action (double tap is default)

Full Wipe to Install a new ROM (sdcard is preserved)
Free Browse Mode to install zip files: select a default folder to start with and browse up to the root


  • Koush for having created and maintaining cwm
  • Cyanogenmod for making all this possible
  • Tallustus from Team Skyfire for his great support over IRC: MAJOR CREDITS
  • Dees_Troy from TWRP team for pigz source and many great ideas in their recovery + source for backups compatibility
  • Chenglu for his unpacking tools and porting i9505: Huge credit
  • mdmower for his kind support over cwm source
  • Patrics83 and HTC One X xda community for their big help in debugging the touch events input code
  • Nihar.G for his big support in testing touch, providing logs and the HTC Pico port
  • kbc-developers for the base semi-touch code and much more
  • Gokhanmoral@Siyah for his great job / support
  • McKael for his invaluable support in fixing for Nexus 4
  • sk8erwitskil for his recovery source, a great place to start learning
  • amarullz for bringing Aroma File Manager
  • shoe63 for his testing and great help in porting to the N7000
  • Tectas and zscomp for their great support in porting to i9300, but not forgetting rulala and störte
  • wanam for compiling kernels for N71xx and i317M to fix boot delay for custom kernels
  • dr.ketan for his precious help in porting to the N7000 & N7100 (I don't own one) and all the support in threads
  • The_Steph: for his major help in debugging for n7100.
  • a3955269 for providing an updated port of TWRP to i9100
  • adishakthi, ttav and kolmanb for the time they took to debug touch UI for tablets (N8xxx/P31xx)
  • jeboo for all his feedback about fixing bootloops...
  • utkanos for his great and kind support over IRC
  • gweedo767 @ #Koush for sharing his touch code source (not used)
  • myfluxi for his xxRecovery source in fixing dual usb mount
  • RM57380 for the tip to grab pictures: fb2png
  • Chainfire for his support (stock recovery flash) and all his work for the Android community
  • superatmos and Dharam_Maniar for their great guides on unpacking/building custom kernels
  • deviceX für die Erstellung des ursprünglichen Threads
CWM-FiX ab 6.02.2
Neue Update binary der 6.12.8 (30.01.2014) angehängt
10- Assert error 7 when installing roms and updates
Start of v6.02.2, recoveries are based on cm-11.0 (KitKat) device tree.
In all zip installers, you have a file called update-binary. It is the executable that will process and interpret all commands in updater-script, which will do all actions.

Older update-binary files cannot access system assert props on kitkat based kernels.
- manually change your update-binary in the zip with a new one you take from a cm-11.0 release
- revert to an older recovery before 6.02.2
- ask your rom releaser to update his update-binary

If you think your assert error 7 is not related to this, post in your device specific thread

Im Anhang ist die aktuelle update-binary vom 28.12.2013 (danke an Lord-Boeffla, der diese in seinem CM11 2.1-b8 Kernel-CWM drin hat (von da entnommen)
Die update-binary wird, wenn sie erneuert wird, IM OP ebenfalls aktualisiert werden. Diese liegt in jedem CWM in \META-INF\com\google\android\ und muss nur ausgetauscht werden (meistens reicht reinkopieren und &quot;überschreiben mit&quot;)


  • update-binary.zip
    142,2 KB Aufrufe: 699
  • update-binary 30.01.2014.zip
    176,2 KB Aufrufe: 681
Zuletzt bearbeitet von einem Moderator:


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Philz Recovery ist nunmehr in der Version 3.81 online.

New in v3.81 Recovery (CWM based)

  • merge last cwm updates from jellybean cm10 branch
    * remove wipe battery stats
    * better implementation for setting default backup format
    * fix crash in recovery that occurs during backup (popen.c)
    * dedupe: fix buffer overflow​
  • i9300: fix vibrator not working
  • n7100: fix exfat support
  • n7100: fix aroma file manager failure
  • n7100/i9300: fix ramdisk/kernel used: now based on stock kernel/recovery: fixes potential exfat and aroma issues
  • enable mount external sd over usb in recovery for /data/media devices
  • complete re-write of Special Backup and Restore menu and functions: more efficient code to easily add new backup/restore jobs
  • complete rewrite of toggle gui menu code: 4Kb size gain on recovery binary + more efficient code performance wise
  • new Misc Nandroid Settings: toggle md5 checksum, toggle /preload processing, set time zone
  • no fail of nandroid job on /preload error (auto skip on error)
  • set time zone for nandroid backup path moved to new Nandroid Misc Menu
  • add credits to special backup and restore sh scripts
  • fix mount /system error log on recovery start
  • key repeat toggle now applied live, no more need to restart recovery to take effect
Quelle: Originaltread XDA klick



auch wenn es vielleicht nicht gut ankommt:eine Erklärung auf Deutsch hätte es erleichtert, was das überhaupt ist! So hätte der Link genügt. Wir sind ja ein deutsches Forum.
Nix für Ungut, Gruß Stefan


wenn du von das bischen englisch überfordert bist lass es bitte sein.

die recovery wird für dich auch nicht ins deutsche übersetzt und bleibt englisch.


wenn du von das bischen englisch überfordert bist lass es bitte sein.
Wo habe ich das geschrieben? Ich schrieb genau das was ich schrieb. Ich habe es installiert, Backupfunktion gebraucht. Aber dazu habe ich nicht dieses Forum gebraucht. Drum die Bemerkung!
Aber lassen wir es gut sein! Frohe Weihnacht an Alle!

Gruß, Stefan


dir auch frohe weihnachten, lass dich reich beschenken :D


Erfahrenes Mitglied
ist es eigentlich irgendwie möglich die externe SD Karte zu mounten ?
Der Hintergrund ist, das ich ja nur von der internen SD Karte Backups einspielen kann per CWM weil die externe Karte nicht erkannt wird ?

Wird bei einem Fullwipe die Sicherung gelöscht auf der internen Karte ?


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Also mit restore from external Sdcard findet er meine Backups auf der externen Karte.
Mit restore sucht er nur auf drr internen Karte.


Erfahrenes Mitglied
ja das ist ja schön und gut , setzt aber bestimmt voraus das ich auch das backup auf die externe karte verschiebe oder direkt im cwm sichere und das geht nicht weil "cannot found ext. SD"


gonzo1978 schrieb:
ja das ist ja schön und gut , setzt aber bestimmt voraus das ich auch das backup auf die externe karte verschiebe oder direkt im cwm sichere und das geht nicht weil "cannot found ext. SD"
gonzo, wenn du bei bei "eigene dateien" ExtSDCard und sdcard0 stehen hast, erkennt CWM auch deine externe card.
bei mir wird trotzdem ein ordner mit allem auf das stammverzeichnis der externen gelegt. /ext-sdcard/clockworkmod/Backup/blabla-Datum ..so in etwa. :thumbup:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Eingangspost aktualisiert!!


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Muss die sd karte dazu exfat formatiert sein? Ist eine 32gb karte.?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk 2


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
gonzo1978 schrieb:
Muss die sd karte dazu exfat formatiert sein? Ist eine 32gb karte.?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk 2
Also bei mir mit 64GB und exfat klappt es. Fat32 sollte standardmäßig klappen. Welches Format hat deine Karte?


@gonzo, nein, muss nicht exFAT sein; lass es von deinem s3 formatieren, dann passt das :) ich habe eine original samsung class10 32gb sdcard. war mir am sichersten, auch wenn 2 eur teurer.


Erfahrenes Mitglied
ich habe auch die samsung class 10 mit 32 gb, leider wird sie am rechner nicht immer erkannt , am handy keine probleme damit nur bekomme im cwm immer die meldung

"failed to mount exfat /dev/block/mmcblklpl/external_sd"

die karte wurde übrigend im handy formatiert

edit: nach erneutem 2 maligem formatieren über das handy wird sie erkannt.

Danke nochmals für deinen tipp
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remove wipe battery stats

hi zusammen,
mal ne frage, wie kann man denn jetzt die battery stats wipen, falls es mal nötig ist ?


Schau mal bei advanced rein, da müsste es sein.

sent from galaxy S3


da ist nix mehr ... das wurde rausgenommen :(
gibt es einen grund deswegen ?


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Denke mal, weil es nix bringt beim S3.