[ROM][G900F][4.4.2][XXU1ANCF] *30.04.14* Shohat ROM V5

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Diskutiere [ROM][G900F][4.4.2][XXU1ANCF] *30.04.14* Shohat ROM V5 im Samsung-Firmware basierende Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S5 im Bereich Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S5.



[ROM][G900F/T/I/M/P/L/W8][KK 4.4.2][4/5] » Shohat ROM V5 [Fastest | Most Stable | Smooth | Clean | Super Light | OTA Updates | Best Battery Life ! ] «

  • Based on Last Stock Firmware Android 4.4.2 OFFICIAL (KitKat)
  • Kernel Stock
  • Deodex
  • Rooted
  • Busybox
  • Zipalign
  • All KNOX crap removed !
  • 4 way restart menu
  • Lightest Touchwiz Rom Available For The S5 Without Missing Useful Features ! ( Only 1.07GB )
  • Faster Scrolling
  • Alow the purge of assets to free-up more RAm
  • Make apps load faster and increase RAM
  • Save Battery Power Tweak
  • 3G / Wi-Fi Tweaks ( Better Signal )

Coming Soon:
  • And much more!

  • Dein Handy muss gerootet sein
  • Kopiere die ROM's .zip auf deinen internen Speicher
  • Starte dein Handy im Recovery Modus
  • Mache einen Full Wipe:
    Wipe data factory
    Wipe cache partition
    Wipe Dalvik cache (in Advanced)
  • Installiere die zip vom internen Sepeicher
  • Wähle die ROM Datei aus (und warte 3 oder 4 Minutes, bis die Installation komplett ist)
  • Starte dein Handy neu und genieße die Shohat ROM!

Wenn du PhilZ Recovery benutzt, wähle die Option Wipe Data/Factory Reset / Clean to Install a New ROM und die Wipes werden automatisch durchgeführt

Changelog V1.0
  • Initial release

Changelog V2.0
  • Rom size dropped down from 1.18GB to just 1GB ! Lightest touchwiz rom !
  • Stock android 4.4 UI sounds
  • Improved touchwiz performance ( a lot faster )
  • Faster scrolling
  • Better performance
  • 3G tweaks
  • Better ram management
  • Gallery app replaced with QuickPic
  • And much more ! :D

Changelog V3.0
  • Added Wanam Xposed
  • Added email and gallery app
  • More performance and battery life tweaks
  • Even faster touchwiz launcher
  • Auto call recording
  • And many more ! :D

Changelog V4.0
  • Added Gear support
  • Call recording removed
  • Added Viper4Android audio mode
  • HUGE Performance and battery life tweaks
  • Changed to stock gallery
  • Samsung backup is back
  • Fixed boot animation problem

Changelog V5.0
  • Added ultra power saving mode
  • Added camera extra modes
  • Added Call Recording
  • Modified the rom to support the old permission for SD card access
  • New speaker volume boost
  • New headphones volume boost
  • A lot faster boot animation
  • A lot faster shutdown animation
  • Performance improved at 360°
  • Radically improved management ram
  • New 3G performance boost
  • A lot better graphics performance
  • Greatly increases the score AnTuTu: Try it to believe it!!
  • Rom will clear his system every 24 hours, the cache every week and the Dalvik every month automaticly
  • Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
  • When the phone is charging system services will be reduced for faster charging
  • The battery will be calibrated on every boot
  • Enabled a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
  • When you lock the device,the GPU will be turned off
  • Better deep sleep
  • Added parts of bravia engine
  • Added parts of CrossBreeder
  • Added parts of Adrenaline Engine
  • Added SuperCharger V6 Mode

Shohat ROM V1.0 XXU1ANCF KitKat 4.4.2 :

Shohat ROM V2.0 XXU1ANCF KitKat 4.4.2 :

Shohat ROM V3.0 XXU1ANCF KitKat 4.4.2 :

Shohat ROM V4.0 XXU1ANCF KitKat 4.4.2 :

Shohat ROM V5.0 XXU1ANCF KitKat 4.4.2 :

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